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Jayce is pulled into a workmates mind, liquorice is involved

Mei-Lien was not an unattractive girl. She was bright and intelligent, and although Mei-Lien had a slim figure and barely definable hips one look between her legs would confirm that she was all girl. Her vagina was large and well developed. Like her mother and her aunt, Mei-Lien's labia minora were large and protruded from her labia majora. Unlike the older ladies, though, Mei-Lien's inner lips extended well below the threshold of the outer lips. She could stand with her legs slightly apart and shake them from side to side! This was a little embarrassing for Mei-Lien, but it was her secret. She found that she needed to wear underpants with a silk lining to keep the sensitive folds from hurting from rubbing too much. Although many of her friends had long since 'lost' their virginity, Mei-Lien cherished hers and was still waiting for 'Mr. Right."

Mei-Lien had one other issue that worked against a pool party - hair. Although Mei-Lien was almost nineteen she had never cut her hair. Her long silky black hair extended to her waist. It required a high level of maintenance and Mei-Lien didn't seek out swimming pools because of it. Also, Mei-Lien had never shaved anywhere! Her underarms had a fine layer of dark hair under them, her legs were still covered with the baby soft hair that she had had since she was a pre-teen and of course, her nether region had never been trimmed. Mei-Lien had a luxuriant thick bush. The hair had begun to extend above the natural line of her panties and Mei-Lien could tell that without trimming that it would eventually make a peak toward her belly button. She didn't care. The length of her pubic hair somewhat shielded her vagina from prying eyes in the gym at school and it was easier to take the teasing for the hair than for the dangling inner lips. The long pubic hair also covered her clitoris, which, like her labia minora, extended outside the folds of her outer pussy lips. Sexual arousal was sometimes painful if she couldn't get prompt relief.

Mei-Lien opted for a simple sundress for the day. The top fit snugly around her chest and she wore a pair of silk thong style panties and sandals. If she ended up by the pool she could pull up the hem and let her legs get some sun.

DeMarcus was glad to finally be eighteen. It was his understanding that the visit to his new cousins was to include a pool party. He was all for that. He hadn't received much in the way of gifts on his actual birthday yesterday and he hoped that there would be presents at Aunt Sandy's house. DeMarcus wanted to take his new girlfriend to the party, but his mother had politely declined. He was upset because he finally was getting somewhere with her and if he could be around her while she was in a swimsuit he would be one step closer to having her naked.

DeMarcus knew from his gym class that he had a superior size member. His friends assumed that since he had such a big cock that he was a stud. While he didn't do anything to dissuade them, in reality he was a virgin. He very much wanted to solve that 'problem' but, truth be told, he really was a nice guy and didn't just want to do it with anyone.

DeMarcus was surprised that his mother picked out the black Speedo for him. "It's just family," Christina said. "You don't need to worry about modesty." Christina didn't tell him that she anticipated that her sister would want to celebrate National Nude Day all over again and that ultimately whatever he or Mei-Lien wore wouldn't matter. For herself Christina selected only a simple sundress - no underwear or swimsuit - and only some leather flip-flops. She might wear a hat, but she was sure that within five minutes of being in Sandy's house that she would be naked. She only hoped that she didn't make a stain on the car's seat as she drove to her house!

Christina and her children arrived at Sandy's house a little before eleven in the morning.

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