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Mr Crane has fun with Daphne.

"Yes, I do, but it just feels so strange," she whispered weakly while trying to grasp this unforeseen yet oddly pleasurable sensation.

I could feel her body begin to writhe slowly and if she was lying on a beach in the very shallow waters near the edge and feeling the ebb and flow of the gentle waters trying to lift and carry her along with them.

"Oh, Michael," she whispered, "this is amazing. None of my girlfriends ever told me about this part."

I remained silent while thinking to myself that none of her girlfriends had never even experienced this, especially on the night in which they lost their virginity. I had Sylvia's own mother to thank for all she had taught me during our all too brief time together so far. I really wanted Sylvia to suck my cock, but this was HER night and I was going to make her know that it was all about HER. Her pleasure and satisfaction was all that mattered to me tonight.

I shifted to reach her right side and slowly and softly continued to kiss and lick down her body and across her flat firm tummy down to her smoothly shaven public mound. I could smell the sweet yet slightly pungent feminine scent of her arousal.

I began kissing and licking all around her soft pussy lips but not actually touching them. I could see even in the semi darkness of the room that already her nectar had begun to flow. There was a slight glistening as the precious honey oozed slowly out of her and trailed down between the cleft of the lovely cheeks of her firm young ass.

I pushed her legs wider apart to spread them fully open for me as I continued to trail the tip of my tongue all around the soft lips of her sweet virgin pussy. I continued to avoid actually licking her there as this was far too soon for that. I wanted her aroused to such a point that she would get on her knees and beg me to fuck her but I was far from ready for that at this point and so was she.

Slowly, I kissed and licked down her soft inner left thigh nipping gently at the sensitive tender skin from time to time with my teeth which caused her legs clinch and tremble. Lower and lower down her thigh to her slender athletic calf. I finally reached her ankles where I could begin to massage and caress her delicate and sensitive feet and toes.

I shifted my body off of the bed and knelt on the floor giving me much more control and greater access to her lovely feet. I kissed her feet all over both the top and the sole before kissing and licking and sucking her beautifully manicured toes.

I began with the smallest of her toes and sucked it into my mouth and licked and kissed it all over even the very ticklish place between it and the next toe. She giggled when I did this and told me how naughty it was but also how erotic it felt. I continued to kiss, lick and suck each of her toes into my mouth and finally took the entire front portion of her foot into my mouth and sucked and licked it as if it was a huge cock. I'm not gay but I wanted her to feel every erotic sensation I could imagine. I had had enough blow jobs by girls to know how it felt when the sucked my cock and I tried to duplicate their efforts on her foot and toes.

Apparently, I was achieving my goal. Sylvia was moaning, writhing her entire body and even trying to shove her entire foot down my throat. I honestly believe if I could have taken it she would have had me deep throat her whole leg. Her entire body was inflamed by the fires of her passionate arousal.

When I finally had to take a break from this, I moved to back to her beautiful hot wet pussy and began repeating my venture as I had on her left leg. She was already begging me to stop and just fuck her but I had many other places on her exquisite body yet to explore.

When I had finished my oral ministrations on her left foot and toes, I had her turn over and lie on her tummy.

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