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Little brother leaves his 'mark' on sister's wedding.

Fortunately Pastor Kopernick solved the problem for me. He told me I didn't have to say anything to them, that I owed them nothing. He said that he could speak for me if I wanted but he thought that nothing was the right thing to do and say.

I eventually agreed that that was the right thing and we did our best to ignore them. I had to know why they were out there and what was being said about me, so that I could respond if cornered. We watched the news at 11 and it came out that the video of the ADA pushing me had gone viral. MSNBC described it as a curb stomping. Fox News was torn between calling it an overreach of government and wondering if I was a danger to the school and flopping for sympathy. I guess they were waiting on the nightlies. I then realized that there was no right answer. I wanted to disappear. I wanted to die. Most of all I wanted to cry.

I ran up the stairs to the guest room and threw myself down on the bed. Tears were flowing freely. I was stuck. No matter what I was stuck. I was either going to be the moron abused by the DA or the kid trying to scam the system.

I wish there was some way that I could get out of this. Just hide until it all blew over. I thought about climbing inside of a storage locker, or hiding away in a basement somewhere for a couple of years. I could pop out like nothing had changed and they all would have forgotten about me. I could reenter life and get a job, pretend I had my high school diploma or perhaps just snag a GED.

It was about then that Mrs Kopernick came in.

"Don't worry. It will blow over soon enough. I've seen how these things go. It's been a slow news day with the holidays passing and all. Give them a few days and there will be a new crisis. All you have to do is hold out a week."

I concentrated on that. I could do a week. I could do a month if I knew that would be the end of it.

Mary Jo came in later. I knew it was close to midnight. When she opened the door I could see that the hall lights were off. She didn't say a word she just crawled into bed with me and threw an arm over my torso. I could hear her breathing. Involuntarily I synced up with her. I breathed in when she breathed in. I breathed out when she breathed out and it calmed me.

I fell asleep with her flannel covered breasts in my back and her arm on my torso. We must have shifted in the night because I woke up her thigh on top of mine. I was panicked. All I could think of was Brandi, Tiffani's daughter; raping me. I had the sleep boner going and I screamed, "Stop! Stop! Get off! Get off!"

Then I realized it was Mary Jo and not Brandi on top of me. It was too late though. Mary Jo ran out of the room mortified. I realized where I was and who I had been with. I realized that I was still wearing my day clothes and was horrified when Pastor and Mrs Kopernick came running in.

"Is everything okay?"

"I'm sorry. Bad dream." That was mostly true. I didn't want to tell them that it was because their virgin daughter had been in bed with me.

They left the door cracked and the hallway light on. I couldn't sleep and dawn took forever to come. I was lying in bed with a massive boner, afraid to touch it. I didn't want to get caught and I was afraid to close the door.

Breakfast was awkward. Mary Jo wouldn't make eye contact and I couldn't stop thinking about my penis and how much I wanted to slide it into her. Mrs Kopernick seemed oblivious. She was still wearing her night gown and seemed intent on touching me. It wasn't anything overly sexual but her hands ran across my back as she spooned eggs onto my plate. Her hair tickled the side of my face. I felt her knee brush against my thigh.

Mary Jo and I took the bus to school, she didn't say anything as I reached a hand out to her but she took it and squeezed. We sat next to each other and I kept looking down at my crotch, hoping that she wouldn't be looking at my erection. I took a peek at her and saw that she was looking.

I had no idea of how I was going to make it through school.

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