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Dad & son's girlfriend become 'good' friends.

I'll come back and walk you to my room."

"That's very thoughtful, Mark, but it's really not necessary."

"I'll do it anyway. See you soon."

Forty-five minutes later, I knocked on her door. Her hair was down and she had changed into slacks, an orange T-shirt, and sandals.

"You look wonderful, Holly. Is the orange for Texas or Tennessee?"

"Both, I guess," she answered. "You must follow football to know their team colors."

"Yes, I like to watch college football. Being from Ohio, I'm a Buckeye fan."

As we walked toward my room, she said, "I hope you don't mind my glasses. I can only take my contacts for so long."

"I think you look great either way. I like your blue eyes, by the way."

She smiled.

As we walked to my suite, I told her that I had called room service and had some snacks sent up. When we arrived, we took a soft drink and bowls of chips and fruit out to the balcony.

"What a wonderful view," she remarked.

We sat, snacked, and talked about life in general. We found that we had much in common, our values and goals were very nearly the same .Around midnight, I asked her if she was ready to go back to her room. She nodded her head yes. I took her hand and we shared one last lingering look at the gardens below. We had another awkward moment at my door.

Finally, I took her into my arms, held her close, and said, "I haven't enjoyed anyone's company as much as I have enjoyed being with you this evening, Holly."

"I feel the same way, Mark."

I leaned forward and kissed her gently. As our kiss continued, it grew more passionate. I parted her lips with my tongue and explored the inside of her mouth. She responded by pressing her body more closely to mine. Then, slipping her tongue into my mouth, she moved her hands to my hips and drew me closer. I surrounded her tongue with my lips and began sucking it. I put my hands on her hips, held her more tightly, and we began to grind our pelvises together. Suddenly, she broke off our kiss and moved slightly backward.

"Mark, I'm sorry. I'm not the kind of person who'll be passionate with just anybody. I don't do this. I don't have sex with strangers."

"I understand, Holly. And I don't have sex with any woman I meet. In fact, you are the first woman I've kissed since my divorce."

"Really? You're the first man I've kissed since mine."

We looked at each other, then I asked, "Do you want me to walk you back to your room now?"

"Yes ... I think ... No ... I mean ... I'm not sure what I want right now."

"Earlier you said that you didn't want the night to end this soon. Well, I didn't either, and I don't now, Holly. But it doesn't have to end with sex."

"But it probably would. I feel there's something between us, at least I feel like there is. Even though we only really just got to know each other this evening, there's something there. I'm attracted to you, Mark. I don't know about you, whether or not you feel it."

"I sure do, Holly. I know I like your company. I know I think you're an interesting woman. I know you're attractive and appealing to me. I know I loved the way you kissed me! And I know there is something about you that makes me want to be with you."

"I just don't know if I'm ready for any kind of a relationship, Mark. I'm afraid to let go. I don't want to be hurt again."

"I'm still kind of fragile too, Holly."

"But it would be wonderful to be made to feel like a woman again. Just to feel that someone likes me for what I am, just the way I am, to know that someone cares enough about me to show me real affection."

"I would love to make you feel that way, Holly. So, I guess we have two choices. I can either walk you back to your room or we can share some affection. If either one of us wants to stop at any point, we can."

"I would like that, Mark."

I smiled and asked, "Which? Your room or affection?"

"What do you think? I want to stay here longer. I want a chance to feel good about myself again, to know that I am still desirable."

I took her in my arms again, pulled her close, and held her for several moments

"You have no idea how desirable you are

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