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The ups and down of a young romance.

I stood up and reached behind me to unzip the skirt. I turned away from David and slowly shimmied out of the tight skirt. I stood there fully naked with my back to him so he could see the swell of my hips, the round firmness of my ass and the strength in my thighs and calves. I turned around to face him and his eyes slowly moved down my body from my face, to linger over my bountiful tits, down my stomach, over my hips to my cleanly shaven pussy and firm thighs.

David stared at my body and finally his eyes moved up to meet mine, "If you don't lay down and start touching yourself I won't be able to resist doing it for you much longer."

I giggled as I hopped into the bed and reclined against the pillows, then watched as David did the same.

I ran my hand across my collarbone down to cup one breast and began rolling nipple between my fingers. David's eyes were glued to the hand on my breast and he just sat watching me.

"This isn't just about me touching myself you know. I want to watch you stroke your cock for me. Show me how you like to be touched, tease yourself for me."

His hand moved to his cock and he gripped it by the base and squeezed slightly before he began slowly moving his hand up and down over the shaft of his cock.

I released my breast and leaned over to open the bedside table and pulled out some lube. I moved onto my hands and knees in front of David and kissed his chest and flicked my tongue over his nipple as I opened the bottle and drizzled some of the lube over the head of his cock and watched up close as he smoothed it over his hard cock.

"Mmm...that's it...lube up that cock nice and good for shiny and makes my mouth water. I wish I could taste your cock right now...but Isabella is right...we should wait till the results get back, just in case."

I moved back to my reclining position and moved my hand down to cup my pussy and felt the hot wetness against my hand and moaned. I slipped a finger between my pussy lips to gather some of the wetness there and then raised it to my lips and sucked the juices off. David moaned and his hand sped up on his cock.

"Does your pussy taste as good as it smells?"

"Mmm...better...would you like a taste?"

David moaned again and I spread my pussy lips with one hand and slipped first one, then two fingers deep inside my pussy and moaned loudly as I slowly finger fucked myself with them, getting them nice and wet before pulling them out and raising them up to his lips.

David sucked on my fingers like a man possessed and I moaned as I watched his cock twitch as he tasted my pussy for the first time. "That's it, lick all that pussy juice off for me....since you can't fuck me with your cock tonight how about you fuck me with something else?" I asked in a husky voice.

I pulled my fingers from David's lips and reached to the bedside table and pulled out my favorite dildo. It was 10" long and 1" wide and always made me cum hard. I raised the plastic cock to my lips and began sucking it as ferociously as I wanted to be sucking David's cock that moment.

"Oh ya Michelle, suck that cock deep...just like that...make it all nice and wet and warm for your hot little pussy."

I slipped the dildo from my mouth and handed it to David, "Come kneel between my legs and keep stroking that hard cock for me while you fuck me nice and deep with this dildo."

David followed my orders perfectly. He scooted up between my legs and began stroking his cock harder and placed the dildo against my pussy and slowly pushed it inside me until only the final inch remained for him to hold onto.

He slowly began working the dildo in and out of my pussy as his hand continued to stroke his cock harder and faster with every passing moment.

I was moaning and thrashing around on the bed like a woman possessed as I watched him stroke his cock for me. He was oozing precum and I was salivating with the desire to lick it off his cock.

I slipped my hand down my body and began teasing my clit with my fingertip and moaning louder.

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