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He plans a surprise visit to your convention hotel.

She loves her curves and womanly figure, showing off her new tight arse and belly in the mirror she is sure she can attract a toy boy for her summer break. Looking at the piercing sun outside she decides to change down into her most skimpy swimmers and soak up some rays.

Lying in the sun she can feel her brain drifting in and out, dozing away as the sun's rays bathed her skin with a soothing, warming glow.

Day dreaming she can see a ripped man in front of her, his abs and V sinking down into just a thin sheet covering him. She can see herself walking towards him, viewing the scene from above.

Coming back to reality she looks around her yard. She deliberately bought a large property away from the busy suburbs, valuing privacy and peace over convenience. Working towards an all over tan , she slides her bikini top off and rubs tanning oil over her exposed breasts. She can feel her nipples hardening as her hands slide effortlessly over them.

Losing her concentration she quietly moans, rubbing her hands over her breasts and lightly tugging her nipples, enjoying the feeling of the light pain causing them to stiffen and become more sensitive. Moving her hands down she slides her bottoms off, breathing in deeply as the cool wind and warm sunlight dance over her throbbing lips. Using just her pointer finger she traces around her lips, running down one side, across her tight sensitive arse and back up the other side before circling her clit.

Just as she presses her hood to expose her sensitive clit she has the feeling of being watched. While it turns her on thinking of someone watching her rub her pussy, she quickly gets cold feet: packing up her clothes and slinking back inside for a cool drink.

Another Saturday night home alone. While Carrie loves her own company, sometimes it would be nice to have someone to talk, snuggle and play with. Cranking up the music she kicks her flats off while dancing around the kitchen -- sometimes you have to make your own fun.

A sharp knock on the door pierces the music and leaves her in a stunned silence in the kitchen. All of her friends are away this weekend on a camping trip and she never gets those pesky door knockers.

Peeking through the window she can see a sharply dressed young man standing at the door with a box of chocolates, his shoes clicking quietly against the deck as he rocks his weight back and forward. She eyes him up and down and stares in disbelieve, what has she done to deserve this suited stud standing at her door?

Carrie invites her new guest, James, in and gives him the royal tour, catching a glimpse of his figure as she leads him around the house. Opening a bottle of red they get talking, she discovers he is a sparkie in training, loves to surf and is most certainly talented with his hands.

After the first bottle falls she can feel the warmth between her legs, it has been too long since she has hosted on her couch. She ducks out into the bar to pick up a second bottle; she knows full well the lay out of the house allows a sneak peak from the couch. Bending over to select a bottle she peaks behind her and can see James smiling as he gets the first view of her wide hips and perfectly rounded arse.

As they spend the night talking Carrie kicks off her shoes and suggestively rubs them against James' lap. Taking her feet in his hands he starts to massage her stresses away. Throwing her head back she allows herself to let go and relax completely, a soft hum of pleasure escaping her mouth.

As her massage goes on James stretches further up her legs, rubbing around her calves and up over her knee and up her smooth thighs. Slowly spreading her legs she can feel herself getting hotter and hotter and his huge hands explore her inner thigh with such strength and control.

Plucking up the courage Carrie spreads herself slightly, moans and slides down the couch towards his hands, pushing further down till she can feel his hardening cock against her legs and his fingers pressed up against her soaked panties.

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