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The most romantic way to push someone into a lake is.

It was him, her sex object for the moment, tall mustachioed and macho to the max. She had just driven her husband to the airport and she's excitedly free and totally in heat. She waved at him and the guy, raised a gloved hand killed the motor of his machine and dismount like he's some god with a stare that could make a pussy wet on the spot. Hot kisses ensued as they finally got hold of each other unmindful even from the prying eyes of nosy neighbors. But fortunately there wasn't any witness. Most of her neighbors were on vacation.

The two went inside the house and continued grasping their lips and Rebecca was deftly groping the bulge in his pants. The guy's name was Nick Fluck. He was a fashion photographer, older, salt and pepper hair, smoldering sex appeal, and known in the industry to be extremely well-hung. Inside the house, he removed his bike jacket and Rebecca felt his hard chest, rippled belly through his black T shirt and well-worn jeans hugging his tight bottom.

"Beck, my gorgeous doll," Nick said breathlessly.

"Let's go upstairs. I can hardly wait, Sneaky Nicky ."

Nick laughed and said: "Ain't I lucky today?"

"With luck and fuck in your name, you can't miss, ain't you?"

They both laughed.

They almost ran upstairs and each step of the way Nick looked like a predator chasing his prey. The moment they got inside the room, their passion was unstoppable. Clothes flew in the air until they were both naked.

Dressed or undressed Beck always gives Nick a hard on. Without wasting time, Nick French kissed Beck, pawing her breasts, devouring and then sliding down until he's upclose to her honey brown muff smelling her arousal. His big mouth smacked hard on her cunt lips. Beck gasped. She held his head. His tongue wiggled and sipped on her aggressively.

"This is great! utterly fantastic." She draped her thigh on his shoulder and felt his long tongue lurched to her ass.

During photo shoots Nick was a gentleman, well-behaved and never looked malicious toward his subjects. He's a study of a serious photographer with a knack for capturing the best in every model he was working on. Out of the studio and alone with Beck he's a sex-crazed pervert. After slobbering Beck for long bliss torturing minutes he left her hanging in near ecstatic climax. Beck was like screaming, desperate in need as he grabbed his small camera to snap on her wanton pussy. She was amazingly wet that a rivulet was running down her thigh. This was blowing away Nick as he snapped on different angles. "Show me the pink, spread the lips, ok that's better. Now retract the hood; show the clit, that's great. Now put your finger inside, play your clit..."

Nick coaxed her to do a variety of poses until all the thirty six shots were consumed.

"Oh Nick, I can't stand this anymore, fuck me now."

"Suck me first will ya, suck me like a real slut," he ordered as he took the consumed film and loaded it with another roll.

He was squatting on his heel when he took shots of his boner being sucked. "Swirl your tongue around the head, ohhh that's good," he hissed. "Like my cock?"

"I've never seen such an enormous size before," Beck said, holding it with both hands.

"You're doing good, baby. Now suck my balls," he muttered while his camera clicked away. His ball slipped out of her mouth with a pop and she replaced it with the next and then the next. He's got three. She lifted his boner up and licked the underside endlessly. She could only suck the head and her hands took care of stroking the shaft.

"Alright it's time to fuck you baby," he said and chucked aside his camera.

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