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It's a matter of trust.


She walked over to the couch and gave her mom a peck on the cheek, and then gave Billy a deep, lingering kiss. "I hope you saved some for me," she said. "I'm a little jealous and want mine too, brother."

"I'm always here for you sis," replied Billy.

Carla got up from the couch and stretched. "You kids have fun. I'm heading off to bed." She leaned over and gave Billy a deep, wet kiss. "Goodnight, honey. Thank you," she said and smiled. She kissed Carla on the cheek, and headed off into her bedroom.

Carla sat on Billy's lap and necked with him for a while. The kissing had reinvigorated Billy, and Carla could feel his stiff cock under her shapely ass.

"Let's go into the bedroom, Billy. I want to taste you."

Not one to pass up an invitation like that, Billy stood up, lifting his sister and carrying her into the bedroom. He put her down on her feet, and Carla pushed him back against a wall. She dropped to her knees in front of him and started kissing and licking his cock. She loved Billy's cock. Her only wish was that she could take more of it into her mouth. His cock was huge, and her mouth wasn't. That being said, she certainly did fine with it.

Carla used both hands to stroke Billy as she used her mouth on the head. She sucked and slurped and licked it as she pumped him. She could see a look of ecstasy on his face, and it thrilled her. Carla adored pleasing her brother in every way. She couldn't help it. She would do anything he asked of her. Anything.

Carla moaned when Billy grunted and filled her mouth with his cum.

"Don't swallow yet, Sis. Show me," commanded Billy.

Carla looked up at him and opened her mouth wide, careful not to let any of his cum drip out. She lifted up her tongue, and Billy could see it covered in his creamy white seed.

He smiled at Carla. "Good girl. Go ahead and swallow now, Carla."

Carla looked into his eyes as she dramatically swallowed his cum.

"You really are as much of a slut as your mother is," Billy chided.

"You say that like it's a bad thing, Billy."

"It is not at all a bad thing, Sis. It's a very good thing."

"Good. Because I fucking love being your slut. Love it. I live for it, Billy.

Carla stripped down naked and jumped into the queen bed in the room. A month ago, they had removed two of the four twin sized beds and added the queen. Carla and Billy frequently shared a bed, or at least they did on the nights that Billy didn't sleep with Emily.

Billy joined Carla and the two started kissing and touching each other. By now, Carla needed to feel Billy inside her pussy, and she made that clear to him. She turned her back to him and pressed her ass into his side. Billy rolled over and came up behind her. Carla lifted her top leg, giving Billy access to her cunt. He rubbed his cock on her, finding the entrance and slowly filling his sister with his meat. He reached around and grabbed her tits as her fucked her.

Carla fucked him back, moving in perfect time with his rhythm. Her brother owned her body, and that made her insanely happy. Billy kissed and nibbled her neck as they fucked, and before long Billy filled his sister with his cum. He wrapped his arms around Carla and pulled her in tight, and they fell asleep like that, with his softening cock still inside her.


Over time, Billy had come to realize that these two beautiful women would do anything for him. One might think that Billy would be satisfied with things as they were. After all, he had two insanely hot women as his service whenever he wanted. But he was eighteen, and there was still much for him to experience in life. One night, Emily had confided in him that she had engaged in a lesbian affair when she was younger. The thought intrigued him, and he began to fantasize about Carla and Emily together.

He had made up his mind that he would try to make that a reality. Most of the time, Billy would have sex with either Carla or Emily. Once in a while, the three of them would fuck together, but the women had never touched each other during those times. Billy aimed to change that.


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