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Amy and Charlie both learn something

Ahead of her she saw the garish gate along with a cute little blond woman hanging up a sign next to the door. Her dress was riding high up her legs and her gorgeous calves were exposed as she leaned high as possible to nail the sign atop a side post. When Sallie reached the gate she dismounted and greeted who she now realized was her Mage friend Zoey, in her full splendorous Spellfire gown and flaming circlet head piece. 'Hot' was a good word to describe this crumpet.

"Sallie!" Zoey exclaimed dropping the sign which read 'Additional Instances cannot be launched'.

She hugged Sallie with great enthusiasm and let her hands droop down to Sallie's rear to play with her tail. Once or twice Sallie could of sworn she'd felt a squeeze but assumed she was imagining it.

"I see you got the caretaker job after all, must be nice to have tons of blood elf men prancing through here everyday ready to proclaim themselves hero's just for you. What's with the sign?" Sallie said with mild interest reaching down a hand to pick it up.

"Oh just some maintenance I guess, a lot of instances are closing these days. And what are you talking about? You know self-advertising dimwits are not my type. I've got ten times the power of them on my own." said Zoey. She then demonstrated a small evocation not unlike a tornado of mana and giggled. It was true Sallie had never seen Zoey accept a advance from anyone Orc or Blood Elf.

"You know this island is deserted except for us. You shouldn't even be interested in these dailies at your level. I'm starting to think you only come here to visit me." Zoey inhaled which gave Sallie a start as she caught herself looking at the top hem of the Blood Elfs robe.

"Just good rep." sallie responded quickly, and was happy blush didn't show through her brown fur.

Just then Zoey took her hand and began pulling her behind a nearby turret where no one would see them, which shouldn't matter on a deserted island. Baffled Sallie went with her, the shadow here was actually nice after grinding in the straight sunlight for so long. Zoey stood on tiptoes and pressed herself breast to breasts up against Sallie to whisper something in her ear. Sallie's eyes were locked down at the now practically invisible line of satin robe above pure white breasts, her throat caught and she was speechless, never having a view this good before. The only sobering fact was that her staff was poking her uncomfortably in the back and for Titan's sake their was no way Zoey was thinking what she was.

"I want to show you something please don't be mad or ashamed. I just always wanted this." Zoey breathed. She reached a hand up to stroke one of Sallie's horns then kissed her on the ear.

Sallie let out a quick 'Nay', and finally breathed in a staggered breath. Zoey's hands where now reaching around her backside and under her skirt to rub her butt and caress her tail which was flicking nervously. Meanwhile her mind was screaming 'OMG OMG'.

Zoey's kisses began running from Sallie's cheek and all the way to her damp nose. Meanwhile since their was no opposition a small hand was now slipping around her front and down to her wetness. Zoey had pulled her hand away and was now rubbing her own breasts while she slid three fingers over Sallie's hot spot. Sallie finally licked Zoey's neck pressing her nose into the crease behind her long blond hair to take in her smell. Before they knew it Sallie was on the ground with a tangle of long blood elf legs wrapped around her. Zoey was so excited by her hand inside Sallie and over her clit that she had begun to grind across her furry abdomen while she buried her face down on Sallie's chest.

Suddenly a hurricane spread out around them as Sallie's breathing quickened.

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