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Frank gets another call, a Message in black light.

He wanted to make sure to get some good footage for when he would watch this later. At the end of the block, his wife turned the corner, moving out of sight of the camera. He quickly followed her path, racing around the corner only to find her standing there looking at him.

"Are you videotaping me?" she asked him defiantly.

He couldn't help but smile at her. "Well, yes, I am. I couldn't help it with that sexy little outfit you have on," he told her.

"Oh really? Do you have permission to do that?" she asked him calmly.

"Well, do I?"

"That depends. How much are you going to pay me?" his wife asked. Charles couldn't believe how well Heather inhabited her new role.

"I don't know. Say five hundred for a session," he suggested.

"Five hundred? And for what?"

"For what? Well, I don't know. I like a really nasty girl," he told her. He was still videotaping the whole thing.

"A nasty girl? Hmmm...well a nasty girl will cost you one thousand."

"A thousand?" He pretended to search his pockets. "Ok, I can do that."

"Isn't that a wedding ring you have on?" his wife asked him.

He looked down at his ring. "Yes, it is. But my wife doesn't need to know about this. She's kind of a priss and I like real nasty girls in my pornos."

"Nasty, huh?" his wife asked. "I am as nasty as they come," she boasted in a kinky voice.

"Oh, are you?"

His wife just nodded slowly and licked her lips. Then all of a sudden, she reached down and lifted up her pink shirt to reveal her bare breasts. Charles whipped his head around to see if there was anyone behind him, but there wasn't. They were around the corner next to a brick wall but someone could stroll up at any second. He looked back down at the video camera screen to stare at his wife's naked breasts.

"Do you like to titty fuck?" she asked him.

He couldn't believe his wife was speaking like this. He nodded up and down as he lifted the camera to her face. She repeated the question again, and then grabbed a hold of her breasts with her hands.

"Why don't you take me somewhere and titty fuck me?"

Charles was so incredibly turned on. He was going to have so much fun watching this later. His wife pulled her shirt back down and walked past him. He followed her again with the camera as she crossed the street toward the hotel. She looked back at him, just before she entered the front door and silently mouthed a few words to him. He followed the movements on her lips. "Come fuck me," they said, before she disappeared into the hotel.

Charles quickly checked into the small hotel and got the room card. When they got into the elevator, he started videotaping again. His wife was playing with her nipples through her shirt to make them hard and poke through the fabric. Then she slid her other hand in between her legs.

"This pussy needs it bad," she whispered to him loudly.

He was having a tough time keeping the camera steady. He wanted to just drop it and grab her right there. The elevator came to a stop and his wife strutted out. Charles followed her as she walked down the hall, parading her taut haunches from side to side until she came to the right door.

They made it into the room and the door closed behind them. Heather turned around and stared at him, letting her husband probe the full length of her body with the video camera. Then she walked back toward him, gave him a slow naughty glance and got on her knees without taking her eyes off him and the camera.

"Did you know I love sucking cock?"

A grin spread across her husband's face.

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