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e to think?"

Diane could not find her voice and blushed looking down then quickly nodded her head. If she had been less intoxicated at the moment she probably would have asked how she had known that she wanted to be a cat. The fact that she was being treated well by someone with such a high standing though also clouded her mind and judgment. "What does it take to do this?" she asked meekly forcing herself to make eye contact shyly.

"You just have to trust me," she said looking deeply into Diane's eyes taking her slender hands into her own nurturingly. "I am a natural hypnotist. Let yourself be taken deeply within my hazel eyes... relax..." she said calmly.

Diane did as she was told looking back into Elaine's stunningly radiant eyes. She felt she could get lost in those eyes as she felt herself blush at the thought of being attracted to another woman. Elaine held her gaze upon Diane and never broke contact for a moment steadily pulling her under a spell making her legs grow weak. The more Diane let herself fall into those eyes she found herself growing with euphoric arousal. She kept looking into Elaine's darkly seductive eyes and felt she could be lost within those deep pools of hazel. Elaine continued to talk and bind Diane to her heady spell. The tension soon ebbed away as she felt herself being taken by Elaine very quickly. For certain she thought to herself that this woman was indeed a true hypnotist.

It didn't take long for Elaine to realize how easily Diane had fallen under her spell; so she decided to take full advantage of this. She spoke slowly, soothingly and seductively. "Let yourself be lost within the wonderful sanctity of my eyes... know that there is nowhere else for you... drift within my eyes deeper and deeper my pet."

Elaine continued bringing her further and more overwhelmingly under her spell. Diane soon had a very lost look in her eyes as if she had become inebriated, by something that caused some of the heaviest feelings of euphoria. Albert knew what Elaine could do and became uneasy at how fast she was taking his wife. It also made him further uneasy at how easily Diane had yielded her will to the skin changer.

Elaine began to speak with the prowess of a predator exacting its kill, "You are lost inside my eyes now... my little sex kitten... let Diane go... you are mine."

Diane moaned softly very aroused at her last words. Elaine took one of her hands from Diane's and gently stroked her hair back from her face brushing ever so gently behind her ears. Diane shivered at her touch and yearned to be taken deeper by Elaine, having found herself very lost. The feelings of euphoria were overwhelming, and she never wanted them to stop. Her thoughts slowed as she let herself fall deeper and deeper under Elaine's spell.

Elaine finally broke eye contact with Diane, and looked to Albert triumphantly. Albert's hands were shaking at what he saw. The spell was obviously a success, but, he suddenly felt foolish for allowing himself to ever accept Elaine's invitation to let his wife walk among the skin changers. It was indeed Elaine's invitation earlier that week that had given him the idea to bring her here in the first place. He cursed himself now, for not seeing the possible reasons behind such a thing. Before him his wife appeared lost... staring into a phantom set of Elaine's eyes that only she could see.

Elaine looked to Albert who had a look of regret on his face, "Fear not Albert, her chances aren't bad." Albert looked back at Elaine uncertainly. Elaine spoke again, "You are a sex kitten now Diane... You live only to serve your master... give yourself deeply and fully... let your will bend to mine... it is bending... bending... and it will break..."

Albert looked at Elaine pleadingly not daring to speak while her magic was working knowing his place.

She grinned wickedly at him, "you were very right to be concerned about her Albert, she has made the locals most unhappy with her constant complaining and desperate attempts to draw attention to herself."

Albert only shook his head sa

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