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It's a new world, a world with almost no men.

Little did she know Emma stood watching the entire show with her own pussy on fire for attention. But it looked like she lost her window of opportunity when Jenny turned off her shower and motioned to grab her towel. Emma quickly ducked back into her own stall and shut off the water. She wrapped the towel around her and walked out where Jenny was sitting on the bench waiting for her.

"Ready for your massage?" Jenny asked, smiling at her mother, her eyes burning with a secret lust.

"Absolutely," agreed Emma.

They wrapped their towels tighter around their voluptuous bodies and made their ways to the massage rooms. Once inside, they realized they'd be getting a massage together but still separate. It was one room with what looked like a thin curtain cutting the room in half. Two men were waiting for their arrival. Two very handsome men at that. One was blonde and clean shaven. The other had dark hair and a rugged goatee and stubble. They both looked to be well toned and in shape by the look of their broad shoulders and chest. The blonde in particular had huge biceps that seemed to flex involuntarily as he stood there. The blonde stepped forward and greeted them, "Hello, ladies. My name is Michael. This here is Keith. We will be taking very good care of you. Are you ready to be relaxed?"

Emma and Jenny stood ogling the two men and slowly nodded their heads yes. "Excellent," Michael said in an almost dark tone, "I will be taking care of..." He checked a roster list posted to a bulletin board on the wall beside him. "Ah! Emma. I will be taking care of Emma. So I guess that means my partner here will be taking care of... Jenny. Now who is who?" He smiled at them both.

Emma was the first to step forward. "I'm Emma." She eyed the masseuse up and down, giving him a flirty wave and enticing crooked smile.

Jenny was also taking in her masseuse. She was undressing him with her eyes and wondered what this massage had in store for her. Although, she realized her imagination was probably just running away from her after the hot and steamy pleasure session she had in the shower. "That would make me Jenny." She said with a sarcastic flare.

"Nice to meet you, ladies. Emma, if you wouldn't mind lying on this cot here. You may lay on your stomach or your back first. Whichever you please. And Jenny, if you wouldn't mind following my friend here to the other side of the curtain where you will have your own space and massage table," Michael instructed. He smiled sweetly to them.

Keith stared intently at Jenny, a small almost menacing smirk on his face as he took in the busty teen's figure. He was eager to put his hands on her. Michael was also rather impatient and ready to get this under way.

Jenny followed Keith to the other side of the curtain. Michael turned to Emma. "Now, are you comfortable being nude for the massage or would you prefer to keep your underwear on?" He looked her up and down as she loosely held the towel against her body.

She then smiled flirtatiously and dropped the towel all together, revealing her sexy curvaceous body to the ever willing masseuse. Her nipples were hardened and she could feel the moistness between her legs. She slowly walked over to the white canvas cot and laid face up. She gave a half-lidded come hither look to Michael. "I'm ready when you are," she purred in a low sensual voice.

Michael's eyes widened for a moment.

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