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I nodded at him and toasted him with my beer.

"You must be the most loving and caring husband there is, to think of her needs above your own, to put your pride to one side like you have and ask me to do this for you must have taken a lot of courage. Now I know why I love and respect you, I hope I grow into half the man you are." I whispered not being used to giving such compliments to my Dad.

We hugged and shook hands it was an emotional moment.

Still unbelieving of what had been said and happened I was still a little confused by the suddenness of it all.

In a pensive tone I whispered. "Dad Mum is gorgeous and as much as I would love to have her as you suggest, but I need to think about it a little more."

He smiled at me, "that's the sort of answer I expected from you, not taking advantage of the situation. Just thinking about what's right. Of course you need to think it through."

Passing me the envelope he added, "These are for you to look through to help you decide. I opened the package and there were about a dozen photos of Mum naked and in some very naughty poses, I looked him in the eye and he smiled at me, I returned his smile,

"Thanks Dad, she is beautiful." He grinned "Yes son she is." He mumbled.

"Tell you what lets test the water tonight, see how she reacts to seeing you near naked" he said enthusiastically.

"Why don't you take your trousers off and pretend to be asleep on the sofa, leave the table light on." He added, "I will ask your Mother to fetch me a glass of water, but will warn her that you had a couple of beers and fell asleep and I hope that looking at those pictures may make you stiff."

"There is a good chance that she will see your cock and if its stiff so much the better. I will let you know in the morning how she reacted. That may help you in your decision making."
With a sudden jolt in my tummy I agreed, my pulse quickened as I removed my shoes trousers and lie down on the sofa. Dad wished me goodnight and thanked me for listening and for being so understanding. He was right the photos did give me a hard on.

I heard the bedroom door open, I twisted my boxers to the side as if I had shifted in my sleep, I pulled my stiff cock from the side so as to make it look like it had come out as I turned, I half closed my eyes so as to look asleep, she would never tell in this light that they were not fully closed.

Mum appeared in a short nightdress, when she saw me she stopped in her tracks and put her hand to her mouth in shock, my cock twitched as I realised that she was looking at it. She stood very still and was unable it seemed to take her eyes from my throbbing cock, it was a very erotic moment for me, for the first time ever I just wanted to grab her and fuck her. She rubbed her breast with her right hand and took half a step towards me as if for a better view, then she turned and hurried to the kitchen. On the way back to bed and before going back upstairs she stopped and looked at me again and looking back once more as she climbed the stairs.

I had the feeling that judging by the way she looked at me that maybe she liked her sons cock. I let her get settled and then crept up to my room, I collapsed onto my double bed and spread myself, my cock was throbbing and for the first time I fantasized about my Mother as I wanked.

"Here's you glass of water" said Susie as she returned to the bedroom, she felt flushed and a little flustered, she had just seen her son's cock and it looked lovely nice and hard and quite big. She was a little disgusted at herself thinking like that about her son, but tried to justify her thoughts by adding that since Ken's illness she had not seen one stiff and that she really missed it.

Sure Ken was loving and very considerate in other ways, but she did miss being penetrated by hot hard flesh, oh, god she thought I am thinking such nasty and slutty things recently. She climbed into bed next to her husband.

"Is everything ok love" he asked wat

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