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A woman watches her male friend masturbate.

We had the mandatory cake with a candle and Harris made a secret wish. Beth then suggested that we play an adult board game, "Since we've already seen each other naked, this should be fun," she said.

The game had some silly things, like describe your first time, and some more adventurous things, like whisper to a non- spouse a kinky fantasy (I don't know what Beth told Sean). There was also the mandatory occasional removal of clothes. As the game progressed, the fact that our husbands were sans underwear and that Beth and I were fully dressed became evident. Sean was the first to loose his shirt and pants. Harris was naked next. At this point Beth still had on her bra and panties and I still had my bra, panties and short skirt.

Beth drew the next card. It stated "Remove your next article of clothing and put it on your spouse." Harris groaned, but did not object when Beth removed her bra and placed it over his hairy chest. He had to leave it on for two turns. I wanted to see if Harris' cock responded to wearing Beth's bra, but the table obstructed my view. However, I could see the effect that Beth's naked chest was having on Sean. Sitting to my left, his hard penis was evident.

Unfortunately for Sean, his turn was next and his card read "Stand with your hands on your head for 30 seconds." Sheepishly, Sean stood, his erection quite obvious. Beth said, "Is that in praise of my naked tits? Sean, you have been looking at my tits all day and they still give you an erection?" Then Beth took over. "Harris, you stand up too and Carrie take off your bra, I want to see if the sight of your tits gets Harris hard too." Like a robot Harris stood up, still wearing Beth's bra, and stared at my chest. I slowly pulled the straps down and then let the cups fall. Harris' penis flew up.

"Well, that settles that. We have a couple of tit men, Carrie. Sean, just what is it about my tits that excites you so?" Beth asked. She also stated to gently knead her globes.

Seeing Beth massage her tits had Sean as hard as a rock. He answered, "They just look so big and soft."

"They are," Beth answered. "Harris, what makes you so hard looking at Carrie's tit's?"

Without hesitation, he responded "Look at her nipples." He was almost drooling. Following Beth's lead, I was gently pulling on my nipples. "I've never seen nipples so long before."

I said, "Beth, it looks like we have two horny little boys on our hands, what should we do with them?"

"I think we should keep playing the game, except I think they should remain standing so that we can see the effect we are having on them. In fact, Sean put on Carrie's bra so that Harris is not the only one wearing women's underwear." Sean did it without hesitation. I drew the next card, "Remove an article of clothing from the person sitting next to you."

Beth said, "Since the boys want to wear our bras, I guess that means me." She stood up and walked over to me. She then turned so that she faced the boys. I moved behind her and ever so slowly started to pull her panties down. When I was down to her bald pussy, Beth said "Carrie stop. Look at what we are doing to their cocks, they're dripping." She was right, they were both starting to leak pre-cum. I then pulled her panties off her.

Without drawing the next card Beth turned to face me, with her naked ass to the boys, and said, "Time to show the boys your pussy Carrie." She then dropped to her knees, brushing her breast against my stomach and legs as she went down. She quickly removed my skirt. Then she looked up at me, through my breasts and hard nipples, and removed my panties. As she pulled them down, her hand lightly brushed against my bush. As I stepped out, her face was only inches from my pussy, which was very wet by now. I wondered if Beth could smell my arousal.

Beth moved next to me and turned to face the boys, "So boys, which do you prefer, a bald pussy or a blonde one?" She said as she pointed first to her pussy then mine.

"Bald is beautiful," responded Harris.

"Blondes have more fun," said

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