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Linda and Virginia come together in their journey.

.. wanting to make love with my husband...wanting to make a baby... and then I find out that my husband is jacking off, picturing his wife getting balled by a black man." She was really pissed. "I heard you get up last night, and I watched as you got your pornography, and pulled your pud in the bathroom." So tonight I'm going to give you a show.

You get off on that fantasy stuff, so let's see how you like the real thing." "Hey Jill, you can't mean to fuck John tonight, it's just a fantasy!" I said. She replied that was just a fantasy. I 'm going to act like the sluts in your stories. Let's see how far you'll let me go!

John will be here in a minute. You can stop this anytime you want to. OK, good I thought. I started to say stop, but there was a knock at the door. It was John. I looked at Jill and said, "we have to let him in for a drink, but just one, and then he goes." Jill looked at me and said, "It's up to you Ben...I'll go as far as you'll let me."

She was toying with me. OK I could do the same with her. Looking at each other in a standoff, I went to the door and let John in. We made a pitcher of Pina Coladas, heavy on the rum, and sat down to talk. Jill was drinking hers really fast, and needed a refill before either John or me. Jill was sitting on the bed, in her bikini, and a half tee shirt. She was parting her legs again, showing John her cunt. She noticed both of us looking, and then noticed that I had a hard on, It was obvious in my bathing suit. John got up to get a refill for his drink, and Jill and I both saw the hard on pressing against his shorts, and I think we both knew that he must have a really big cock.

That's when Jill surprised me big time. She suggested that we play strip poker! Just a friendly game of course, John waited to see what my reaction would be. Jill only looked straight at me, waiting. We both knew that if I said no... hat would be the end of this, but I wanted to see how far she would go. I thought that it would be pretty funny when she had to peel off what littler clothes she had, and refused. So I said sounds great. Jill looked surprised, but apparently determined. She got cards out, and said, "Here deal." I shuffled and dealt. I had a pretty good hand, and beat both of them handily. John took off his shirt, revealing a lean torso, with no fat... just muscle. Jill removed her half tee shirt, and was now only in her bikini. Jill and John eyed each other as I shuffled and dealt the next hand. I could feel tension in the air, but I was still determined to see how far she would go. I got another good hand and trounced both of them again.

John stood up and removed his shorts right at Jill's face level, not 2 feet away.. He was wearing only satin boxer shorts, and the lines of his cock were clearly visible. He was truly huge, and I didn't know if he was all the way hard yet. Jill stared at the massive cock, and slowly, almost hypnotically, she reached behind her and undid her top letting if fall free of her.

I couldn't believe it! Jill was sitting with her face not 2 feet from Johns black cock, baring her breasts to this man we didn't even know. I watched the erotic scene in front of me for a moment, and then said, "OK, next hand." I knew Jill wouldn't go any farther, so I thought what the hell. John won the next hand, and I had to take of my shirt. Jill had an ankle bracelet on and argued that that counted. We let her go on that, and then I knew she wouldn't go any farther.

Just then she surprised me and told John," When Ben and I play this game at home, we have a rule that you can touch anything that's exposed. I say let's play that rule." I was floored. John didn't even look at me for approval. and Jill didn't either. Instead John said," Absolutely," and dove for Jill's breasts. Kneeling on the floor between her spread legs, John began sucking on Jill's exposed breasts. Jill stroked his head, and pulled him to her.

This went on while I just watched them for what seemed like an eternity.

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