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Lyara buys a new home.

Shortly after the El Monte passengers boarded, the doors closed and the train once again reached its rhythmic rocking motion. Cheryl returned and sat down with the same enigmatic look she had previously worn while staring out the window. This time however, she looked directly into my eyes and I felt that my actions and miss-cues must somehow be the cause of her silence and current moodiness. I started to apologize once more for any discomfort I had created but she quickly stopped me before two words could escape my lips.

Softly she said, "No, you did nothing wrong. In fact... you may take some more pictures of me if you like. Reaching under the table with a nod as if to say, "Take this" she leaned forward as if to hand me something. I reached under the table towards where her hand should be and touched her. She rubbed something soft over my hand a couple of times and then up the back of my wrist and down in a single stroking motion. Then carefully, she placed a small smooth item in my hand. I took it and looked to see what this mysterious object was...she had given me her silken green panties! The look on her face transformed to that of a very aroused Chinese lady. Holding my hand in my lap, I carefully opened it in such a manner as to prevent any passers-by from seeing the intimate treasure I had been given.

Holding this beautiful Asian pearl's green silken panties in my hand caused my cock to harden. Her panties were warm from her hands and very moist from the wetness of her pussy. I fingered the heavily moistened crotch area that had recently cradled her warm pussy just minutes before their removal. My interracial fantasy was unfolding before my very eyes and my mind was reeling from all of the implications of her actions. Looking her in the eyes I said, "My god, you are such a sexy creature." She simply nodded towards me and mouthed, "So are you." Turning my back to the passenger isle, and bending down, I put my tightly fisted hand to my nose and looked at her from the corner of my eyes. Opening my hand slightly I inhaled her scent from the moisture of her panties. A strong odor of musk and jasmine permeated my brain as I sniffed the intimate essence of her body and liquid pussy flow. I was being consumed with such a lust the likes of which I had never experienced before. I was speechless as I turned and faced her.

Cheryl, leaned towards me as close as the table would allow; her small breasts accented by the edge pressing just below her bust-line. I couldn't wait to find out what she was going to say or do next. It was my turn to be mesmerized. "Take some nasty pictures of me. Pretend I'm one of your sexy models and you're going to photograph me in some lurid poses and then make me fuck you." When Cheryl got to the words 'fuck you' she mouthed it silently but with a very exaggerated movement of her thin ruby lips. Her aggressiveness was so unlike the stereotyped shyness of oriental women portrayed by the media that it made the whole scene bizarre and extremely hot.

It appeared each of our separate fantasy's were beginning to inter-twine, one with another's.

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