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The final chapter of Transcendency.

Payal was surprised when he pulled the Land Rover into an under-construction compound just on the outskirts of the airport. Letting her out, Shahnawaz backed her against the back door of the vehicle and pushed his tongue into her mouth. Payal, who had been dozing just before he stopped, came alive and returned the passionate kiss.

"Should we not wait till we get home?" she asked when they broke off for air.

"I cannot hold on till we get home and it will be dawn soon."

"But we can be seen here!"

"Don't worry, this is the site for one of our projects and I told the guard to take-off just as your aircraft landed."

His hands moved under her shirt and undid the clasp on her shalwar. Payal stepped out trying to ensure it would not get dirty on the ground. He had her kameez off in another minute and tossed these into the vehicle along with her bra and panties. Other than travel shoes, Payal was stark naked. Shahnawaz turned her around, pushed his hands under her, elevating the ass and allowing him to stick his cock into her welcoming pussy from behind. Payal, forced onto the tips of her toes, had to stay upright by grabbing on to the side of the luggage rack. She could not believe that she was being brazenly taken in this manner, yet loved her husband for spicing up things. This was indeed a most appreciated homecoming gift and so unlike him. Shahnawaz continued his penetration, forcing her up against the cold metal and glass, while caressing her breasts and kissing her neck. He finally exploded just as her legs gave way following the multiple orgasms she had experienced. Shahnawaz opened the passenger door and helped her inside. Payal noted that the rear seats were already reclining. A moment later, Shahnawaz was on top of her and his penis had once again found its intended target. Payal squealed with joy as he continued to meaningfully thrust into her. The call to pre-dawn prayer coincided with the conclusion of their coupling. For the time being, their thirst for each other had been slaked. It would re-emerge with a vengeance as soon as they got home again.

Much later, sexually sated, they had started to talk about recent happenings. She opened up to him about what she had learned from Richard and then during the consulate party. Shahnawaz took the information in without interruption. Her sources were impeccable and much of what she said made perfect sense. He also had indications about some of the things mentioned from his own sources, but the extent of issues she had unearthed was much greater.

"Let's sleep on it my dear," he comfortingly told her as he lay wide awake for the rest of the night considering the options.


Payal was an instant hit at the consulate party.

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