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He was thoughtful as she carefully made her way on her hands and knees to the barn. I have four legs now, she thought. And my feet and hands are hooves. Her breasts swayed in the early morning light.

The barn was only big enough for the two horses and Betsy. Jake led her to the one remaining stall. She stared inside, aware that on her legs like this, Jake rose high above her. He was already so big. She felt as small as one of the goats. Her utters were hanging, swollen with milk. Her pussy was exposed. No clothes for the animal. But most obvious of all was the fact that Jake had done this to her without express permission. He'd been owning her body since they had started dating, but this really proved that he owned her. One didn't ask a dog permission before breeding it or ask a cow before milking it. He hadn't asked Eve before putting her natural-born abilities into production.

She moved into the stall where a thick layer of fresh hay lay. Why shouldn't he have made her milk? Her body was capable of it and it would earn them money.

As she was thinking it all over, he went to his knees behind her and opened his jeans. She grunted as he thrust into her pussy. She was wet, already aroused. He held her hair which was in a long pixie cut, long enough to put into pigtails during their ageplay games. This wasn't a game though. This was real.

He finished, then stood. She sat up and looked over her shoulder as he closed the wooden gate. She shifted, waiting for him to come back to clean her, but he didn't. She heard him feed the horses, then watched through the slats as he put the milking machine on Betsy.

She finally sat on her heels, then lay on her side in the hay. This gave her utters a place to relax. While the machine worked, he fed Betsy and she ate from the large feed bowl.

Apprehension began to fill Eve as he removed the milking machine from Betsy. He opened her gate and came inside. He acted much the same way he did when he tended to the other animals. Unlike Eve, Jake didn't get overly attached to their animals. He slapped her rump, encouraging her to get up.

When she did, facing the back of the stall, he took his time in attaching the cups. Then he turned on the machine, making it whirr.

She felt the sucking motion from each teat. Jake left, then came back with a feed bowl that attached to the fence at a good height for her to eat without moving away from the machine. He filled it with a mixture of grain and pebbly dog food. He patted her rump, encouragement that she was doing well. She sniffed at the food, then put her face into the trough. She crunched on it, not disliking it, as the machine sucked the milk from her swollen utters.


Jake stood back, watching his once-girlfriend on her hands and knees accepting this knew way of life. He'd always wanted a slave and had tried most of the kinks with Eve, but this one felt right. He knew he'd been getting bored with her as a person and this solved it. He'd fuck her when he wanted and sell her milk. It wasn't cruel because she loved being obedient. If there came a time when this life really didn't work for her, he'd let her go free. But he didn't see that happening for a long time. The serum he'd been injecting her with kept her mind dull. She wouldn't get bored with being in the stall all day and with her body producing milk, she'd need a lot more sleep.

His gaze caressed her pink pussy lips and ass. He was getting hard again even after fucking away his morning wood. He went to his knees and opened her asshole, which was always tighter than her cunt. He pressed inside her, watching as her head was shoved deeper into the bowl. She withdrew and chewed.

He fucked his hucow, only thinking about his own relief. He'd wash her this evening, he thought, as he watched his cum drip out to add to the drying come on her thighs.


After very little time, the sucking on her teats became background noise.

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