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Brenda wanders off the usual path.

She noted all the stable slaves were present except Jasmine's father, Abraham. He no doubt was napping in the small house he, Lucinda and Jasmine shared a few feet behind the barn.

Jasmine was sucking one. Another stood behind her mauling her breasts, while two others stood by, their hands idly stroking their distended cocks, in anticipation of their access to the willing girl. After a few minutes, the slave mauling Jasmine's breasts stops the activity and leads Jasmine to a hay bale.

Positioning the young female slave on the bale on hands and knees, the slave who she had been sucking returns to her eager, willing mouth and Jasmine resumes her oral ministrations of his distended cock. The slave that had mauled her tits and then positioned her on the bale takes up position between her fanned out feet. He lifts her skirt and slips her bloomers to her knees.

As her female parts are exposed, Abby sees the thick patch of steel wool appearing pubic hair between the black girls legs and thinks of the few thin corn silk colored tendrils that grow sparsely on her own belly. She is again envious of her former playmate's sexual development, not realizing the size of her breasts and the consistency, abundance and coarseness of her pubic hairs are characteristic of her race and not a slight on nature's part to the fairer Caucasian Abby.

The slave standing behind Jasmine took a hold of his cock and started to guide it into the willing girl's cunt.

This was the same slave that had taken a hold of Firestorm's cock and guided it into Coquette earlier that morning. The act was similar, especially with Jasmine on all fours on the hay bale, but he was guiding his human cock into a human female.

Abby was mesmerized as she watched the large male member disappear into the waif of a girl that Jasmine was.

Jasmine reacted immediately and began to push back in counter-thrust to the thrusting of the slave fucking her, never losing contact with the cock she was sucking. She was obviously a willing participant in this tawdry experience. After a few moments, she grasped the cock she was sucking and momentarily removed it from her mouth. Turning to the slave fucking her she encouraged him.

"Fuck me."

"Fuck this whore. Oh yeah!"

Then she resumed sucking the cock while continuing to be used from behind by the other slave.

After a time the slave fucking her withdrew and blew his load onto her ass, the white semen starkly contrasted on her black ass cheeks. One of the others quickly took his place and started fucking the girl.

Abby watched for over an hour as time and again the slaves assembled around Jasmine made use of her mouth and pussy. Each used her several times. Fucking her then having her suck them, restoring life to their withering cocks and fucking her again.

As the activities began to subside, Abby crept stealthily out of the barn in the same manner she had entered.

That night as she lay in her bed, sleep refusing to come from the oppressive heat and humidity, her hand slipped under her gown and into her bloomers. Her fingers slipped through the lips of her pussy bloating to fullness from the blood of the lust her mind's eye created from the scene she had witnessed earlier that day, and her hand fanned to fever pitch. Soon her lips were fully flushed and hypersensitive. Her clit grew stiff and erect and her girl juices soon made a swamp of her fevered crotch.

She played with her pussy for quite awhile knowing the feeling she was feeling had to have a favorable finish. It seemed only to grow in intensity for the longest time, though, and she needed to find the release it appeared to promise.

Growing bold as her frustration grew she started to play with the entrance of her virgin pussy. Emboldened further by the growth of intensity these new activities created, she started to slip her finger further and further inside her never before violated cunt.

As the sex scene she had witnessed in the barn that day played out in her minds eye it was the slaves cock enterin

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