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Daughter finds out mom's secret.

What am I going to do without you tonight?" Another smile crossed her face. "I can't do that, but I'll let that be your fantasy - that should motivate you to arrive early tomorrow. Okay, if you've got to run, you've got to run - love you too! Bye." She ended the conversation and handed the phone back to Becky.

Becky still had a look of shock etched on her face as she wordlessly took the phone from Molly and rested it back on its cradle. Her eyes took on a furtive glint as she glanced quickly round the foyer before walking around the reception counter. Her hand lifted to Molly's elbow and gently guided her to the sitting area.

"Did you say his name was Nathan?"

Molly stared at Becky quizzically. "Yes, he said Nathan."

"We don't have any waiters and we do not have anyone working here by the name of Nathan." Becky answered. "But we do have a ghost named Nathan."

"A ghost? He was not a ghost. That was a real man." Molly said and then proceeded to described Nathan in detail to Becky.

Becky sat down, looked deeply into Molly's eyes, took a measured breath, and started to tell Molly the story about Nathan.

"Nathan Daniel was born 1836 to a rich family that raised tobacco. He took a wife when he was twenty-five. After one year of marriage he joined the Confederacy to go off and fight in the war. He was away from the farm and his spouse for four long years until the war's end. On his return to this very house he found his wife in bed with another man. He killed them both and then killed himself. A number of Nathan sightings have been reported over the years. Each person described the same man, down to his boots."

Molly listened respectfully to Becky's story. She really was more interested in getting back to her book.

Becky finished her story and then added. "All the stories that I have heard have come from women who have seen him." Becky let a large smile come over her face before she added. "He left a lasting impression on each of them."

Becky did not say another word, but instead stood up and walked out of the room leaving Molly to her own imagination. Molly returned to her book, but found that she could not concentrate on her reading. Her mind kept wondering back to Nathan. Molly closed the book and decided to take a bath, and go to bed early in hope that the storm would pass quickly.

*** *** *** ***

Molly lit the fireplace in the bedroom, sending a soft glow flickering across the walls. She walked into the sitting room, struck a match, and started three candles. Taking one candle in hand she entered the bathroom, found and lit four other candles. Molly had decided that using candles and the fireplace would be more relaxing and less obtrusive if the power went out. In the bathroom was an old style iron bathtub that was raised off the floor by four metal legs. The tub was deep and would take some time to fill. She opened the tap, checked to make sure the water was not too hot, and let the water run while stepping back into the bedroom to change.

Molly had removed her skirt and was in the process of removing her blouse when she heard someone call her name.


It sounded more like the wind than her name, but it did cause her to pause.

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