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A young wife brings home a present for them both.

We open the bottle and pour ourselves two glasses of wine. We don't take our robes off immediately, but they fall open a bit as we sit and drink. After a few sips, we just start... making out. We kiss each other deeply. I stroke the back of your neck, your hair, and pull your robe off your shoulders. You reach in and start fondling my breasts, then you push my robe off my shoulders, too, and start sucking my nipples. I moan and lean into your sucking, fumbling around at the loose ties on your robe. I want you naked. I want to touch you.

I get your robe off and pull away from your wonderful mouth on my nipples, and start kissing your chest, sailing my kisses down lower, lower, lower...until I get almost to the root of your penis. You shudder with anticipation. My tongue trails down your half-hard cock as my hand pulls back your foreskin. You're already moist, and after what seems like an eternity, I finally reach the tip of your cock with my tongue. You buck and moan as I attack the sensitive tip with my unrelenting tongue.

I lick and suck you, and as I do you remove your robe. We are naked under the sky, next to the trains, with only foliage to hide us from any passersby, but we don't care. There is only us. You moan and thrust to meet my eager mouth and tongue. Finally, with great reluctance, you push my head away from your throbbing cock. You push me back until I'm lying on the blanket, looking up at you. You spread my legs and start stroking the insides of my thighs to encourage me to open myself to you.

Your hands eventually reach my pussy, and you stroke the freshly shaved lips. I whimper and move to meet your hand. Then you finally decide to give me your touch where I really want it... Your thumb brushes my clit and I make an almost animal sound. I push against you, whimpering and moaning. You insert two fingers in my wet pussy. I squeeze those fingers as you home in on my G-spot. You bend down and flick your tongue, lightly, on my clit and I writhe and yelp loudly. You only barely brush my clit with your tongue. Too little, and too lightly.

I whimper, "Please... please..."

You look up at me and say, "What?"

"More tongue... please?"

"Where?" you ask.

"More tongue... on my clit, please?"

You respond by adding another finger to my sodden pussy, wriggling all of them in a deliciously tortuous way. Then you reach over and grab your wineglass. You pour some wine onto my clit and shaved mound. I buck against your fingers as I feel the cool wetness. The breeze is so cool on my even wetter pussy. Then you dive in and lap up the wine on my clit. Your fingers work relentlessly inside me as you hungrily lap up all the wine. You know I'm close to an orgasm and you redouble your efforts. I howl as you bring me to an incredible climax. I sob as you slowly withdraw your fingers. Using my juices, you lubricate your rock hard cock.

Then you say, "Okay, trade places."

I shakily get up and you lie down on the blanket, your cock pointing straight up to the stars. Immediately, I position myself above it and drop myself on top of your cock, burying it to the hilt inside me. I move up and down on your throbbing cock, riding you with abandon. You gasp and moan and thrust your cock into me, matching my bounces. I come again, a small one. You're on the edge. You could come now, but...

"Wait", you say, "I want to be on top...I want to fuck you til I come."

"Yes, please, yes," I say as I slowly disengage from your engorged penis. Quickly we trade places on the blanket.

You spread my legs wide and move them so my ankles are resting on your shoulders. A train passes by, horn blaring, as you swiftly open my lips and impale me with your cock. There's no other word for it: you fuck me. You pump and thrust and I do what I can to help... but in this position you're in control. I push and writhe against you as you pound me. I'm making incoherent sounds... the only thing you can make out is "Michael...oh, Michael..."

"I'm coming," you interrupt, as the thrusting doubles its speed.

"Yes yes yes please.

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