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What happens when Jordan and a gorgeous federal agent meet?

The first time was just a little awkward to say the least. We got a little stoned and went up to the hotel room. We made out on the bed for awhile and I went down on her to not only make sure she had an orgasm but to make sure her pussy was ready for the strap-on.

After I finally gathered my courage, I went and got it out of my bag. I slowly slid it in her soaking wet pussy. Working it in and out. The whole time, my fingers were playing with my ass trying to make sure I was opened up enough to take this thing! I laid down on the bed and worked back against her monstrous cock. Slowly rocking back against it until finally with a pop! it went in. The feeling was heaven. She slid it slowly deeper into my ass. Rocking her hips into me. WOW did it feel wonderful. Being stretched by my beautiful woman. Feeling her hips pushing her new found cock deeper and deeper into me.

After a while, I thought maybe she might need to change it up a little, so I laid onto the bed and pulled her onto my back. She didnt miss a beat, She kept thrusting that dick in my ass, filling me completely. I felt like my body was going to explode! It was then I discovered an orgasm can be had when being fucked with out any stimulation to my own cock. Stimulation of the prostate is a magnificent thing.

She didnt get off that night with her huge dick filling up the two of us. But I have to say I loved it and it has sure sparked some fantasies. I think we are going to do this again this weekend and this time, I want her to fuck me until an orgasm shakes her whole body.

So finally, we go on vacation. we go to a city a ways away from home in Florida. Get a small motel room. Once we are there, we unpack and she has chosen an outfit for me. She dresses me in a pair of white lace panties and matching bra. She hands me a pair of white thigh high panty hose and a garter to put on. After I have these on, she leads me into the bathroom where she tells me to shave my mustache and goatee. I do as I am told.

She sets a chair in front of the large mirror and proceeds to put on make up on my face. She is very slow and methodical but as she does this, I get more and more excited. My cock is rubbing against the lace panties. Every once in a while, I would catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I have to say I am the least feminine looking guy I know, but she has done a great job.

When the makeup is done, she puts fake eye lashes and those press on nails. Last but not least a light brown wig. I may look like a man in drag still but I am turned on to no end. She stands me up and hands me a silky slip and a beige dress with a belt. Not a sexy outfit but it sure makes me feel sexy knowing I am submitting to her will.

Last but not least. Shoes. A pair of low heel shoes. As I admire her work in the mirror , all I can wonder is, what's next? It is then that she announces we are going out. Fear and panic set in but all she does is smile an ornry smile.

She tells me not to worry so much as we are going to a gay bar that is frequented by a lot of trans-sexuals and cross dressers. All I can hope is that I am invisible in the crowd.

When we get there, we choose a table close to the smoking patio but where we can still watch the show. After a few drinks, I relax and begin to feel sexy again. The drag show ends and people start to dance. I am just a little tipsy at this point and a man walks up and asks her if he can dance with her date. I say no, but she insists. Of course we get to the dance floor and it is a slow song. Everyone is grinding including my partner. I can feel his cock against my ass as he holds on to me from behind. Finally the song ends and I return to the table.

She has a coy smile and whispers in my ear that it looked like it turned me on while he was grinding against me. I admit to her that the pairing of being dressed like i am and feeling his hard cock against me was truly making me horny but the panties made it hard for my cock to move.

After a while, he comes back to our t

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