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Dinner and dancing turns into an overload of the senses.

Elena immediately invited Kat to stay for dinner before Michael could ask, then shooed the couple upstairs in the direction of Michael's room.

The way he usually went about hacking consisted of sitting at his desk with his laptop in front of him, running three LCD monitors in the background. He'd use the laptop to enter values and do anything else that was easier typed than said aloud, while sometimes it was just easier for him to think of a solution by going the traditional route. Meanwhile, he could direct and monitor Pandora's movements simultaneously on the three screens.

With Kat here, Michael wanted to try something different. He closed the blinds and then led her to his king-sized bed. He had an ultra-high res full HD projector mounted directly above it facing the blank wall beyond the foot of the bed. Usually used to stream movies, it had direct connections to both his PC and the internet. They lay down as Pandora spooled it up without being asked, Michael wrapping an arm around Kat as they used the pillows to prop themselves up.

"Fancy," Kat remarked, happy that they could snuggle while they worked.

As Pandora set up the proxy servers and took measures to make their impending footnote altogether invisible, Michael ordered her to make the screen, which was 12ft. diagonally, split into four equal windows so they could multitask. They decided that since Michael had already sent a clear message to the Chinese and the hacking world in general, they wouldn't need to worry about hiding what they were after or coming up with elaborate plans. The collective was too big to take down all at once anyway and they considered this a prolonged vendetta. It was more about creating a target-rich environment where they could act spontaneously, as they identified a person or organization relating to the collective.

Mainly though, Michael was happy to have a set of targets he could rob blind and create chaos among and not feel guilty about afterwards. This was going to help the US on the cyber front tremendously, but he'd do it for the fun. It was also going to be an opportunity for Kat and him to work together and build another kind of relationship. Michael had Pandora bring up a list of all the contacts that had received a Trojan and they began.

Sometime later they were both jarred out of their concentration as they heard a knock on the door. The couple had been in the zone, completely oblivious to everything else, aside from the other's voice. They glanced at the clock to see it blinking 7 p.m. and were startled to see that four hours had passed since they started. Looking back at the screens, what they'd done started filtering back to them and they began to register the utter devastation they had caused. Viewing it as a battlefield, because that's what it was, they saw the burned out hulks of mangled computers, servers, and system software. The information stored on them had been copied, the originals deleted; their programs crashed, their networks collapsed.

Kat turned and gave Michael a scorching kiss. She was buzzing with excitement at what she'd been a part of. "That's incredible!" she exclaimed. "Security measures that would have taken me days to penetrate, and that's if everything went right, Pan cut through in seconds." She moaned dreamily, "And the destruction she left in her wake... You really named her appropriately. God! It's so easy and seamless now. I can't imagine going back to sifting through line after line of code when Pan can just find what I'm looking for instantly." She hugged him tightly, willing this all to be real and not some twisted dream. "Thank you for sharing this with me," she finally said.

Michael couldn't be happier that he and Kat seemed to meld so well together. He squeezed her arm and said, "Come on. I think that knock meant dinner's ready."

Heading towards the door, Kat stopped.

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