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He learns that you have a whore's attitude.

The friction of the fabric on her clit caused her to shudder repeatedly. Her knees threatened to buckle as she lost herself in his touch. David supported her with a hand on her ass, kneading her soft flesh through the fabric. Jillian's hand slid to David's waist, pulling at his shirt, so carefully tucked in, until her hand could slip underneath the shirt. His flesh was hot to the touch.

The kiss ended. David placed his hands on Jillian's shoulders, turning her so that she was facing away from him. He gently guided her to a chaise lounge that was open and covered with an elegant floral printed cushion. Jillian followed his urging as if having no will of her own. She stood before the lounge chair as if waiting direction.

David left one hand on her shoulder and slipped his free hand between her legs. His touch was demanding, yet brief. Jillian gasped in surprise. David placed his arms around her, pulling her back against him. He kissed her neck as his hands wandered over her breasts, kneading them and delighting in the firmness of her nipples.

David began unbuttoning the blouse at the top. As the middle button exposed her breasts, he slipped his hands in side. The flimsy fabric of her bra did little to hide her arousal or stop his hands from searing her with his touch. Jillian moaned, her head thrown back against him, her eyes closed as she felt waves of arousal coarse through her body, through her abdomen to her eager, needy pussy. David unfastened the bra through the front latch and took a breast in each hand. His thumb brushed over the nipple. He then, let one slip from his hand as he squeezed the other nipple. Twisting and tweaking it until she gasped with pleasure, her hips trembled against the hardness pressed against her back. David did the same to the second breast, playing, touching, twisting and teasing it until Jillian thought she could stand no more. Jillian grabbed at David's waist, pressing him closer.

David's hands slipped to the waistband of Jillian's slacks. He slipped his hands inside and slowly began to remove them. He planted soft kisses over her back and ass as he stripped her of her panties and slacks. Jillian stepped out of her pants.

David caressed the top of her feet and his hands slid up the front of her legs as he brought himself to a full standing position once again bringing his hands over Jillian's thighs to her waist. He pivoted her around to face him. He slid her blouse and bra straps over her shoulders until she stood before him naked. Jillian lowered her head and tried to cover her abdomen with her hands.

"No!" David whispered with an unmistakably firm tone. "You are beautiful. Don't hide yourself from me, Jillian."

Jillian looked up into David's eyes and saw that he spoke the truth. His brown eyes seemed black with desire. Her bottom lip quivered whether because of the joy of being found beautiful or the anticipation and arousal she felt, she wasn't certain.

"Jillian. Touch me. Feel how much I want you."

Jillian nodded slowly, her hand moving to David's slacks. She tentatively placed her hand on the bulge near the zipper and gently stroked him. David tossed his head back and groaned under her ministrations. Jillian quickly unbuttoned the slacks and pulled his cock free. She took it in a firm grasp and began stroking. Gently, her other hand slipped inside his pants below his shaft. She cupped his sac in her palm and began kneading his balls while she stroked.

"Oh God, Jillian!" Quickly, almost desperately, David raised his head and slid out of his slacks. Standing in front of her in only his shirt, Jillian saw David as he had never seen him before, an incredibly sexy, desirable man whom she needed, now.

David smirked at Jillian, sensing her arousal and need.

"Do you want me, Jillian? Do you really want me?"

Jillian whispered, "God, yes!" through trembling lips.

"I will see how much you want me, dear, "David replied.

His hand moved to her trimmed mound.

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