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He has to follow the finest ass on earth.

" I said walk behind Jeremy. "A very bad boy.

"Normally, I would dump a piece of shit like you in a heartbeat. However, since you are good in bed, and have a lovely penis, I decide your punishment should be a simple one."

I take hold of Jeremy's Speedo and pull it down.

Like a rocket ship, Jeremy's nine inch wonder stands straight up. His bare sex made my mouth water as I rub Jeremy's cock. His balls are huge and magnificent like our planet Earth.

Greg looks at me with disbelief in his eyes. Half of him cannot believe I am going to make him suck Jeremy's cock. However, judging how Greg' cock has starting to stiffen; I can tell Greg is curious to taste Jeremy's tool.

"Lisa..." Greg stammers. "Let's be resa---"

"Suck it or we are through!" I hiss. "I mean it, bitch! You are neither the first asshole I dump nor the last! There are plenty of men who would do anything for me!"

Greg looks down at Jeremy's cock and lets out a sigh of defeat. He gently takes hold of Jeremy's cock and prepares to suck on it. Before Greg can put it into his mouth, Jeremy forces his huge dong right into Greg's mouth. Tears stream down from Greg's eyes as he gags on Jeremy's tool. Despite being new to cocksucking, Greg fights his gag reflex and swallows the whole thing in one stroke.

I can feel my pussy moisten as I watch Jeremy rape Greg's face. I play with my harden nipples as I take a few snap shots with my smart phone. I am lost in a trance as Jeremy fucks Greg face with utter passion.

Regaining some self-control, I stop touching myself for a few seconds and lower myself to Greg's ear.

"Now that wasn't so hard, was it?" I whisper into Greg's ear.

I take my tongue out lick his earlobe. Causing Greg's penis has stiffened.

"Oh my." I gasp. "I see Jeremy has converted my boyfriend. We can't have that."

"Then get naked." Jeremy said. "And show this bitch the joys of pussy."

I stand up and strip out of my tight orange g-string.

From the corner of Greg's eyes, he eyes widen to see my beautiful body glisten under the pacific sun. Causing him to reach down and stroke his cock through his bathing suit.

"On your knees, bitch!" Jeremy orders. "Time to treat your girlfriend with some respect."

Like the dog he is, Greg gets on his hands and knees.

"Take of his bathing suit off." I said to Jeremy. "I want to see his wimpy cock in all its glory."

With a lustful hunger, Jeremy rips Greg's bathing suit off.

Standing at six inches long, Greg's wimpy cock is small compare to the might of Jeremy's cock. Still, he sure knows how to use it to make me cum.

As I get in front of Greg's face, take hold of his face and force it into my moisten snatch.

"Eat me!" I hiss.

Like an obedient bitch, Greg licks my harden clit. Jolts of ecstasy fills my body as Greg tongue reach my g-spot. Once his humid tongue touches my g-spot, I let out a shriek as I rub my pussy against Greg's face.

As I continue to grind my cunt against Greg's face, I see Jeremy is lubing his giant cock with some sunscreen. Even with getting my pussy licked, I know what Greg had in mind.

Getting onto his knees, Jeremy rubs his greased up dong against Greg's asshole. Greg winces when he feels the pain of Jeremy entering his asshole.

"Oh fuck!" Greg shouts.

Before he can struggle, I force Greg's face into my pussy and force him to eat me.

"Take it, bitch!" I hiss. "You're ass belongs to Jeremy's and your mouth belongs to me.

"Now, earn you're pay!"

Greg continues to eat my pussy as the pressure builds in my lower abdomen. I twist and turn as I shout inaudible words. I feel my snatch flowing as Greg's tongue continues to assault my clit.

I look at Jeremy who seems to enjoy Greg's tight man-pussy. He thrust hard into Greg's ass in a rhythmic fashion as he tilts his head back with joy.

To add more to this blissful fucking, I see Greg is rubbing his wimpy dong. A sign that he is enjoying being fucked.

The sheer sight of this beautiful stud fucking my boyfriend is too much for me. I cum like a broken dam and spray Greg's face with my pussy juice.

"Holy shit!" I gas

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