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Plans for the Future.

Using a very talented mouth and tongue she soon had what she had greatly desired. A flow of hot, fresh cum. Swallowing most of it before she twisted and kissed him. Opening his mouth he got a taste of his own cum. They swapped tongues till it was all gone.

"Now you have something not to tell about." Sally told him. "Of course if you say anything to Jill and Jim I'll have to tell the truth. They know me." She laughed again. "Maybe we could visit them together sometime." Then she asked. "Would you like to go out on the watch with me next weekend? I like to watch the natives party too."

Promising to get together later, they exchanged phone numbers and Ralph left to go home and rest a bit. He had more pussy in two days than he did the last year of his marriage. No complaints though, it was great. Two sexy women, one thin and pretty. The other big and beautiful. Wow!

Wednesday afternoon Ralph called Sally. "Hi Sally, how would you like to have some more not to talk about?"

She giggled a little, then asked. "What do you have in mind? Anything special?"

"Nothing more special than just a happy repeat of the other day. If your interested? Would you like me to come over?"

"Sure, I would love to have you CUM over. I have some friends here now but they will be leaving shortly. Come on over."

Two cars were parked in front of her house when he got there. He knocked at the door. Sally opened the door wearing a twin to the dress he had ripped the other day. It also showed off her big beautiful tits. "Come on in, my card playing friends are here but they won't bite, at least not too hard." She giggled again.

Sitting around the kitchen table were three women. Sally introduced them. June, a tall blond, a bit thin with huge tits covered with a halter top. Rachel, big, almost a twin of Sally, dressed in the same type of dress, no bra either. Last was Sandy, small, she couldn't weigh much more than 100 lbs soaking wet. Dark hair framed a cute pixie face. They were all on their late 40's or early 50's. A mix of types of women.

They were playing Pinochle and each had a glass of lemonade in front of them. Sally asked if he would like one too? As he took the first sip he noticed it was laced with vodka. "Wow, that has got a kick to it. Good on a hot day like this."

Ralph pulled up a chair and watched as they continued their game.

"We will be out of your way in a few minuets." Sandy said. "And then you can have some privacy for your fun."

"That is if you want privacy. Or we can stay, if you would like us to." Quipped Rachel.

"Your choice." Added June. "Sally spilled the beans about you."

Ralph was astonished that Sally told about their escapade. "You squealed on me? What did you tell them? I thought a gentleman doesn't tell?"

Sally laughed at his embarrassment. "I'm no gentleman." She told him. "Don't worry, we're all good friends here. We share everything, especially sexy things like what you and I did. June doesn't get enough sex at home. Hubby is too busy playing golf. Rachel's man is impotent, can't get it up half the time. Lucky Sandy has a hot stud that wants it twice a day. She shares him with us once in a while."

"This could get interesting, very interesting." Ralph thought. He looked at the women again wondering if he could survive having sex with them all. "Do you want to finish your card game or would you like to start a new game?" He asked with a smile.

"I'm for a new game." said June, standing up and removing her halter to reveal to all her huge tits. They had some sag to them but looked terrific to him. Pretty pink areolas with hard nipples. She was excited with this new game.

Within a few minuets all were completely naked.

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