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Abdullah closed his eyes and thought back to the first time he took Ivan. The three of them were resting up after having had an incredible three-way when Abdullah silently let Al know that it was time for him to leave the bedroom, he wanted to be alone with Ivan. Regardless of what Al thought or felt, Abdullah governed their relationship and always had the final word. Reluctantly Al got up from the bed indicating that Ivan should stay.

"Habeebee, you stay and get to know Lolly better. I need to exercise my cock again. It is expected of me. Relax and enjoy." Al leaned over and grazed his tongue over Ivan's lips and left the room.

"He cares for you." Abdullah announced trying to keep emotion out of his tone.

"He's a good man...but to be honest I think he cares more for you than he does me. There is such passion between the two of you."

"Sometimes when you are too close you can't see the real passion." Abdullah whispered turning on his side. He couldn't help but run his hands over Ivan's body, admiring how handsome and fine he was. Ivan hadn't made a move to touch him yet and Abdullah suspected that he was still unsure of everything that was going on.

"Does it bother you being with another man?" Abdullah asked. Ivan pondered the question for awhile then merely shrugged.

"I guess it should...and I think a part of me would be bothered if it was anyone other than you." He rolled over on his side facing Abdullah. "The connection you have with Al doesn't make it seem so 'cheap'."

"You are the farthest thing from cheap." Abdullah said. He leaned in to Ivan and ran his tongue over Ivan's lips exactly how Al had done moments earlier. "Al was your first?"

"Yes and up until two hours ago the only man I had ever been with...but then I planted my cock in your ass...and loved the feeling of how tight and receptive you were to me."

"Men are such wondrous creatures. You can fuck a thousand women and they all blend into one but each man is so very different." Abdullah was playing with Ivan's nipples again. They were hard and pronounced and he loved how sensitive they were and how hard Ivan's cock got when he squeezed them tightly between his finger tips. "Tell me Ivan, what is your favorite position?"

Ivan opened his closed eyes and stared into Abdullah's. There were such differences between Al and Abdullah. Al was his job. He enjoyed the sex with Al and was grateful that he was as attractive as he was. It made things so much easier. Now he was starring in another man's eyes and he found himself wanting him...not for the job, but to be with a man because he desired him.

"I enjoy when Al sits, either on the bed or in a chair and I straddle him. It's so deep that way...and there is so much intimacy being chest-to-chest." Ivan said touching Abdullah's chest for the first time.

"Would you like me to take you that way?" Abdullah's cock was throbbing from Ivan touch.

"I want you to decide which way you want me." Ivan moved closer and nuzzled his head against Abdullah's chest breathing in his essence. " smell good...Patchouli right?"

Abdullah pulled Ivan into his arm grasping his head between his hands. His eyes bore into Ivan, searching for something...something he didn't quite understand. He felt he needed to say something but he couldn't find the words. It was Ivan that finally broke the moment when he parted his lips and let his tongue slowly run over his upper lip.

"Oh yes," Abdullah moaned mimicking Ivan's action over his own lips. "I want to kiss you."
"" Ivan muttered moving imperceptibly closer and opening his mouth to Abdullah.

Abdullah often wondered if it was that first kiss that sealed his fate that night or if it was lying on his back looking up at Ivan straddled over him.

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