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Wilda buys a new house and goes swinging.


"Why is she taking me to lunch?" I asked.

"When I saw her at her store this morning she seemed very enthusiastic about my suggestion that you two spend some time together." Daddy explained, "I've known Nancy since before she opened up her store and I thought that you could benefit from an association with an excepting female role model. After all it's unlikely that your own mother will help with any worthwhile advice for you would she?"

I suddenly felt so grateful to my new daddy for trying to help me in any way he could that I felt speechless and tears of joy filled my eyes. I walked up to him and wrapped my arms around his neck and held him tightly as my body shivered with happiness until he pushed me away with his lopsided grin aimed at me.

I quickly ran to the bathroom disrobing on the way in my excitement and jumped into the tub for a quick shower before the water even became hot. I soaped myself completely before removing my plug and bending over as far as I could letting the water spray into my anus washing away all of daddy's seed. I replaced my pink butt plug before getting out of the shower, I've seemed to have begun enjoying the feeling of fullness it gave me and the extra bit of wiggle it made me produce when I walked. I grinned to myself thinking about how it felt like I was being fucked continuously when wearing it.

As usual I did my makeup with lots of pink highlights and dressed in one of my new bra and crotch less panty sets. Placing the breast forms into the cups of the bra I was glad daddy told me about not always needing glue I jumped up a few times watching the mirror and was amazed at the way they moved with me and felt like they were part of me. I dressed in a white mini skirt and a pink spaghetti strap T before slipping bare foot into pink sneakers just as I heard a knock on the front door.

I raced to the living room and got there just as daddy opened the door seeing Nancy's approving smile as she quickly looked me up and down and said, "Kary you look better every time I see you."

"Thanks Nancy." I replied blushing, "But we've only met once before."

"I know," she laughed, "So come on lets go have some girl fun."

Daddy handed me my little purse after I gave him a hug good bye. The way Nancy's eyes seem to rake up down my body sent a tremor through me as I passed by her on my way to the car parked in the drive way. I was still nervous about going out in public especial now not having daddy with me. We rode in silence for while until my curiosity finally began to assert it's self.

"So Nancy," I asked timidly, "where are you taking me?"

"I thought you'd enjoy a trip to mall." Nancy started, "We can have some lunch at the food court before we do some shopping."

"I don't have too much money." I sadly replied.

"Have a look in your purse darling," she chuckled, "I'm sure I saw ole' man Clarky slip something in it before he gave it to you."

I quickly opened my hand bag and several neatly folded twenty dollar bills and shaking with excitement counted out two hundred dollars. I felt so overwhelmed with daddy's generosity that I almost asked Nancy to take me right home so I could thank him. But decided it might be better to wait when we would be alone to thank him properly.

The mall parking lot was filled with cars and I suddenly felt very scared of being around so many people in broad daylight. Nancy seemed to sense my hesitation and took my hand with a gentle squeeze until I looked up at her.

"Don't worry," She winked, "I'll be with you the whole time and the way you look so cute and sexy the only thoughts other people will be having is envy and jealousy."

"But what if someone recognises me?" I asked shyly.

"Well I've only seen you as you are now," she answered smiling then leaning towards me whispered, "and even before you got those perky little breasts I wasn't sure until I saw your ID in my store."

I could feel myself blushing and smiled feeling a little more secure as we entered the crowded mall.

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