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They finally have their Menage a Trois fantasy realized.

Exactly midway through the capital alphabets, she came a second time, more powerfully than the first one. She actually hopped up, wrapping the second leg around his shoulder so that she was totally off the floor and was sitting atop his face.

Peter was strong enough to grab her thighs, his mouth still clamped on her pussy and get to his feet. She shrieked as he carried her in this position right to the bedroom. She had to duck her head to avoid getting hit by the top frame of the doorway when they entered the bathroom.

"Better set me down if you don't want me to fall off," she laughed, noticing that he had already filled the large circular tub with water.

"And miss the chance of fucking with you? No way, baby," he replied, swiftly, releasing her so that she slid off the front of his body till she was standing in front of him.

"You have been making the preparations, I can see," she said, taking his stiff cock in her hand and masturbating him gently.

"Couldn't wait," he said, dipping a toe in the water. "Good. It's still warm, just the way you like it. Come on, let's fuck."

He stepped into the tub and slid down to lie on his back. He hadn't filled up the water completely and the level reached just enough to cover his body up. His cock jutted out of the water. He swung one arm around the edge and captured his cock with two fingers of his other hand.

"Give me a break, Sandra. Look at this poor fellow."

She stepped in the tub gingerly, testing the water and turned around so that her back faced him. Slowly she lowered down till she was reclined on his body in the crook of his arm.

She turned around, her tits mashing against his chest, one leg swinging around his hips and the other folding at the knee and spreading apart till it rested against the side of the tub.

He bent down to kiss her mouth and his hand slid up from his cock to enfold the tit nearest to him. As they kissed wetly, he squeezed the tit. A spray of the warm milk shot out from her nipple covering his hand.

His tongue shot into her mouth and she began sucking on it avidly, arching her back in pleasure as he played with her tit. He spread the milk over the soft flesh of her tits and then slid his hand down over her belly. She raised her body slightly to clear the top of her belly off the water and allow him to caress her there.

He ducked his head down and captured the swollen tit in his mouth and she moaned when he sucked on it, drinking the milk. His other hand now went around her shoulders and fondled the other breast.

She groped down, her hand rushing through the warm water and then skimming along the surface till she had his cock in her fist. He grunted around her nipple when she grasped his throbbing member and jerked it up and down.

"Ah, uncle, that feels so good, ah yes, suck on my tits, ah yes! The other one now, uncle!"

Peter shuffled forward, sweeping his tongue over the expanse of her smooth chest till his head was poised above the other breast.

"You want lick or suck?" he teased her.

"Oh fuck, uncle, do something, or I am going to rip this cock off!" She jerked hard on his cock and laughing, he bent down and stuffed her tit as much into his mouth as possible. She wailed when he began to drink from it.

She shifted to her right slightly and now was directly atop his body and off the water, her back against his front. The water splashed when she moved her legs to arrange them wide apart and rest the heels on opposite edges of the tub. This way, her pussy was wide open and hovered inches above his cock.

"Put it inside me, now," she panted, her hands gripping the edges of the tub.

"You are doing all the moving, baby," he replied, licking her tits and adjusting his body so that his cock brushed her ass cheeks.

She waited, breathing hard, suspended above him as he reached down with one hand to grab his cock and guide it to the entrance of her pussy.

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