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I've spent my whole life thinking that I am a woman's fantasy, if you know what I mean. The definition of male ego could have been summed up in one word, 'Sam.' And most times I might have been right, you know? Hey I can dream, can't I? At any rate, I pursued this conversation, testing my theory about whether or not she was aroused.

"Sure. That's exactly what I mean. Have you ever thought about what it would be like try different things with me?"

"Sure, I have. Haven't you?" I heard the hesitation in her voice. "What's your fantasy?" Something in her voice changed with that last question and it made me smile. I was right, I thought, she is excited.

"Well, like...well take today. We have to go grocery shopping. Why don't you go shopping with me without any panties on?" There, I thought. I said it. Well, if she was upset, I could always blame it on me thinking with my little head instead of my big one. It was an excuse that I knew she would understand. After all, I was still learning wasn't I?

"Sam, you know, that fantasy has always intrigued me. I just never thought you were interested in things like that."

I tried to move my hand between her leg and my cock. I didn't want her to know that me and my cock were jumping for joy at her answer. "Well, yeah, of course I'm interested. I have fantasies like that." What I wanted to say was 'I didn't until I was exposed to it' forgive the pun.

Lisa sat up. "Let's do it, Sam." She grinned as she got out of bed. Leaning down, she kissed me, my cock, then headed for the shower.

Me? I lay back, wondering what it was I did to deserve a woman like Lisa . . .

I took my shower while Lisa was dressing. I think she was really trying to figure out what she was going to wear to hide what she wasn't dressing. I almost had to change the hot water to cold I was so excited when I tried to figure that out too.

I thought about a plan, or tried to think if I even had one. I wasn't sure if I wanted to make her come in a public place, if I wanted to just be able to touch her naked pussy or what. I mean this was my first time doing this. I didn't want to get caught or anything. In the end, I figured I'd adlib. Best laid plans and all of that, you know?

I went downstairs and made coffee. It was brewing when I went out to get the paper. I sat down at the kitchen table and imagined the weekly police reports - man and woman arrested in small-town grocery store for indecent exposure and lewd behavior. Suddenly, my fantasy didn't seem like such a good idea. I was just getting ready to go upstairs and tell Lisa to forget it when she walked into the kitchen.

My cock did a double take as I stared at her, mouth open, me almost drooling. Her clothes were perfect. A blue blouse and a short denim skirt. Not too short, but short enough that if she were to bend over, I'd see the heaven my cock craved. I looked at her long legs ending in white sandals on one end and her skirt covered pussy on the other. I saw the lusty look on her face. Screw the police reports, I thought. I knew that we could do this - make this fantasy come true.

"Ready, Sam?"

I heard her voice and my cock almost answered before I could get the words out. "You have no idea, Lisa." I was about to ask her to lift the skirt so I could see what I was imagining, but she smiled, then walked toward the door. I couldn't do anything but follow. At that moment, I would have followed her anywhere. And no, I couldn't tell you if that was my cock or me thinking because we were now both one and the same, blood brothers as it were.

I drove, thinking about what we were doing. She was sitting next to me, legs demurely together as she looked out the window.

"Lisa, spread your legs a little.

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