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Normal vacation goes wrong for white couple.

Showing it to Gretchen, I said.

"See, see how wet it is."

I slipped my shirt off and sat back on the bed. I scooted back until I could rest my feet on the edge. I opened as wide as I could.

"I know I have no right to ask this, but could you just touch me once. Just once. I just want one touch from you."

Gretchen stared at my open pussy, at the moisture surrounding it, and at my finger working in and out and exciting my clit.

I held my breath wondering what she would do. Would she scream at me, slap me or just leave.

I fingered myself deeply, imploring Gretchen with my eyes.

She stood up and slowly crossed to me. I stopped breathing as she leaned over, resting a hand on my thigh.

I gently took it and guided it to my exposed sex, leaving it an inch away from my slit.

Ever so slowly, Gretchen slid her hand onto my pussy and softly rubbed me.

I let out a deep growl and she rubbed harder. She let her thumb work my clit.

I sat up and pulled her mouth to mine. There was no hesitation from her this time. We immediately began exploring each other.

I reached for her other hand and placed it on my right tit. I said softly in her ear, "I know it's tiny, but I am aching for your touch. Don't hate me because they aren't as gorgeous as yours."

She rubbed my nip and pinched it into full erection. "Don't worry," she said, "they are pretty."

"Kiss me," I breathed.

She moved her lips toward me, and I backed off.

Looking confused, she asked, "What?"

"Not here," I said. "Kiss me down there. Do it now. God, I need it now."

Gretchen hesitated and I thought I went too far.

Then, almost imperceptibly she moved her head down into my crotch. Her lips encircled my clit and her tongue caressed my slit. I let out a moan and pinched my nips to intensify the erotic sensation coursing through my body.

"Let me see you naked," I gasped.

I reached for her shirt and quickly unbuttoned it. Pulling it away I stared at her white breasts spilling out of her cream bra. I reached behind, unsnapped it and loosed her soft breasts. I noticed she had a large port wine stain that covered most of her left breast and flowed down her stomach almost reaching her navel and stopping just short of her stiff nipple. At first it made me pause, but I soon got over it. I fondled both her full and soft breasts and then moved my hands to her belt. She stood as I undid the belt, suckled her nipples, opened her shorts and pulled the zipper. Pulling them down revealed cream panties. I jerked them to her ankles and she stepped out. Her blond bush was neatly trimmed.

I pulled her next to me on the bed, kissing her lips as my hands explored her breasts, tummy and finally her hot and wet pussy. I plunged two fingers in and worked until I found her g spot. She responded by thrusting her hips up and moving her head back and forth.

Abruptly I pulled out. She cried out.

I sat and straddled her. I slowly inched my way up until my pussy was hovering over her mouth. I eased down on her and she began tonguing me with abandon.

After a few moments I swung around and began eating her as we lay in a classic 69.

By the way she was eating me, I could tell this was not the first time, but she certainly lacked the expertise I was showering on her running puss.

I could tell she was nearing a climax. I rammed a finger back inside teasing the g spot while I tongued her clit. Her breath was coming in short bursts and she completely stopped using her mouth on me. I knew with just a couple more movements and licks she would be done.

Abruptly, I jumped up.

"What? Don't stop," she cried. "Andy, don't stop now. I'm so close. Fuck me. Fuck me all the way. Eat my pussy."

I began gathering up my clothes.

"Gretchen, this was not a good idea. We have to leave."

Gretchen lay sprawled on the bed, her legs apart, her own finger running back and forth over her clit trying to maintain the sexual high she had just reached. "What?"

"We have to go now," I insisted.

"Go? Go where? I don't understand."

"Just ge

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