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Roommate's girlfriend wins; she & "loser" romp with both.

"You are too funny. SEXY as hell, but funny." said taking a seat adjacent to me. "Now start at the beginning and tell me everything. Every detail because I am sure you left some things out the last time."

This time I told her everything, not just what happened to me but what I felt as everything was happening. When I tried to gloss over the sexual parts she would have me go back and tell it again in greater detail. Because of that I tried to highlight the confusion I experienced being a man in a woman's body. Jennifer sat there on the edge of her seat listening to every word. Unlike before, this time when she had questions she asked them and I answered in full detail. It took a few hours and another bottle of wine before I got it all out. When I finished telling the tale she slumped back in her seat letting out a long breath.

"So tell me about this Chris you met at Third Base." she asked. "He seems nice."

"He is, he was so sweet. I can't believe his fiance' left him." I said taking another sip.

"Crazier things have happened." she said looking at me

"Oh hush!" I retorted.

"So did he call the next day?"

"He did." I replied. "The next morning."

"Did you talk to him?" her question was almost frantic.

"I couldn't." I answered. "Everything was still so fresh that I just...I just couldn't."

"What!? Are you serious?" she uncrossed her legs and sat forward in disbelief. "Has he called since or have you called him?"

"He's called a few times but I didn't answer." I responded. "Its been a few days since the last time so maybe he's given up by now."

Call it fate, call it Divine intervention, or just sheer dumb luck because no sooner did I say the word 'now' that my phone started ringing. Before I could even process what was happening Jennifer was up, running in high heels with me three steps behind. Scooping up my phone in her left hand while holding me back with her right she answered.

"Hello." pause "No this is her friend Jennifer." pause "Yeah she's here. I'll go get her." pause "Well she's been having trouble with her phone for a couple of weeks." pause "No I understand, I would think the same thing. You know whats funny is we were actually JUST talking about you." pause. "Nope, all good things. Well here she is. Bye!" she said. As she handed me the phone she mouthed to me 'GO OUT WITH HIM!!"

"Hello. Chris?" I answered, glaring at Jennifer. Unfazed, she blew me a kiss while refilling her glass.

"Hey! I can't believe I'm actually talking to you." he started "I thought maybe you were mad at me because I had to postpone our date."

"I'm sorry, like Jen said my phone was messing up so I had to take it back to the store. Then, of course, they weren't able to extract any numbers from my contact list. Anyway long story short is that I just got a new phone today, hopefully it works better than the last one." I explained, building on what Jen had started.

"Listen, I know its short notice but I would really like to see you again. Would you like to go out for lunch tomorrow?" He asked.

"I would love to." I said before sticking my tongue out at Jennifer. "Just one condition though."

"Anything!" he said, the excitement of the moment clear in his voice.

"You have to come pick me up." I told him. Jennifer was practically jumping with joy and giving me a thumbs up as I gave him my address and directions to get to my apartment.

"I will see you tomorrow then around noon." Chris said "Goodnight."

"Goodnight." I responded and then hung up the phone.

"Happy!?" I asked an obviously elated Jennifer who had retaken her seat. She languished there, swirling the wine in her glass, kicking her crossed leg with a grin on her face like the Cheshire cat.

"Immensely." she said, her smile apparent even in her voice. "Now, what are you going to wear?"

"I have no idea! I'm still trying to process that I have a date tomorrow." I answered.

"I would suggest something casual considering its a Sunday lunch date.

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