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The encounter begins.

"You did Tom, thanks." and Tom took her glass from her and walked over to a table to place both glasses.

The young blonde shook her hair and looked at Ellie's dress, "Great dress," then she stared at Ellie's bust, "Wish I had nipples that stuck out like that," she said looking down at her own pretty well endowed self.

Ellie looked down and was surprised, embarrassed even, that she did indeed have nipples that had decided to make an appearance. She put one hand up to her straps to cover them.

"The young blonde started to run back to the water and looking back over her shoulder she just called "See you Tom, don't wear him out Ellie."

Ellie was again embarrassed, she looked around to see who may have heard, probably no one but here was a young twenty something assuming Ellie was about to go and fuck her friend Tom, thought it was pretty normal and wasn't interested enough in the age difference to hang around.

Tom broke in to her thought. "Better walk you back then now I'm committed." he said, and again took her hand and Ellie allowed him with no comment to lead her back through the bar into the hall and stopped in front of the lift.

Ellie said nothing; she didn't let go of his hand either.

She hadn't said anything to let him think he was going to get lucky, he hadn't been at all forceful, she wasn't totally pissed and yet here she was on her way to her hotel room with someone she has known for an hour. Someone half her age, not short of good-looking women of his own age. Someone she knows absolutely nothing about except that he likes the sunset!

The lift door opened and he waved her in front of him, the door closed behind them.

Ellie, nervous, out of her comfort zone, aroused judging by her nipples still making themselves known, leaned against the mirrored lift walls.

Tom closed the space between them and for the first time all evening placed both hands on her hips and was about to kiss her when she said, "Shouldn't you press the button?"

"You already have." he said and pressed her firmly against the mirrored wall.

She noted her nipples weren't the only hard item in the lift with them.

Tom covered her mouth with is, she kissed him back with a level of fervour that surprised her, they tongued each others lips and mouths as Tom began to explore her boobs and his fingers found her hard nipples and then the little bit of side boob that allowed contact with her skin. Ellie's hand dropped to his crotch and she pressed hard against him with the flat of her hand.

"Floor." Said Tom and she opened her eyes shocked as if to say, not in a lift and not on the floor.

Tom moved his head back and whispered. "Which floor are we heading to?"

Ellie understood.

"Three." And Tom finally pressed the lift button to take them to her room, he returned his hand to her breasts and quickly found still hard nipples.

The lift jerked to a halt at floor three and Ellie's breasts bounced a little in Toms hands, the material of her dress bring them to a halt as the lift door began to open.

In the hall way a couple, early fifties stood to one side as a flustered Ellie tidied her hair with her hand and tried to look down, hoping they hadn't noticed she was a little disheveled.

Tom said a loud." Good evening."

"Looks like it." said the guy getting in the lift and Ellie again felt a pang of embarrassment.

"Shush." she said to Tom.

Outside her room Ellie fumbled with the key card and Tom behind her ran his hand across her arse just as she had run her hand over her own thigh before she left the room.

"I don't believe you are wearing panties." said Tom.

And again, embarrassed she shushed him. "I was expecting to be with someone else tonight, I wasn't; that is." The door finally opened and Tom put his free hand against it. They moved inside and the door slammed behind them, Ellie jumped a little.

She was very nervous, the last time she had been fucked in a hotel room by a stranger was so long ago he had now turned into her husband, her currently absent husband.

Tom closed both arms around her an

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