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Kiba saves a couple damsels in distress.


"I'm not sure if I should be creeped-out or flattered," I said, trying for levity, our eyes locked on each other's in the mirror.

He went on as though I hadn't spoken.

"I was attracted to you the minute I met you. You were in scrubs, so I really had no idea you were hiding all this..." He gestured meaningfully at my chest, and moved his arms up and down for emphasis. His arms were still wrapped around me, and when he moved in that manner, it had the effect of caressing the very sensitive sides of my breasts, through my thin bra and all. In the mirror, I could easily discern my arousal, my nipples were bullets poking through both layers of fabric...

"You came up to me and said, 'Welcome to the ER. I'm Alexandria.' And you shook my hand like you meant it. None of the hesitation of 'oh, scary black guy in our nice clean ER. Oh, he's wearing a mask, he must be a robber.'"

Again I tried to lighten the mood: "Well, you know, skin color has never been something that bothered me. For one thing, I always wished I had some skin color! No, I save up all of my prejudice for Twisted Christians. Fundamentalists. Mormons. Like that."

Again he went on, staring at me in the mirror, his low voice right in my ear, as though I hadn't spoken. "So, no I didn't know your body was so fine until Christmas. Then I was like, 'Damn I want some of that.' Could you feel me when we danced? When I had my hands on your ass. I was trying like everything to manouvre you over to under the mistletoe, but you were wily...Could you feel my hard cock poking you in the belly...?"

"Yessss. I knew you were hard. I was so wet after dancing with you that I made Parker leave. I couldn't wait. I sat on his cock in the front seat of the car...I came as soon as he was inside me..."

He placed his phone in my hands. Engulfing mine with his large but strangely delicate hands, he directed my fingers to activate the camera feature. Speaking in a hoarse whisper, now directly in my ear, his breath warm and shivery at the same time on my tender neck, he said, "Now you're going to take some pictures of you, of us, to add to my collection."

Releasing my hands, he drew his own to my chest. Spreading his fingers wide, they splayed out like the dark branches of a tree against the white of my blouse, completely covering my breasts. "Take it!" he hissed.

And holding the phone in front of me, I watched what unfolded for the next few minutes , as though at some remove, through the screen of his smart phone...

He dropped his hands lower and cupped my breasts. "Take it."

I did. I did as directed, as though in a trance.

He reached up and undid my top button. Snick went the camera.

Then another button, and another. Once the tops of my breasts were exposed, the thin demi bra barely covering the nipples, he took a few pictures himself, from above my shoulder, looking down into the cleft between my breasts.

Handing the phone back to me, he pushed the blouse down off of my left shoulder. Snick. Then the right shoulder. Snick. Next he reached down again and lifted my breasts up, forcing my full tits almost out of my bra, his hands acting as a push up bra on steroids.

"God damn. How big are they?"

"Double D. 36 DD, usually."

"Jesus. I feel like a kid who just found a 20 dollar bill on the sidewalk in front of a candy store! I knew I loved the feel of your ass, but these..."

He was silent for a few moments, playing with his new toys through my bra.

"Lexy, did you bring any stockings with you?"

"I did, I'll get..."

"No you stay put. Don't move. I"ll find them. He disappeared into the dressing area, and emerged a moment later holding them up, like a trophy, along with my heels. "Damn, girl, you pack light. Every woman I know would have dragged along a whole fucking closet. You're like Indiana Jones: leather jacket, .45 revolver, and a bullwhip."

"Oh, shit, I forgot the bullwhip.

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