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Debbie stepped to the front edge of the stage angled her naked body toward the new guy, seductively swaying her hips while staring, as a hungry shark, willfully drawing her prey to the closest table. The other dancers, seeing her intent, left her to her next victim, er, customer...

Alex was fresh past his eighteenth birthday and on his own, when, having just stepped out of the cross country bus station across the street, and seeing this place, he figured that going to one of these places, too innocent to even mentally think of it as 'a strip joint', was what 'guys just did'. And so he walked in. Twenty dollars admittance fee had shocked him, however he was too embarrassed to turn around and run out, so he dutifully handed over nearly a tenth of the money that he had left to his name. The thought of needing every dollar he had for any chance at room and board while he searched for a job never registered in his innocent mind. He sheepishly stepped into the dimly lit (except for the stages), loud with a throbbing beat, and not too crowded room and looked around, not knowing what to really do next, but he saw a naked vision of beauty looking directly at him on one of the side stages, so he stepped in that direction.

Alex sat, waitress arrived, waitress asked, beer came, five more dollars out of his diminishing reserves. All the while, Deb swayed her seductive naked gash and firm mounds in front of Alex's face, lust in her well-studied gaze.

Finally, her set over, Deb plopped her sweaty and still completely nude body down on Alex's lap, legs agape. "Wow, that was exhausting! I'm Britanie! Buy me a drink, my handsome man", more of a command than a question. Her fingers already were toying with the exposed skin above Alex's unkempt shirt neck opening as she seductively licked her lips.

Waitress arrived, waitress asked, soda water with food coloring came, and fifteen more dollars vanished.

Leaning forward, her moist breast pressing against Alex's chest, "Wow, these mixed drinks make my head spin! I probably won't be able to control myself with too many more! Gawd, you make me hot! How would you like a lap dance?" Twenty more dollars gone.

And so it went. Five here, fifteen there, twenty for another bump and grind, again and again.

In short order, when Alex finally said that he was broke, Deb, her hand resting in Alex's lap contrived a fake frown, "Ah, lover hunk, we were having such fun! But, I like you a lot, you are so sexy, you make me so hot, so come back just as soon as you get paid, so that we can have even more fun together, okay?" She kissed his forehead, and bounced up and left the floor without a look back, mentally adding her cut versus the club cut of the proceeds.

Suddenly, a little confused, a little hurt, Alex watched her go. The waitress showed, already knowing the answer, she asked anyway, "Another beer?"

"No, no, I better go." The hint taken. Alex trudged meekly toward the door. Outside, in the light of day, he became aware of a growing void in his stomach, and, just as soon, realized that he had no money. The word 'refrigerator' flashed in his mind and he realized he didn't have a motel room either. And not even money to get back on the bus and head back home, nor even to call home!

"Money!" He turned and looked back at the entrance to the club, somehow knew that he could go back in.

"Job!" He looked around, mainly box shaped buildings with flashing neon signs. No help there, that is where my money went in the first place. An apartment complex, kind of dingy, over there. Not likely that there is anything they can do.

His mind racing now, "Can I steal some? How? Pick pocket? Maybe rob a store? No, I'm not desperate, I won't do that. Not yet."
Then the solution hit him, like a ton of bricks. "That girl! In there! She liked me! She can help me. I just need to wait for her to come out! She will help me. I just need to wait!"

And, so he waited,

...and he waited,

...and he waited,

...and he waited.

Thirst. Sweat. How long until her shift is over?

OH NO, employees don't come and go through t

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