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Allen shares an evening with leasing agent Stephanie Peters.

He pulled his dick out and started to jerk off. He had a 8 incher, which he was respectably__ proud of and knew how to use it, whether it was in his hand, in a woman or that fleshlight he would use on special occasions. He always knew it only took about a minute to get really hard when it came to his favorite actress. He closed his eyes and imagined that he would magically appear in the scene and would be in the tub, naked with The Girl On Fire. He would hold her, feel her breasts and pinch her nipples so tenderly. She would start to moan loudly and start to rub her ass against his dick. They would both start to moan and she would turn her head to look at Dan. Her blue eyes would turn him on the most, and she would give him this look and that would follow with six words:

"I want you to fuck me."

"Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!" Dan moaned hard as he came back to reality and came all over his hand and a bit over his couch.

"Damn, that was a bit much." He reached for a roll of paper towels on his glass table and wiped the mess he made.


After his fantastical dream, he did some research on the movie he would be invited to see and review which would follow with him interviewing his dream woman. The name of the movie is called Serena, as it follows a married couple during the Great Depression and the downward spiral of their marriage.

Dan was impressed with the background of the film. It had a great cast (only one cast member is what he really cared about), a good director, and a worthwhile story. He watched a trailer and liked what he saw. Then he started to read about the film's release date and found out that it was filmed back in 2012 and is now getting its release.

"Uh oh" Dan knew what this meant. Most of the time when a film is released despite being made years before, it signifies that it was not viewed favorably by the studio, which would signal the film being bad or terribly made.

Dan knew this was the case. It always was. Not all the time, but he's seen many films that would suck when they were delayed for more than a year. A colleague of his had seen a film of David O'Russell's, a political satire that the director hated so much, he quit the film and the studio made a completed version, almost 7 years after its production and his colleague said that the film was rumored to be awful, in every sense of the shitiness. Could this be the case for Serena?

"No way!" Dan said to himself. Even if the movie's not good, she could still make a performance out of a shitty film and still look hot in it. I mean, she did it before with The House At The End Of The Street, a very shitty teen horror film where it had scenes of Lawrence running and showing her perky tits in action. "Mmm" he moaned, putting the scene in his head.

He decided not to research the film anymore and to judge the film for himself when he sees it tomorrow. Dan then ate his dinner, a chicken caesar salad that he forced himself eat. He was not particularly a fit man, occasionally indulging himself with his favorite foods, all tasty and all fat. He was about 6'1, around 200 pounds. Not fit but a lean, toned guy. Sometimes he would go to the gym and sometimes just walking would do the trick.

He watched some TV before going to sleep. He would usually dream about Jennifer and would always be the same: inserting himself into her films. Tonight, he was playing Bradley Cooper's role in Silver Linings Playbook.

The scene would be them ending their dance competition practice in her house/parent's garage. Both of them are covered in sweat and rapidly breathing.

"Okay, that was a good practice...for once." Jen, or Tiffany, says while looking at me, catching her breath.

"Sorry, I can't get that two step going right." I really don't know if that was in the movie but hey, it's my fantasy!

"We did enough for today. Hopefully next practice you know how to grab my waist, not my ass."

She really had a nice ass. It was safe to mistake it to hold onto when we dance.


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