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Night alone becomes a night of lovemaking.

Okay, so maybe not that perfect and she doubted there would be a happily ever after, but at least he had a soul!

His instructions made her lips twitch involuntarily. He was a bigger smartass than she was and she sort of liked that.

The soft kisses to her ear made her shiver and she bit on her lower lip to stop herself from gasping out loud. His lips felt so good...warm and surprisingly silky. As distracting as they were, she did her best to listen. She'd never shot a gun in her life, but then again, she'd never been on the run either, slummed in in the streets or put anyone else's life in jeopardy.

Hands in his pants?! For a moment she wondered what sort of crap he was pulling, but he seemed dead serious. "You know how to do that don't you? I'll stay pressed close to you to shield what you're doing."

"I d-do." She stammered , earning her a light laugh and then his mouth was on her skin again and he was pulling her closer. Oh god! She hoped he wasn't full of shit and trying to be all bad and impressive, getting them both killed in process. "I'll do it...just don't get us killed, please." She whispered back, tilting her head to 'nibble' on his earlobe, only the nibble was more of a bite before she kissed it better for him.

With him squeezing her close, she let out a soft moan and ducked her head against, kissing his neck and breathing nervously, her soft breaths puffing against his bare skin as she slide her hands over his hard abs and pushed them into his pants, feeling the cool metal of his gun almost instantly.

Carefully she pulled it out and slid it down her own pants as casually as possible. "I got it." She breathed, "Nice gun by the way." She added, trying to ease the tension in her own mind. "It's big."


She whispered in his ear, her soft lips rubbing against it. Then she bit his ear lightly and soothed it with a kiss.

Irish just fucking bit me.

"Hey, none of that talk," he whispered back. "Didn't I just say I've never been killed before? I don't intend to make this the first time. You just have to trust me."

He kept holding her tight. It must feel terrifying for her to be in this situation with a total stranger.

So fucking what?

That's better, Hansen.

The rain was getting heavier and they were getting soaked. They would have to make a move soon.

He kept holding her close, her head nuzzled to his neck. She kept kissing him and slid her hand under his shirt and over the waist of his jeans. She had gone in a little to the right so she had to slide her hand back across towards the gun. Her hand felt cool and smooth on his body.

Shit, just get the gun. If you keep this up, I'll have to try and think with a boner.

He felt the gun slide out of his pants.

At least there's more room for me down there.

He pulled her closer and lowered his lips to her ear again.

"Nice one, Irish. Keep joking like that and you'll stay loose. If we get out of this, I'll make sure to shoot you with my big gun," he said. "We better do something or they'll start to get suspicious."

He paused.

"Oh, and I don't mean that," he added quickly.

He loosened his grip on her a little and stood beside her with his arm around her neck.

"The guy watching us inside saw me stagger out pretending to be drunk. I drink enough to have had a lot of practice at it so I'm sure I convinced him. That means they won't be surprised when we start to stagger with my arm around you. You pretend like you're trying to hold me up and you can make all sorts of disparaging remarks if you like."

He smiled at her.

Hansen? Disparaging? Who are you trying to impress?

"You can't see it yet, but about 15 meters down in my direction, there's a doorway. I drink here a lot, I know it's there. The door is flimsy. If we can get to within five meters of it I think I can smash it down with one hit."

He looked across at her.

"Do you think we can do that?" he asked.

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