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Changing the job description.

He seemed sincere, but knowing my wife I was pretty sure his fidelity was going to be tested this night.

Alana soon returned, and we set off for our night of fun. Ian directed us to a club called "The Lodge" on the outskirts of town. From the outside it did not look like much, but inside it was a very classy, high end gentlemen's club. The d__cor was designed to look like a winter lodge, and everything from the furniture to the girls were top end. The dancers were all gorgeous and we were treated very well from the minute we walked into the club. Alana was really having a great time. She did all she could to flirt with and tease Ian, while also enjoying the attention that beautiful women get when they are patrons at strip clubs. Ian and I also benefited from this attention, as the dancers seemed to give us special treatment because we were there with a sexy, fun-loving woman. Ian and Alana were getting on famously and I found myself looking forward to the fun we would have when we returned to our hotel.

After we had been at the club for awhile and had each enjoyed a few enticing lap dances, we found ourselves sitting at the stage with Alana between Ian and me. There was a very hot blonde dancing in front of us and I noticed her looking down into Ian's lap. I glanced over to see that Alana had her hand in Ian's lap, rubbing his growing erection while she also whispered in his ear. Alana glanced over and saw me watching her. She leaned over to me and whispered, "My God, he is really hung."

We continued to sit at the stage and enjoy the dancers, each of us leaving for a lap dance now and then. One time, as I returned from a dance, I came up behind Alana and noticed that Ian had his hand under her skirt and was clearly rubbing her pussy. As I sat down, he pulled his hand away. Alana then got up and went to the ladies room. When she came back she discreetly handed me her panties, which I placed into my pocket. I watched out of the corner of my eye as Alana leaned over and whispered in Ian's ear. She then leaned back in her chair as his hand again went under her skirt. This time he felt her smooth, bare pussy. I saw his eyes register a moment of shock, but he did not remove his hand. Meanwhile, my own dick was growing as I watched my wife seduce another man.

It was only a few more minutes before Alana announced that she was ready to head to another club. We all stood up and headed out to our car. Alana took Ian's arm and walked close to him as we exited. Once we got to the car, Alana climbed into the back seat with Ian while I got ready to drive. She leaned close to him and asked him if he wanted to go to another club or if there was something else he had in mind. Ian was clearly a little nervous, despite knowing that I welcomed him sleeping with my wife. Sensing his unease, Alana said, "Here, maybe this will help you make up your mind." I turned around in time to see her reach over, undo Ian's pants and pull out his cock. She was clearly impressed as she held his magnificent cock in her hand. It was at least 9 inches long and very thick.

"Wow, this is one of the most beautiful cocks I have ever seen," she said. She leaned over and gave it a few quick licks. "Well, want to go to another club or back to the hotel?"

"Well, if it's okay with Matt, I say we go back to the hotel."

After looking at the action in the back seat, I turned back around, started the car and said, "Back to the hotel it is!"

As I drove I could hear the sound of two people passionately kissing. I would occasionally check the action in the rearview mirror or by turning around when we got to stop lights. Alana and Ian were having a great time making out like teenagers. Ian was massaging my wife's tits and reaching under her skirt while Alana continued to hold and stroke his massive dick.

When we arrived at the hotel, Ian had a difficult time tucking his cock back into his pants as he and Alana straighten themselves up for the walk to our room.

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