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A personal sex fantasy between lovers.

And then I want to touch your pussy and see how wet and hot I have made my sister's pussy feel."

I didn't know how we would do that so I asked: "How Bobby? Look I love this but I don't want to get caught it would so embarrassing!"

He smiled and turned me sideways and lifted the end on my blouse up and over the nipple. God it ached for his mouth. It was red and swollen and hard and long from his hands. He smiled and bent down and began to suck on one and pinch the other one. I held his head as he moved it down and took the nipple in his mouth further and sucked harder.

He told me that I should watch for anyone and he would suck. It sounded so nasty but so sexual!

And while my brother sucked and played with my breasts, I kept a watch out for people. But none came.

I moaned and sighed and told him I was close to cumming and immediately he put his hand between my legs and rubbed the outside of my shorts which covered my pussy. His hand cupped all of my pussy.

I know he could feel the heat coming off my body and I arched as he touch me down there. It felt heavenly and I lay back and let him work on my body as I sort of kept watch.

As I began to be worked up by my brother, I rock my pelvis to his motions he asked me if I was close and I told him yes. He told me to open my right leg opening for him so he could get his hand inside my short leg opening. I pulled on the leg opening making it wider for my brother's hand.

First he was only able to get a finger inside my shorts. And when he touched my slit I opened my legs wider for him. But, as he worked the finger in rubbing my pussy directly he stretched the leg op and under my shorts. He kept working the opened the leg opening more and more. First he had two fingers under the opening, then there were three and soon all of his fingers were all rubbing my pussy. His entire hand was playing with my cunt.

He was rubbing my bare pussy with his entire hand and my pussy was throbbing and wet and acing for a finger to fuck me. "OH Bobby!! That feels so good. Put a finger inside me please. Finger me Bobby and make me cum too."

He did as I asked and in seconds I began to hump and hump and hump against his hand and fingers as they went into my love hole and I climaxed. My brother was making me cum and it felt so damn good!

I wrapped my arms around him holding my body against him. I had forgotten to watch for people and he got me off with a nipple in his mouth and his index and middle finger in my love hole and a thumb against my clit. It felt huge.

My brother was making me cum again. He made me cum hard a week ago in my bedroom and now again in the park. In fact it was one of the best orgasm I have ever had.

It must have been the lust and the fact that we may be caught. But whatever it was, it felt wonderful. That was the second time Bobby had made me cum this hard. I really, really liked it!

I collapsed against him as I finished cumming and my juices were all over his hand. He held it up and showed me my wetness on his hand. Then he sucked his fingers and licked his palm. He smiled and I smiled and we held each other.

We told each other this was our place. We would meet here and masturbate each other and make each other cum when we couldn't do it at home or some place else. And so we began to met there twice a week, sometimes three times a week.

Another thing, I was now horny as hell almost all the time and I masturbated like a mad woman more often in my room and knew Bobby knew I was doing it. At home I would whisper to him that I was going to my room to cum. He would smile and grab his cock. I smiled as he did it.

In fact it got to be a sort of game with us. We would be in the same room and grab each other while mom was in another other room and couldn't see us. He would kiss me and cup my pussy with his hand and I would rub my hand up and down his leg feel his cock growing.

Then on Thursday in the park Bobby told me he wanted to go further than we had before.

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