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Mom & Son endure tragedy and continue to love each other!

Underneath, he was naked.

He was tall, and slim, and his body was practically hairless, only a downy crest of black curls at the base of his belly complementing the tumble of long tresses which fell to his shoulders. His penis, like him, was long - very long - but slender, although fully erect. He was uncircumcised.

His hands were now working expertly on Anne's dress and she felt no apprehension as it slid to the floor, revealing her full naked breasts. He leant forward and brushed his dry lips against her nipples, and she shuddered in pleasure. Then his thumbs slid under the elastic of Anne's panties and he gently drew them down, kneeling and sighing his appreciation as her flaxen pubic mound was revealed.

His mouth darted forward and he lightly kissed Anne's belly, just above the top of her pubic triangle. Then his hands rose and softly caressed the rounded cheeks of her bottom as his mouth slid downwards and started planting butterfly kisses on the sensitive skin of her inner thighs.

Anne sank downwards and lay back on the soft yielding quilt. Her nipples were aching and, unselfconsciously, she raised her hands to touch and tease them, at the same time allowing her thighs to part in open invitation. She felt his tongue flicker against the moist lips of her vagina and, for the first time, a small moan escaped her. Her fingers tightened round her breasts and she squeezed them, savagely, providing a counterpoint of ecstatic pain to the painless ecstasy of his tongue, now rigidly probing the very entrance to her sex.

Then the tip of his finger brushed against her engorged clitoris, and she gasped as sensation after sensation flooded through her. She began to writhe on the soft down, her vagina aching, now, to be filled, but his hands reached up and held her shoulders, his fingers stroking the soft hollows beside her collarbones. Dimly, she wondered how she knew she loved that particular caress - then she became aware that his body was moving towards her, his chest sliding up over her flat stomach.

Quickly, she removed her hands from her breasts so she could feel the sensation of his naked chest pressing on them, but, just as it made that first delicious contact and she raised her own chest to push the pulsating warmth of her breasts against him, she felt the tip of his erection glide against her inner thigh.

Her heart leapt into her mouth in anticipation, and she closed her eyes. Her entire body seemed to be covered with sensitive nerve-ends, and every contact brought new heights of tantalising delight. His lips were now caressing her neck, then his teeth lightly gripped the base of her earlobe.

Anne was aware, now, that her moans had become constant, her whole body, covered in a light film of perspiration, continually moving, her legs spread wide, her vagina aching for the completion of this act.

Then, it was there - the head of his long penis expertly thrusting between her splayed lips. Anne's moans were silenced as she held her breath, concentrating her whole being on the incredible sensation as his penis pushed further and further inside her. It seemed as if it would never stop - Anne had not thought it possible that she could be penetrated so deeply. Then, with a final thrust, he had his whole length inside her, and Anne exhaled with the utter pleasure of it.

She sighed with disappointment at his partial withdrawal, then relaxed in pleasure as he entered her fully again.

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