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A storm, a woman alone; what could happen?

Enough to satisfy his hunger for now, Ludlow thought as he surveyed the rounded tops of a nice pair of tits, quite visible above her apron as Gabrielle leaned before him. Ludlow hardly waited for Sir K to indicate for him to eat, he practically inhaled the food. The roast bird melted in his mouth as the meal seemed to evaporate before him in an instant.

"Gabrielle will see you to a hot bath, and then when you're comfortable we'll proceed with the debriefing." The French maid appeared at the doorway at the mention of her name. "Gabrielle, see our fellow Ludlow here to the bath . . ."

"Apres-mois, monsieur . . ." she said, leading him to a bathroom down the hallway. Following her down the hall, Ludlow was able to appreciate the way the fishnet material set off the curves of her hips. Once in the bathroom, Ludlow practically drooled at the sight of her fantastic ass from a new vantage point as she bent over to draw the hot bath.

Gabrielle stood aside with her hands over the front of her tiny white apron. Ludlow removed his coat and she took it, held it folded over her arms and remained standing in place. When Ludlow finally realized that she wasn't about to leave the room he shrugged and continued to undress. Gabrielle took all of his clothing until finally he was down to his undershorts, which she also took as he skived them off. A slight grimace expressed her disdain at the condition of his soiled clothing. Before she turned to leave the room her eyes casually wandered down his naked form; an eyebrow arched as she shamelessly eyeballed his cock.

Ludlow closed his eyes as he lowered himself into the soothing hot water. The heat penetrated his sore, stiff muscles, relaxed him where he'd been wound like a coiled spring for days. Wisps of steam vapour curled up around his head. He totally submerged himself to wash the grit and oil from his scalp. He scrubbed his face, wiped the muck from the corners of his eyes, and then surfaced. Eyes still closed he was startled to feel a hand on his as he reached for the soap. He opened his eyes to see Gabrielle, kneeling on the bathmat beside the tub.

"Permittez-mois, monsieur," she said simply, and in a business-like manner proceeded to scrub his head, his neck and chest. She indicated for him to stand, then continued to scrub him down, paying an inordinate amount of attention to the crack of his ass. Ludlow revealed in the feel of tiny hands wandering over his body. She washed his balls and stroked his dick with a fistful of suds until it was hard, poking out in front of him like a wooden pole.

Ludlow thoroughly enjoyed the marvellous sensations of her soapy wet hand, moving slick and fast over his rock-hard dick, when quite abruptly and without completing the handjob she quit her attentions and moved on to scrub his legs. Finally she rinsed him off and indicated for him to leave the tub. In a state of sheer consternation Ludlow indicated his erection, sticking straight out before him like a wooden spar on a sailing ship. Gabrielle regarded his thick, stiff pole, then looked into his eyes. With a silent Gallic shrug she reached for a bottle of body lotion, squirting a generous glob into her right palm before addressing herself to the task of stroking him off.

The handful of cold lotion sent thrills through his system as she curled her fingers around his shaft. With the combination of slick lotion and her hand applying just the right amount of pressure as it raced up and down his slippery length, it took but a few strokes for Ludlow to come; he must have ejaculated a gallon of cum his first spurt alone. Ludlow felt both orgasmic pleasure in the head of his dick as well as an incredible release of tension. He weakened in the knees and had to put his hands on the tiled surface of the walls to hold himself up as thick, gooey white jets shot out of his swollen cock, puddling up at his feet in the bottom of the tub.

Throughout the entire affair Gabrielle maintained a studied air of detachment, as if stroking a man off were no mor

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