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Laura's story with Matt continues. Dinner, Ice Cream, and then desert.

'Please, sir", you gasp.

"Step over to that table Judith, lean forward and place your hands on the top ... I'm going to see how much of a slut you are."

"There's that word again", you think. "Slut". But you want to find out just what that means with me and your hands are suddenly on the table top as you bend forward at my command ...

You obey, now leaning against the table, with your arse raised for my delight. I pull your skirt up, throwing the hem against your lower back and baring your panty clad arse. Your cheeks invite my attention ...

Exposed and trembling, but utterly aroused, you squirm in anticipation ... are you a slut? You fear that I shall make want to be just that ... and you will enjoy it.

I see you squirm and I smell your cunt. My slut is longing for me.

Crouching by the table I gaze at your arse, your knickers still caught tight in the cleft of your puss. And I am pleased at what I see. Your arousal trickles along your cleft and glistens on your bush, a few drops even gather on the table top. Leaning forward I grab your butt cheeks with both hands and maul them -- squeezing and rolling them, forcing you to squirm yet more and press your pudenda against the edge of the table. As I squeeze and roll, you press your clit firmly against the table, grazing it across the gathered cloth of your silk panties.

Pressing my mouth against one bum cheek I suck in the flesh and bite -- not enough to break your skin, but enough to make you jump. "Stop moving slut!" You disobey my command -- how could you stop when you are so aroused -- Isn't that the problem for sluts? The pleasure compels you to disregard common sense.

Standing up again, I deliver a single spank to one of your cheeks -- "I said stop moving slut!" Then I add two more spanks, watching your cheeks roll under the impact and delighting in their turning a deeper hue of pink.

I walk to the front of the table and lean down to look at you. Your face is flushed -- your eyes ablaze with delight -- your hair is tousled and your lovely mouth is open, gasping. I make you mine by kissing your chin and licking along one whole side of your face. Pressing my head against yours I whisper into your ear, "Tell me what you want Judith, my slut. Judith my toy. Judith my slave .... And I might just give it to you, if you please me."

"Your slut. Your toy. Your slave?" -- Your remember the email that you answered, and the conversation that followed. Now you realise that I thought your were truly some submissive looking to be my cumslut. The original email hadn't been so blatant or clear, "Dishonorable mature Londoner, seeks appropriately submissive trainee."

Yet still, from the first moment I made you want this you hadn't objected, hadn't left. You had immediately complied when told to bend over the table, while I lifted your skirt and pulled down your panties.

Now you feel your swollen sex rubbing on the edge of the table and know that this is where you had always longed to be.

"I'm not a slut," you whisper. "But I want to be ... please take me as your personal and very private slut."

"Look at me Judith ... see what I want you to do now." I slip off my shirt and undo my belt, pulling off my slacks and socks I stand before you and you see my cock protruding from the fly in my boxers. I step forward and let my cock touch your face before slowly rubbing my crotch against you. Your pant as you move your head about, trying to catch my cock in your mouth.

"Oho! You want this do you, slut?" I step away and remove my boxers before pressing forward again and now sliding my cock head against your lips. "Open up slut girl." You open your mouth, those lovely lips now pressed against my cock shaft.

Beginning to thrust gently, I ask you to suck, but you're too polite to reply with your mouth full. "Keep sucking Judith!"

Your lips tight around my shaft as you suck tenderly, teasing me with your tongue. Such a cock loving slut!

I grab your hair - pulling you onto me as I press deeper into your mouth

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