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Matured siblings' unforgettable night of love.

Sammi rubbed the head of the big, black dick up and down Susan's wet opening. She coated the dildo head with juices watching her teacher's pretty face twist with distress. Susan felt a trembling reflex every time the rubber head pressed against her upper regions. Sammi concentrated on caressing the tiny, throbbing pearl with every pass and she grinned watching the teacher's hips quiver madly.

"Oh gawd... it's right on my pussy," Susan whispered an acknowledgement fueling severe lust inside all the onlookers.

"Do you know what I am going to do now, Susan?" she asked continuing the humiliation. Then Sammi held the dildo firmly over the abused clit stroking the bud tenderly. Hope faded very fast for Susan. She struggled to escape the much stronger woman but was unable to even slow down the assault.

Sammi felt more confident by the second. "Oops," she whispered dipping the wide head into the soaked slit in teasing fashion. Suddenly the powerful woman kissed Susan on the lips. The kiss took Susan by surprise and it swallowed up the intended protest from the distraught teacher. The probing tongue pressed against the tightly closed lips indicating urgency for her to submit.

With a tiny sob, Susan relaxed slightly but that was enough, as the tongue seized the opportunity. A struggle ensued but Susan was no match. The tongues intertwined quickly in a affectionate caress and all the spectators witnessed a most erotic seduction. The cock head was exactly positioned in the opening and Sammi gave a little thrust with her strong hips. Susan's plea for mercy was a silent cry but everyone saw her back arch frantically trying to evade the lengthy sword.
The demoralizing kiss inflamed Susan's mind. It conveyed so much lust and passion and Susan didn't know how to resist the young woman's assault. Sammi seized the opening taking the obedient woman into unfamiliar territory. She relished being between her teachers' splayed legs waiting for the ultimate surrender of the sexiest body.

Sammi rolled her upper body slightly to the side twisting her hips at the same time. She slipped her hand between the two bodies feeling Susan's muscles flinch wildly when her sharp nails scrapped across her tummy. Slowly trying to tease and entice, Sammi's fingers inched their way downward into the cherished land. The fingertips performed magic all over the burning flesh turning poor Susan into a hand puppet.

Sobs raked Susan's body. She quivered under the loving caresses filled with an burning desire for her young student. Sammi's finger dipped into the wetness grazing the tip of the exposed clitoris and suddenly she thrust her hips.

Susan's breathing stopped, as Sammi embedded the thick cock. When her breathing resumed, it came in quick, uneven gasps much to the delight of the Amazon mistress. Sammi held her hips steady while her fingers searched.

Julie was huddled beside her husband and Kaz watching the torrid scenes. She dared not look away for fear of missing what her friend was doing to the passionate teacher. It was evident when Sammi found the secret control button when Susan's legs jerked frantically and sort of surrounded the shapely hips between her thighs. The hot mouth covering Susan's swallowed the scream of ecstasy when the daring fingers pinched the slippery clitoris in a most challenging fashion. Without any care or concern, Sammi squeezed the clit, as hard as she could, and then rammed the pussy-breaker to the hilt.

Suddenly Julie couldn't remain quiet any longer.

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