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Evidence of the difference between voyeurism/exhibitionism.

My fingernails, already sharpened on the edges, found their way under Jake's shirt and clawed deep, bloody gashes into the taut skin of Jake's back.

When we finally pulled apart, we were both wild-eyed and breathing heavily, and more than a little surprised by what had just happened. It was unplanned, and totally unexpected for both of us. We smiled at each other, then Jake put his arms back around me and kissed me long and deeply. We play-bit each other - a lip here, a tip of a tongue there - just a little. We were standing, as we had been the whole time, and tentatively, almost dance-like, we began rubbing our still throbbing crotches together. I wanted to abuse him. I could feel the violence welling up inside me, but at the moment, we had nowhere we could go to experiment with each other. We pulled away from each other frustrated, but Jake promised me that he would come up with something.

True to his word, Jake called me the next night and told me to be ready when he picked me up. He found somewhere.

Jake drove me to the garage where he worked. He unlocked the door and whisked me inside. He turned on the heater and the radio, and I began to look around. As I did, I smiled and realized that Jake's shop had a myriad of possibilities for two young, horny, S&M aficionados. Jake, apparently, had gotten the same idea while he was at work that day.

We wandered around, picking up the various objects that appealed to us. Jake picked up two long, thick, black metal shelf brackets that had holes an inch apart along its length, and several hard plastic ties that resembled garbage bag ties but were longer, stronger, and thicker. I picked up clothespins, lengths of flexible rubber tubing, and various metal clamps. We got to work.

I took the two metal brackets and the plastic ties and ordered Jake to remove his pants. Then, I forcibly pushed Jake's legs apart and secured each of his ankles to each end of one of the brackets by lacing the ties through the appropriate holes, and proceeded to do the same with the other bracket and Jake's wrists. I lifted Jake's shirt and made him hold it up with his teeth, then I put a clothespin on each of his nipples. I placed one clothespin on the skin on the bridge of his nose between his eyes, and two more on the delicate skin of his scrotum. Jake moaned lightly through his mouthful of shirt.

I removed my shirt and bra and attached a metal clamp to each of my nipples. I put one clothespin on my bottom lip. Jake watched me with burning eyes. Meeting his intense gaze, I knelt down in front of him and began to gently suck his dick, letting the clothespin on my bottom lip graze his penis. My eyes never left his.

Judging by the hard ferocity of Jake's penis, Jake was definitely getting off on what I was doing. But, there was still far more I wanted to do. I took my mouth off of Jake's dick, and standing up, I grabbed a length of the rubber tubing. I got behind Jake and began to tease his ass with the tubing - rubbing here, play slapping there, poking gently at his asshole. Suddenly, I whipped Jake's ass hard. Jake's response was so intense that he almost lost his balance, but he managed to keep his shaking knees from buckling. Jake's hips surged upward and his raging hard-on bounced stiffly in front of him.

After a few more whistling smacks on Jake's ass with the rubber tubing, I decided to stop. I faced Jake and asked him how he was liking his treatment so far. Jake nodded mutely and thrust his rock-hard dick at me. I got back on my knees and sucked him. Every so often I slapped his tight balls with my palms, or dug my sharp mails into the flesh of his sore red ass.

When Jake came, he let out a cry that can only be described as animalistic.

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