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More than I wanted.

All business or not, Dr. Jones was absolutely gorgeous. She had light red hair and vivid green eyes. Her face was extremely pretty. She appeared to be about the same age as Sally and me. She had a lab coat on over a skirt suit and silk blouse, but the lab coat was unbuttoned. The skirt was several inches above the knee and the tailored jacket and blouse were somewhat conservative. It didn't matter; while the details were somewhat obscured there was no way to hide the fact that Dr. Jones was built like a brick shit-house! She had great legs, nice full hips and a round ass and obviously had very large breasts.

The interview started out in a way that seemed normal, but it soon turned odd I thought. She was asking me about my sexual fantasies, previous partners, and so on and so on. When she got around to asking about masturbation I was quite uncomfortable. She asked about how often, how, did I do it in the shower, which hand I used, on and on. The questions seemed very strange, but I was too embarrassed to question any of it. Her last question was the one I actually had the most difficulty with, "When did you last masturbate?" In fact it had been the day before. Finally, gratefully, the interview ended.

The doctor buzzed for her assistant and told me that she would take me to the examination room and get me prepared and that the doctor would be there shortly. Almost immediately the assistant came in and I'm sure my jaw dropped. If the doctor was gorgeous, the assistant was something straight out of Penthouse. Young, blond, blue eyes, huge tits, etc., etc., etc. She was any man's wet dream.

She introduced herself as Shelly and asked me to follow her. As we went down the hall, following her was starting to give me a hard-on. She had the most perfect ass I've ever seen. While she was dressed appropriately for her job, her uniform was short in the skirt part and couldn't begin to hide the bodacious body it contained!

Once we got to the examination room Shelly handed me a folded gown and pointed to a small changing room. "Please go in there, take off all your clothes, jewelry, watch, everything and put this on. You can store your stuff in that locker. Once you've changed please come back in here and we'll finish getting you ready for the exam."

I did as instructed, but when I pulled on the 'gown' it turned out it was only a pullover top. It didn't even come to my waist. I didn't want to just walk back into the examination room with the nurse there, looking like this. After stalling for a few minutes I heard, "Mr. Howard, is everything okay?" I sheepishly called out that I was coming.

When I walked into the room Shelly acted as if nothing unusual was going on. I guessed for her nothing was. Standing naked from the waist down in front of the beautiful, sexy young woman was most disconcerting for me however. I finally tried to relax and told myself I was acting foolishly.

Shelly asked me to sit up on an examination table. It had what I recognized as stirrups and some other apparatuses that were not familiar to me. I'd never been asked to lie on a table like this, and hadn't ever heard of a man being examined on one. But it was a fertility clinic; so I guessed that many things might be different than what I was used to.

I was told to lie back and Shelly started to adjust the table. Soon she asked me to raise my legs up and put them into the stirrups. She then adjusted them some more.

When she finished, my ass was right at the edge of the table with my balls hanging in mid air. My legs were straight up and bent at the knee with my knees and feet wide apart. It was pretty embarrassing having this young woman standing there looking at me through my spread legs.

"Okay, you're all ready for the Doctor. She'll be right in," and with that Shelly turned and left the room. I was feeling silly for being embarrassed, but couldn't help myself.

Within a minute or so the Doctor came in. She went straight to work, wasting no time.

"I'm going to start with a simple physical inspection

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