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My Teacher Has a Dick!

She looked at me and saw the dreamy expression on my face, then she saw the DVD and a horrified look came over her beautiful face. "Dear God Mom, that's ME! Just what the fuck ... oh Christ, that's Paul!"

On-screen now was a picture of Paul screwing a lovely black girl named Ida, a petite little thing who really seemed to groove on my son's big cock. Paul had a much nicer hunk of meat than his father, that's for sure.

"Oh God Mom, what are you doing, watching us fuck, watching your own kids, your daughter, this is just so sick and wrong and ..."

"Don't be so fucking indignant, you little slut . Yes, you heard me -- see, there you are with pretty little Christina -- you're not so innocent ..." [ and I was thrilled that Christina had finally gotten her wish to bed Sharon ] "... you're as big a whore as I am! I love being a slut darling, there's nothing wrong with it! I'm having the time of my life and from the way you're howling on camera there, I think you enjoyed yourself."

Sharon buried her face in her hands and said "Oh God Mom, it's just all too fucking much ..."

I hugged her close, feeling her braless tits pressed into my naked skin. Sharon was all sex and honey, she even smelled sexy. Her brother stood motionless in the doorway, the big dope. I said "Get your ass over here, young man."

Sharon sat beside me on the bed, still trembling. The DVD now showed my son and Ida and another girl, a pretty slender brunette -- Terri something -- all whooping it up and Ida was fucking Terri in the ass with a dildo while Paul fucked her. My children's sexuality surprised me, how could I have been so blind as to what magnificent animals they both were?

I brought my lips to Sharon's and kissed her softly, insinuating my tongue between her lips. She protested a bit, but she finally kissed me back. Then I stood up, almost naked, and pressed my body to Paul's. I kissed him, hard and fierce and rubbed his big cock through his pants. It was time to take action.

"Sharon, Paul, listen to me, my darlings. Paul, come sit beside Mommy, Sharon, snuggle up." The kids did as I asked, slightly dazed, but attentive.

"Now listen, my sexy loves, we have a rare opportunity to really enjoy ourselves, to know each other in a way most people will never understand. Look at you both, look at Mommy -- we're a very sexy family, aren't we? So why not share that sex, be as nasty as we like and share our bodies. Sharon, I want to lick your pussy and have you eat mine and do sixty-nine and all sorts of naughty things. Paul, I want to suck your cock, have you eat me, have you fuck me -- even in the ass, if you'd like. I also want to see you two kids fucking."

"What? I'm not fucking Paul?"

"Sharon ... "

"Mom, I just don't ... "

"I'd fuck you, Sis," Paul spoke for the first time. "You're really hot, all my buds think so."

"Of course you'd fuck me Paulie, you're a guy, but hey -- thanks. You really think I'm sexy?"

Paul nodded. "We all are, Mom's right. We're a good-looking family and obviously, not quite normal."

I hugged my son and said "Baby, what's normal anyway? We're just people who love each other, just with more intensity. Your father was sneaky, we're going to be open and up-front about it."

Sharon was really smiling, it was if she'd been mulling it over. "Wow Mom, I have to admit, this is a side of you that's very interesting. Where'd all this come from?"

"You know Debra, next door?"

"Yeah, Christina's Mom." Sharon blushed as an image now came on-screen of Christina and Paul fucking. She was gazing at her brother's huge dick, as if not believing how well he was hung.

"Debra and I have been having sex with our coffee for a few months now!" Then, I added "I have also girl-fucked Christina and screwed her brother on several occasions!"

"Holy fucking shit, Mom," Paul said, almost falling back on the bed.

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