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Gil enjoys a summer tryst with mom, & the neighbor boy.

First she rubbed her thighs. She ran her hand down between them and stoked her inner thigh, first the right one and then the left.

She took the glass and filled it with wine and then returned to the photos. She took a big drink and set the glass down. She moved her hand back to her leg and started stroking her upper thigh as she worked towards her pussy. As I watched Amanda spread her legs wide and I could see her pussy as she cupped it with her hand and began to rub up and down masturbating. She rubbed her pussy and spread her outer lips and tickling her cunt hole with her index finger.

Every few seconds she took a drink of wine, looked at the photos, a selected few spread out now on the bed next to her. She refilled the wine glass emptying the bottle now. She let the last few drops drip into the glass. As she sipped the wine she rubbed her cunt and fingered her hole. As time went by I began to hear her breathing getting louder as her hand increase in speed. She moaned softly from time to time as she inserted two fingers into the pussy hole and drank the last of wine. She had drained the bottle very fast. I was sure she was going to cum and I was going to see it happen.

As she continued to look down at the photos her fingers were going in and out of her pussy faster and faster. I could actually hear them as they moved in the wetness of her cunt. I could hear her mumbling something but I couldn't hear exactly what she saying, something about 'fucking her.... please fuck her....please'.

Amanda was fantasizing as she masturbated. I don't know why that surprised me so much. I guess because I didn't think she needed to masturbate. I mean she only had to smile at any guy and she could have him fuck her.! I listened and watched.

She had her eyes closed and her mouth open now as she worked her hands both of them now on her body. Her left hand was rubbing her large left breast and her left hand was working on her cunt. She was so sexual, she looked so obscene as she bent her knees and opened them wide, very wide showing off her entire sex, all of her cunt was visible to me. I could see her hand completely now working on her pussy. She would lick her fingers from time to time tasting her wetness.

She started to rub her clit fast moving her fingers back and forth then up and down. She arched her back and I could see her body moving with the stimulation. But she didn't cum not yet anyway. It was an unbelievable picture. I took my cock out and worked it as I watched. I wanted to fuck her so badly I needed to cum and wanted to time my cum with hers.

Amanda slid down on the bed now laying flat with her knees bent and her thighs wide open. She was the look of pure beautiful erotic sex. My God how I wanted to rush in there and move between her open thighs and lick her until she grabbed my hair and thrust her cunt into my mouth! I wanted to eat her taste her and make her cum so badly! I stroked my cock faster now with my own need.

She used both hands now to work on her cunt. One hand was used to rub her clit while the other was under her thigh and was fingering her pussy hole. It took maybe 10 seconds of that stimulation to make her cried out and lifted her body up off the bed as she fucked her hand so hard and so long cumming and cumming, and cumming. He climax made my mouth wet and as I watched that lovely body fucking her hand and pumping up and down, I moaned loudly and shot my cum again all over the door handle.

I was scared she might have heard me but when I regained my composure a little I could see she was in her own sexual release world.

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