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Young Graduate rents a room from a mature widow.

"Not as much as I do," I said, tilting her face up for a kiss.

The next half-hour or so passed quickly, and we were all thoroughly aroused and had forgotten about food when the limo eased to a halt at the window of a generic fast-food joint. The privacy screen slid down into its recess and Vholes said, "Are you children prepared to enjoy a light repast? Please give your orders to Mr. Sanchez and he will do the honors."

We all chose greasy entrees from the lunch menu. "Feel free to order whatever you like for yourself, Mr. Sanchez," Vholes said. "And kindly ask for five large cups of boiling water as well as five packets of honey, if they have it. We will be paying cash, of course." He handed Sanchez a bill.

After we got the food Sanchez steered the limousine into a parking spot behind the restaurant and distributed the containers to us. Vholes kept the five cups of hot water. We were suddenly ravenous and devoured our burgers and fries with gusto. Sanchez polished his meal off quickly and soon we were back on the interstate, cruising smoothly at the speed limit. "And tea for everyone," Vholes said, passing the cups back to us. "A toast, children?" We raised our cups as he said, "To safety. And a better world." I recognized the familiar aroma and flavor of Dreamwalker tea at the first sip.

"Guess it's nap-time," Tommy said, draining his cup. "Drink up, Little Red. See you at the Grounds."

Jennifer reclined on the wide leather seat and pillowed her head in my lap. Opposite us Mary Louise and Tommy did the same. The limousine seemed to float down the highway, a cocoon of silence in the heavy traffic. "Be right with you," I said, leaning my head back and closing my eyes."


Tse-ni-sa and I awoke at first light to a cool, misty mountain morning. We were curled around each other, the blankets in disarray after a night of vigorous love-making. I had a broad smile on my face as we arose, somewhat stiffly, and went to water at the river's edge. We faced east and sang our morning song, then plunged into the water and submerged ourselves seven times. When I held Tse-ni-sa's lithe body in my arms she was as light as a feather in the chilly water. "I wish the ceremonies weren't over, Husband. I wish we could stay here forever, just like this."

"We'll be back next year. And we have plenty to do to get ready for the winter."

"How many times did we make love last night, Tse-k'?" she asked, grinning impudently. "I lost track."

"Seven, of course. With each other. Although I think we both became unconscious toward the end of the last one."

She slipped from my arms and climbed out of the water, giggling as she troweled the water from her skin with her hands. "And now we have a long walk home! I am so sore you may have to carry me."

"I can do that," I said, stepping out of the water and slapping her bare, wet rump playfully. "But holding you in my arms usually leads to other things..." I tried to grab her by the waist but she evaded my grasp.

"I should think you would have had enough to keep you quiet for a while, Husband." I reached for her again and she ran off toward our campsite, laughing, with me in hot pursuit.

In the camping area most people were packing up their bedrolls and preparing to leave. Ta-mi sat on his blankets, holding Ma-Lu in his arms. She clutched at his bull-like neck, weeping piteously. "Take me with you, Ma-Lu," Ta-mi begged. "I am a good hunter, and I will keep you so fat you will barely be able to move. And I love you. I will never give you cause to throw my weapons out of your house."

"Oh, Ta-mi! I love you too! And I want you for my husband, but I don't have a house. I'm an orphan, and the Clan Mother wants me to marry one of her nephews. Can't you see? They would never accept you, and I couldn't bear to see you sad."

"Then we'll go on our own. Find another village that will accept us. Or just live by ourselves. I'll do anything to be with you."

"It won't work, Ta-mi.

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