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5 am in the USA.

Inhaling them, back and forth. Nursing - a white-hot sensation. You wish for the thousandth time that you had bigger boobs, but that thought disappears in the sensations HE is providing - maybe tit-size isn't important after all? At least, not to HIM, or not right here with YOU!

Then your mouths meet. How long have you dreamed of this, not knowing what it might actually be like? It far exceeds your wildest expectations... deep and hot and wet, beyond your imaginings, hopes, dreams.

Your whole insides are boiling now, you can feel the wetness beginning to actually ooze from your pussy, every belly muscle that can work is alive and squirming, every opening to your body is puckering and pulsing and screaming for attention. It is a lovely feeling - nearly seasick but nicely so. It is scary, being so close to out of control. But doing - actually DOING! - something this reckless and erotic and forbidden - actually doing instead of dreaming...WOW!

Almost giggling, you realize that you will never, NEVER be able to tell your many sisters about this. But so what? You are impressed with yourself. Justifiably. This is for YOU, nobody else. The end result of that extended process of growth and self-examination. This evening is a coming-of-age, an initiation ceremony, a personal declaration of independence from all the nonsense taught to you as a child... permanently getting rid of all intentional misinformation and intentional ignorance and idiotic social rules imposed on you and on your spirit. Tonight.

Beginning NOW.

The darkness strips you of your primary sense - sight- but that isn't all bad, because it also hides you, which prevents the paralysis of embarrassment at being seen, watched, studied. By HIM. The enforced silence strips you of another sense - hearing, sound. You are left with three... touch, smell, taste. They will have to do. You grin to yourself - "Oh..." you think, "... they'll do just fine!" You take the initiative again (independence!), ever so gently use your hands to lay HIM backwards, onto his back. Taking charge feels amazingly powerful. Intoxicating.

With HIM now flat on the futon, your hands move towards what you cannot see but know is there. Touch - your whole nervous system is concentrated in your skin now, fingertips astoundingly sensitive to surfaces, textures, movements in and under HIS skin. Touch. Your fingertips, palms, even your cheek, sliding everywhere, calves, biceps, belly, thighs, sides of buttocks. Everything HE has, or is, is available, all yours!

Finally, having teased both of you long enough, you move to HIS cock - hard, slightly curved, standing up in the darkness, so ready. Bigger than you expected, and a completely different texture. It throbs in your grip. HE must really and truly like you! Or at least, HE has a lust-level very like your own. A lovely compliment. HIS cock - a long, solid central hardness wrapped in loose skin. The mysteries of the head all velvety soft-hard. Balls in your hand, strange beasties, soft marbles in oil, so moveable. HE gasps -you feel it but do not hear it: you grin inwardly - so sensitive!

But you worry - are you doing things 'right'?

What does 'doing things right' MEAN?

The reality is, you have little knowledge, and less experience, to guide you. But you have read the standard user's manuals for the male and female bodies - meaning you've read all the gory details over and over in your women's novels. Thank god for bodice-rippers, for those authors' unending passion for detailed descriptions. With them for guides, you are managing, actually doing quite well.

HE seems remarkably content, for the moment, to let you play.

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