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Clothing is removed.

All eight inches are deep inside my throat, almost gagging me.

"That's right bitch," he moans. "You fucking suck that cock! Wrap your lips around it tighter and bob on it!"

Hands still in cuffs, I reach up and grab a hold of his cock and slide it deep inside my mouth. I run my tongue over it in circles and bob up and down, faster and faster. I grab his nuts and give them a little squeeze. Then I pull my mouth of his cock and run my tongue over his nuts. He moans louder and louder.

"You like that?" I ask him. "You like it when I suck your cock?"

"Ahhhh....FUCK!" I hear him scream, as he thrusts his cock back in my mouth again. "Don't stop sucking it bitch!"

I tighten my lips around his cock and slide my mouth all the way down the shaft, sucking harder and my mouth goes down. I have it all in my mouth. Then I slide my mouth to the tip and using my hands, I stroke the shaft as I suck, slowly at first, but then faster and faster. Then, just as suddenly as he shoved it in my mouth, he pulls it out.

He reaches down and pulls me up off of the grass. Hard cock still waving in the breeze, he leads me down the side of this little hill and through some trees. He finds a spot in the grass near a tree stump and tells me to lie down. I lay on the ground with my hands resting on my stomach. I move my wrists around as the cuffs leave little marks on them. I cross my legs at the ankles tightly.

"Spread your legs," he instructs me.

But I keep them closed. In fact, I press them even more tightly together. He gets down on his stomach, face at my pussy, and lifts my skirt. Then he grabs a hold of my thighs and forces them apart. I press my ass hard to the ground so that he cannot take my panties off. But that's not what he goes after.

He firmly rubs his hands over the outside of my panties. They are stained with the pussy juice that has been leaking out onto them. He grabs a hold of the sides and pulls the sides into my pussy, rubbing them all around the inside. It feels so amazing that I stop pressing my ass to the ground. That is when he tears them off and throws them aside. There I am, pussy completely exposed, dripping wet.

He runs his tongue on the outside of my pussy lips first, sopping up any pussy juice that is there. Then he spreads the lips and runs his tongue up and down the slit, stopping at my clit. Using the tip of his tongue, he massages the clit in little circles. I can feel it pulsate on his tongue as it gets warmer. I squirm a little but mostly just so that I can rub my pussy on his face.

His tongue makes its way down the slit and closer to my deep, dark hole. With one hand he uses his fingers to play with my clit. The other hand finds its way to my ass while his tongue plunges in and out of my pussy. He sticks a finger deep inside my ass. I scream out a little but then settle down. I find myself thrusting my pussy towards his mouth every time that he stops for even a second.

"You like that, don't you?" he smirks.

"God yes," I gasp. "Please, take these cuffs off of me. I promise I'll behave."

He stops what he is doing to take the cuffs off. I rub my wrists a little as they are a bit sore and then lay back down. I motion for him to come back between my legs and commence the munching again. This time though, I tell him to straddle my face. He shoves his tongue back into my pussy as I grab his cock and put it in my mouth. I grind my pussy all over his face and I bob up and down on his cock. I can feel his cock throbbing in my mouth and taste it as it drips cum onto my lips.

"Stop!" he yells. "I'm not ready to come yet."

He raises his body from on top of me and sits up. I straddle him in the grass, shoving my tits onto his face.

"Grab them," I tell him. "Play with them."

He grabs a hold of my DDD tits and rubs on them as I slide my pussy across the top of his cock, making sure that he doesn't go inside of me.

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