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York and Mads both don't want to regret each other.

She looked up and gave me the smile again, then licked her lips and dipped the biscotti into the cup. She pulled it out and slowly took it into her mouth, her lips rippling along the chocolate-covered shaft as I imagined she might if it were a cock. She took the cookie into her mouth and winked at me suggestively, then took a bite. "Mmmm... delicious." she whispered.

I laughed. "Still teasing?" I asked.

"No honey. This is foreplay." she replied with a soft giggle.

The cappuccino was quite good, as one might expect from an Italian restaurant. The conversation was even better as my new friend and I exchanged sexual innuendo as if we'd been lovers forever. I was getting comfortable with the situation, and looked forward to pleasuring this beautiful woman. I signed the credit card slip and gave the waitress a generous tip. She smiled and thanked me, leaving us to finish the coffee. Both of us set our cups down at the same time and Elaine smiled. "Ready?"

We walked briskly along the crowded sidewalks, holding hands as we made our way to the Towers and my waiting room. The elevator ride to the twenty-fourth floor was an eternity, as neither of us wanted to get too involved in the public place. I did notice in the confines of the elevator car that I could smell the fragrant musk of a woman in need of pleasure. The perfume she wore mixed perfectly with her natural scent, and it was nearly impossible to keep my hands off of her. As we approached our floor I leaned over and whispered in her ear. "You smell incredible."

The elevator stopped, the door opened, and we practically ran to the door, my fingers deftly pulling out the key and slipping it into the lock. She twisted the handle as soon as she heard the click, and we were inside - and in each others arms. I was finally holding her, running my hands up and down her back as she nuzzled my neck, little mewls escaping her lips. Then she pulled away and walked toward the bed, pointing at the cart with the two covered platters and the ice bucket. "For me?" she asked, then she leaned forward over the edge of the bed, one knee on the mattress while the other foot remained on the floor. She turned around and looked at me, one hand on her hip.
"For later." I replied, walking toward her. In that position I could see the crotch of her panties peeking out between her beautiful legs. I knelt behind her and buried my face in her warmth, nuzzling the heat of her loins. "Oh... my.. God..." I whispered hoarsely.

"It's Elaine!" she giggled, wriggling her hips. Then she gently pulled herself away and sat at the edge of the bed. "Want me?" she asked, a glint in her eyes.

Rather than answering, I began to unbutton my shirt; but was interrupted when she reached out and pulled me closer. "Allow me sir." she whispered, her fingers making quick work of the buttons before moving lower to unfasten my khakis. Then her hands took the shirt off and dropped the pants, which I stepped out of. "We can leave these for later." she said, snapping the waistband of my boxers before her fingers again grazed my cock.

I picked her up and took her place on the bed, smiling up at her beautiful face. "My turn." I said, unfastening the buttons on her blouse and finding the zipper on her short skirt. My hands pushed aside the flimsy blouse as I moved my face to her chest, gently teasing her nipples through the lace cups before unclasping the garment to allow them freedom. "Oh goodness, these are beautiful lady." I whispered, kissing each nipple one more time without the bra. Then I pulled the blouse and bra from her body and tugged her skirt down over her knees.

Elaine anticipated correctly, and turned around without losing contact with my hands. "Up close and personal, as requested sir." she said, bending forward to push her gorgeous ass closer to my face. She laughed softly, jiggling her fabulous rear. "I hope you're not disappointed!" she added.

(Elaine adds...)

I ne

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