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A High School Reunion with a few friends.

I quietly ate my meal, sneaking a peek at the two lovebirds. I did notice Loren look my way one more time, but there was no recognition on her face. I finished eating and left first with them still sitting in the booth.

Once again sleep was hard to come by. I was up and sitting on the balcony at seven the next morning. I'd moved the plants back inside the room. I no longer cared if they saw me. I had the evidence I wanted. Not that I actually wanted to find any. I had wanted to find no evidence. I was saddened that I had proof that Loren was cheating.

I was looking at the sunrise when I saw a white van with the blue FEHBP lettering on it, pull up at seven fifteen. Loren and Beckman got into the van and it drove off. "I'll be damned," I thought, "they actually were doing some work this week."

I had two things left to do this morning. First I accessed one of the two computers the hotel provided for the guests. I printed two pictures that I took since I got down here. Then I went to the check in desk and inquired who would be working the desk on Saturday morning. I found out it was a young man named Carlos. We had a chat and I slipped him two hundred dollars. If all went well Loren and Beckman would have a little surprise when they checked out Saturday morning. I checked out, and flew back to New York to take care of things back home.


Why did I start cheating on Jeff? I was bored. I was lonely. I needed some excitement in my life. Maybe it was just because I could. Jeff was gone over fourteen hours a day, getting home between seven thirty and eight. I worked until three thirty. That gave me plenty of time to do whatever I wanted.

Jim was such a flirt, and very handsome. Over time, working together, we drew close. We confided in each other when we should have been confiding in our spouses. One afternoon, after a serious flirting session, Jim took me in his arms and gave me a kiss, which I returned. We quickly separated. We drew back; both embarrassed, smiled and then started laughing nervously. I was confused as well. I liked the kiss but knew it was not right. I was a married woman after all.
We continued putting the materials away when Jim came close to me again, taking me into his arms. "Loren, that kiss was something special. I want to kiss you again," he told me as he looked into my eyes. He kissed me again. This one was as good as the first one, except this time he took liberties with his hands sliding up to cup my breasts.

Jim cleared a table and took me on top of it. The sex was very good. Jim is an accomplished lover and his equipment is, well, let's say he is well endowed. Having something that big to play with was fun. No knock on Jeff who is average in size. Jim was just bigger. The sex was good but the naughtiness of it made it exciting. That's what was missing in my life, a sense of excitement. I was no longer bored. I looked forward to each day now and to having sex with Jim.

Looking back now I think Jim and I would agree it was one huge mistake. I deluded myself into thinking I did not love Jeff as much as I should. I am reminded of that old saying "you don't know what you've got until you lose it."

It was all Jim's idea, the stupid trip to Florida. I should have known better. Jeff had been acting funny lately, sort of cold and aloof. I called Jim and told him we would have to back off, cool it for a while. Then he had this foolish idea to take me on a business trip to Florida. It did sound exciting to go to South Beach with a big handsome man on my arm.

I don't know how he did it but he got our manager to include me on the trip. It's hard for me to remember the exact words that were said, Jeff might remember it differently, but this is the way I remember it. I remember the night I told Jeff. He came in the front door.

He threw his briefcase on the table and remarked, "It was a tough day. I am glad to see you are in a good mood."

I replied "I am happy and I hope you will be too after I tell you my good news.

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