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Laura visits her lesbian lover, Elizabeth, in Vermont.

I intending to ring the doorbell and put a stop to it, but something held me back. I figured I'd give them a few minutes. Why? I don't know. Well, actually I do know."

Jack had never told this story to anybody but his wife, and even then he'd held out one last little secret about that night.

"I wait maybe 3 minutes and I hit the buzzer. Of course, he doesn't buzz me in, but I'm not surprised, I figured they are scrambling. After maybe 20 or 30 seconds I ring again, and this time the buzzer rings back and I can open the door and go down the stairs to his apartment. I remember how musty that hallway smelled. Weird. So I knock on the door and Amy answers the door, and she's like, 'oh, you're here' and she kisses me, and I kiss her back, full on the lips, which is kind of disgusting when you think about it. She loves it, she starts making out with me. Meanwhile, my best buddy traitorous Jason comes out of his bedroom and tells me he's gotta take a shower. I'm thinking it's Amy that needs the shower. And I'm getting aroused again, so I think, hey, why not have sex with Amy?!

Amy wants none of it, tells me to wait until we are alone, and goes to the kitchen. I tell her I need to use the restroom and I go into Jason's room and I look for it," Jack swallowed hard, "I look for the rubber, and I find it in the trash can and I can see it's used if you know what I mean."

Brenda, shocked, said "You never told me this. You mean, it was full of his sperm?"

"Well it wasn't full of.." Jack couldn't think of a witty answer, "Yes, it was. So I took it. I stole it, I palmed it in the pocket of a hoodie I had on. It sort of sloshed around in there inside the rubber."

"Oh, this is fucked up," Brenda looked at Marlene, "Sorry, never heard this story!" and she put her hands in shock.

"I go back out and I have the worst, most evil thoughts in my head. I tell Amy I'm really horny, which I was, and I pretty much demand we fuck. She's got these wide eyes, and as she considers it, I tap on the door where Jason is taking a shower and I yell out that I'm gonna fuck Amy in his room and he better give us privacy. Jason just yells out for me to go for it, and I can see Amy just put her hand to her mouth like maybe she finds it funny or shocking or whatever, but I take her by the hand and she just sort of follows behind like a puppy dog being dragged in.

I start making out and she's like, let's make this quick. So right in front of her I go to Jason's stash and pull out a fresh one. I'm wondering if this is messing with her head, how I know this, but she doesn't say anything. I roll it on. I'm really hard at this point, which would be hard normally, but after everything that happened, my dick was alive. I ask Amy to get on all fours, I want to fuck her doggy style, and I do. It's great. Oh yeah, I forgot to say, I palmed Jason's used rubber. That's sort of why I wanted her to get on all fours. I didn't want her paying attention to me too much. As I'm fucking her, I'm breaking open Jason's rubber.."

"Oh my God," Brenda exclaimed.

"I fuck her hard and I'm 19 so I've got all kinds of mental sex powers and I get myself to cum in like, 30 seconds. So when I pull out, I take his condom and press it up close to her as and squeeze out his sperm onto her, you know, my dick and her pussy and I'm going, 'Oh shit it broke,' and I pull off mine and just have both in one hand like it's a mess, and it was."

"You are evil," Brenda said.

"I just couldn't believe she cheated on me. I felt she deserved it, this was my revenge. Hell, I knew she probably wouldn't get pregnant and she didn't. But I just had to do something."

Marlene spoke, "That's very passive-aggressive behavior, very manipulative." She looked at him with something approximating disrespect and Jack felt his heart drop.

"Look," Jack grabbed the armrests again and steadied his breathing.

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