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Snatch and Grab.

Katie wa stunned by the force of his kiss, and consumed by a lust and passion at that moment that she had never experienced before.


Their car park liaisons became more frequent and more passionate over the coming weeks, although it would be several months before they would have sex. Dan had to settle for groping her luscious tits through her shirt as she squirmed in the passenger seat, pushing her hand inside his trousers to massage his rigid cock. Working a hand up her skirt one morning, Dan found stocking tops and a thong....pushing the fabric to one side, he groaned into Katie's mouth when he felt her slick, shaven pussy and thrust two fingers gently inside. She gasped and closed her cool hand around his cock. With the feel of her slippery cunt around his fingers, her breath in his mouth and her hand pumping his cock, Dan lost all control and squirted thick ropey come all over the car seat.

On another occasion in her car, Katie worked his 8 incher out of his trousers and, after a cursory glance around, lowered her warm mouth over his cock and began sucking and tonguing him. It took Dan less than two minutes to empty his throbbing balls into her soft, willing mouth as he reached under her skirt and fingered her wet pussy. Katie swallowed every drop of his creamy come as she looked up into his eyes, deftly tucking his cock back into his pants and sitting up just as the car park attendant strolled by...


At last, one hot August day they had managed to fix up an afternoon together with no appointments. Fed up with having nowhere to go and desperate to fuck her properly, Dan had her follow him in his car to a deserted country spot. They parked in a lay by and walked hand in hand over the stile into a field. They talked and laughed, wandering as far as they dared into a field further from the road. Eventually they found a shady place to sit, away from prying eyes and curious sheep, and settled back against each other to take in the view.

Dan gently massaged Katie's shoulders to relax her, slowly lowering his head to kiss and suck her neck. As she sighed, he moved his hand further down into the waistband of her skirt, into her black cotton thong. She was already wet and he murmured to her as slipped his fingers inside her cunt.

"Do you like that," he whispered, withdrawing his fingers and massaging her clit with her own juice. She was breathing hard, reaching behind her to feel for his cock through his trousers. Dan felt his cock straining and leaking fluid, but was determined to taste her before they were done.

He lay back on the warm grass and told her to straddle his face. Katie looked around nervously - always a "good girl" at heart - but scooted up his chest and then knelt with one knee either side of his head. Dan held up her skirt, hooked her thong to the side and gazed in fascination at her moist pussy. It wasn't so much shaven as neatly, closely trimmed. He nuzzled his face into her glistening, swollen lips, breathing in her light musky scent. He slipped a finger inside her, pumping gently, then flattened his tongue against her clit. Katie gasped and fell forward, supporting herself with her arms as Dan licked and fingered her to the point of no return. His movements got more urgent as she ground her hips and pushed against his mouth, urging him to finger her more deeply, to tongue her clit more firmly.

Just as Katie was about to come, Dan suddenly disappeared from beneath her.

"Don't move," he instructed, kneeling up behind her. He looked down at her on all fours in the grass, black skirt up over her back, face flushed, waiting to be fucked. This was what he had imagined right from the beginning.

He took out his large cock, which was now swollen and purple, and rubbed the shaft once or twice, releasing more sticky pre-cum.

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