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Hot sex goes in a strange direction.

She began bobbing her head, slowly at first but picking up speed, dark wisps falling in her face and making the others moan at the sight of her. Her lipsmear remained fresh despite the spit and pre-cum, leaving only faint turquoise streaks on his pasty white flesh.

That was when he cried out, much to her non-surprise, his steely eyes growing as big as Coruscant's artificial sun. "Padawan!"

He took her head with both hands, whimpering while thrusting to meet her. Fit and virile but well past his middle age, he was simply incapable of keeping up with a teenager like her!

Serra looked up at him, cheeks hollowing as she sucked him faster, harder. The combination of her oral prowess and ridiculous beauty overwhelmed him, Dooku lunging forward and swelling in her mouth before bursting, his rigid prick firing half a dozen gooey spurts that she quickly guzzled down without so much as batting an eye. A low groan emanated from the others when they realized what was transpiring between them, Dooku whimpering and shaking as she drained the oozing life out of him.

Serra sneered but didn't say a word when he pulled his shrinking cock free. Dooku shuddered before composing himself.

"Almost as good as Shaak Ti," he boomed. "Almost."

Then he turned away, taking his cloak back from Fett.

"She's all yours, Viceroy."

The noseless green-skinned Neimoidians quickly surrounded her, the only noticeable difference between Gunray and his lackey Haako being the former's fancy pointed headpiece. Their cocks were primed and ready, hot precum splattering across both sides of her face when she wrapped her long dainty fingers around their thick shafts and pulled them closer.

Stronger now, the Count's semen like a shot of hot caf, she remained kneeling between the creatures, tugging them until her hands were a blur. She kept her fists loose, just tight enough to make them feel it, but she could hold off only so long, and when Fett tapped his blaster in warning she steadied herself in the Force before turning her head and cramming Gunray's fat green prick into her mouth, moaning softly and batting her long lashes at the taste.

Tugging Haako to keep him hard while she worked his boss, she bobbed her head faster and harder than she had with the Count, sensing his growing admiration in the Force. Unlike her own Master, Dooku was proud of her ability to fight on her knees as well as her feet, the silver-haired stud standing just off to the side, nodding approvingly when she yanked Gunray's dripping schlong out of her mouth before turning to inhale Haako.

Gunray's second-in-command was second for a reason, crying out after only a few deep sucks. Pulling free, he began firing all over her face, Serra gasping and frantically jerked his pulsing shaft, every stroke forcing out another shot. His thick alien load splattered all over her delicate teenage skin, coating her beautiful features and pasting her hair to her sweaty, unlined forehead.

He was still going when Gunray screamed and began unloading all over her neck and shoulder. She quickly turned to face him, taking several blasts on her chest and between her perky tits before sticking out her tongue and giving him a much better target. Haako, meanwhile, kept pumping all over the back of her head, painting her brown locks a nasty off-white.

Spent, Haako stumbled back. Gunray remained standing over her, breathless, his cock softening. Serra looked up at him before sticking out her long tongue and letting his load run off the tip and splatter all over her breasts. His cock jerked, returning to life. Serra helped the process along, letting his sperm run between her gleaming mounds and down her flat belly before gathering it up and sucking it off her fingers. She didn't care if it came off holoporny: the power her raunchy beauty had over him and the other males in the room was downright intoxicating, better than the rawest spice or dankest crude.

Her psychic energy returning, she risked sending out a small Force pulse, like a hawk-b

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