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Swinging gets even more complicated on the ship.

..ermm..." The words he needed so desperately and quickly to get out of the situation abandoned him. A moment of silence filled with pure tension passed before Tom replied.

"Don't worry about it - I just came to see what you were doing. Looks like you're having more fun up here than down there. Can I...join in?"

Jim, sitting next to his PC with his now semi-erected penis still exposed, now couldn't utter even a single word. He didn't know what to say. It was bad enough that he'd been caught in the act, but being put in this situation was simply all too much. Was Tom serious? He certainly seemed so. Jim had to say something. "Erm...ok...come in...".

Tom turned around and closed the door, locked it, and then turned back to face him. Jim examined him closely, and noticed that he looked the same as he had looked the last time he had seen him, the summer prior. Tom stood tall, making the most of his 6 feet. He was thin and composed, wearing quite baggy clothing. His face was well shaped; his jaw was quite square, his mouth small and lips thin. His nose was of medium size and round eyes a deep blue colour. His light brown, slick back hair, as well as his clean clear complexion made Tom, overall, a very handsome young man. Jim then watched as Tom sat down on his large, soft bed.

"Come here. Sit next to me", Tom told Jim.

Jim, felt as if was being ordered, but nevertheless carried his 5ft 7 well built frame over next to his cousin, and sat down.

Tom spoke again, still with remarkable ease and composure. "Now, I know you've probably never done anything like this before but its good fun. You're 18 years old right? Single?"

"Yes..." Jim felt his cock began to stiffen again. He couldn't believe he was getting aroused.

"Perfect. I wouldn't want to do it with a 17 year old. Too young." Tom slapped his hand onto Jim's thigh. "Now take off your trousers".

Jim's heart was beating very fast now. He knew he badly needed some sex but not by another man, let alone a cousin! But he could feel that he was becoming aroused by the way Tom was ordering him to do things and how he was running his hand up and down his tight thigh. He couldn't help himself, so he took off his trainers and slid of his blue jeans.

"Now your shirt."

Jim hesitated, just for an instance, as the ordering continued.


Another bead of sweat rolled down his forehead and with that, he quickly unbuttoned his shirt to reveal his small but tight, muscular chest. All that remained now were his socks. His seven inch cock was throbbing even more by now.

"Good, now lie back cousin".

As Jim lay back on his white bed covers, he watched as Tom slid off all of his baggy clothes to reveal a 21 year old body in immaculate condition. His legs, chest and arms were packed with tight, well toned muscles. But the most incredible part of his body was without a doubt his penis. It was the biggest he'd ever seen. And unbelievably thick. It was incredible. Both cut and stiff, it must have been at least eleven inches long and two and a half thick. Jim remained silent as he wondered what was going to happen next. And it didn't take a rocket scientist to guess that.

Tom moved forward towards him and jumped on him, grabbed him, and moved his mouth next to Jim's. Jim, without thinking, began to feel his cousin's body with his hands, and he had to admit, it was smooth and smelt fresh. Jim couldn't help himself, he pressed his lips on to Tom's and probed the inside of his mouth with his tongue. Their tongues met and, as they merged, both Jim and Tom ran their hands over each other's bodies. After 20 seconds of saliva swapping, Tom pushed away and began to kiss Jim's tight chest. Each kiss was planted lower and lower before he substituted the kissing for licking his belly button. It felt great, and Jim closed his eyes. The licking stopped and suddenly, he felt his stiff, throbbing cock enter Tom's hot, wet mouth.

Tom, seemingly an expert at giving blow jobs, ran his lips around the head of Jim's meat and sucked, swirling his tongue around the head at the same time.

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