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Young pregnant couple gets an indecent proposal.

Grabbing the roll of toilet paper, Ally found made her way away from the tents. She leaned up against a tree and started relieving herself. When she was almost finished, she heard a rustle in the distance. She was scared. As fast as she could, she finished peeing and wiped, then rushed back to the tents.

There was a lot more space in Molly's tent. There was also an enticing view. Ally unzipped the tent and climbed inside before closing the tent back up. Molly was breathing regular, yet heavy. Ally scooted closer and could see Molly's eyes moving under her eyelids. She wondered what Molly was dreaming about.

Her attention returned to Molly's leg, her knee propped up in the air. Molly's leg looked so smooth and sexy. Ally secretly had a crush on Molly, but had been too scared to pursue it. After all, Molly had treated her the best of every one this weekend. Ally's hand softly and slowly ran up and down the top of Molly's leg from the knee to the inner thigh.

After several soft strokes, Ally thought she heard Molly moan softly. She was not sure if she was imagining what she heard or if the moan was in response to her touch. Ally felt a pang between her legs. The thought of Molly enjoying her touch, all the while sleeping, enticed her.

As the seconds passed, Ally became more brave. She could not resist getting a look at Molly's vagina. Ally pulled back the material of the shorts on the leg that was propped up until she had a clear view. Molly's lips were beautiful to Ally.

Molly was also sporting a landing strip. Ally thought the strip was so cute. She reached in and stroked the strip of hair with her index finger. The hair felt soft to her touch. Ally continued to stroke the strip of hair, unable to get enough of the feeling. In the meanwhile, Ally's eyes were transfixed on Molly's labia.

Eventually, the staring was not enough. She had to touch. She had to feel it. Ally's index finger slid down the strip and softly traced Molly's outer labia. Molly's leg moved a little. Ally froze her body and looked to see if she had woken Molly. After a couple seconds of inactivity, Ally continued to trace the outer labia. The skin felt so smooth and soft. She heard another moan.

This moan was a little louder. Ally was sure it was a moan this time. Molly was surely reacting to her touch. The thought of Molly being turned on by her touch excited Ally. Feeling more daring, Ally slid the tip of her finger between the folds of the outer labia, sliding slightly inside Molly's vagina.

Ally reached down between her own legs and ran a finger from the bottom of her vagina to the top. Her finger slightly grazed her own clit. She felt her hips gyrate. The sensation felt wonderful. She was horny all over again.

The finger slid up and down the slick, smooth inner labia of Molly's vagina. Molly's second leg raised up and spread. Ally quickly had to readjust her body. She moved in between the two legs and took a peek at the young vagina once more.

She could see the labia filling with blood now and slightly pulling back to reveal a little of the inner labia. Ally smiled to herself. She felt good about making Molly feel good. She wondered what Molly would say if Molly woke right now. Would Molly tell her to stop or would she beg her to continue?

Continue she did. Ally stroked the landing strip of hair a few more times before sliding her finger an inch inside the bottom of Molly's vagina. Feeling daring, Ally pushed a little deeper then retracted her finger. No reaction from Molly. Ally repeated the action again, this time moving a little deeper inside. Two inches inside, Ally could feel a little wetness. She pushed just a tiny bit deeper to gather some of the wetness on her finger. Her finger retreated and withdrew from Molly's inner vagina.

At this point, Ally no longer cared if Molly would wake.

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