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But before I reached the lead-up to orgasm, his mouth moves to my asshole, his new focal point. Without so much as a warning, he sharply stabs his long tongue into my brownie, which I'm holding tightly closed still. He flips me over on my stomach, slides under me in our favorite 69 position, pushes my buttocks up in the air so they are vulnerable over his mouth. He roughly pries my ass cheeks apart and I give in.

Her tightness gave way as soon as I pulled her round cheeks apart, opening that lovely orifice. She relaxed and the hole widened in a loose ring as it accepted my tongue way up. I tickled the inside of her flesh, searching for my luscious reward. She gave in and pushed her sphincter muscles out hard, loosening my tongue from its holster. As my mouth recoils from her action, a slow spittle of my cum dribbles from her brown hole. She does it again and more cum seeps out, now in thick gobs. I stab her with my tongue, yanking her butt apart to widen my access and collect all the cum possible. I gingerly trace every fold possible. I get my third finger in quite easily and she moans. The combination of her gyrating to my pulsing finger and my probing relentless tonguing yields more cum, in fact, I pull everything out, and keeping her buttocks apart, the lovely hole stays wide open; all the spunk I deposited in her rectum dribbles out without so much of an effort. I lap each drop into my mouth. She heaves a great push, and out plops a nice solid turd encrusted with cum and two giant final globs of syrupy spunk, all onto my tongue. She finishes with a long wet fart followed by a thin brown stream of fishy filthy liquid.

My mouth is full of my own sperm, a steaming turd and some ass sauce from my lover, all freshly preserved from her bung cave and I'm so eager to swallow it but I hear her begging for it.

"Red, Red, give it all to me, now, while it's hot... please, please... don't eat it. I want your cum. I want to eat your cum.

I slide out and kiss him hard, opening his mouth and drinking deeply all the contents. As I chew them I taste his wonderful salty syrup, mixed with my ass juices. I taste my fecal ball, which has been building up for days. I taste some olives in my shit, some small pieces that weren't digested. It all washes down with the ass spit I gave him. I feel so earthy and nasty, I haven't quite imagined anything this dirty could be so intense. I feel about to come simply from this experience and my hands move instinctively to my pussy. I quickly jam two fingers in and start pumping them gently. I feel his hand lower over mine and one of his fingers goes in to join mine.

I have been wanting to swallow his come since this started. I now feel insatiable. I dream of several guys shooting in my mouth savoring the different tastes simultaneously, something that could never happen, I'm just not that type of girl. But at least I want to eat all of him. As I swallow the last bite, he's back mouthing my sore tit.

"Carla, love," he whispers, "I'm so sorry about biting your tit. You have the most gorgeous breasts, I love them, I would never hurt you, you know that. Jeez you taste good." My nipples were erect now, urging his actions. He then began playfully pinching my clit in a way that tickled, rather than hurt it. It grew stiff and emerged from its folds. My fingers surrounded his and guided him to rub more gently.

He left my chest and kissed the inside of my thighs, keeping his fingers in my cunt busy.

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