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The sequel to Amy's Eyes: A loving ending occurs.

His hands moved down his abs and towards his groin.

Josh wanted to jump away as Lucas had his balls in his hand, but the sheer pressure in the room kept him from moving a single inch. Josh squirmed as Lucas continued to roll in balls in his palm, and he could feel himself getting aroused by the stimulation. Within a minute, he felt himself completely hard, and almost flinched as Lucas made his way over to his shaft, gently stroking it to attention. Josh had nothing to be shy of, as he was slightly above average and had never had any complains about his size, but he was still uncomfortable about being under the control of another man.

"Kneel," Lucas commanded, taking his hands off of Josh and waiting in anticipation.

Josh was still frozen until a quick nudge by Dmitri brought him back to his senses. He slowly knelt down as Lucas made his way back towards him. Josh could only watch as Lucas began to unzip his trousers and pull them off. Before he knew it, Lucas' underwear was off and Josh's face was mere inches away from the huge member.

Josh could smell the manly scent as he stared at the semi-hard cock dangling in front of his face. It was not at it's full length and it already easily out sized Josh's tool.

"Suck it," He heard Lucas say, and Josh apprehensively opened his mouth, still unsure if he was really going to actually take another man's member in his mouth.

Without giving Josh time to think, Lucas nudged forward and his dick came into contact with Josh's mouth. Josh recoiled, surprised at the quick motion and the brief sensation of a warm cock on his lips. Lucas put a hand on his member, gently waving the tool in front of Josh's face.

"Are you ready now?" He asked, yet Josh knelt there, mesmerized by the flesh swinging back and forth in front of his face.

He felt Dmitri come up behind him and gently pry at his jaw. As soon as his mouth opened, Lucas had stuck the tip of the huge member in his mouth, his hand on the back of Josh's head in order to prevent him from backing away.

Josh was now looking straight at Lucas' groin, the thin trail of dark hair traveling from the defined, yet not overly muscled abs to the neatly trimmed bush. The size of Lucas' member however meant that even though part of it was in his mouth, Josh's face was still a good six inches away. Out of curiosity, knowing that he couldn't close his mouth at that point, Josh felt his tongue roam around his mouth, making contact with Lucas' head. It felt slimy and Josh had to hold back his gag reflex as he realized the salty taste in his mouth was nothing other than the precum of another man.

Josh's movements excited Lucas however, and he proceeded to put more pressure on the back of Josh's head. Nudging a little bit at a time, Lucas' small back and forth motions mimicked a gentle fucking of Josh's mouth.

"Suck," he heard Lucas command.

Josh tentatively started bobbing his own head on Lucas' dick, making sure not to use any teeth, as that was always his biggest annoyance whenever a girl sucked his. He tried to take the dick a little deeper each time, knowing that Lucas would expect as much pleasure from him as possible, but was disheartened every time he opened his eyes, as he was nowhere close to being able to contain the whole thing in his mouth.

For the next few minutes as Lucas allowed him to try his best at giving a decent blowjob, he felt his knees being nudged apart and something rough being fastened to his ankles. He didn't dare turn and look, knowing that his actions were under the careful scrutiny of Lucas, who was looking down at him in dissatisfaction. He felt his arms being moved from his sides to behind him and the same rough material being tied to his wrists. It was then that he realized that Dmitri was tying up his hands behind him.

He turned to protest, but the second that Lucas' cock left his lips, he felt a firm grasp on his jaw. Turning back around, he saw that Lucas had leaned over and was now eye level with him.

"I think you need some help.

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