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A silky/Silkeon Fantasy.

Stand against the couch my angel and stay there until I come for you. I went to the bedroom and pulled out the big long box from beneath the bed....

Rose's mother and I had been playing little bondage, submissive and Master games for a long time. Her mother always enjoyed prancing around acting bad when we were alone enough to give Me reason to pull out this little box and whip her tiny ass hard with the paddle or leather strap. We had built up a collection of whips, paddles, weight clamps, wrist restraints, vibrators and dildo. All of this made my cock rise remembering the whore her mother could be at such times and wondering if my rose had inherited the same traits. I continued to rummage through the box until I found just the right things. A nice leather paddle, leather wrist restraints with soft cotton inside and around the edges so as not to leave permanent marks or dig to hard into her flesh. I also found the clamps, one for each nipple and one for her clit. I went to My dresser and pulled out of the drawer a silken blindfold and the little golden chain that would link all three clamps. I went back to the box and found the last item I would need today and slowly pulled it out, thinking soon a new one would have to be bought made especially for My little rose. A brilliant collar studded with tiny diamonds that had been made for her mother for our tenth anniversary.

I looked at my body as I shed my clothes and decided to put something more fitting for this situation on. I went into the closet and pulled out a little tight black T-shirt that rippled across My chest making me look twice as thick as I actually was. It accentuated every muscle. Then I pulled on a pair of silk boxers and some black jeans..I wanted to look the part that I was feeling. I knew that this was wrong but if I was going to do it I was going all out.

Walking down the stairs with the items I had picked out I sat them on the floor next to rose. She started to turn around but I quickly instructed her to remain as she was. I reached around and placed the silken blindfold around her eyes and then told her to clasp her hands behind her back. Remembering first how hard it would be to remove the robe once she was cuffed I opened her arms out for a moment and pulled it off. She gasped, "Daddy no, you can't do that."

I told her to shut up she was being punished for being a bad girl and she wasn't to speak unless spoken too. She nodded her head and then let the robe drop to the floor. I kicked it away and then put the little restraint around her wrists. I spun her around knowing she could see nothing now. I reached out and teased her nipples. "Ah" , she whispered through a thinly veiled smile... I was feeling the same as she was I was sure, the first touch in a new lifestyle for My daughter. If I was to make her my slut, it was going to take the full two weeks, I decided to make each day long and deliberate with training.

Thumbing her nipples I watched them swell. Big, firm nipples the clamps would fit nicely over them. I bent down and picked up the clamps and attached the first one. Listening to her whimper excited me even more. I let the clamp shut around her nipple and gave it a little tug. I watched her whole body writhe in her lust. She loved the sensory depravation and the clamp(s) so far. I quickly added the other clamp and looped the chain through the ends. I tugged hard and watched her mouth open in a soft O as she delighted in the sensations. I decided the other clamp for her clit would have to wait I didn't want her cumming yet. I spun her back around and bent her over the couch and told her that she was to count.

"Daddy what am I counting?", she asked coyly.

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