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Ivy and Nikolai.


I simply loved to please him and every time I orally got him off it got better. But I had never done it like this before, with the car in motion.

I had a terrible nightmare about us being flung out of the car when crashing and there we both were, laid out on the grass verge quite dead, but still with the remnants of a well pleased cock in my mouth.

It was certainly dangerous but I wanted to please Ross to the full and he'd make it all the better for me when he got me home.

He liked me to wear tight braces to hold my jeans up. So tight; they were almost splitting me in half. But Ross said how the braces complimented my curves and made me doubly fuckable.

I felt like a trussed chicken at times but if that is how he wanted me, that is how he would have me and now, when he was asking me to take my jeans down, I slowly unhooked the braces to create sensuality and it was lovely to perform for him as he sat there, on the edge of the bed, devouring me with his eyes..

"Show me that ass" he ordered as I slipped my jeans over my feet and stood there wearing just my very tight red thong which was having some difficulty in hiding the bulge beneath,

I was already half mast, excited by the motions of performing, I twisted around provocatively and displayed my full ass for his pleasure.

"Superb Alex, now bend it, stretch it, give me the full works huh?"

That was easy to do..

I leant over , my legs slightly apart and perked it out for him. The sounds of his pleasure was sufficient to make me do more so I placed my hands each side and stretched my buttocks wide apart so that he could do what I knew he wanted to do. And then he pushed his nose right into my crevice and started to sniff me there, his fingers doing the stuff, rimming and sucking me up with his spit and tongue.

I loved the way Ross prepared me for the ultimate - the feeing of having one's ass sucked and explored in such a way was absolutely enthralling and I could never have enough of that.

"Have you been eating strawberries and cream lately Alex? He laughed taking a breather .

"How did you know?"

"I can taste in your ass, Gorgeous. Just change your position for me , lay on your back on the edge of the bed so I can enjoy you from the front."

He removed the soiled thong he'd worked his mouth and tongue around when he sucked me and now I was completely naked. He took full advantage of that, stretching me right back, grasping me legs under the knees and pushing back enough to get a new position for his explorations, and I was treated to a good half hour or rapturous sucking, licking and all that goes with that. He slapped me too, just a little but enough to make me tingle which was really nice.

I simply chilled and enjoyed it, knowing just how much he was and looked forward to his imminent fuck which I knew would be all the more beautiful after his heavy petting.

He was always so generous and made sure everything he did was well accepted. He would try exciting and different things fucking me. I had a special pair of really skin tight fitting jeans for when he wanted to fuck me in them, through a hole sewn in the back seam.

That was nice too, after a little spanking over his knee. I simply wanted to be all ass for him and nothing was too extreme.

When he cock sucked me it was always in the shower and it was divine. He'd moisten his fingers with the resulting cream and moistened my asshole ready for his pleasure, and it was always special to have his fuck that way, me clambered around his waist as he easily penetrated me, with the shower full on.

He'd turn the temperature dial to make it run cold and that was really an experience being fucked like that,

It was nice that way too because he could always get a full penetration and I felt the stiffness of his seven inch erection deep up inside as he beveled and rolled me against the tiles to get the best out of me each way..

But having had Ross all to myself for nigh on six months, I guess I should have been grateful.

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