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Things get sticky going from the mirror to the bedroom.

"Well," he started, "The pizza and soda need to be paid for before the shop closes. You can pay me back for the beer tomorrow, or something." He held out his hand for her to shake, "My name is, Rick."

She took his hand and smiled, "And I'm, Caron. If I may say so, you know, you don't look like the usual pizza delivery person."

"Long story," he told her, smiling. "Tell ya what I can do. I'll call the store and tell them I've had some car trouble. I didn't really wanna work tonight anyway. And I'll tell them I'll drop off the money for your stuff tomorrow. Hell, I'll just head home, read a bit, and drop by tomorrow and pick up your money. How's that?"

She leaned back into the cabinet and smiled broadly. "I'm really, really sorry. Look, would you like a beer? I was gonna nibble on the pizza, have a few beers, and listen to some music. Why don't you sit down and tell me the long story."

Caron didn't wait for his answer, she just pulled two beers from the carton and opened them as they stood there smiling at each other. After they put the drinks into the fridge, he followed her into her den and sat down. The long story came out easily enough. She listened carefully without asking any questions.

"So," she told him when he had finished, "You're not a career pizza guy."

They both laughed. When their laughter passed, the room was left with only the sounds of Wes Montgomery playing on the stereo. Rick's eyes were scanning the room, taking in the books and CDs and art. When he glanced back to the couch, Caron was looking at him, smiling, smiling a different smile than before. The smile warmed him, and he liked the feel of it.

"Do engineers ever do anything spontaneous?" she asked.

"Sometimes," he chuckled, "But only if it conforms to specifications."

She held his eyes and stood up from the couch. Her fingers unfastened her jeans and pulled the zipper down. Her hands held the waistband on each side as her hips, those hips, wiggled the jeans down until they dropped to her bare feet. She wasn't wearing panties, and the white tank top only came down just below her navel. Caron stood there naked from the waist down as Rick took her all in. Her pubic hair on her mound was trimmed and shaped. Her hips bore the faint tan line of a bikini.

"Do you like?" was all she said.

Rick only nodded to say, yes. When she turned her back to him and knelt on the couch, he thought some kind of dream was taking him. She settled on the couch, her knees wider than shoulder-width apart, looking back over her shoulder at him, showing him her ass and shaved pussy.

When she ran her fingers over her pussy, slipping one inside her for a second, he asked her, "What is it you want me to do?"

"Something spontaneous," she told him, looking at him over her shoulder, "Something unplanned."

Wes Montgomery's "4 On 6" spilled over the room as Rick collected his thoughts. Montgomery caressed the guitar as he played. His fingers sounded gentle as they glided over the frets, squeezing and touching and moving, almost as if he was making love to the guitar and making music as a by-product. Maybe, Rick thought, maybe the music is something of a by-product, a consequence of the love, the loving doing.

Caron was watching Rick from the couch. She was smiling, looking as if she might be enjoying his situation, the situation she had created. She was in no hurry, and she certainly wasn't embarrassed to be showing herself to him, in fact, it would appear she was enjoying that, too.

The quiet space in between the cuts on the CD seemed to be the time for Rick to move, so he did. He stood from his chair and began unbuttoning the pizza shirt. It came off quickly and he tossed it to the floor behind Caron. The cheap red shirt lay there next to the couch perfectly positioned between each of her feet. His jeans came next. He wondered what she thought when she say he wore no underwear. Neither of them did. Fate or fancy or fashion? Fancy, he'd have said if asked, but the question didn't occur to him then or later.

"Road Song" began as Rick moved

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