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A body switch allows her to fulfill her deepest desires.

This fit Johns needs to a tea also they were told that their DNA was changed for having kids due to what was coming they knew that the few that survived would need children and probably be in house. One other thing their immune system was boosted and even radiation treated to a certain degree because of the ozone holes that had formed.

By 2016 Steve's family were on the new farm. The other thing they had not aged they were legally five years older but Brad looked like 13 years old and Judy a fourteen old.

Judy was Five foot Five inches tall and an A size breast and was thin build she had blond hair like her mother Mom looked like 25 same as dad mom was beautiful nice round face blue eyes like Judy not like the rest of us with green eyes.

Back on the farm we loved it we would get up in the morning and weed dad took us out in the afternoon and showed us how to shoot even mom was there we knew from sleep learning but we needed to practice and we reloaded our own shells and fired again Judy and I liked the cross bow.

We were proficient in that real quick. I was great with the 22 semi and I could shoot the 308 but I needed it on a rest, like between branches on a tree to support the gun, but I could handle the 270 composite stock. It was light and had a light gathering scope.

Dad taught us how to use the compass and start a fire in the woods even in winter. There was a lake behind our house maybe half mile but from the open field was only 500 feet we had solar powered walkie - talkies we had to carry with us and we had to be armed even going in the yard to feed the chickens or cows.

Mom said that clothes was something we had to conserve so we all had shorts and mom and Judy wore a half tee shirt mom had no bra and that made me tingle in my little cock.

The heat of the summer we all went swimming and no one wore anything my little cock got hard but I noticed dad's huge cock was to and when I looked at mom her nipples on those big tits were standing a good inch straight and Judy's were standing two but maybe half as much as mom.

As we swam Judy used to swim under me and feel my cock and balls and I would swim under her and run my finger accidentally on purpose the length of her slit. When we got out in the warm air we would walk back to the house naked to dry off and dad had a 306 rifle we called the cannon.

Mom had a 9 mm strapped to her leg. Judy and I had the cross bow then. We all heard the noise in the bush dad went to the ready with his cannon. Judy and I had practice heads in and two Grosse took flight, Judy and I fired and the two of them came down Dad said, "Great we now got supper, after you two clean them."

Judy said, "I can't," and dad forced her she literally threw up and mom finally stepped in. "Steve let her be give her time." Steve gave in reluctantly and said, "It is part of our life she has to learn."

Judy was green I cleaned both went back to the lake and washed them off and took Judy with me. Judy she was still green and I hugged her and said, "It's alright we well find a way so it don't bother you."

She put her arms around me and hugged me and I felt her small breast press against me and for some reason it felt nice and my cock began to grow. Judy smiled and said, "Somebody likes me," and I swatted her firm ass smiling, and said, "Get or I will make you carry these birds." She grabbed her bow passed me mine and as she walked ahead I was looking at this cute ass and almost tripped over a root.

We were dry but never bothered with our shorts and walked in the house only to hear moans from the bedroom and Judy said, "They are at it again, making love."

"How do you know Judy maybe dad is giving her a massage like he tells me a lot?"

Judy just looks and says, "Maybe one day you will know." Judy took the birds, made a bread stuffing and put them in the oven, while I peeled potatoes and scraped the carrots.

Judy was still nude and I enjoyed watching her.

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