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Gillian learns more secrets and submits to her fate.

He beat and kicked me for a few more minutes, then he left. When he came back, his friends were with him. After I served them drinks, they went into the den. They thought the door was closed, but it wasn't. I heard them talking and making plans for my now ex boyfriend to have me killed. I had a suitcase already packed and some cash on me. When he left to go screw one of his girlfriends, I took an ATM card for several special accounts that he and his friends have for their businesses. I tossed my suitcase into the trunk of my car and left. I stopped at a gas station/mini mart. After I filled my car up with gas and got Some snacks and sodas for the road, I used the ATM card and emptied all the accounts. I burnt the ATM card before I left the gas station/mini mart and I've been on the run ever since," Vanessa said.

"You're safe here," Dan said, causing her to smile.

After they had finished eating, Vanessa helped Dan put the dishes into the dishwasher. Then she went into the living room. After Dan had turned the dishwasher on, he went into the living room. He saw Vanessa looking at some photographs that he had on his wall.

"That's me, Teddy and Rattler," Dan said when he

was by her side.

"Is Rattler a biker?" she asked.

"Yep, he's the leader of the Devil's Disciples," he said.

"My ex boyfriend and his friends are scared

shitless of the Devil's Disciples. They won't go near their turf," she said.

"They should be scared of them. The Devil's Disciples are a nasty bunch of guys when they're pissed," Dan said.

"How do you know so much about the Devil's Disciples?" Vanessa asked.

"I was a Devil's Disciple," he answered.

"Do you still keep in contact with any of them?" she asked.

"Yep. Rattler and his posse stop by here whenever they are passing through," Dan said.

"Cool," Vanessa said as she looked at Dan.

After a few minutes, they went over to the couch. Dan sat down and Vanessa sat on his lap facing him.

"You're more man than my ex boyfriend and his friends," Vanessa said, causing Dan to smile.

He ran his fingers through the front of her hair, causing her to smile. She looked at Dan, leaned forwards and kissed him passionately.

"What was that for?" Dan asked.

"I just felt like kissing you," she answered.

"What would you say if I told you that I wanted to have sex with you?" she asked.

"I'd have to ask why," Dan answered.

"I like you, and I want you to screw me silly" she said.

Dan looked at Vanessa for a few minutes.

"You really want me to screw you silly?" he asked.

"Yes," she answered. "I want you to screw my mouth, pussy and ass repeatedly, until I pass out from all the orgasms I'll have" she said.

"If we have sex, let's take it slow for now and make it last for as long as possible," Dan said, causing Vanessa to smile.

"Tell me what you like and dislike when you have sex," Dan said.

"I like to cuddle and have some foreplay before having sex. I love to deep throat roughly, but I love slow and easy when it comes to my pussy. I've never had anal sex so I don't know if I'd like it or not. I love having my breasts and neck sucked on. The more you play with my clit, the stronger the orgasm will be for me. I love to have my ass cheeks licked and bitten, but not too hard though," Vanessa said.

"How do you like to be pampered?" Dan asked.

"Since my ex boyfriend never pampered, I'm not

sure about what I'd like," she answered.

"Tell me what would you'd like for someone to do to you, as a way of pampering you," Dan said.

"When I go to the salon to have my hair done, I love for a man to wash my hair. It relaxes me and make's me horny as hell. I love to go to a spa and have a male masseur give me my massages. I get horny from that also," she said.

"How do you feel about a man shaving your arm pits, legs and pussy?" he asked.

"I've never had a male to do that for me, but it sound's wonderful," she answered.

"I used to go online, watch videos and look at pictures of women getting cum facials," she said.

"How did you feel when you watched them and saw the pic

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