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The interesting drive to Somerset.

When dusk had arrived, and the sun was sitting in the sky, they hit a deserted part of the three-lane highway. With a smirk on her face, Tasha leaned over and kissed Steve on the cheek, then lowered her hand to his lap. She stroked his cock through the shorts until he was at his full-hardened state. Tasha then started to undo Steve's shorts to free the prize she wanted. When he asked her what she was doing, she ignored him while continuing to free his cock.

When Steve was fully exposed, Tasha stroked him a few times while she dropped her face to his lap. She then engulfed his cock with her mouth, and proceeded to give him a blowjob while he drove.

Steve knew this was a game Tasha enjoyed playing, so he swung over to the middle lane. Not long afterwards he saw an eighteen-wheeler come up on his right. The driver looked down as he passed, and to slow down to make sure what he saw was his imagination or not. Steve kept his eyes on the road and forward, but now they had drawn an audience.

Both of them kept pace with each other, and further down the road, another truck drew up on the left. This one also started to pass, but then had to slow down as well. Steve was now boxed in on both sides by huge eighteen-wheelers, watching as Tasha gave him a blowjob. Wanted to give them a little bit more of a show, Steve reached over and pulled the dress up so they could see Tasha's bare ass. On warm days such as this, she liked to go without any panties. Steve ran his finger over her ass cracked, as he carefully kept the car going straight.

Further on, Steve felt himself tighten up, and knew that he was about to blow his load any second. When he did orgasm, his whole body tightened up, and the car sped up as the accelerator was depressed. The trucks on both sides also sped up, wanting to keep watch.

Sitting up, Tasha noticed for the first time that she had an audience. Smiling seductively, she liked what little cum leaked past her lips, and waved. Blowing their huge air horns, both trucks sped on past and down the road. Laughing, Steve and Tasha continued on until they could turn around.

On the way back, Tasha was driving, and Steve was planning on getting her back for the blowjob. When he could, he reached over and pulled one of the sundress straps down, freeing a breast. Leaning over, Steve started to suckle much like a newborn would. Both of them had to be careful now, because when Tasha had orgasms, she had very powerful, very explosive, orgasms. If they had an accident, they didn't want to explain the how and why of it happening.

Steve continued to suckle her breasts. Tasha had very sensitive nipples, and moaned out, while maintaining control of the car. They again drew an audience, but this time it was a pick-up truck that drew up next to them. There were also people in the back of the truck who strained their necks to watch. Tasha moved the other strap of her dress down, and now rode bare from the waist up. A jeep pulled up on the other side, and stayed with them the rest of they way.

While sucking on her breast, he circled the erect nipple with his tongue. Drawing it into his mouth, he lightly bit down, and pulled back. Steve also drew as much as he could into his mouth. While he was doing this, Tasha was pinching her other nipple. They had to get home soon, because she was going to have an orgasm, and wanted to get off the road. Tasha then felt Steve move his hand down to her lap, and moved the dress up so he had access to her soaked womanhood. Those driving beside them had a full view of everything she had to offer.

Steve and Tasha eventually got off the highway and drove home. Since they only lived a few blocks from the road, it did not take them long to get there. Tasha still had the top of her dress pulled down exposing her breasts, but she didn't care. There were only a few people on the road, and those they saw, didn't notice anything.

When they got to the house, both ran in the front door, and before it was all the way closed, Steve picked

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