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Rosa and I have one more guest at a private get-together.

The hair on most of its body was also a lot thinner than his, more like the fuzz on a peach, almost transparent in the light. But from the front, there were startling differences.

On it's chest, two fleshy mounds grew out of the flesh, about the size of an apple each, and they were capped by pink nipples, which were twice as large as the ones on his own chest. They reminded him of the shape of the pears that grew on some of the trees around the forest. While unusual, the way they flowed with the contours of its body gave a certain beauty to the creature. While he was examining the creature, it had been doing the same to him, showing a curious manner, and then it finally took a step towards him, putting itself within arms reach.

It reached out tentatively with a small hand, touching his muscled chest and then looked down at its own with a puzzled expression. He reached out slowly and gently cupped one of the breasts, amazed at the softness of the skin. He weighed it lightly in his hand, noticing that there was no firmness of a muscle in it, which was a little unusual. While doing this, the creature had been running it's hands over his chest, and he realized that he liked the feeling. He slowly started exploring the creatures chest with his hands, seeing that the other breast was just as soft as the first, and as the creature smiled, he decided that it must like the feelings too. He moved his hand down its side and to it's hip, and then noticed something very odd.

He Looked down at himself, and observed his dangling penis and the sack beneath it, and then looked at the groin of the creature, and observed nothing but a triangle of brown curly hair. That was odd, he thought to himself. How was it able to relieve itself of unneeded water? Thinking of this, he suddenly realized that he had to relieve himself. He put his hand on its shoulder and pressed slightly in a gesture that said, "stay here" and quickly moved to the edge of the clearing and found a suitable tree.

The creature however did not stay, it followed him, and watched as he stood and urinated against the trunk of the tree. It looked at his arcing stream with a puzzled look, then shrugged and moved slightly off to the side. He watched in amazement as it squatted down and a yellow stream spurted from the triangle of curly hair. Perhaps there was more than he had suspected? He decided he would find out.

As soon as it had finished and stood up, he grabbed it by the hand and led it over to a small incline by the edge of the lake, and sat down. It followed his lead, and he positioned himself between its legs, parting them with his hands. It didn't resist, but looked at him again with a curious expression. He took a closer look at the nest of curls, and realized upon closer inspection that there was a pair of lips, thought they opened vertically rather than across in the way the ones on their faces did. He reached out and gently parted them with his fingers. He saw pink folds of flesh that reminded him somewhat of a flower, though he had never seen anything like this. At the top, where the lips met, there was a small nub of flesh, poking out of a small sheath. He realized that his fingers were slightly wet, although not from the urine that was still clinging in small gold droplets to the brown curls. He brought his fingers to his nose and inhaled a deep heady scent, unlike anything else he'd ever smelled before.

He suddenly realized something odd. His penis, which had been flaccid this whole time, had suddenly begun to stiffen, the skin at the tip pulling back and exposing the large head. There had been a few times that he had woken up in the morning like this, but it had always subsided after a few minutes. Never before had this happened during the day. He decided that it would probably go away after a while like it always did, and returned to his examination of this wonderful creature.

He reached out and ran his fingers gently through the folds of the inner lips, noticing now that beneath the nub of flesh, there were two other orifi

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