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Jessie & Jake shelter from a Christmas cyclone.

Was my mom getting wet?

I continued the massage of her leg, this time when I moved up I dared to go a little higher, as I did I listened closely to her moans. They had a breathiness to them. So I kept going and only stopped a half inch shy of her crotch. I couldn't bring myself to touch it no matter how much I wanted to. We were both silent.

"How bought your back?" I finally said. She stayed silent for a moment.

"That would be great if you don't mind." She said quietly. "You are such an angel." She added at a normal tone trying to force some normalcy back into the situation. She removed the face cloth, and I saw her look down at herself. A slight pause and she turned on the couch and shrugged off her suit jacket. Then she looked back at me. "Should I leave my top on?" She asked kind of oddly. I looked at her confused and kind of shrugged.

"It's up to you." I said sheepishly and all the awkwardness came to a roaring head.

"Well, in case it gets in the way." She said. "Turn around for a second."

"Huh." I said, "Oh yeah." And I turned away as she pulled the camisole off and unclasped her bra and lay down on the couch.

"OK," she said.

I turned back and there she was. Her arms were folded under her face, and her back was completely bare. My eyes traveled lower and her disheveled skirt was bunched up around her buttocks. I could see the bottom of her cheeks, and I now knew that the red panties were thongs. Gathering myself I scooted the coffee table closer and began to rub her shoulders. (Her bare shoulders)

"Mmm that feels so nice." Mom cooed. "I REALLY needed this thank you so much." It was kind of awkward reaching across her from the coffee table, and after only a few moments mom could sense it. "Why don't you just climb on, if it's easier? It's alright."

"Ok," I said, and she centered herself on the couch so that I could get a knee on either side of her. Now I knelt above my half naked mother, I was just above her bum, and with my erection I had to be careful not to lean forward or she would surely feel it. I continued my massage, rubbing her shoulders and the base of her neck. She rolled her head slightly with her eyes closed and let out a thoroughly relaxed moan. Her moans were making me hotter than anything else I think. The facecloth now lay on the coffee table.

From her shoulders I worked onto her back, and scooted back a little to do so. Now the swell of her behind was directly beneath me. I could feel my testicles sitting snugly in the crease between her cheeks. I plied her back, and she writhed and moaned growing more and more relaxed and content. I worked my way out from the middle of her back to the sides of her rib cage, and there was the edge of her breasts. I drew my fingertips lightly across each side, and then went lower on her back, now sliding off her butt between her legs. Kneeling in this fashion right between her thighs caused her to open her legs wide. I massaged my way down to the small of her back then her lower back. She didn't say a word, just kept moaning. When I leaned forward to work back up a little higher, my erection pressed briefly against her ass crack. I carefully sat back up and worked lower on her back, I had forgotten myself for a moment. I hoped I wasn't in trouble, 'maybe she hadn't noticed' I thought reassuring myself. My hands brushed against the crumpled skirt.

"If that's in the way you can pull it right off." Mom said and wriggled her hips between my legs. I was stunned.

"Uh, ok." I said. I got out from between her legs and taking hold of the waist of her skirt got ready to pull them down.

"There's a zipper.

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