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Two good friend and feet, what could be better?

At first I thought she was grinding on me harder but I didn't feel her moving and the pressure became intense. On a hunch, I decided to stop lying on top of Larissa in order to see her stomach. My jaw dropped. Not only had I cum so much that I broke through to Larissa's ovums; I had cum to such an extent that I was causing her womb to expand!

I watched in awe as the sexy Latina before me swelled larger and larger. I gently placed a hand on her belly, right atop her belly button, to feel her flesh stretching like a balloon. Cum rocketed into her cunt even faster as the spectacle of her growing belly turned me on. Audible sloshing noises could be heard as I filled Larissa up. The swishing movement of cum surging within her triggered Larissa to sit up. She screamed immediately.

"Holy fuck!" Larissa shouted. Her hands flew to her rounding stomach. She rubbed her belly all over. The sight made me so hot I jetted a forceful and extra large blast of cum visibly making her grow bigger. "How much more are you gonna cum?" Larissa questioned worriedly. "I mean damn, you already got me pregnant, now you're making me look pregnant immediately too!"

She was right. Her womb was so overstuffed with cum that she already looked nine months pregnant. Ironically I could feel my constant stream of cum beginning to end. My hands made their way to Larissa's now giant ass and squeezed. I thrusted one last time, shooting a final spurt or explosion of cum inside Larissa's swollen womb. At last my orgasm was over. Larissa was on her back with a beautiful bloated belly protruding as if she had swallowed a beach ball. She rubbed her round tummy as she moaned. I secretly had a thing for pregnant women so seeing this tan beauty so full and pregnant-looking kept my cock from becoming flaccid.

The medicine made us both insanely horny. After I finished cumming we made out while rubbing each other's bodies. This went on for about half an hour. Eventually I was able to slide my enlarged dick out of Larissa. She moaned and hugged me. My hands massaged her heavy ass as Larissa kissed me. A few hours ago she was as thin as a stick figure. Now she was voluptuous and curvy. Her legs were shapely with thick thighs that rubbed together and a bouncing bubble butt. Larissa's hips were several times wider and less boney than before. I sucked and played with her mammoth-sized tits. Larissa used to have small a-cups but at the end of the night they had transformed into marvelous F-cups. Her juicy tits fell to either side of her pregnant-looking belly. I kissed and rubbed the swollen mass of flesh. Larissa's moist pussy dribbled in response.

"Ohhh, I have to empty out some of this semen," Larissa complained as she stood up from the bed. Her whole body jiggled as she moved.

"Wait, can you just stand there for a second?" I asked. Larissa listened. "Wow, look at you, you're gorgeous! You're glowing like a breath taking pregnant fertility goddess!" I exclaimed as I admired her new body. Larissa was by far the hottest girl I'd ever seen. Everything about her was perfect.

She giggled. "Oh please, you just like my huge tits and plump ass. The rest of me is gross," Larissa accused as she held the globe of her belly in her hands. "Look," Larissa continued, "my thighs are so thick they're constantly touching each other and I can barely walk with this bloated gut you gave me. I have an ugly mom-body. I'm gonna squeeze my stomach in the tub and hopefully drain away all the excess cum inside me. You know I can't go home looking pregnant."

"You're right about that," I replied. "But you're wrong about how you look, you're beyond sexy Larissa Jimenez." I used her last name for emphasis.

"I'll take the compliment but I don't believe it," Larissa settled. With that, she waddled to the bathroom. The sound of cum sloshing around inside her bulging belly could be heard with every step she took. Once she made it into the bathroom she took a moment to analyze herself in the mirror. "Damn!" She shouted. "You're right I'm not ugly, I look like a milf!"

I laughed.

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