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The history of man through one man's eyes.


Roger: "A plucky lady, Lily. And who's that ravishing young lady who's bending over in front of the Thai Punter, showing him her open wet pussy while she fingers it lasciviously?"

Lily: "That, Roger, is Vicky Fox, the GB manipulator. As you can see Vicky is beyond gorgeous: blonde, blue eyes and the best body I have ever ever seen. She's 6' 1" tall, her breasts are a gravity defying 32G and her legs are endless. She'll be called in later in the play to use her practiced hands to finish Chanarong off and to use her astounding body to drive him crazy with desire."

Roger: "She's a real stunner, Lily. So the girls are all naked now except for stockings and stilettos. What happens next?"

Lily: "Well, Roger, as you can see, Jenny and Vicky have stepped back and are indulging in some heavy lesbian petting while they finger each other's pussies and bums. While they're substitutes they can indulge in whatever degraded act they wish just as long as they're not using any tools or toys and they don't touch the Punter. As you can see they really know how to put on a show."

Roger: "Oh, my god, Lily. That's amazingly tasty. So Britain is going to start in the 2-1-2 formation you mentioned earlier?"

Lily: "That's right, Roger. As you can see the two Suckers are on their knees in front of Chanarong, licking their lips, ready to go, whilst Amanda Kenny, the Shagger, and Catherine Clark, the Reamist are getting into place. That means that Katy Fletcher-Hampton will be Tonguing. And there goes the hooter! We're off!"

Roger: "My word those girls are fit and flexible, Lily. They're in some amazing positions!"

Lily: "They certainly are, Roger. This is a very physical sport. And a young woman's game too. Katy is the veteran in the side at 26. In fact the rest of the British team are all in their early-twenties. I feel quite ancient compared to them at the age of 29!"

Roger: "Oh no, Lily. You're as gorgeous as any of them! Your body is astoundingly lovely."

Lily: "Oh, Roger, you're so kind. I have kept my figure quite well but my breasts aren't what they used to be."

Roger: "They look stunning to me, Lily."

Lily: "Oh, Roger, that's really kind, But, here, let me get them out for you to feel of them. See, they're not as firm as they used to be and they sag a touch."

Roger: "Oh, fuck, Lily. They feel unbelievable to me!"

Lily: "Thanks, Roger. I think you'd best stop fondling my enormous breasts and tweaking my perky pink nipples now because the action's underway. You can see that the girls have pulled Chanarong down a little off the couch a little so that Catherine Clark can get access to his arse with her snakelike tongue. The Punter is not allowed to resist anything the girls do to him but of course he doesn't have to help them in any way either. Amanda Kenny is rubbing her huge sexy boobs over his face, her hard nipples sliding across his closed mouth whilst the two suckers get down to some serious licking as does Katy who's working intensely on his nipples. Come on, girls!"

Roger: "Oh, wow. I can't believe Chanarong isn't as hard as a rod, Lily! How can he resist all those tongues and tits? He can get hard, can't he? I mean, what if he's impotent?"

Lily: "Don't worry, Roger, that's just not possible. Yesterday, at the Suck-Off he'll have been put through his paces by the judges."

Roger: "The Suck-Off, Lily? I've heard of that. Isn't it a bit like a boxing weigh-in?"

Lily: "That's right, Roger. Except that Chanarong was fellated by two of the independent female judges, both of whom incidentally are ex-competitors themselves, to make sure that he can get an erection and that he is able to ejaculate. I'm pleased to say both he and Arthur Coombes, the British Punter, passed with flying colours, both of them spunking generously in a judge's mouth within the two hour limit. They will also, of course, be drug tested to ensure no arousal inhibitors have been used."

Roger: "Oh, boy.

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