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Emi does a photo shoot with beautiful Asian girl.

No particular reason. Just never wondered about it."

Barry very slowly leaned to me and framed my face with his hands. His lips touched mine softly, with exquisite tenderness. He spoke with his lips a fraction of an inch from mine. "My darling?"

The inflection made my chest flutter. "My man," I breathed, confirming the playful roles we had adopted. I kissed him softly and gently. Then remembered my man was on fire with desire to fuck me.

"I take it you have... fucked other men before."

"Several. In years past."

"None recently?"

"Not since I married, eight years ago."

I felt relief from a rising concern. Bi-sexual men never really know where the other has been, what he has done, how often. What risks he has taken. That night we had made love on a geyser of sudden boiling lust. But he was a married man with a wife and two darling daughters he surely wouldn't endanger. Surely he was clean. He hadn't fucked male ass in eight years, he said. Surely he was safe. I was confident he was. I had to trust him. But he was suddenly a brand new category for me to think about.

"How did you get into it? Fucking guys. Several of them, you said. Tell me your story."

"My first piece of ass was literally that," he began. "A boy in high school." Barry was a junior and had never gotten laid. He dated but had no finesse with girls. "I was a big bruiser even back then. I intimidated girls, maybe even scared the hell out of them." He was horny, frustrated, desperate. He had a good buddy he hung out with and confided in. "If I don't get laid soon, I might have to fuck you," he joked to his buddy. His buddy reacted in a way that changed Barry's life forever. "I might let you, if you promise to never tell anybody." - "You mean that?" - "Yes. If you promise to never tell." - "Well," Barry said to me, "I was like you. I never had a gay, bi, homosexual fantasy in my life. But his offering his ass to me drove me crazy. At that time, I would have fucked a girl, a boy, a sheep or a cow, anything live that would hold still. I didn't have a single thought about perversion or anything. I gave him fervent promises I would never tell a soul if he would let me." Barry smiled in nostalgia. "It took some days to arrange the privacy at his place, but he lay on his stomach on a pillow on the bed, and I lost my cherry in his ass."

"First time," I laughed. "Precious and life changing no matter the combination."

"Definitely. I wasn't his first. Someone had fucked him before, but he wouldn't talk about it with me, except to say he liked it. He was a very secretive guy, lucky for me. He knew what he was doing. I didn't know anything, but I learned."

"How long did that go on?"

"Until I went to college. I did have my first girl, of course, and a couple of other girls. I was as normal and mainstream as it gets, so I didn't need him anymore. But..."

"But?" I echoed.

"I couldn't forget how damn good it felt to push my dick in his tight ass. And I couldn't forget how really pretty his ass was when he pulled his pants off and moved about the room. It was all boy ass, but it was a full round one, and even the first time he let me do him I was conscious of how pretty and sexy the shape was and that increased my excitement many fold. Pretty and sexy and warm and so very tight. I pushed in to the hilt and blew my load in ten seconds."

He paused to smile at his explosive first piece of ass. "That's where the BUT comes in," he said, smiling at the pun. "Fucking my girls was all the sweet glorious pleasure it was supposed to be, but... My buddy's ass was also good. Different. But good. It felt very, very damn good to be inside him. Simple as that. Until we graduated, he was my secret girlfriend, so to speak. Maybe two or three months would pass and I would need that crazy, wild excitement of penetrating his pretty ass, and he was always there. Well, not at the snap of a finger. But any resistance he might have felt didn't last long."

"You make it all sound easy and carefree."

"Well, it was, actually.

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