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Exotic woman enjoys the attentions of a nurse.

If I didn't contain myself I would've dropped down to my knees and praised its regal beauty.

Even though the drive to the theatre was short it seemed like hours. I tried to relax myself by turning on the radio. Reba McEntire's version of "On My Own" came on. I didn't expect Savannah to know the song. She had a voice like an angel, like a mix of Phyllis Hyman and Gloria Estafan. This made me more nervous as I tried harder not to screw up.

After what seemed like an eternity, we arrived at the theatre. I paid for our tickets, our snacks, and found our seats. The theatre was packed, there was only two seats left in the back of the room. We made our way to the empty seats and as soon as we sat down, the lights dimmed. I saw the previews to a new comedy starring Troy J. Rose and Sheridan Rowe and we instantly made plans to see that movie also.

During the movie there was an erotic scene where the man had the actress up against the wall and was ramming the hell out of her. I noticed that Savannah's grip tightened on my hand; out of the corner of my eye I could tell that she had her hand down her skirt and was rubbing on herself. I decided not to make a mention of it right then and there.

We left the theater about a half hour later, discussing the movie. "That movie was really great." Savannah said. "I'm glad I went to see it. Very entertaining and sexy." Without thinking I said "Yeah, you could barely keep your hands off yourself." Again I expected a slap in the face but this wasn't the response I received.

"I need things that can give me full satisfaction." She said again with that little smile.

We rode back to the apartment building in mostly silence. When we arrived at her apartment she asked me if I could come in. I followed her in and sat down on the couch. She disappeared into her room for a short while. A few minutes later she called my name and asked me to come into her room. I came in to find a room dimly lit with candles and soft music. Savannah was standing there in a red negligee, breasts barely visible through the lace material. She walked over to me and put her arms around my neck. She gave me a soft kiss and asked me one simple question.

"Do you like what I'm wearing?" I was quiet. I just continued to look deep into her eyes. They were like deep pools I could get lost in for all eternity. There was something about Savannah that I just felt comfortable with. It was like she could take away all pain, and give complete and total pleasure to anyone she was with.

Savannah continued "Remember when I said 'I need things that give me pleasure'?"

I remained silent; for fear that anything I might say might mess up the mood. She looked down between my legs and said "I guess you do remember." She gave a little laugh and continued "I need to know can you do that for me?" I got my senses together and said "Yes, I can." She said "Let's find out." Her hand went away for one second and in one swift movement my belt was gone and my pants were around my ankles. In what seemed like no time I was completely undressed. Savannah led me over to the bed and carefully pulled me over to lie down beside her.

She took my hand and led me to her soft vaginal opening, my hands barely brushing over her perfectly trimmed pubic hair. Savannah then took my index finger and massaged her clitoris with it. After this she then inserted my finger deep inside her wet opening. She moaned with pleasure as she began using my hand as her own personal sex toy. I began working a soft rhythm in and out of her opening, after a while inserting two then three fingers. All the while when I'm doing this below, above I am kissing and massaging her firm supple breasts.

Savannah couldn't take much more of this. She was writhing and twisting herself in pleasure, her hole and my fingers becoming more wet with every thrust. She rose to my ear and panted "I want to feel you inside me." She positioned herself under me and wrapped her long flawless legs around my lower back.

I poised the tip of my rock hard member right in

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