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Rick and Laura meet her High School bully.

She kept this up for about one sweet minute before letting Scarlett take her turn sucking Santa while she moved up Santa's body and unveiled her tits for Santa to latch his bearded mouth onto while Scarlett serviced him.

Nobody in the world would believe that Santa Claus had such a perverted side. No one would believe that Santa would have two girls, both competing to be his wife, try to satisfy him as a man after Mrs. Claus' demise but it was true. Santa was new relaxing on the couch with his eight inch dick out and being sucked from a hole in his red pants by one gorgeous woman with his face in the tits of another one. Both Scarlett and Isabella were making worthy cases to why they should be the new Mrs. Claus.

"You like my big titties huh Santa?" Isabella smiled lustfully at Santa sucking her tits once she pulled them out of her red dress. Between the feel of Santa burying his face in her heaving breasts and sloppily sucking them and pleasing her erotic desire as a woman and possible Mrs. Claus.

Santa's porcelan colored hands grabbed, massaged, and groped her tits before he planted his lips onto the nipples and slurping and sucking them like his life depended on it but neither one of them could ignore the sight of Scarlett bobbing her head up and down on his dick, taking it right down to the base so she could keep his whole dick nice and wet. It was so good that the saint couldn't help but moan against the dark haired girl's plump tits.

However now was the time to show off a little more of her body to Santa. While Scarlett tended to his dick she maneuvered her soaking wet panties off those shapely legs of hers and threw them to the floor before positioning herself on top of Santa so he could not only get a better view and angle of her supple boobs but she could finger herself. The feel of Santa playing with her tits and the sight of Scarlett sucking Santa's cock was too much for her to just sit around and relish with her eyes, she had to please herself from that sight.

"Ohhh fuck, ahhh, ahhh yeah, ahh I love it when you suck my tits, mmm and Scarlett looks so good with your cock in her mouth, sucking you so good," Isabella moaned. She was more than happy to get herself off while Scarlett began to give Santa Claus a snug titjob, squeezing her tits around his member to stroke him. The blonde woman on her knees even had a clever, dirty, little idea.

"Bounce your ass on my tits," Scarlett groaned. That way she could see more of Isabella's ass while she stroked the man in red's throbbing cock her succulent breasts, and Santa could see and taste Isabella's jiggling tits. Everybody won thanks to Scarlett's slutty idea.

"Mmmm so good, so good, mmm," Kris Kringle mumbled against the raven's bouncing breasts. He loved the feel of ripe, round, big, tits shaking in his face. He wasn't the only one enjoying himself too because Scarlett herself loved the sight of Isabella moving that beautiful ass up and down against her ample chest

"My tits are as big as your ass," Scarlett joked in aroused delight from the look and feel of her tits bouncing against Isabella's beautifully big butt. That's when she had another idea fill that dirty mind of hers.

"I wanna taste your ass and that cock," Scarlett cooed out her next sexual idea. She let Santa's cock free from her bountiful bosom and kept it close to her fellow whore's asshole and moved her tongue against them both, getting the taste of Santa's dick and Isabella's ass on her tastebuds.

Isabella was a cooing, moaning, mess right now from Scarlett's dirty little mouth tending to both her back hole and Santa's very own candy cane and the fair haired woman knew it. Knowing that her dark-haired rival was a naughty little slut perhaps she should be the one who got her ass fucked by Santa...

"Mmm since we love Izzy's asshole so much do you wanna fuck it first Santa?" Scarlett asked sweetly with her right hand on Santa's cock in wait of his answer.


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