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Sophia is double teamed.

With balletic fluidity, the two of them managed to slide around each other until they had stimulated every inch of their bodies. They finished naturally in a sixty-nine, teasing and nibbling at each other's ripe, juicy pussies.

After what appeared to be her third orgasm in that position, Tessa looked up to study the sodden mess of Margie's snatch. "You should shave," she said then giggled.

"You think? Then I will, I'll do it tonight."

"What will Vince think?"

Margie laughed. "He'll think I did it for him."

"He probably will at that," Tessa giggled and then planted a wet kiss on Margie's swollen labia. Margie groaned and stretched her pussy upward so Tessa could reach her clit.


"One more cum," Tessa said as if it were a promise.

"Tell me the truth, Tessa; you gonna fuck Danny later?"

"I dunno. I might. We usually do it a couple times a week."

And several minutes later when she wrested her mouth away from her friend's pussy, Tessa asked: "So, you going to let Vince take your ass again?"

"Sure, maybe tonight," she giggled inanely. "If he puts the cuffs on me again; and especially if he uses that damn feather."

"Let's lick one another off really good, then we can shower and be nice and clean for our loving husband's," Tessa said.

"Best idea today," Margie said agreeably.

Later as their pulse-rate slowed toward normal, they discovered that were slipping over each other as their sweat mingled. "Great way to spend the afternoon, huh?" Margie said.

"Mmmm," Tessa agreed as they disentangled themselves from each other. "Marge?"

"Yeah, Tessa?"

"Do you think we rushed into this?"

"I don't think so! I mean we told one another some dirty deeds of our less than sordid pasts...."

"And look where it got us!"

"Yeah," Margie said as she spread her legs in front of Tessa's glowing face. "Have another look?"
"I think we better have a cup of coffee or something, you ask me," Tessa answered.

The Guys

Danny was now completely satisfied that Vince was dying to fuck his wife, Tessa. He had admitted as much to Danny at a BBQ that weekend. Danny had been quick to tell him he wouldn't mind trading places with him in Margie's bed either. They even bumped fists, like many athletes do in celebration.

Vince asked to see Danny's new digital camera, and nearly swooned over it as Danny explained some of its 'special' functions.

"See this gizmo? It lets you take pictures in extremely low lighting. I mean like outside at midnight."

"Oh, man!"

"And this setting gives you multiple shots... as many as sixteen per second."

"But why would you..."

"Say she's (he had deliberately used the term, 'she's' to further entice Vince into his plan.) taking her clothes off, or maybe she's in the shower. You don't have a lot of time, or opportunity to focus without her seeing you... so using this setting you can shoot from the hip, so to speak, catch at least one or two good shots out of the bunch."

"Oh, my God!"

Vince was hooked. The question was could he risk lending him the camera, or should he convince him to buy his own?"

"How much do these cost? I'm thinking of getting one."

"That one is about $599 and came with its own digital printer on Kodak Paper for another hundred or so," Danny said.

"That's it? I'm getting myself one. Definitely better than going to the drug store to have my pictures developed," Vince paused, "And now maybe I can get Margie to take some nude pictures at home." Vince laughed nervously, "Only kidding of course."

Danny pretended not to be pleased, "Well join the club, it's great. Tessa does that all the time for me." He then went back to flipping burgers. He noticed the tent building in Vince's pants and waited for Vince's response.

"You're shittin' me. She does not. There is no way Tessa would be doing that," Vince whispered loudly but hoping his buddy was telling the truth.

"I thought I told you Tessa was sort of an exhibitionist."

"Yeah, you mentioned it, but I...."

"Dude I have over 1,000 erotic pictures of Tessa and over 50 hours o

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