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Janet and Lisa get a wild night with 2 guys.


Dinner progressed, and people thought they had been dating for a very long time. After dinner, they walked towards his car; he leaned her up against a building, and mashed his mouth to hers, while grinding his cock into her pelvis. An inferno radiated outward, and when she whimpered and gasped; he knew that she was soon to be his - completely. He knew that she was waiting for a man to take her, to use her, to show her how deep her sexuality went, and how nasty she really could be. He knew she was waiting for her master to turn her into the submissive sex toy she desired so badly.

There was no long, drawn out seduction. There was no gradual removal of the clothes. Within an hour of returning to her home, and doing nothing more than kissing and talking, she was asking him to take her upstairs - to fuck her. He was quickly in her bedroom, watching her strip naked in front of only the second man in her life. It had been 6 months since a man had been inside her. Her pussy was literally drenched, soaking through her panties and running down her thigh. He immediately began to eat her out, and she began to babble incoherently. When he bit her clit, or slapped her pussy - she would yelp, and raise her hips off the bed. He would suck her clit and pussy lips into his mouth, and she would cry out...and when he asked her if he should stop, she would say no - but sensing the gift in front of him, he made her beg him not to stop. And like a slut, she quickly began to beg for what she wanted. Soon, she was pulling his head into her pussy as she had the most intense orgasm of her life. But little did she know, that would pale in comparison to what would follow. Over the next 4 hours, she sucked his cock longer than she had sucked all the cocks combined in her entire life. She got fucked in positions she never knew existed. She was bent over her dresser, with her face mashed against the mirror. All the while, getting fucked so hard, it would move furniture. She was pushed to her knees, and told to lick her pussy juices off of his cock. But most importantly, she was made to beg to get fucked hard and fast - because otherwise, he would stop. Each orgasm was stronger than the previous - until she could take no more. She never experienced such intense pleasure before. And before going to sleep, she told him that she wanted to be his sex toy, his personal cum-slut, doing whatever he asked her to do.

The next day, the demise of Snow White continued. She got fucked in the morning before they went out shopping. She was fondled and groped in public, in a manner that she never would previously allow. They returned to his apartment, and he told her that he wanted to shave her pussy. He didn't ask - he told her. And he did - all the while, teasing her and tormenting her. He then took her hard, and she blasted off like a rocket. He continued fucking her. Not gently, not slowly - but savagely. He fucked her with hard, slow animalistic thrusts. He pounded her as hard as he could. And with each thrust, she came. Literally, over and over again. But that wasn't enough for either of them. She was insatiable. She screamed out his name, asking to get fucked harder and faster. Begging him to allow her to cum. While she was cumming, he would slap her clit or twist her nipples, causing the intensity to increase. But she wanted to experience more.

So he blindfolded her and made her pretend that her hands were tied over her head.

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