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Son discovers Mom's secret relationship with Santa!

He'd been a prisoner, working in the fuel mines on a rural moon. Out of nowhere, the Empire had taken him onto a space yacht and transformed him into a superstud version of himself.

Why? Oh yeah, they told him he was going to be the secret boy toy of Yulia, a galactic princess, who was to be married off to some local king. She was totally hot, so he didn't really mind.

Just when he was about to bang said princess for the first time, someone had launched a surprise attack on their spaceship. After their successful escape, his memory was totally blank.
He stepped out on the balcony, which overlooked a nice, green garden reminescent of his grandmother's home planet, New Vermont, with rolling hills and a lake in the distance. The air was nice and clean. Not filtered clean like in the spaceship, but more organic. Dirty clean, with bugs and plant stuff. He couldn't see anything human-made, apart from large tower structures on the distant hills. Probably planetary defense. Beautiful planets never stayed beautiful for long, if they didn't have strong plasma shields.

He searched the food storage in the room. It was full of fresh vegetables and fruit, but also meat. Real meat. From real replicows. He couldn't believe it. He immediately cooked the steak in the autochef, and devoured it like a hungry wolf. It was that delicious.

There was no trace of the Princess in the room, but he was sure she had to be somewhere on this green planet. With such richness, he concluded it just had to be Tasim-4, the capital of the Tainee kingdom, and their original destination.

When Serrah woke up, he expected her to be just as confused as him. She was not.

"Hello!" he said in the calmest way possible as her eyes opened.

"Hello," she smiled and stretched under the sheets, "so you're finally awake? Took you long enough."

"What?" Stan said, "You must be confused. You're the one sleeping late."

"No, I thawed from stasis a week ago," she replied as she sat up in the bed. She was completely nude underneath the thin white fabric, and he couldn't resist gawking at her shapely tits.

"You're the last one to rise, probably because you're a ground dweller, and not used to the procedure. The princess woke up a few days ago."

Stan sat down on the edge of the bed.

"She's here?"

"Yeah, but they are keeping Her Highness somewhere else, while they prepare for the lavish wedding tomorrow."

"Tomorrow?!" Stan exclaimed.

"Affirmative. It would appear that we were lost for several months, and the king grew impatient. He had already dispatched most of his fleet to the war zone, so he was pissed when he thought the Emperor had cheated him out of his prize."

"Understandably so," Stan said, thinking about the exquisite beauty of the 18-year-old Princess Yulia.

"Indeed." Captain Serrah Joamo agreed. She too was picturing the girl in her mind.

They were both quiet for a while. A bird chirped happily outside.

"Do you know what happened to us? I can't remember anything after we entered that escape pod..."

"The pod's computer logs say that we experienced up to seven gees when the pod made its evasive maneuvers, and one by one we just passed out in our crash seats. We were then placed into stasis by the medbot when the computer couldn't discover any rescue ships nearby."

"I guess that explains my memory loss. Never liked to be tossed around like a wh-"

"Our encrypted beacon signal was then picked up by an automated Empire cargo ship last week, and it brought us to the nearest, allied space port, which happened to be Tasim-4."

"Wow, talk about luck!" he said.

"Well, I think we would have been found eventually, but it could have been years or even decades before a friendly ship passed close enough to hear the signal. So, yeah. Lucky us."

"You don't seem happy?" Stan asked.

"No. The computer recorded sensor readings from the immeditate surroundings, which included the apparent destruction of my ship. Probably the self-destruction."


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