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We meet the swinging parents of Penny, Ryan, and Suzy.


"Well if she'd that good why did we let her go?"

"Because we had nowhere to place her, unless it was in your job," retorted Ron, interpreting David's comment as criticism.

"Or yours," said David dryly.

"Right, let's get on with the reason why I called this meeting. What do we say about the extent of our benevolence towards her enterprise? As you know, initially I was not interested in giving a helping hand, but she's a very persuasive lady. She finally had me thinking it would be doing us a favour by giving her a cut rate in doing the production, printing and distribution for her. I can honestly say that I shook my head in wonderment after she'd gone, realising the favourable noises I had been making to her."

Larry commented that with Garden Secrets, Kitchen Successes no longer being produced there was spare capacity in the production line, providing her publication slotted in favourably.

"When does she want to publish?"

"It's good for us - she wants it to go on sale on the 20th of each month, which is well outside our busiest period," said David.

Larry asked what were the estimated number of pages and the estimated print run.

"The book of 200 pages - subject to advertising response - plus five-colour cover, four colour throughout and an initial forty thousand print-run."

Ron whistled. "She's taking a hell of a risk - it's usual to start fairly modestly and then to build on successes."

"What cover price is she setting?"

"She proposes to fix it at __8.15 subject to establishment costs being close to estimates."

"Oh god, she's aiming for the stars and hasn't done any market research and probably hasn't even spoken to experts. She should have come to us David. In fact, why didn't she come to me instead of you with this approach?"

David said Jenni was always one who went to the head chief, then noticing Ron's disappointment he told the truth.

"We know Jenni's a straight shooter, and she's showed it over this. She explained to me that you Ron are a long-time friend and she thought it improper to be trying to pressure you into granting her concessions that no one else was getting. She thought it could land you into criticism from me and even the board. I praised her for that attitude."

"She wants her production charged out on the basis of our production costs plus our usual mark-up less thirty percent."

"Holy smoke," Larry said. "We'd be doing it for next to nothing."

"Not quite David smiled. "I told her no way and she then began the big squeeze and I guess I said perhaps we could do the first two issues at that discount."

He looked at Larry for support, but it wasn't necessary.

"I think I would have said the same thing if it was my decision," Ron confessed.

"And what about subsequent issues for the next two years?"

"Twenty percent discount provided we have a signed agreement about us gaining that forty-nine percent shareholding in her company at the end of two years with a right to bid for the entire shareholding."

"That's almost exactly what I suggested but I didn't think about going for the whole company, which is a good thought, as in two years she may well have a collection of other small money-spinners under her banner."

Larry said, "What if this flash mag of hers goes under after a couple or even the first issue?"

"Everything we do will be done on her behalf with cash up front and so there will be no liabilities for us," Ron said. "To ensure we get our money in a risky launch like this our contract will require the estimated cost of pre-print production to be lodged in our bank account before we begin such work on each issue, and similarly pre-payment will be required before we begin plating up to print. If Jenni can't wear that, then she'd better try her luck elsewhere."

"Good thinking Ron," David said. "I guess I would have suggested something like that. We have to cover our rear end."

"I reckon she'd need to be able to lay her hands on at least a quarter of a million quid to cover the launch of this ma

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