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Dark secrets threaten to destroy relationship.

"Is there something wrong with it?" She said, turning her eyes to the wall when she saw Joe's hesitation.

Joe lay down next to her and kissed her cheek.

"Nothing at all." He replied.

He took a deep breath and yanked his wedding ring off, feeling awful.

He carefully placed it on the floor and turned back to Mary Angelica. He placed tender kisses on her neck as he moved on top of her.

"Okay?" He asked, searching her face.

She shut her eyes and indicated that she was ready.

Joe reached down between them and took hold of his member and inserted it inside the lubricated vagina.

"Ow...stop..." Mary Angelica gasped.

"'re a virgin...I'm so sorry...I should have..." Joe apologised.

"It's all right, keep going." She said through gritted teeth.

Joe needed no further encouragement and began to move his ass slowly and penetrated her gently. He liked her tightness very much.

Mary Angelica gazed into his sympathetic eyes and lent up to kiss him.

They looked lips and lost themselves in the moment, their tongues wrapped together.

Joe pulled up and broke contact.

"We...shouldn't kiss..." He sighed, thinking of his wife.

Mary Angelica showed that she understood and tilted her head back as a wave of sensation swept through her.

"What....?" She said, astonished.

Joe smiled down at her and sped up his thrusts. He raised himself up to get better leverage.

Mary Angelica looked down passed her bouncing chest and at the two mounds of pubic hair mashing against each other.

Joe cupped her right breast and noticed the white mark where his ring had been. A tiny part of his mind was thrilled that he had been freed of its constraints.

His right hand went down between the writhing girl's legs.

"Ahhhhhh...."She cried, feeling pleasure from her inexperienced clitoris.

Joe smiled as the nun abandoned herself and her inhibitions and she began to pinch and fondle her nipples.

"Ohhhhhhh...." She groaned as Joe shifted his body so that the length of his body was against her and his hot breath was on her face.

" this...meant....ahhhh...ah..ah.ah...ahhhhhhhh" She breathed as she climaxed.

Joe felt his balls churning as his semen came spurting out and was caught by the rubber.

"That was amazing!" He announced as he lay on top of her.

Mary Angelica couldn't speak.

Eventually Joe got up and flushed the condom down the toilet before returning to the bed.

He barely registered the lights dimming to near darkness.

Flat on his back, with Mary Angelica's head on his chest, he fell asleep.


The second day

Mary Angelica opened her eyes and sat up on the bed. Joe was pacing around the room.

"Hey." She called out in greeting.

Joe's eyes flicked in her direction then he looked away guiltily.

"What's up?" She asked, hurt.

"Nothing." Came his curt response.

"Look, Joe, you just did what we had to last night...." She tried to console him.

"No. No I didn't." He snapped at her. "Intercourse is just about friction and biology. Last night we...fucked and...I enjoyed it!" He shouted.

Mary Angelica jumped off the bed.

"Poor Joe fucked another woman!" She cried sarcastically. "It's not like you betrayed God, is it?!" She raged.

"God will forgive you." Joe answered, anguished by his selfishness.

"Yeah? What about the rest of my life, huh? You stuck your cock in my cunt and now I lose everything; my home, my job, my friends..." She said, bursting into tears as fury turned to sorrow.

"I'm so sorry." Joe pleaded, sincerely.

"I'm just so scared that even if we get out of here that I'll end up with nothing!" She whimpered.

"You'll have me. I'm not going to abandon you." Joe said with conviction.

Mary Angelica fell into his arms and wept.

When the tears were gone Joe tilted her face up.

"Where did you learn to speak like that? He said, with a soft laugh.

"I grew up in Eastfield." She said, naming the worst part of Sixville and explaining everything.

"Tell me what that was like." Joe asked.

They swapped their life histories until they heard the clunking of the dumbwa

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