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When he came back he turned the light off and walked to his side of the bed and got in and said goodnight. It took me a bit to fall to sleep but once it I did, I had wonderful dreams.



Waking up the next morning, I was confused with my surroundings, I was holding someone, and I was in an unfamiliar bed. It was nice, warm and there was a little bit of morning light coming through the window. I felt the person push back at me, I felt their ass rub against my morning hard on. Then it came to light where I was and who I was with.

Sometime in the night Jake and I started spooning one another, and he was now grinding his ass back against me. Oh my god, do I just start touching the man that I have been wanting for the last couple of months. I threw caution to the wind, I held him tight against me and he moaned.

I kissed the back of Jake's neck and he froze, he stopped grinding his ass back on my cock. I must have brought him the rest of the way out of the haze of his sleep. I pushed it and slide my hand along his arm down to his hand. "Good morning, I am not going to say sorry for waking up holding you because I am not sorry."

"Oh?" He stated.

"Are you possibly interested? Or do I back away now and we forget that we woke up holding one another?" I asked.

Jake turned over in my arms, he looked at me in silence for a minute than he leaned toward me and kissed my lips. That is all it took and I was on him, I kissed him with fury, I wanted in his mouth, I wanted to taste him, all of him. I kissed him and was touching everywhere I could, I had one hand in his hair and the other hand was roaming over his body.

Then there was a knock at the door. "Come on guys, you are wasting the day." We could hear the person walk down the hall to the next room and knock.

I bent down and kissed him once more before I released him and turned over to sit on the edge of the bed. "Come on Doc, let's get out of this bed before we can't and make everyone in this cabin uncomfortable." I smiled back at him when I got up and reached for my jeans, clean underclothes, a t-shirt and headed out of the room to the bathroom, hoping that I was the first one to make it there.

Ten minutes later after showering and dressing I came back to the room a little more relaxed, I had to whack off in the shower. Having my wet dream in my arms and not knowing it all night long, shit I was hard. It will be interesting what or if anything happens with the Doc.



Oh God, oh god, oh shit, what just happened. Toby wants possibly a relationship with me, he smiled and left the room. Why can't we be alone right now, shit I would give anything to be alone right now with him. But he was correct we need to get up, hopefully this day will go by quick I would love to go for a walk with him later.

What am I doing I need to get up and start getting ready to start my day. I grabbed up some clothes and walked out and realized there was a line for the bathroom, so I just turned towards the kitchen hoping that they have a coffee maker. I was in luck John was sitting at the table with a cup of coffee in his hands and motioned to the counter. "Thanks, I was hoping there was some."

"Sorry Doc about having to sleep in the bed with another person, I have told the hospital that they should get two singles in each room but they rent it out and they don't want to put couples off. So hopefully you and who you rooming with Toby." He looked at me for confirmation and I nodded. "Are getting along ok?"

"So far and I don't mind sharing the bed, it isn't like we are touching, it is a queen size bed, would be a little different if it was only a full size." I smiled, really wishing it was a full size.

"Well you are different, everyone else was complaining last night, from the other cabins, thanks for being so nonchalant about it."

"No problem.

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