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Great sex between 2 very different people.

You are a Good Girl.

I lean in and kiss you taking your hand as I help you into the tub. I stand outside the tub as I start to kiss your hand going up your arm to your neck to your lips.

I step in the tub with you. I reach down and grab the sponge dipping it in the water and putting the body soap on it I start to wash your body gently, caring.

You are watching me washing-worshiping your body as I make sure not to miss a single spot on you.

I help you to lay in the tub. I am at your feet as I begin to wash/rub them and looking into your eyes I see you are enjoying my hands on your body. My hands slowly massage your legs as I work up towards your hips. I graze your pussy with my fingers and hear a sigh. I smile as I look into your pleading eyes that so unh unh that's not it I want more don't stop. I smile as we drink our glass of wine.

My hands continue to slowly massage and move up your body firmly gently. I grab and massage your boobs my thumbs sliding over your hard nipples. I proceed to your shoulders rubbing them then move to your arms rubbing massaging them one at a time.

You pour another glass of wine and offer it to me as you hold the glass to my lips; serving me as I am adoring you.

I lean forward kissing you; you passionately kiss me back hard. I feel your desire to be love to be needed. This makes my heart do it's happy dance. Knowing that you want and need me, makes me very happy.

I tell you that I want you to lay back in the water as I slide in behind you. I want to wash your hair.

You agree and lean back as I get your hair wet running my hands through your hair feeling my fingers tips on your scalp. I massage your head as I wash your hair. I then rinse it.

I then proceed to wash your back and massage it. I feel you relax.

We step out of the tub, me first. I dry off and then help you out. I wrap a towel around you. Grabbing another towel I start to dry you off. I dry an arm and then the other arm. I bend to dry your legs. I start with the left one moving back to your hips, I lean in and kiss your pussy I hear that sigh again as you place your hands on my head. I smile and move to the other leg drying it.

I stand up and take the towel you are wrapped in of and start to dry your body and hair.

I carry you to the bed and gently place you down laying you on your stomach. I grab lotion placing some in my hands rubbing it warm as I start on you left leg massaging and rubbing lotion up your leg to your left cheek, My right hand brushing your pussy.

I lean back and do the right leg the same way and as I approach and touch your pussy with my left hand I hear a moan.

***my cock is so hard as I write this. I see it in my mind and can almost feel you in my hands***

I get some more lotion in my hands and grab your butt cheeks hard massaging them moving up the curve of your back my fingers sliding up your sides feeling your ribs and my thumbs travel your spine. With my fingertips pressing in firmly on your back muscles I drag them down your back to your butt cheeks. Mmmm moving back up massaging as I go I reach your shoulders I rub them firmly but gently. I hear you let out a sigh. I love that to my soul.

I ask you to roll over onto your back as I move to your feet putting more lotion on my hands I rub it into your left foot and proceed to massage up your leg to your pussy. This time I let a finger trail along your slit slipping inside; mmm you are so wet.

I look at you watching me as I lean back I lift my right pointer finger the one that was just in your pussy to my mouth and lick your sweet juices off my finger clean. Mmmm

I move to your right foot massaging the lotion in moving slowly up your leg massaging it until I you're your pussy with my left pointer finger as it travels along your slit and slides in. I pull it out as you watch my finger travel to my mouth and suck it clean. mmmm

I see that hunger desire the look of to

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