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Dixie has a lust-filled dream, or was it?

He kissed and teased her cunt through the thin layer of cotton that separated his mouth from her slit. Liz moaned in pleasure as Michael grabbed her panties and slid them off, letting them fall on the floor. She spread her legs as he placed his mouth on her pussy, his tongue caressing her slit. Liz arched her back as he lovingly licked her before he spread her walls and thrust two fingers deep inside her and his tongue slowly began to lick and tease her clit.

Liz moved her hips in the same rhythm as his fingers as he continued to fuck her. She gasped as he replaced his fingers with his tongue. She could feel him all over her slit as he delved his tongue deep inside, exploring every part of her cunt. Liz breathed heavily and erratically before she grabbed his head in order to make him stop and made his eyes meet hers.

"Baby--" she moaned.

Liz ran her hands down to Michael's pants and helped him take them off. They looked at each other for a brief moment before they started to passionately kiss each other. Liz could taste her own flavor on his lips as he gently thrust his tongue into her mouth and intertwined it with hers. They continued to kiss each other passionately and uninhibited. Lips collided wildly and tongues twisted into each other while they explored every part of each other; making their desire grow. Liz grabbed his hard length and stroked the tip over her wet cunt.

"I want you," he said hotly. "Let me love you."

"Take me," she said breathlessly.

Liz kissed him again as he grabbed his prick and fazed himself into her tight cunt. Michael grabbed her hips as he slowly went deeper, letting her enjoy his cock to the full. Both were groaning, overwhelmed by the powerful and exciting sensation. He slowly thrust in and out of her as she ran her hands across his back.

"You feel good," he said.

"Not as good as you feel," she said. "Give me more."

Michael continued the steady pace and ran his hand down Liz's side as she gently kissed him on the shoulder and rolled her eyes. The door to the apartment was unlocked and her bedroom door was open slightly, which meant that if Ron, her roommate and Michael's work partner, came home, he could catch them in the middle of their love act, but that didn't bother her. She loved to feel Michael inside of her, loved to feel his lips on her skin, his breath and his touch. Her sensation went higher knowing that she was making love to her best friend.

Gradually, Michael increased the pace as they shared more wild and uncontrolled kisses. Liz grabbed his ass as she raised her hips and pushed them against his. With every moan, every touch and every kiss, they let out little moans. Their bodies became wet from the friction and they began to move as one as their breathing became harder and more erratic. Michael thrust into her with more force and Liz gently bit his skin so she wouldn't let out a scream. Michael kissed her passionately before he moved down and began licking and sucking her nipples hard as he continued to fuck her, increasing the pace more. Liz tilted her head back as she felt his teeth teasing her nipples and his cock going deeper inside of her cunt. She ran her hands down his backbone.

"Michael...fuck me," she whispered hotly.

Michael grabbed her hips and thrust his cock all the way in, making her yelp in desire. He quickened the pace of his thrusts and kissed her passionately as he fucked her deeper and harder, his cock throbbing inside of her tight cunt as his orgasm quickly rose inside of him. Liz repaid his kiss greedily as she felt her own orgasm build. Michael sensed that she was close to hitting her peak and plowed her a little harder. He pumped twice more before the walls of Liz's tight cunt clenched around his cock. She moaned loudly as she released her fluid over his prick.

The sensation of her walls tightening around his cock sent Michael over the edge.

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