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Lucy is punished by her teacher.

I lost consciousness, wondering where Stephen was and if he would be mad with me falling asleep on the long ride.

I awoke just an hour later, with Stephen sitting on the bed next to me. My mind was a little fuzzy, so it took me a minute to comprehend what he was saying to me. Finally, I understood that he was telling me that I was beautiful and how happy he was that I had followed his directions. He asked me if I was hungry, and I was.

We had a delicious meal in his beautiful antique dining room. He asked casually if I had packed my toys, and was awarded with a blush and a nod. He asked me if I had used any of them today and I shook my head no, unable to meet his stare.


"Please, call me Cari." I said it out of habit, just as I would have said to anyone else.

"Then I will call you Cari. Are you here because I ordered you here? Or are you here because you want to hear what I have to say?" He asked it quietly, in his rich silky voice that earned a slightly damp spot on his dining room chair. I blushed. "Or, you could be here because you really want sex... hmmm. Look at me Cari." I did. "Which is it?"

"I want to hear what you have to say..."


"And... because (blush)... I want... sex...with you."


The rest of the conversation went on as if none of the embarrassing stuff had been said. After dinner, which was a wonderful meal served by the driver; I guess he had more responsibilities than solely as a driver. After the meal, we went to the library. We sat on a large sofa, facing each other. The corset was rather tight, so I had had a difficult time eating, and it did seem that I was having a difficult time breathing in this situation. I had to admit to myself that it may have been in anticipation, as well.

"Cari, I would like you to take a sabbatical from work."

The statement shocked me. I didn't see this coming.

"It's not that you aren't doing a great job, you are a wonderful asset to the firm. The senior partners and I would like for you to begin research away from the firm on a particular estate of interest. Your own home." So there it was. Just a little over 3 months into the work, and they want my home researched.

Trying to keep calm and to keep my confusion under wraps, I asked "Why my home? Why now?"

"Cari, there are particulars that I can't share with you until you agree to do as asked. I will also be taking a sabbatical to help you in this endeavor. Your pay will be the same, and you will work whenever you want to."

"I guess I just don't understand why now"

"We can discuss this later, after you agree and the paperwork is done. For now, I have other business in mind. Come here next to me."

I did as directed, I didn't see a reason not to. With the other business not forgotten, but not dwelling on it, I still wanted to be next to him. I really wanted him to be pleased that I had done everything I had been asked to do. When I moved to him, we began kissing, passionately. His hands were at my waist, and his thumbs teased my nipples through the dress and corset. Stephen began unlacing the dress, and he had me step out of it when it was loose enough. I didn't ask him, but he looked pleased with my body. After we continued kissing, he handed me another glass of wine.

"Think about the firm's proposal. I think we would find it very mutually beneficial."

"I'll think about it."

We caressed and kissed more as I drank my wine. I asked him why he wasn't having any; he replied that he wanted a clear head for what he wanted to do. I wanted one to, so I put the glass on the table. It was handed back to me, full again, with an order to drink it all. He was beginning to seem impatient, but I was too woozy to pay much attention to it.

He pulled out my goody bag.

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