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A new bride reflects on her marriage.

Riding the Red Line and now Penn Station trolley, Rosie couldn't believe the tall buildings and the number of people she saw on the streets. The city was all hustle and bustle like nothing she'd ever seen. Bristol had been all hurry and running around but it didn't have the tall buildings.

She was staring at a huge building with "Museum of Natural History" carved into the stone over the door. That's the biggest building I've ever seen, she said quietly to herself. There are others around here that are taller but that one covers a very large piece of ground. As she looked back into the trolley, two boys sat down in front of her.

"First time in the big city?" One of the boys asked and the other one giggled. The two boys were dressed in torn and dirty clothes. They had smudges of dirt on their faces and hands.

Rosie turned away and didn't look at them.

"What you got in those suitcases girly? Maybe something you'd like to share with us now."

"Leave me alone please," Rosie said.

One of the boys reached for her suitcase but before he could put his hands on it the conductor grabbed him by the scruff of the neck. He grabbed the other boy's shirt front and forced them both to the door. Not waiting for the driver to slow down the conductor threw the two ruffians off the trolley. Rosie saw them tumbling and rolling along the ground for several yards.

"I hope they broke their bloody necks," Rosie's rescuer said. Turning to her he said, "They'll not bother you again Miss. Not on my trolley they won't.

The trolley soon began to slow down and finally stopped in front of another huge building. "Here's your stop young lady. Step lively now, we have a schedule to keep," the man said as he helped her with her suitcases.

"Thank you for helping me," Rosie said. The conductor tipped his hat, the trolley moved away and Rosie continued on her journey.


Rosie entered Penn Station and stopped inside the entryway. She had never seen such a big open space in her life. The processing center on Ellis Island had been big, she thought. But you could put that room and half of another one in the great room of the train station. After a few minutes staring she found signs showing the arrival and departures of the trains. She found the notation for the next train to Chicago.

Walking to a ticket window she asked, "How much is a ticket on the Chicago Limited leaving in one hour?"

"$10 dollars little Miss," the woman clerk replied.

Rosie nodded and left. She made her way to the restroom and in the privacy of a stall opened her clothes to extract the wallet from its hiding place under the waist of her bloomers, took out $12 and returned the wallet. Rosie buttoned her clothes and went back to the ticket window.

"The Chicago Limited please," she requested and handed the clerk $10. Receiving her ticket she asked, "Is there someplace I might get a bite to eat ma'am?"

"There are food carts and shops along the passageway to the tracks," the clerk answered.

Rosie decided to return to the restroom, clean up as best she could, and put on fresh clothes. She hadn't had a bath for two days and she'd had her clothes on since the previous night. Rosie washed herself and looked for something clean to wear.

Cleaner at least and feeling better she lugged her suitcases with her and went down the passageway toward the train platform. She saw a man selling freshly made sandwiches from a push cart. His sign proclaimed "New York's Finest Hoagies $1". Rosie thought it was a princely sum for some bread and filling until she watched him make one for a customer. The sandwich was of monstrous size. It was a small loaf of bread about 12 inches long sliced long ways and spilt open. It was filled with three different meats, two kinds of cheese, onions and peppers.

Rosie bought one of the "Hoagies" and sat on a nearby bench to eat it.

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