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Dennis finds a new older lover.

I am so wet as I ready myself to please you. I am so turned on as I start to rub your cock through your underwear. I begin first with my hands then with my hot mouth. I breathe and suck on your shaft through the fabric. You start to groan and press your hardness against my mouth.

You run your fingers through my hair trying to entice me to take you in my soft whisper, "Please please, suck my cock... baby come on..."

I love it when you beg it makes me doubly wet. I can't resist anymore I have to feel your cock. I slowly release it from the now very wet underwear and pull your pants all the way down. Stepping out of them, I massage your calves and thighs. I gently cup your balls run my fingers through your pubes. Your cock is sticking straight out proudly. I get beneath it and lick up your shaft making sure you are watching everything!

What a treat to watch a woman who truly enjoys pleasing a man. I lick gently with little strokes all along the edge of your head. Trying my best to drive you crazy I finally take you in my mouth. I take your cock all the way down to the back of my throat. I start to hum which causes little shivers up and down the head and shaft of your cock. I can feel it you almost come from the feeling. I suck you slowly with a great deal of deep suction. With lots of tongue circles round and round as I pull your cock in and out of my hot mouth. I stop as you pull me up kiss me and feel the wet heat that was just wrapped around your magnificent cock.

"My turn," you say grunting like a bear in heat.

You strip off the rest of my clothes (into the bushes, the lake...strewn all over) Then you Make me lean back over the seat of the quad my ass is leaning on the seat. You kneel before me the engine still hot and ticking as it cools you makes me lift one leg. You lick all around my shaved pussy without actually touching it yet. You suck on my inner thighs and lick the place between my legs where my legs start. You are driving me even wilder then I was driving you.

I can't contain myself I sound like a caged animal, squealing and screeching trying to lead your tongue to the places that would make me come. You chuckle again when I beg you to stick you tongue in me or suck my clit,

"Please, it now..." my voice is breathy and husky.

You start to kiss my pussy lips like they were my mouth. My first orgasm builds and crashes as I come quickly. My hips undulate and move to your rhythm I am driving my pussy into your face and again begging for your tongue. Finally, you give me little licks and sucks on my pussy lips that are going higher and higher towards my clit...I am moaning in anticipation. You finally wrap your lips around my clit and suck the erect button into your mouth. At that moment I begin coming like a machine gun!!!! Orgasms firing repeatedly until I am a breathless pile of sex charged flesh hanging over the quad.

You stand, getting up with a grin on your handsome face. Your face now covered like a glazed donut from my juices.

"Hee, hee, hee...did you like that?" you snicker.

"You smug bastard..." I laugh as I recover and kind of push you to the ground "Now you are in trouble" I tease.

I straddle your body and grind my soaking wet pussy on top of your hard shaft. You're smiling and enjoy watching my breasts bounce and bob as I rub against you. I can feel it as you keep trying to slide your cock into my soaking wet pussy, lifting your hips every so often trying to slip inside my warm wet hole. You can no longer wait for me to finish playing. Impatience takes over. You can't wait to feel how warm and very tight I will be from all my orgasms.

"Let me in baby..." you say so sweetly to me.

I rub up and down your shaft some more, ignoring you.

"Come on baby..." I again ignore you.

I am trying furiously to have a quick orgasm from rubbing against you before you lose control.

"That's it!!"

I hear you growl and laugh

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