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Amanda gives Karen a birthday present: a new master.

It was large enough for Paul to lay out comfortably. He had a huge round wood coffee table that usually contained tons of papers and files from work. There were large framed windows all around the room, so you could see out to his deck and backyard which were both immaculate. He did have wonderful tastes, lots of art from around the world, all the places he had lived and visited. There were also tons of pictures of him and his family. Violet did notice one of him with a woman she guessed to be his ex-wife, she was absolutely gorgeous, tall like him, thin, long dark hair, very exotic features and the most gorgeous shade of blue eyes Violet had ever seen. She thought that the picture may have been of his ex-wife but she didn't want to ask and confirm her horror, that this man had been married to a supermodel and why did he want her? Paul stepped in the room and Violet jumped, he was so quiet.

He looked at her and laughed a little. "I'm sorry love. I'm in my socks and you know I can be sneaky then," he told her with a mischievous grin on his face.

"I know." Violet took the outstretched wineglass from his hand and sat down on the couch with her feet stretched in front of her.

Paul went over his stereo equipment. Violet could not figure out how to operate that piece of equipment, it was more complicated than the space shuttle. But, before she could blink he'd turned on some music. Violet was pleasantly surprised that he had such diverse musical tastes; she'd heard everything from Elton John to Anita Baker to his favorite AC/DC at this point, but now he'd started to play Prince's "Adore". He moved towards Violet on the couch and knelt in front of her and began to remove the straps from her shoes and took them off. As he did so he rubbed her aching feet, she loved Manolo Blahniks but they were killer on aching dogs right now. He lifted her gingerly to her feet and wrapped his arms around her and slowly began to dance with her. Violet could feel his whole body and it felt good and smelled like heaven and sin in the same package. She wasn't sure he could dance but he actually had some rhythm, which she was happy about because it meant he had rhythm other places.

Paul was in complete bliss with this beautiful woman in his arms and in a few minutes in his bed. She looked so good and felt even better. His hands couldn't touch her body fast enough and in enough places. She was all soft, smooth, cinnamon skin. Her hair had been in big curls and he loved it; she usually had it so controlled during the week, he liked her looking a tad wild and free. His right hand went through her hair while his left went up and down her back. He moaned low in her ear, he didn't know if he could wait to get that dress off. One pull of the string and she'd easily be there in just her underwear, but he'd promised he wouldn't rush her, he wanted to know what she wanted.

He spoke into her ear quietly, but enough so she would hear, "Is there anything you want, Violet?"

Violet pulled back a little, perplexed by the question. "What do you mean? You got me the glass of wine."

"No," he looked at her and said it again. "Is there anything you want from me? What you want is what I want, but mostly I want you satisfied."

Violet swallowed. No man had ever asked her what she wanted. Did she know what she wanted? Yes, in fact, she did know what she wanted, to see him naked. 'Where did that come from,' she thought to herself, but she did and he had asked her.

"I want to see you naked," she told him trying to keep her voice steady and appear confident but she was anything but confident. Tonight she thought she could fake it till she made it.

Paul cocked an eyebrow. She was a fount of surprises. "Is that what you want?" She shook her head in the positive. "Then that's what you'll get. Come, follow me."

Paul took Violet's hand and led her down the hallway toward the stairs.

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