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Martin gets a handjob from a sexy woman on the plane.

"You are so beautiful, dearest," he said stroking her cheek, "Do not fear tonight. I promise you that I will treat you with as much love and devotion as I can give." She lowered her eyes. Pity she could not do the same.

Untying her collar, he let her nightdress fall, a chill running throughout her body as the cold air attacked her naked flesh. She could hear him let out a breath, his eyes taking in the sight of her supple skin in the moon and candle light. Her breasts were full with small pink nipples prominent with the cold of the room.

She looked so luminescent, like an Aphrodite made of pink granite, a small triangle of black curls between her legs. Bending his head down, he kissed her lips and felt no reciprocation so he slipped to her neck, kissing and sucking ever so slightly where her neck met her shoulder. Her legs shook as his beard tickled her skin, sending shivers down her spine.

No! She refused to let herself find enjoyment in this! However, he sensed her reaction and bid her to lie down with her legs over the side of the bed. Sitting first, she saw as he removed his robe and night shirt unveiling his limp manhood. This was her first sight of a real penis and it was very much different from the frescos of old Rome.

His testicles where large and unevenly hanging yet his member was about as long as her hand, his foreskin rolled a bit over the head. He came closer and laid his hand between her breasts, easing her back onto the mattress. Her heart pounded as his lips roamed her chest, taking into his mouth her firm nipple with a gentle suck. Her toes curled for a second as her eyes closed, a heat rising in her belly. She felt something tighten between her legs, not a new feeling but certainly a stronger one as ever before.

His hands stroked her breasts, warming them, alternating between soft caresses and firm squeezes. "Oh you are so beautiful... so soft and young," he murmured easing his hands down her body making her tighten more and more for every inch. She turned her head away, breathing heavily, hands gripping the sheets.

She didn't notice that one of his hands had slipped from her body to his growing need. Touching her, he began to fondle himself, sliding his hand up and down his member. Easing himself up to her, he spread her legs, startling her, pressing the head of his cock against her lips. Her breathing was staggered and urgent, fingers white as she gripped the bed. He pushed against her, parting her lips yet unable to enter her. Her fear made her too tight so he would have to help her in ways only his experienced body could supply.

Kissing her belly, he sucked and licked from her hips to her inner thigh, her flesh twitching as his facial hair tickled her. He nipped at her skin as he travelled to her knee then back up again only to brush by her lips and do the same to her other thigh. She refused to let him see what it was doing to her, trying to suppress her gasps and sighs as his fingers raked her legs.

She could feel the heat rising, the burning in her loins intensifying as he stroked her lips with his fingers, teasing the wet nub there. Her juices covered his fingers as her rubbed and circled her need. The feeling was extraordinary but she couldn't help but cry out as a wet tongue found its way into her pussy.

Sweat beaded on her supple skin as his mouth ravished her, tongue darting in and out of her, making her drip with need. Lost in the ecstasy of it all, Alessandra's eyes darted about the room with its candles flickering, seeing suddenly that his limp cock was now full and erect, pressing against her lips with a slick head covered in their combined juices.

With a quick thrust, he penetrated her, the pain unbearable for her and yet slightly exciting as she was deflowered.

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