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A mother and son become more that just room mates.

She was very proud of her skills and focused her mind on the task fully. His feet were a work in progress to her, something she alone did for Him and a task she found rewarding beyond imagination. That He trusted her was a great joy, that He praised her for the effort exhilarating, that she pleased Him everything.

The pedicure should have taken twenty minutes she managed to make it last for thirty. Finally as she dried between the toes of His left foot she sadly came to the realization that her few moments of intimate contact were over. Jackie carefully emptied the foot bath into the bathroom sink, rinsed the vestiges of matter from the interior and place it upside down to drain. The towels she placed in the laundry basket knowing He would not use them again before they were washed. She stooped. Retrieved her box of goodies from the floor beside His feet and having removed her new bodice and put back on her halter top made to sit back down in the easy chair.

"You can sit here if you want."

He had barely finished gesturing to the floor at His side before she slid gratefully into the spot.

"Do you need a cushion?"

Jackie shook her head without ever looking Him in the eye. She rested her check against the inside of His thigh and placed her hands gently around the bare ankle.

"My feet feel such much better after your service. You are very good at what you do."

She felt herself blush from the praise in her words. Jackie took great pride in her abilities but had after years of indifference to her skills found His congratulatory words overwhelming.

"I did my best Sir."

The Sir slipped out of her mouth without thought and for once He seemed to accept it willingly. His hand slipped down the front of her top and squeezed her nipple with perfect firmness. She gasped and felt her clitoris harden instantly.

'Do you feel comfortable?"

He asked the most difficult questions. Comfort was not something that came to her mind at all. She felt rooted to the spot, captivated, caged, totally submissive to His will and words, but comfortable? She struggled, knew he was waiting for an answer of some kind.

"I feel very content thank you."

"Well said. Yes you seem comfortable."

The thumb and fingertip squeezed her nipple again but harder. This time her stomach somersaulted completely.

"For all that you seem a little tense."

His hands moved to her neck and began massaging her shoulders and without thinking she scooted around so her back was pressing hard against His inner thighs.

"Does this help a little?"

Her chin was on her chest and His words seemed to come from a hundred feet above her. Somehow she managed to gather sufficient concentration to answer simply.


His thumbs remained massaging the back of her neck but His fingers slipped around her neck almost enclosing it completely. The grip was very loose but still she felt a stirring that was new and very pleasing.

"You should wear something around your neck you know. Something tight enough to make your head stand tall and proud."

As the words left His lips the hands grip tightened, His fingertips pressing into her flesh. He gently pushed her forward onto all fours and spread her feet wide. He pushed her pants down far enough to expose her ass and vagina completely. The finger slowly slid into her ass made her shiver, the crop gently tapping on her inner thighs made her gush. She arched her back and pushed back happy to feel the digit slide to the knuckle.

"Better fetch your friend out of the car she will be getting bored."

The next half hour passed like a dream.

He looked out of the window into the grove of trees between the two dusty paths.

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