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She hopes for another lesson in etiquette but gets much more.

Thompson told me to have a good weekend and be prepared to learn more next week. Which meant I still had a job, and would still be getting paid. This was a very good thing.

But it was bad because it gave me two whole days to replay that email training session in my mind.

Part of me knew it wasn't right, that Mr. Thompson took a few liberties in touching me. But the other part of me argued that it wasn't necessarily wrong, either. The touches hadn't come anywhere near any intimate places.

Which both relieved me, and frustrated me.

And that's what drove me up a wall. Did I actually want Mr. Thompson touching me? Was I pissed with that the light smacks happened at all, or was I pissed that they weren't nearly hard enough or high enough?

So, even though I did nothing but veg in front of the TV all weekend, I went into work Monday feeling more strung out than I did when I left on Friday, both nervous for what more training would entail, and anxious for it.

God, help me, but I wanted it. Bad.


By the next Friday, Josh was pleased as hell with his choice to go with Option B. Hell, he was pleased from the moment he decided, but the last few days had only cemented that for him.

Who knew he'd get off on playing mind games with his office manager?

Not that he got off, exactly. He had yet to make any bold moves, like actually spanking Bianca's ass or throwing her on his desk and making her scream, but that would be coming shortly. Pun absolutely intended.

But he'd been having fun with teasing Bianca while he'd been in the office, more fun than he anticipated, so he kept it going longer than he originally intended.

Like showing her how to fax while being pressed up against her back. Watching her file, making her bend and shift while holding onto her hips. Or, one favorite, teaching her proper phone etiquette while making her sit on his knee, her legs spread wide enough that his leg rested right against her crotch.

Yeah, he'd have to do that one again soon. He could feel her heat pouring out of her, even through her panties and his trousers. She was so hot, Josh thought her wetness would have left a spot on his pants, and actually felt disappointed that there wasn't one there when she stood up.

He'd taken every opportunity he could to touch her, brush up against her, push her limits a little more every time he "instructed" her. Bianca was enjoying it, if the flushed cheeks and bright eyes she had after every training "session" was any indication. But he also knew she was confused, both by his idea of training and her reaction to it.

If he were a better man, he wouldn't be enjoying this quite so much, especially since she was hesitant and confused. But at least he knew himself well enough to know that her being hesitant and confused only added to his enjoyment.

Besides, they were both adults, right? Right. So.

Josh turned his attention to his computer, and was wondering whether or not to call Bianca into his office for another monitored phone call or for something new, maybe her sitting on his lap to read his email, when she appeared in his doorway and knocked softly.

"Um, Mr. Thompson?" she asked timidly, shifting her feet. Josh just barely managed not to smile, and worked to school his features into a stern expression. It worked, given Bianca's hard swallow. "I think I might have broken the copy machine."

With a loud, forced groan, Josh pushed himself out of his chair and moved towards her. "You better hope you didn't."

Quickly, Bianca stepped back, giving him a wide berth as he made his way into their break room and over to the copy machine. After looking it over, he knelt at the side and yanked open a compartment door. Almost immediately, he spotted the problem, a simple paper jam. Or, was it? There was something strange about it, mainly that the paper was jammed from the top, instead of the bottom where it fed into the machine.

Josh sat back on his heels and looked up at Bianca, who was standing by his side.

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