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Things worth fighting for.

I love you Billy and I would never have run around on you. I would never have gone out looking for another man, never. When you get right down to it what happened to me is all your fault. If it hadn't been for you it never would have happened."

"My fault? That's a laugh. I can understand your trying to put the best face on what you did, but my fault?"

"Yes Billy, your fault. You are the one who set the whole thing up, you and your damned penchant for phone sex when you are away from home. You are the one who has me stay at the office late when you are out of town so you can call the 800 number and have phone sex. You are the one who was so cheap that you didn't want to run up our home phone bill. If I had been at home it never would have happened."

"And just how does our having phone sex put black cocks into you?"

"It happened the week of Thanksgiving. You left on your business trip Monday and told me to be in the office waiting for your call at eight that night. I was there and I took the call the way I always did. My skirt and underpants were off and I had my rubber cock and I was lying on my desk with my legs spread. While we talked I worked on myself with the dildo and I came the same way I always did and the same as always I laid there in the warm glow that I always experience after an orgasm. You had already hung up and I was lying there all warm and fuzzy feeling and stroking my clit with my fingers when I heard, "That's not right, you having to do that. Old Jared knows what you need pretty lady."

" I looked up and saw one of the men from the janitorial service standing there and looking down at me and he had his cock out and was stroking it. Try and understand Billy. He wasn't ten feet across the room standing in the doorway where I would have had time to get up - he was standing right there! I had been lying there, eyes closed, basking in the afterglow of my orgasm. My feet were flat on the desk, my legs were spread wide and my pussy was wet from our phone sex and all he had to do was take a half step forward and push and he was in me. He grabbed my legs and held me and there was nothing that I could do. I tried to pull away, I screamed at him to stop, but I was pinned to the desk. I could bend at the waist, but I couldn't get upright enough to even beat at him with my fists. He just held my legs and smiled down at me and talked to me.

"Don't fight it missy, old Jared knows how to give you what you need. Been a long time since I had any white pussy. Don't you worry none baby girl, old Jared will treat you right."

"All I could do Billy was lie there and take it and you know me Billy, you know how much I love sex. I hadn't even come all the way down from the orgasm you gave me over the phone and there I was being fucked by an old black man. My body responded Billy. I'm sorry, but the more that old man fucked me the more I got into it and it wasn't long before I was begging him to make me cum. And then he took one of those walky-talky things off his belt and said something into it and a couple of minutes later two more men came into the room. By then I was screaming at that old man to get me off. I felt him shoot into me and I was so close and I cried for him not to stop, to get me off, but he just chuckled and said, "Old Jared said he'd take care of you baby girl and he has." He stepped away from me and one of the others took his place. They never did let me come down Billy. They took me one after the other until I passed out from exhaustion. I came so many times Billy that they actually caused me to pass out."

"Why did you even do the sex talk with me if there were other people in the building?"

"I didn't know that they were there. The cleaning crew always comes in after midnight, but because of the holiday they had changed their schedule. I had no idea I wasn't alone in the building."

"Why didn't you call the police when it was over?"

"I couldn't call the police."

"Why not?"

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