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His dreams realized.


Kristy slapped her sharply across the face.

"Don't talk back," Kristy reprimanded her. "But not by me for embarrassing me."

"No, Miss Kristy."

"Then you agree some punishment is in order?"

"Yes, Miss Kristy."

"Good." She turned to Mary. "Mary, come here."

"Yes, Miss."

The naked brunette walked over and stood in front of Kristy and Elaine.

"Eat her pussy, slut" Kristy ordered Elaine.

Even though she hated Mary and hated Kristy for making her do this, Elaine obeyed.

Mary was not very big. She really wasn't even as tall as Elaine, maybe five foot even. She was curvier, though, but with a kind of flat butt. She had nice breasts, Elaine thought as she knelt in front of Mary. Not as nice as Kristy's, but Elaine felt more than a little self-conscious. She quickly looked around and realized that she had the smallest breasts here. Mary smiled at Elaine. Elaine noted that Mary had a very pretty face with a slight overbite that was definitely appealing. She had straight brown hair, shoulder length with bangs in front. Elaine thought she was beautiful, too beautiful to have to resort to bullying.

Elaine leaned in and began pleasing the woman who had gotten her whipped and fucked earlier. Elaine tried to avoid having to look at Mary, but every now and then Mary would lift Elaine's chin up so she had to look into those dark eyes and see the satisfaction in them. Elaine did a good job, her best, just like she always did. She really did not know how to do a shoddy job, when she was eating pussy her entire world and concentration was focused on her mouth and the slick flesh outside. As she always did, she lost herself in the task, focusing on the taste and feel of Mary's cunt rather than the fact that this bully of a slave seemed intent on making Elaine's life miserable.

Elaine was still into what she was doing when Kristy grabbed her by the hair and pulled her away from Mary's crotch.

"Turn around, Mary," Kristy ordered.

"Yes, Miss," Mary answered and gave Elaine a light pat on the creek.

"Take your hands and spread your ass cheeks," Kristy commanded.

"Yes, Miss," Mary answered and did so. She wiggled her round, soft ass in front of Elaine. There was a flower tattoo on the same place on Mary's ass that Elaine had her brand.

Elaine stared briefly at Mary's little asshole, wondering how often that got pounded and what Mary sounded like when it did.

"Go to work, slut," Kristy said then shoved Elaine's face into Mary's ass crack. "Eat her ass well."

Elaine could hear the laughter and taunts as she began to lick Mary's asshole. She hated this, it tasted foul and the absolute humiliation of having to do this to Mary was almost more than she could bear. Kristy kept her hand in Elaine's hair to make sure Elaine did not pull away. For her part, Mary pushed back into Elaine, rarely even allowing her a breath. Elaine still did her best, this was new territory for her so she just imagined what would feel good and did that, mostly licking in circles, changing directions frequently and pushing her tongue in as deeply as she could.

Finally, Kristy let go of Elaine and Elaine gratefully pulled away and took a deep breath that didn't smell like Mary's ass. She really wanted a breath mint, too.

"You're dismissed, Mary," Kristy said.

"Yes, Miss," Mary said and winked at Elaine as she walked back to Michelle.

"This one is available for rent," Kristy said with her hand on Elaine. "Make me an offer."

Elaine did not want to think what that meant.

"Go get cleaned up, poopy lips," Kristy said. "I'll be down soon so be ready for me."

"Yes, Miss Kristy," Elaine said and went off to get cleaned up, and brush her teeth.

Elaine was down Kristy's room as fast as she could. She could hear the laughing from the other girls and she burned with shame. She hated Kristy a little more and knew that soon she was going to have to please the woman who had just publicly humiliated her.

She washed her face and brushed her teeth twice before climbing in bed and waiting for Kristy.

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