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Aaron's home video falls into other women's hands.

A happy wuff vibrates the old milk glass.

"You will wait just outside the threshold until I come back for you," I tell Jodi.

I open the door and ruffle the fur atop Malora's head. "Hello, mama's baby girl." Her bottom wiggles at the sound of my voice. I hang my purse on one of the hooks by the door and look at the pretty pink dog collar I'd left on the parlor table.

"Step just inside," I tell Jodi.

She does as I tell her, a look of shock still on her face. She's not yet assimilated what's happening to her.

With the main door open and only an antique screen door between her and the world, I tell her, "Take off your clothing."

Her eyes plead with me as she stands still.

"Do not make me tell you twice again. Now, take off your clothes," I say flatly.

She reaches for the hem of her blouse, lifts it over her head and reveals lace-covered, perfect breasts. But, she's moving too slowly. I step into her personal space. Space she is no longer allowed.

"Pick up the pace." I hold out my hand for her blouse she gives me.

She unhooks her bra and hands it to me. I drop the blouse and bra in a brown grocery sack I had placed next to the door. She will need clothes again, eventually.

Once she's out of her shoes and pants, I make her stand in her small lacey panties for a moment and I toss the rest in the bag.

I lightly smile and nod at the panties. She slides them over her hips and down her trim thighs, revealing a pristinely shaved pussy. Very nice.

The panties get laid on the parlor table just before I pick up the pink collar.

"Lift your hair."

"I've never had to -- ," she begins.

My eyes squint and I raise my voice. "You do not speak. The only thing you get to say is the name Anthony as your safe word. But, know that if you say it, I will never touch you again."

She lowers her eyes and lifts her hair as she's told.

I wrap the collar around her throat and buckle it snugly in the front.

"There," I say as I step back and take her all in. "Aren't you just the prettiest little bitch?"

She has a momentary look of being pleased. I nip it in the bud by saying, "Down on your hands and knees."

The good girl does as she's told. So far I'm impressed with my gift. I cross the room and sit on the edge of the chaise. Malora comes to sit by my side.

"Shut the door and come to me."

I get to see her at all angles as she manipulates the door. Her crawl lacks poise as she gets used to the hardwood floors, but I will fix that gait.

Jodi looks nervous. I alternate stroking her smooth blonde hair and patting the brindle Malora.

"A few starter rules will set you at ease," I tell Jodi. "You know the safe word. But, I warn you, it will be the end."

"You may not speak, but you may make your own little puppy sounds of moans and whimpers, for example."

I lift her chin. "Know that I own you. Just like I own Malora here."

"You will follow me everywhere I go on your hands and knees. When you are good, you will be rewarded. When you are bad in my estimation, you will be disciplined. Nod your head that you understand and accept."

Jodi's hair sways as she nods.

"Good girl."

I look at the little beauty in front of me for just a little too long. Malora whines in my ear.

"Oh baby," I say to her. "Do you need out?"

Malora stands and trots trough the living room and dining room to the back kitchen door.

I stroke Jodi's bare shoulder. "This will be a good chance for you to practice." I stand and start walking. She follows.

I look at her over my shoulder and say, "You must straighten your back to balance better and make me proud." She squirms to bring up her curved back. Jodi makes it through to the kitchen without drooping.

We reach the back door and I open it for Malora. "You may go," I tell my beast. It's not until I give the permission does she step out into the backyard.

I turn to Jodi who wisely doesn't lift her eyes to mine.

"You may sit back on your heels with your hands in your lap."

I pull a bottle of red out of the rack and uncork it.

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