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A snow storm, a mystery cabin and the mystery man.

I squeeze my cock till a drop of pre-cum forms at the end and I drip it onto your lips. You lick it off hungrily.

I'm really casual now, enjoying your tension and wanting to ratchet your desperation higher. I go through your bedside table and find a black book. It seems to have 300 pages and is two thirds full. I look closer and see 5 entries per page. I read the first couple of entries and realise it's a book of the all the men and women you've fucked.

You growl telling me to put the book down. I lean over and slap your tits with it. Not too hard but a clear warning.

"1000 lovers. How many litres of cum have you had up here?" I say as I slide 2 fingers into your cunt. You push your pussy towards me to get my fingers deeper. I pull out to a moan and a curse.

I flick through the pages and come across my name. Barry S. Not a bad fuck. 3 out of 5.

I'm pissed. As I recall it I had you moaning and cumming for hours. 3 out of 5 indeed! I reach over and pull on your nipple ring. "What's this 3 out of 5 crap?" I keep a steady tension on the ring stretching your nipple to its fullest.

"3 is a good score." You gasp. "I've only ever had 3 who were 5 out of 5s and 20 or so 4 out of 5s and 10 of them were women."

I suck your other tit while still pulling on your nipple ring. I suck and nibble and blow and lick until the nipples are lovely and long and hard.

"Ooh yes, that's so good. More of that you bastard." I stop.

I go over to my bag and take out my camcorder and small travel tripod I carry with me. I set it up on one side. "What are you doing? No photos you know my rules."

Fuck your rules. I can take stills and movies with the camera and I begin to photograph every inch of your body. I can get so close that I can see the faint hairs on your arms and the little stubble on your pussy.

I use one hand to spread your pussy lips so I can get a great shot of your insides. You're wriggling to spoil the shot so I slap you hard on the inner thigh and more gently on your clit and you jerk but stop moving.

Nice close ups of your tits.

I frame your face, flushed and sweating a little.

I pull back to see your face and shoulders, further back until the nipples are just hinted at, further still until I can see you from the face to your navel and then finally a full picture of you tied up with your legs spread and puffy pussy lips showing.

This will look good on the net.

I pick up another scarf. I pull it tight like a cord and I slide it up and down your pussy lips. The silk glides lightly over the clit tantalising it. It provides a different sensation infinitely lighter than the touch of fingers. I lick your nipples to get them a little wet and blow on them as I continue the delicate motions with the silk.

"Harder Barry, harder. It's so good but I need it harder. I need to cum."

You're pushing your pussy up frantically as if that will make a difference. I stay with the soft pressure but speed up.

"Yes that feels sooo nice but it's not enough. Please Bar." The pleading in your voice has increased. I think you may be close to tears of frustration and lust.

I stop blowing and drop the scarf, stained with your pussy juices, over your eyes.

I reach into your drawer again and pull out a vibrator. I turn it on. You recognise the sound you know so well, but can't see what I'm doing.

I move down the bed and suck your big toe with long movements almost like it's a cock. I run my tongue along the instep. You jerk at the tickling sensation.

I run the vibrator up your thigh until it is 6 inches from your pussy. "Yeh, give me that if your not going to fuck me." I run it over the thigh and continue to suck your toes.

"Please Bar, I'm begging you. Please do me; make me cum I don't care how. I'll do anything for you with you. Let you do anything with me. You can even keep the fucking photos."

I know that you're ready, at fever pitch.

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