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After Beth, Jason meets up with the sexy Sheila.

His hands continue under the skirt, taking the material up with them as it folds over the top of my thick shiny black belt. My matching black lace panties are now in his sights. I don't even notice as my legs part for him; another reflex? His finger strokes the material of my panties - it's thin enough to allow me to feel his touch through them. As he strokes over my clitoris I let out a deep breath as I'm jolted from his first touch there. He quickly finds that I'm slightly wet already and bends down, inhaling deeply. I redden with embarrassment at his lewd act; 'who has the power now?' I ask myself. His tongue then strokes my underwear against my vulva with compensating pressure for the lace barrier. I moan softly with each lap. His hands then reach to the sides of my panties and he pulls them off me slowly, my legs tucking inward to allow him. He pulls them off over my heels and then sniffs them in his hand, looking up at me as he does so. My eyes narrow and my lips purse with a wanting smile, accentuating their fullness. My sexy expression begs him to come to me. My legs open again.

His warm tongue laps firmly at my now-naked clitoris. Every touch sends shivers through me; it's wonderful. My eyes are closed in ecstasy but I can still see him. I think he likes this, I think it's something he's not done with his wife, or it's long since been abandoned from their infrequent sexual affection. Oh God! Forget his wife, he's mine right now and I'm letting him do this, I want him to do this and it's wonderful. 'Don't stop Michael, oh please don't stop!' I say aloud and it spurs him on; he likes my begging. His middle finger strokes my body's natural lubricant around the supple pink flesh of my womanhood, teasing my entry. His tongue flicks me, strokes me, sucks me and penetrates me. His ceaseless oral stimulation seems to never end and I'm his slave while he works me. I moan with increased volume as the lewd noises of his tongue and saliva no longer sound embarrassing. Words cease to form, or even formulate in my mind. I can't take any more as my body gives up resisting. My breaths are heavy and my legs begin to tense and twinge. He notices my building climax and laps faster. This magnificent man knows just what to do. My hands pull tightly at the bed covers as if to rip them apart, my back arches, breasts out as the sensation comes, comes, cums! ........ahhhhhhh........... ohhhhhhh..... Michael!!! I release a wave of warm juices as he continues to lick me through my orgasm. I'm muted by the sensation and lost for words. I breath heavily as I come down, eyes closed, hands slowly releasing the clumps of bed covers.

As soon as I open my eyes again, for the first time since my climax, he's above me, the shadowing monolith of a man; all muscle, hair, eyes and naked gorgeousness. His underwear has been removed and so all I see is that solid, handsome, chiselled face and his incredible rock-hard penis pointing straight at me; its target. I see wanting in his eyes, there's wanting in mine; I'm his bitch in-heat ready to mount. He kisses me and there's passion behind it. The affection separates us from the carnal procreation of animals and I'm a woman again, about to make love. My arms surround him, embracing him and I pretend he's all mine. 'I want you' I whisper as our mouths part. He removes my blouse and bra, tossing them to the chair where his clothes lie. I unfasten my belt and skirt pulling them free also; just my sexy red stilettos and gold jewellery remain adorning my body. He sits up, knees either side of mine, taking in the sight of me. I cover my breasts with my right arm and crotch with my left hand in a moments shyness. He surveys me; blonde hair sprawled beneath my head; striking red lips; gold necklace draped over my cleavage; gold bracelets on both arms; long red nails and the tight curves and contours of my well-exercised body.

He takes my hands and forces them back onto the bed covers, either side of my head; there's no resistance.

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