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A fantasy gone wild.

I slipped off my shoes and sank into the armchair in the corner. I had the best seat in the room with a great view of my wife's pussy under the nightie and Cindy's hard nipples pressed against her top. Neither of them said a word and just sat sipping their drinks in silence. I couldn't keep quiet any longer. "Are either of you going to tell me what's going on?"

"Whatever do you mean," asked Jo with a naughty smile on her face.

"You know exactly what I mean," I said. Not wanting to say it out loud.

Cindy giggled "I think he means your panties; or should I say my ex-panties. When I gave you those panties earlier, I didn't believe that you would tell Jo."

"Jo and I have a very open and honest relationship. Added to which she knows about my love of panties." I answered. "How did you know I love panties?"

"The way you kept looking up my skirt was the first clue. When I went to the guest bathroom and saw that my bikini had been moved my suspicions were confirmed!" she answered. "My brother's friends used to steal my panties when I was living at home, so I know how much it turns some men on to play with them."

I got up from the chair and took the ladies glasses from them so that I could refill them. This kind of talk had me rock hard, and I needed something to distract myself. I stood in front of her while she drained the last bit and as she handed the glass to me could see that she was looking directly at the bulge in my trousers. I didn't try to hide it from her; I was turned on knowing she was looking at the outline of my cock. I reluctantly turned away and while pouring drinks could hear the ladies whispering quietly. I was dying to listen to what they were up to!

When I turned around to give the ladies their drinks I could see that Cindy's blouse was half unbuttoned giving me a good view of the tops of her milky white breasts and her beautiful bra. Cindy just smiled at me and took the drink from my hand. When I passed Jo her drink, she asked me to put it on the coffee table at the foot of the bed. I turned away for a moment to get my drink and then I turned back I could see that Jo was continuing to remove Cindy's blouse, button by button. I flopped back into my chair and watched what was unfolding in front of me. This evening was going in a direction I had not expected!

As Jo slipped Cindy's blouse off, she went to work on the clasp of her bra. Cindy opened her legs as wide as she could across the corner of the bed. Her white pants pulled up against her pussy, and I could clearly see the outline of her pussy lips forming a perfect camel toe. I leant forward in my chair to get a better look and saw that her moisture was leaking through the white panties and into the fabric of her pants. In the meantime, Jo freed her breasts from the constraints of her bra, and they swung free. Jo rubbed them softly, her palms rubbing against her nipples. They were cute and pert with beautiful pink areola and thick hard nipples. By this time, I was rock hard. Watching my wife undress my sister in law was the most erotic sight I had ever witnessed. I was openly rubbing my cock through my trousers.

"Why not just take them off?" Jo whispered.I didn't hesitate, I was quickly unfastening my belt and slipped them down onto the floor. My underpants and shirt quickly followed, and as I sat down, I saw that Cindy was watching my cock with interest.

"Your turn Cindy," said Jo, helping Cindy to her feet and unfastening her trousers.

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