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Captain makes seaman his slave.

We were standing by the wall in the passage and I felt Pande-ji squeezed his right hand in between me and the wall and was touching me in my armpits. I felt very shy at this movement, as when he would touch my boobs it will be clearly seen by Chotu as he was facing me. I had to do something. But I was a child in comparison to this male duo and they did not give me any chance to react at all and made me speechless by their boldness.

It was a joint attack, if I can term that. The queue also proceeded to a dark corner of the passage in the temple, which also help aggravate the movements of these two different aged males. Chotu's hands, though initially on my waist, slid constantly down and were just over my sari line now and in one quick smooth action he pushed his right hand into my sari! I was so startled by this act that I could not even utter a sound. Chotu did not give me enough time to realize what was happening, as he quickly pushed his hand deep into my sari frills with one push. This made me almost jump off my place and in the process my arms were raised more. Pande-ji was equally opportunistic to take the chance of my arm lifting and grabbed my firm jutting right breast down my armpit. It was a very tight squeeze straightway

Me: Aaaaah!

I mumbled, but realized that I couldn't shout and attract attention with Chotu's hand in my sari and Pande-ji's hand on my blouse. It would be too embarrassing. This was the first time I tried to wriggle out, probably out of shame and fear, as I was in a public place. I had to intervene and held the thali in my right hand, more so as Pande-ji's hand was also below my right arm holding my jiggling breast, and brought my left hand down to my navel and tried to pull out Chotu's hand from within my sari. I kept wriggling, not attracting people as far as possible, but Chotu gave one hard push downwards, and I stood like a statue. I closed my eyes in shame and clenched my teeth, as I was feeling so helpless though getting highly aroused.

Chotu's hand was deep down my sari and on my panty now, touching directly!

This young boy was almost raping me standing in front of me in the semidarkness of this temple. Chotu began to move his hands in my sari, sort of up and down each time touching my panty and over my pussy. For a few seconds my eyes remained closed and my teeth clenched tight. It seemed to me by his expert movement that Chotu had perhaps done this to other women earlier and he must be knowing that once you have your hands in a woman's pussy area, she would not create any scene. I could feel Pande-ji's hand was exploring my right boob thoroughly by pinching it, squeezing it, gauging its size, and tracing the nipple. I was now flowing down my pussy heavily into Guru-ji's pad. I was aroused completely.

I had to open my eyes now, as I cannot stand like this in the queue in public, it was not my bedroom. I was getting weaker and weaker and lost my grip almost on the thali, as I was unable to even stand properly. But these two were clutching my 28-year-old jawani like octopus. Pande-ji now was moving his pelvis against my round full ass, as if he were fucking me from behind. I was too weak to struggle and honestly the pleasure I was getting from this twosome fondling was heavenly. I just stood motionless feeling Chotu's touches on my panty, Pande-ji's thumps on my heavy ass, and his tight squeezes on my right breast. In fact I was leaning backwards on Pande-ji for support.

Chotu now put his hand within my panty from the front and was touching my pubic hairs. This is probably the first time someone after my husband is touching me in such a private area. I was virtually writhing in ecstasy. Fortunately my petticoat had a tight knot and he could not move down any further. Expectedly I was cumming heavily now and was more or less reclining my head on Pande-ji's flat shirt-covered chest. I knew by this action I was giving approval to exploit me more, but I was feeling so weak. Pande-ji was certainly emboldened, as he knew now for sure I liked this fondling.


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