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Neglected married woman has an affair.

Rambull pawed at her ass cheeks as he plunged that enormous black cock top down into her rectum while Jerome squeezed and gnawed at Rosy's tits.

The double penetration was intense and shocking. The two big black cocks penetrated her pussy and ass with a vengeance. The engorged tube organs ripped into her like a saw. Rosy's red gaping ass hole and pink pussy were stretched out to the max. Even then she was a tight fit because the big black cocks were just too thick.

"Ow gawd, your big black cocks are so big, so thick..." Rosy gasped.

Rosy was panting and moaning and screaming altogether. She had forgotten about the slut of a blonde in the other room and she didn't realize this was all on tape. There was a hidden camera on the wall that captured everything.

"Aw yeah, BITCH! You gonna be a star!"

Rosy's eyes and mouth widened. The thought made her happy. But the big black cock hurt like hell.

Jerome and Rambull took turns slamming into her holes. Their heavy balls slapped against the thin membrane between her pussy and ass.

Rosy was really taking it hard. She was thoroughly stretched out as much as possible. Rosy had fifteen inches of big black cock buried in her ass and pussy at the same time.

The big black cocks pounded into her, fucking her tender pussy and ass hole raw. Rambull was actually on her ass, pounding down into her rectum. He pulled out of her ass hole, and her sphincter made a loud popping sound. Rosy thought for a moment that he pulled out to cum on her ass, but that thought was shattered when Rambull plowed into her ass.

"OW! MY FUCK! GAWD YOUR COCK IS SO FUCKING BIG!" Rosy screamed as she gasped for air.

The big black cocks only seemed to grow even harder.

"Oh gawd, slow down please, it fucking hurts..." Rosy panted.

Hearing those words only made Jerome and Rambull fuck Rosy even deeper.


Rosy took in as much as she could. Rosy fainted shortly after that.


"Why did you drag me out here?" Kim asked Omar.

"I think we might have found the ones who shot Dittel."

"Really? Then what are we waiting for? Let's bust them. Oh, wait, shouldn't we call for back up?"

"You have ME here; do you think we need back up?" Omar retorted.

"No offense, but, their black. They could be dangerous."

"You'll get plenty of back up alright." Omar smirked.

"What is that suppose to mean?" Kim rolled her eyes at Omar.

"Look there." Omar pointed at an alleyway. It was pitch black as there were no lights and no one around for that matter.

As Kim turned her head, Omar undressed her with his eyes. She was wearing a tight red corset and a revealing mini-skirt. Her garter and thigh-high stockings could be seen under her skirt. Omar stared at her full round breasts, her cleavage thrusting out of the corset.

He licked his big thick lips and his eyes traveled down her body, imagining the shape of her nipples, the soft skin of her flat stomach, those long legs in sheer black stockings and stiletto high-heels.

"I don't see anything." Kim looked at Omar.

"There." Omar pointed again at the alleyway.

Two large black men ran turned the corner and ran into the alley.

"That's Tyrone and Jamal. They work for Brock. If we catch them maybe we can force a confession."

"How do you know this?" Kim asked intriguingly.

"I've been tracking them for a long time now. I finally found out they've been hiding here. Let's surround them. You go in the front, I'll come around back."


Kim and Omar got out of their unmarked police car parked on the corner and ran towards the alley. They drew their guns from their holsters as they charged in. Omar disappeared around the corner and that made Kim a little uncomfortable. Nevertheless she charged in the dark alleyway.

The path was littered with garbage, broken items, and useless junk.

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