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Couple peruse his porn stash, and more.

"Damn Dave, you really must like the taste of your cum!"

"I love the taste, I wish we would have done this along time ago."

"Now I know you like the taste, I think we will be doing more of that," then she added, "Have you ever wondered what it would be like to taste another guys cum? I have always fantasized about watching a guy suck another guys cock."

"I have never done anything like that before, but the thought of sucking another guys dick has crossed my mind before. Now knowing it would turn you on it is even more tempting" I replied.

With that being said Jean grabbed me and pulled me up beside her, and now it was time for a surprise for me, she had the now silent vibrator in her hand. "Let's see how good you would be at giving head," she said. Pointing the vibrator toward me, I needed no more encouraging, I ran my tongue around the fake head, circling the helmet of my first "cock."

Looking up at her, I opened my mouth and started swallowing as much of it as I could. Making it only about half way down before my gag reflex started taking over, Jean said " just swallow, swallow like you are drinking a glass of water."

Following her instructions, I started going down on my fake cock, this time I made it a few inches farther. I started bobbing up and down now, every once in awhile I would pull completely off and start licking up and down the shaft. As if to show me what I should do while sucking and licking a dick, Jean was caressing my balls with her own hands.

"It looks like you are a natural cocksucker," Jean said with a chuckle.

"Gee thanks, I think."

I gave Jean one last passionate kiss, before pulling the covers up over us and snuggling up next to her. "I think we should get some sleep, we have all day tomorrow to continue what we started tonight." Jean returned the kiss, closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Being hungry when I woke up, and waking up before Jean did, I decided to continue, where I had left off last night. I crawled under the sheets and started kissing her inner thighs. In the diffused light, I could still the dried love juices stuck to her pussy lips. I liked the taste of fresh cum, but I was a little hesitant about tasting our dried juices. Throwing caution to the wind, I dove in head first, slowly licking her out lips at first.

The dried juices weren't the best tasting, but as she subconsciously started to get excited, and wet, the flavor started to return, which gave me more incentive to dive in farther with my tongue. Taking my hands and spreading her lips apart, I could see our combined love juices beginning to seep out. I stuck my tongue in without reservation and started to lap up as much as I could. When I couldn't get my tongue in any further I began to flick, lick and suck as fast as I could. That is when I felt Jeans hands on the top of my head.

"Good morning sweety," she said with a bit of quiver in her voice.

Stopping just briefly, I moved the sheet off her hips, looked up into her eyes, and said, " Good morning to you to honey, I hope you like your wake up call."

"Like it? I love it, I wish waking up could be like this all the time."

While she was talking I had went back to eating out her still sperm filled pussy. Sticking a finger in her pussy, followed closely by my tongue. I continued my ministrations, getting her more hot and bothered with every passing minute. I took another finger and added it to her, while I used a finger from my other hand to start rolling her clit around. Jean started moaning, when I touched her clit. When I added a third finger, she went nuts, she started shrieking at the top of lungs, and thrashing around. Her juices were coming out so fast, I couldn't keep up my lapping.

When she finally settled down, I removed my fingers from your love triangle, and crawled back up to her, and gave her a wet pussy flavored kiss.

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