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Making friends and influencing people...

"I want to you to feel his cock grow in your mouth as I have for the past few days." She was rubbing the head of Jacks soft cock over his closed lips. "I want you to learn to love the taste of his dick, to love the sensation of his soft meat hardening in your mouth." He could feel her breath on his shoulder.

Bill's mouth opened slightly, and Debbie seized the opportunity, pushing the crown of his cock between her husband's thin lips, both husband and wife moaning as she did so. Jack felt his shaft slide across his neighbor's tongue and down his throat. Debbie pumped his shaft as Bill sucked, bobbing his head into the crotch of the naked man before him.

Jack pulled Cindy into him, crushing her left breast against his shoulder and mauling her right one. "Excited about seeing Max do the same?" he questioned softly in her ear. She moaned softly and ground her wet slit into his thigh in response. "Why don't you practice some? Push his head down, make him take me into his throat."

Debbie removed her hand and watched her friend tentatively place her own on the back of Bill's head and push his face down on Jack's now turgid rod. Debbie and Cindy moaned softly at the sight and Bill's eyes were watering when she finally released him.

"That's a good sissy bitch. Your reward is to watch me take this next fantasy away from you too. Stay put and no jerking that tiny clit of yours either." Jack's voice wasn't hard, but it left no room for dispute. "Ladies, assume the positions."

Cindy crawled onto the bed and rolled onto her back, her breasts sagging off the sides of her chest under their weight. She spread her legs lewdly and looked at Debbie with a devious look in her eyes.

Debbie moved forward, climbing on hands and knees onto the large bed. Her head dipped and settled between the blonde's ample thighs, and Cindy sighed as the brunette's tongue made contact. Jack positioned himself behind Bill's wife and traced his hard, wet cock through her slippery lips.
Debbie moaned into Cindy's cunt as Jack pushed his rod forward, splitting her meaty lips, and watched as inch after inch of his fat pole slid into Bill's wife. "Why don't you let him fuck you from behind Debbie?" Jack asked. "The view is great."

"He falls out too much. He can't pull back far enough to thrust without coming all of the way out. And then there's no clitoral stimulation, ugh," she gasped as his heavy balls swung forward, hitting her sex.

"God I love your tongue," Cindy interrupted as she twirled her pale fingers into Debbie's straight brown hair and pulled her head into the forbidden nexus of her legs more forcefully. Cindy pulled on her own nipple, stretching it out to an agonizing length before releasing it with a soft "oh." "I'm going to have to start using it more often. A girl could really get used to this: Max isn't nearly as good at you are. That's it, suck my clit." She moaned as Debbie apparently complied. "Now fuck my hole with your tongue. Deep as you can. Mmmm, that's right."

Jack thought it time to reign Cindy in a bit. They had been in this position for several minutes now and Jack had been fucking Debbie with long, deep strokes, burying himself to the hilt in her fantastic body each time. He could feel her vaginal muscles beginning to contract, indicating her orgasm's approach but he wanted to drive her crazy with lust and deny her the release that was so close.

He turned to look at Bill "Assuming you hadn't already popped you little nut if you were actually in my place right now, what else would you do with them?"

"I'd want a blowjob from Cindy," Bill murmured. Debbie moaned in frustration at her denial as Jack vacated her throbbing snatch while Cindy seemed oblivious to everything but Debbie's mouth.

"The difference between me and you," Jack said to Bill as he walked past him to crawl on the bed "is that I'm going to get one, one like you'll never have."

Cindy opened her eyes, startled as Jack climbed on the bed next to her. Debbie looked up at Jack as well.

"No one told you to stop.

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