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Stacy and Thomas run into a snag.

The sick bastard knew he had me, and was humiliating me even further by making us all aware of it. I knew I was soaked, much more than would be accounted for by our ocean swim some time before. At that moment, I was never so glad that I was married to a man like Dick, and that I never hid my desires or fantasies from him.

I looked at Dick, but it was plain on his face that he knew the answer to that one, and he wasn't going to waste time trying to lie to the cop and just get him pissed off. I knew it was over... but I couldn't make myself surrender to it. I lowered my eyes from the oficer's steady gaze and moaned inwardly as I recognized the inevitabilty of the situation. I glanced toward Dick and knew there would be no salvation from that direction... although I couldn't see his face without lifting my own, I could tell that his cock was hard in his pants. Besides, he'd been the one talking about my fantasy during the blowjob, giving the cop the ammunition he needed for his little blackmail scheme.

The patrolman reached in the car window, and I flinched before I realized he was reaching for the bag of pot he'd thrown in the car earlier. As he wrapped his hand around the bag, I felt his fingertips brush the crotch of my suit, and a groan escaped my lips before I could catch it. The cop and Dick both chuckled when they heard that, and I knew further protests would get nothing but laughs. I looked back at the cop and saw the certainty in his eyes.

"That's one hot little bitch you've got, Mister." he said, as he picked up the pot and put it back in his pocket.

"Yeah, she's a lot to handle sometimes," Dick said, "I have to show her who's boss from time to time."

The cop grabbed the door handle and pulled the door open as he ordered both of us out of the car. "You might as well go along, Mister, so you don't try something funny while we're gone. I think you'll enjoy the show, anyway." He placed a hand in the small of my back and guided me along the path to the woods, back the way we had come just a short time before. My knees were weak, with fear and anticipation in some mix I couldn't analyze. I could feel my juices trying to escape from the crotch of my suit and run down my leg.

I decided to break the tension if I could, and maybe delay the inevitable. "What's your name?" I asked the officer. "I don't know what to call you, and I noticed you'd taken your name badge off."

He chuckled as he led me along the path. "Oh, I think you can just call me officer, or Sir," he said, "That will help you keep the 'stranger' part of the fantasy. Names don't really matter anyway, do they? Whatever my name is, you're going to be on your knees in front of me shortly." A shiver ran through me as he finished his little lecture.

He walked us into an area of the woods we hadn't explored before, where a fallen tree made a little bench on the sand. He sat on the bench and captured me between his knees. I made a half-hearted attempt to squirm free, and he smacked me quickly across the face. He watched as he did, and saw the fire and lust that triggered reflected on my face. "Ah, you like it rough, you little tramp?" He looked to the side, and I glanced over to see Dick setting on a stump nearby. "Does she like it rough, Mister?" Dick just snickered and grinned, and I knew I was in trouble.

He pushed me to my knees between his legs, and I shuddered as he grabbed my chin and turned my face to his.

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