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Kat fulfills bedroom fantasies with a dominating hunk.

She moaned and sighed into Brian's mouth - he was a very good kisser, even better than his father, and she realized she was losing track of time. Every time she tried to pull away, he would just tighten his grip on her hair and increase the passion of his long wet kiss.

Cathy was almost disappointed not to feel her big breasts being abused, and she breathed a sigh of relief as the boy finally let her lean away from him. "That was great, Mrs. Modeno," he said, smiling at her.

She had done it, she realized,, but she just sat there for a long moment, her perfect breasts heaving, her mouth hanging open slightly.

"Hang on, you kissed him a lot longer than me," John suddenly said. Cathy bit her lower lip, and shifted to look at him. Her dress was now pushed almost to the point where her shapely thighs joined at her crotch. "Let me kiss you one more time, Mrs. Modeno, that's only fair."

"Yeah, but then you have to kiss me just once more, so we'll both have been kissed twice."

"I - I don't think my husband would approve of this," she said weakly, but John just snorted laughter. "I don't think your husband needs to hear about any of this," he said, the implication clear. "Do we have a deal?"

"Umm, OK, I guess," Cathy said uncertainly, and tilted her head towards John.

"Actually, I want to kiss something else," he said, and then he was leaning down. Cathy drew in a sharp breath as the man began rubbing his surprisingly soft lips over the silky, hot skin of her swollen breast. He began licking the globe gently, then centered his tongue on her throbbing nipple.

"Ohn, mm, ohn, no, no I told you you couldn't touch me like that," Cathy gasped, but her fists remained pressed into the couch cushions.

John pulled his mouth away long enough to tell her that she had just told his son that, then he smiled and said he was not feeling her up, after all, just giving them a bit of a kiss.

Cathy just bit her lip as the man bent back down and sucked as much of her tittie into his hot, wet mouth as he could. "Ohnnn, fuck, maybe you shouldn't bite my nipple like that," Cathy gasped, her lithe body twisting as the man mauled her heaving breasts with his skilled mouth.

"That's given me an idea, Mrs. Modeno," she heard Brian say. "If dad can kiss your boobs for his kiss, you could give me the kiss you owe me somewhere else, right?"

"I . . . ohnnnn, uhn, uhn, ohhhh, I don't think that's a good idea, Brian," she gasped softly, and turned to see him standing on the couch. Even as she watched, his was finishing pulling his fat, ten inch cock out of his pants, and then he slapped it against her cheek. "Ohn, my god, no, please, please, pl - mmmnnfff, umm, mnnnnnnn!" Cathy moaned as Brian once again grabbed a thick tangle her hair, and guided his fat, plum sized cock crown to the protesting woman's juicy lips.

He pushed, at the same time pulling her hair, and felt her mouth slip open far enough so that his bulbous cock head slipped between her silky, pouting lips. Cathy squirmed around, and tried to slide down into the seat of the couch to avoid more of the young man's shaft sliding into her vulnerable mouth as she could. She also felt a strong flash of pre-orgasmic lust as the two men abused her.

Finally, because of her squirming about and trying to evade Brian's thrusting cock, John's hand found her panty covered pussy. The panties were already soaked in her juices, and it was to much for the flustered woman; she involuntarily rolled her hips against his hand, and as though by magic he found her swollen little clitty and began teasing it through the skimpy panties.

Cathy moaned and gasped around Brian's fat cock as he slid four inches in and out of her mouth, and at some point she began sucking on his fat cock. She was soon making slurping sounds around his rigid pole, and moaning in another orgasm as Johns fingers ripped her panties apart, as he began fucking her with two fingers, at the same time continuing to chew and lick her heaving breasts.

John got up, and quickly

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