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Kai is taken, but why?

As her cunt dripped with arousal she was ready to thoroughly dominate.

"Enough! Beg to be whipped by your mistress!" He pulled his face from the one delicious task and blurted out the request; he wanted her to whip him, and the humiliation of asking for it was exquisite.

"Please whip me mistress... I deserve it." She laughed, but her clitoris blossomed with erotic fervour at his willingness, ready for the pleasure of his tongue after she had exacted her authority with the whip. She stepped from the bed and pointed to it; her slave obeyed meekly to the command and she held the whip under his face as he lay quivering in expectancy.

"Kiss the whip in gratitude for the many pleasures it will bring you." Mart eagerly pressed his lips to the many tails of the flail, the smell of the leather ensuring his cock went rigid and making him raise his arse in anticipation of his punishment. Melanie shivered all over with a thrill of expectancy as she raised the whip for the first time; she was now in control of him and a spiteful bitchiness flooded her senses as she was overcome with an erotic desire to cause him pain. With a stern smile she brought the flail down on his bare flesh, making him gasp and buck as the leather tails slapped flat against his arse cheeks, making them glow pink and serving to make him writhe and hump the mattress as the pain smarted through him.

Celia descended the stairs and stood by the main door for a moment, before turning and walking down to the rear door, opening it and carefully peeping through the windows of Melanie's flat, hoping to perhaps catch some sight of them talking together. As she reached the final window, she was a little disappointed at first on noting the drawn curtains, and then she noticed a chink of light from the gap between them; it was twilight now, and the spot-lamp within the room was brighter than the fading light outside. Celia edged toward the gap and stared open-mouthed as she watched Melanie pose half naked and thrash Mart with the flail. She looked from side to side to ensure she was not observed by anyone else; the garden wall behind her obscured any view from the rear, the high fence dividing this property from the next gave her shelter one side, and the curve of the rear wall hid her from anyone using the rear entrance. She sighed with pleasure as she lifted her skirt and slipped her hand inside her panties, sliding a finger up and down her excited slit and massaging her bulging clitoris as she enjoyed Mart being dominated by her friend's nemesis.

Mart could not believe just how painful the flail could be, nor could he comprehend the perverse enjoyment the stinging pain gave him; the lush sense of submission made his anus and balls tingle as he accepted the dominance of his mistress, his cock rubbing to an inevitable eruption below him as Melanie's spiteful side increased with each stinging stroke she inflicted.

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