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Luke & Dakota lay the floor.

She hadn't expected it, she opened her eyes, I looked into them and held them on me while I lightly, just lightly, parted the lips of her sweet pussy with my finger and swirled the tip of it three quick times around her clitoris. I heard the sharp intake of breath, and then my finger was gone. I raised it to my lips and sucked off the drops of honeydew and smelled the strong perfume of a body wanting sex.

I was teasing her, but I was also casting a physical spell on her, a kind of body hypnosis that would allow her to be watched without fear. It had to be gradual, The watcher saw what I had done and he laid a hand on the bulge in his pants. The fact is that I was trying to hypnotize him too. Don't suppose, though, that I was in complete control. I felt that Sofia's body and the eyes of that watcher were compelling me to do what I did. Or rather, it was something deep inside me which compelled me.

I pulled Sofia's jersey off her arms and tugged it down to her waist. She had on her very low-cut bra with the straps more or less uselessly loose or her arms. She had beautiful breasts to begin with, but to see them held up and out by a bra designed to show them off was even more beautiful. Her rosy areolae showed above the fringy edge of the fabric, which barely concealed her nipples. Her chest was heaving. She looked directly at our voyeur, who never took his eyes from her chest. I dipped my finger a second time under her skirt and let it play a little longer, kissing her face, her ears, her neck as I did so. We were both in the grip of erotic passion now and already breathing hard.

And then the watcher suddenly unzipped his pants and out sprang his cock like a jack in the box. He immediately gripped it near the base. It looked tough as a tree root, long, strongly veined, with a shining, purple, helmeted head. The man released his hand, and it just stood straight up in the air, a good seven inches of stiff and swollen man flesh. The watcher looked proud of it, and he had every right to be. It was Sofia and my turn to look. The other couple, first the man, then the girl, also took a look. Our watcher had shown his cards, so to speak.

I wasn't surprised, but for the other couple it was too much. They whispered to each other, looked at us, and prepared to leave. It was an awkward moment for the man; his cock display had frightened them off. Sofia too was concerned, especially now that we were going to be left alone with him. I tried to reassure her (though I was a little worried myself), saying that he no doubt just wanted to watch us and masturbate. She didn't settle down at first, and huddled against me, averting her eyes from what she had just seen, though the man turned partially away from us.

I kissed Sofia deeply and moved my tongue rhythmically in and out of her mouth. I asked for hers and sucked it myself, and she did the same to mine, and we were soon lost in the sensations. I laid a strong hand on her chest and held her breast under her bra as I kissed her, and the bra slid off her nipple. I held her by the hair again and leaned in to take that nipple between my lips, and fastened on it. She couldn't help but yield to me. She relaxed, she began to make sounds, and it was time for a third trip to her still hidden pussy. This time I put one, then two fingers inside of her and stroked her clitoris with my thumb as I sucked her nipple. Now she was gone, I could feel it, now she would do anything I asked.

The truth is that it was sexier to be left alone with the voyeur.

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