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Exactly what I want to do to you. . . .

He gradually pulls his underwear down too and reveals a large manhood, which Megan strokes with one hand. Megan takes both of her hands off and grabs Yasmin's stroking hand and places it on the rappers dick. Yasmin feels a hard object on her hand, but is too preoccupied with Jenny's mouth to look and she tosses him off.

The audience is looking attentively at Yacoub, "We as Muslims understand the importance of womanhood. The foundations of any nation is the mother, because it's the mother that gives life to the child, but more importantly than that, the mother develops a unique bond with the child. The message the mother gives to the child, the child gives to the world. If the mother is the product of corrupt philosophy and ideology, than quite often the child is too. Before a child turn into an adult, their minds are like sponges, they absorb everything around them and especially from their parents."

Yasmin swallows Jenny's lipstick and it leaves the taste of cherries in her mouth. Megan grabs the rappers cock out of Yasmin's hand and slides it into her mouth. Megan sucks hard and fast, Yasmin places her hand on Megan's back and gently rubs. Megan slurps, bites and swallows loudly and large gulps go down her throat. The smell of precum is thick in the air, which further arouses Yasmin who is addicted to the smell of pleasure. Yasmin stops kissing Jenny and turns to face Megan.

Slowly she pulls Megan's head of the rappers cock, "Steady now, steady on. Mmmm let me get a taste of that." Yasmin says, as she move in to kiss Megan. Moments before contact with Megan's mouth opening, heavy breath of precum makes contact with Yasmin's face and the senses are alerted. "Mmmm... I will get to taste his cock on your mouth." Yasmin and Megan's lips meet, Yasmin's tongue quickly enters and exists Megan's mouth in an encouraging fashion. Megan also slides her tongue into Yasmin's mouth, where the ancient lesbian dance commences and precum and saliva exchange mouths. Yasmin's enzymes attempt to break the precum down and extract the vitamins and protein goodness.

Yacoub is entering into his element, "Before I go any further on womanhood, let me be clear about what I mean by nation. I am not talking about Nation States or reactionary Nationalism, which is a symptom of the disease. Jordanian, Pakistani, Iraqi or Indonesian these are the products of colonial European thought. Nationalism is a disease imported from Europe, which sought to divide the Muslim community. The Muslim world caught the disease from the Ottoman Empire, when Christian communities in Ottoman territories began thinking of themselves as national communities. The Nation State landed on us, when national borders were imposed by the European at the end of the First World War."

The audience looks enthralled, "Unfortunately, many of our grandparents and parents generation bought into this idea. They wanted to be European and the Europeans wanted to divide them. Frantz Fanon argued that for the black man the ultimate destination was to become white, for many Muslims, the destination is to become western. Many have warned us of the consequences, whether it's Jalal Al-e-Ahmad 'Westoxification' book that looks at Iranian society's obsession with the West or the countless studies done by postcolonialists."

Yacoub pauses for a minute to let the point sink in, "We in the Muslim world have been unable to effectively respond to European Colonial Modernity and we have been left with third-rate economies, backward societies and repressive regimes. Even so-called purists states have been unable to withstand the onslaught. My father is an atheist, worse than that, he's believes in scientism and worships modern technology and science. Saudi Arabia is meant to be an Islamic pure state, but at their core, is the same belief as my father. They worship technology not god in Saudi Arabia, why do they destroy historic monuments and build huge shopping malls and buildings."

Another pause, "They are wrecking tradition

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