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Daddy tries to resist the irresistible.

Three young White women sitting on the bus kept looking at the rugged White male construction worker holding hands with the pretty Black lady in the business suit. They started giggling and talking among themselves. I overheard the phrases "another case of jungle fever" and "damn that ghetto whore". That got me pissed. Now, as a Black man who loves Black women, I'm never exactly thrilled to see a pretty Black lady with some White guy. Especially since these Black women usually treat their White boyfriends like princes but treat well-meaning and caring Black men like dirt. However, I'm not going to stand by and let some racist White women insult a Black female. Even if she is one of those Black women who desert Black men for men of other races. She's still technically family.

The Black lady looked sad and angry that these racist young White women didn't approve of her relationship with the White guy. For his part, the White guy said nothing. If the racist remarks made by the White women bothered him, he didn't show it. He just kept smiling. Apparently, his Black girlfriend getting insulted by racist White women isn't something that gets him riled up as a White male. Oh, well. What kind of man is he? I stood up and told the racist White women where to stuff their bigotry. Someplace where the sun doesn't shine. They seemed surprised. Racist White folks in Canada are used to docile Black Canadians, not tough-talking Black Americans like me. The White chicks called me something I won't repeat here and left the bus. I sat down and smiled. Everybody on the bus looked at me silently. The White male with the Black girlfriend shot me a disgusted look. The Black woman looked at me with surprise in her eyes. I just smiled and got off at the next stop. Canadians are funny, man. They love to call the cops on a Black man when he stands up to racists. And the cops never side with him. I switched buses because I wanted to get home safe.

What did I learn from this interlude? What I've always known. I love Black women. Even those Black women who think all Black men are useless and worship White men as Knights in Shining Armour. Folks, I wish Black men loved Black women more. And I wish Black women could see that most Black men are trying hard to be the good men we know we can be. Not all of us are into White chicks. Most of us love Black women. Not all of us are thugs. Most of us are law-abiding individuals. We get a collective bum rap because of the mistakes made by a few brothers, that's all. I know many Black men will continue to chase White women like their lives depend on it. And it saddens me. Just like many Black women, fed up with Black men, are chasing White men like moths chase the proverbial flames. That's a sad state of the affairs. Seriously.

While clashes over interracial dating plague the Black communities of North America, what Black folks fought many centuries to achieve is threatened. In Europe, there is an anti-immigrant sentiment. Africans along with Arabs and Asians are the targets of populist hatred and xenophobia in many European countries. In the United States of America, anyone who isn't White is targeted by the anti-illegal immigration raids. In Canada, they're tightening the rules on immigration. Wow. It seems Caucasians worldwide feel threatened by people of color, especially Blacks, and they're trying to make life hard for all of us. In the State of Arizona, they're taking away Black History Month along with Martin Luther King Day. Maybe that doesn't bother Black women with White boyfriends/husbands or Black men with White wives/girlfriends but it bothers me.

I don't want to see Black History Month become a thing of the past.

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