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Both Caroline & Rachel are pregnant.

Ok, let's start a few hours before that kiss. Danielle had invited her sister to come and hang out with us while I made some BBQ. It was girl talk time while I did the cooking. Recently, Candy had been having more troubles with her husband David, who had left a bruise or two on her after a recent fight. No cops were called, but Danielle and Candy's father Jim had talked to David about what would happen if his daughter were to show up bruised again. Jim was a retired steelworker who still intimidated me at age 55. He had muscles on top of muscles.

So the girls were chatting while I cooked on my Weber grill. They'd started a bottle of Janz Brut Rose wine, which I also had a small glass from. However, when I had the ribs ready, I opened a second bottle, Apothic Red. There's nothing like a shiraz wine to go with good BBQ.

We all talked for the hour or so we took to finish dinner. After a while, we moved from the kitchen to the living room. Danielle had had two glasses of the rose and was drinking one of the shiraz. She's a funny drunk and had me laughing so hard my sides were hurting. Candy just kept snorting in this cute way she has. After one of her bouts of laughter, I noticed she'd managed to get some BBQ sauce on her chin.

"You're a mess, Candy," I said, leaning over to wipe the sauce off her chin with a finger. I grinned at her as I licked my index finger clean. "And my sauce is too good to be wasted."

"Well, you missed a spot yourself!" Candy said, returning the favor and wiping a bit from the corner of my mouth. She locked eyes with me and slowly sucked her fingertip. Danielle roared with laughter and fell over sideways onto the couch, not seeing Candy slowly run her tongue around her mouth before picking up her glass of wine. Candy sipped shiraz to cover up her grin as Danielle looked back at us both.

"You two clean up. I'm going to put my feet up," Danielle said, kicking off her sandals and curling up on the couch. Her eyes closed and I could see her starting to relax. In 14 months together I can't count the times I've watched her go to sleep, so I knew she was about done for the night.

I stood up and grabbed Danielle's plate and mine, heading to the kitchen. I was hoping Candy would stay there, but she grabbed her plate and followed me. As I rinsed plates, she stood there with her glass, slowly sipping it and looking at me. When I bent over to put the plates into the dishwasher, I felt a hand on my ass!


She laughed and let go, stepping back and drinking again from her wine. I realized now that she'd probably finished most of the shiraz herself. I was a little drunk, enough to be horny, but much more in control of myself.

"You can look but don't touch, woman. Remember, everything below the waist is claimed?" Her eyes got that look again as she stared me up and down.

"Well, from what I've heard she's right to lay claim to that 7 inches of sausage. Lord knows I'd trade my husband's little tool in for something that large!"

I practically gawked at her before recovering. "You poor woman. I figured with 3 kids that it wasn't exactly his personality you were in love with."

She laughed, a little bitterly. "He LOOKED like a much better man when I met him. Or maybe it's me that's changed. Hell, I don't know."

"You look stunning to me, Candy. I don't know what else to tell you."

"Thanks, Guy." She said, before stepping close and unexpectedly hugging me. Her arms circled me as her weight threw me off balance slightly, pinning me against the dishwasher. "Mmmm," she said, inhaling deeply and causing her chest to press more firmly against mine," I've always liked your choice in cologne."

It was the feeling of her body molded against me that got me hard. With the light shorts I was wearing, my rising cock was pressed against her and I could tell she felt it even through both our clothes. In addition to being longer than normal, I'm fairly thick. One lover used to call my cock "ABCD" - A Beer Can Dick.

I tried to adjust myself away from her and Candy took that chance to set

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