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Seduced by the neighbor's younger daughter.

"I am yours Daddy. Yours to use as you see fit. Yours to have worship your cock."

Mark grinned at his daughter. So sweet, so innocent looking. He unzipped his fly and pullout his cock. It hung half hard at 10 inches. Sarah's eyes never left it as he stepped forward. He grabbed her by her long blonde mane and yanked her head back. "Beg for it!"

She looked up, her eyes watering at the painful grip on her hair. "Please Daddy, please let me suck your cock. I'll be your good little cocksucker, let me show you", she begged. She looked at him with pleading eyes, and finally he released her.

She immediately leaned forward and grabbed his cock and started jerking it slowly. Her small hands wrapped around what she could as she stroked her father's weapon, making sure she looked in his eyes as she did so, as she'd been trained. She leant forward and stuck out her pink tongue, licking the head in slow circles before kissing the tip.

Her puckered lips stayed on his cock and parted to slide over the head, sucking it into her warm mouth. She kept up her tongue swirls as she slid her hot lips up and down the end of his cock, teasing her father with her mouth. "Jesus you're good at that baby. I think that's what I missed most about you. Your sweet little mouth".

With that he grabbed the back of her head and slammed his hips forward, forcing his shaft to slip deeper into her mouth. She gagged as the head hit the back of her mouth and looked up in fear as he grinned down at her, slamming forward again, pushing his mighty tool into her throat, and producing further gagging sounds. He chuckled and repeated the motion, causing her head and neck into an awkward angle so it could accommodate the invading cock into her throat. This stroke, however, meant that his thick cock was filling her whole mouth and throat, cutting off air.

Mark looked down at his slut and saw the rising panic. He could almost read her thoughts. Would this be the time her father went too far? Would he be so lost in his own pleasure that he forgot the effect on her? Would she choke to death on a 13 inch cock?

He smiled as she began to push against him, trying to get free. Her throat had been filled for a whole minute and she was getting scared. He pushed her down so she was lying on the floor beneath him with his cock still jammed down her neck. He held her hands and laughed as she tried to squirm free. Tears began rolling down Sarah's cheeks as her eyes pleaded with her father. As she was looking at him, a figure appeared over his shoulder. It was her sister Jean.

She tried her best to cry out to Jean but only produced a heavily muffled grunt. Then she noticed her sister was smiling. She was also wearing very little and started massaging her father's back as he pinned Sarah down. Jean grinned down at her sister with a sinister look on her face. "Poor big sis. Can't breathe for the cock. I thought a slut like you would enjoy such a situation. Still, it's almost over for you".

Sarah's eyes, wide with panic, sought out her father's. They were cold and hard looking back at her as her vision and hearing began to get fuzzy. She struggled under her father's bulk to no avail. She felt the darkness creeping in as her father looked down resolutely and her sister gleefully. Finally everything went dark.

When she woke up Sarah noticed her hands and feet had been tied together, then they had been tied to a post of her father's bed. As she woke fully she heard grunts of pleasure and the slapping of flesh. She struggled to her knees and was shocked at the sight which greeted her on the bed.

Her father, her mighty dominant with his huge horse cock, was meekly lapping at her sister's pussy as she read a magazine. This was the total opposite to what she was accustomed. She watched as her little sister ordered her father how to please her and then actually mocked his cock!

Jean spotted her sister waken and set down her magazine.

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