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Two people make a connection on a business trip.

As they pulled the glass cylinders from her breasts there were one or two drops of milk left hanging precariously from her nipples. They each helped themselves and licked her nipples clean. After uncuffing her from The Chair, they picked her clothes up from the floor and helped her make her way upstairs.

They sat around, each enjoying a soft drink, as Julia began getting dressed. She went on and on about how wonderful the afternoon's adventure had been. Remarkably she either didn't notice (how could anyone not?) or didn't care that her redheaded friend was sitting there in the kitchen completely naked. After half an hour had passed they looked at each other in amazement. They had both been expecting, even hoping, for Julia to follow the same pattern as every woman before her had. Shortly after experiencing The Chair, they each would have an uncontrollable need to have sex with a live person. Julia had been the first that had not exhibited this behavior. Perhaps it was because while in The Chair she had not been penetrated. Or maybe it had something to do with some hormonal changes related to her recently having a baby. He thought to himself that this might need further research.

Almost as if reading his mind Julia stated that she wished she could use The Chair every day to ease her discomfort. Without even looking at him, the redhead told her friend that she was more than welcome to come over everyday to have her tits sucked. Julia thanked them both with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. She then had to leave and pickup her son at her mother's.

Julia returned the next two mornings and they repeated the same routine. He and the redhead would suckle on her breasts for a while, then she would be strapped in The Chair and be completely drained. After each session she again did not have the urge for real sex.

On the third morning as they were fastening her into The Chair, the redhead told her they wanted to have The Chair penetrate her this time. Julia excitedly told them she was all for it. This time as the machine sucked all the milk from her tits, the vibrator repeatedly penetrated her pussy driving her to orgasm after orgasm. These were much more intense than the multiple small ones that she had experienced previously. After unfastening her, they again sat around the kitchen quenching their thirsts. Just when he and the redhead were beginning to think this experiment was a bust, Julia got a strange expression on her face.

She looked at the redhead in a most lascivious manner. She told her that didn't know what was coming over her but she desperately wanted to make love to her.

They had not told Julia of the usual "side effect" of The Chair, not wanting to in any way influence the outcome of the experiment.

The redhead took Julia's hand and began leading her upstairs to the master bedroom. The redhead looked at Julia, then nodded at her guy as she asked, "Can he come?"

Julia looked back at him with the same lascivious look and said, "Oh yes, he can definitely cum."

He followed closely behind the two women as they went up the stairs. His redhead in the lead in all her naked glory followed by Julia who had gotten redressed following her session in The Chair. Before he had made it through the bedroom doorway, Julia had already gotten herself half undressed. He stepped behind her and began sliding her tight white slacks down her legs as the redhead was quickly removing Julia's bra. Julia then turned and began removing his clothes like a woman possessed.

Once they were all naked, they all tumbled onto the kingsize bed.

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