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An office place romance.

After his back and arms were coated with sun block Katrina turned her attention to his legs. Kneeling in between his legs she made her way up to the hem of his swim trunks where she formulated an idea.

"Why don't you take your swim trunks off so I can see the bump you took when you fell off your bike? I'll add some sun block to your cutey patooty while I'm at it if that's o.k.?" Katrina asked. Pete simply smiled and stood to remove his trunks. Katrina, still kneeling, ran her fingers along his leg and bit her bottom lip when he uncovered his penis. Once Pete resumed his position on his stomach Katrina squirted lotion on both his cheeks and began a grabbing, kneading motion. She had to admit, Pete's patooty certainly was a cutey. Faint blond hair sparsely covered each bun, a small patch of which collected at the base of his back. Luckily for Pete, Samantha administered more than one hard slap to his ass the night before. The result didn't look like a definite hand print, but a rather shapeless red tattoo easily passed off as a fall to the kiester. After a prolonged enjoyment of Pete's butt Katrina asked him to turn over.

Before adding any lotion, Katrina crawled up to Pete and gave him a long wet kiss. She then threw her long dark hair over her head in order to run it down along Pete's chest and abdomen. Slowly and methodically Katrina rubbed lotion all over her lover's body while avoiding his hard-on. Pete just lay there with arms by his side and legs splayed savouring the experience. When it was finally time to coat Pete's pecker with sun block, Katrina coated her hands with the lotion, placed both hands on the throbbing muscle, and began a slow up-and-down, squeeze and release motion. When she wasn't overlapping one hand with the other as they travelled up and down the length of his shaft, she was gently caressing Pete's balls with her lotion covered hands. After a short while Pete warned her to stop or else he would cum. He offered to do her next, but not before she continued massaging his cock for another couple of minutes.

When it was her turn, Pete told Katrina she looked sexy in her two-piece swimsuit, but if she wanted the same treatment it would have to go. Katrina hesitated and looked around the expanse of the beach even though she knew they were completely alone. Caught up in the moment, Katrina shed her swim suite, but stood covering her breasts and crotch with her hands, blushing heavily. Pete gave her a friendly laugh and told her to lie down on her stomach. Pete indulged himself much in the same way Katrina did. Katrina moaned drowsily just as Pete had. He took equal pleasure when he reached her buttocks. He gave her right buttock a playful slap and examined the small birthmark on her right butt cheek.

"The birthmark on your ass looks like a silhouette of that rabbit from the ceral commercials. You know which one I mean. The one who never gets to eat his own cereal and is told how silly he is everytime he fails," Pete said.

"It does not!" Katrina shot out in protest looking over her shoulder with a frown trying to look at Pete and her butt cheek.

"O.K., whatever you say miss Moretti, but remember silly rabbit, Katrinas are for Petes!" Pete joked knowing it would provoke a reaction from his girlfriend.

"You're incorrigible," Katrina scolded poutily while turning over onto her back. "Now make it up to me," she added with a grin holding out the bottle of sun block. Pete grabbed the bottle and paused to read the instructions on the back.

"Uh oh, Katrina! Looks like you skipped a step with this sun block.

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