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Jeremy escorts Amy on a trip to the mainland.

Henry and Janet must still be asleep.

Henry and Janet. Damn, it hurt to think about that! I guess that I had replenished my tears, because my eyes started to get wet again, but at least I wasn't sobbing hysterically this time. A glance at the time on the cable box told me that it was 7:22, so I got up, went into the downstairs lavatory and peed.

It was like I was an automaton, heading back up into the kitchen and starting our usual Saturday morning breakfast. I got out the flour, sugar, buttermilk and baking soda, getting ready to make the biscuits from scratch. They'd take 15 minutes to bake, at 425__, once I'd gotten them mixed up, and I'd cook the bacon and eggs while they were baking.

Fortunately, we had some fresh orange juice in the 'fridge, and I'd make some coffee as well. Damn it if I was going to show my humiliation; I'd have breakfast ready in as dignified a manner as I could, even if that meant feeding that slut as well. Cooking kind of occupied my mind anyway, making things easier on me, at least for a few minutes!

Well, I was as prepared as I could be, with the bacon cooked, and the eggs just about done. The biscuits were out, and I had the table set, with three place settings, coffee and orange juice already poured. I went to the foot of the stairs, knowing that the master bedroom door was half opened, and, though it took all of my willpower to do it, yelled up with as steady a voice as I could muster, "Henry! Janet! Breakfast is ready!"

Henry's plate was ready, with two eggs, over easy, just the way my husband likes them. I had no idea how the slut liked her eggs, and didn't really care, so I prepared her two, over easy like Henry's, and if that wasn't how she liked them, well too fucking bad.

"I can't believe that you cooked breakfast," Henry said as he staggered down the stairs. He looked a little rougher than usual for Saturday morning.

Oh, my God, he came down alone! Was the slut gone? I kept myself steady, and asked as calmly as I could, "Isn't Janet going to eat breakfast?"

"She isn't here," Henry mumbled, and I had to hold myself in check, because my heart was jumping for joy!

"Oh, really?" I wanted to ask more, but didn't know how to put the words. I'd let Henry tell me.

It was strange, as we breakfast mostly in silence, but that third place setting was sitting there, silently mocking us, as if daring us to talk about it. Henry did not look happy.

Finally he spoke. "Janet called an Uber, and got a ride home. She was pissed off that you were in the bed, and just wanted to leave."

My heart leapt for joy! Henry hadn't fucked the slut! I struggled to not show it. "Why? She knew that you were married. What did she expect?"

"I guess that she didn't expect what happened." There had to be more, but my husband fell silent again.

Another four minutes passed, silently, but they seemed like hours. From the way we were seated, I could see the clock on the range, but Henry couldn't. I thought that was an advantage for me. "Are you going to see her again?" I asked. All of the pressure was on him right now.

Maybe crying much of the night had tempered my emotions, and I was able to keep my demeanor calm. Since I had asked the last question, it was Henry's turn to respond, and I could see that it was difficult for him. Good!

"I don't know. She's pretty pissed off at me right now."

"I can imagine. So, what are you going to do, Henry? I think that we need to talk."

"Yeah, I guess that we do.

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