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Mature cougar's back at the skate park looking 4 young guys.

Bob loves watching me with any of the women and he was ready to go in short order. Mom and I were in a 69 as she licked her brothers cream from me. I was surprised when Bob shoved his cock in me and mom kept licking. With the two of them going after me I didn't last five minutes. I was soon filling my mother's mouth. Bob shot off deep in my pussy which filled my mother's mouth even more when he pulled out.

We all took a break before doing the same to Bob's sister Bobbie. Faith and Adams night could not have been much better than what we all had. When we finally fell asleep I don't even know who I was cuddled up to. I do know it was one of the guys because I had his cock in my hand.

The next morning Mom and Sandy left for the wedding. We watched from the loft as Mom walked Faith down the isle. The ceremony was short as everyone wanted to get to the reception. Instead of kissing the bride Rev. Rosswalld had Adam fuck his bride in front of the town. It was their first time as man and wife. It was all so beautiful Hope and I were holding each other crying. Bob and Josh took us to bed and we missed most of the afternoon as the four of us did everything we could together.

Bobbie wanted to know what to expect so JJ spent most of the day eating or fucking Bobbie as she watched Faith and Adam. There are now 31 men in town and we had three with us. During the course of the day Bobbie watched Faith take on all 28 me either sucking them or fucking them. There were many breaks during the day so it was not just one long gangbang. Every man treated her as his own loving bride. They all went by age and rank in the valley. After her husband would be her grandfather, Doc, then Rev Rosswalld and the rest of the founding fathers.

They took a break for lunch and Bobbie was so excited about what she had seen. She kept going on and on about these old guys and how they could fuck. In the last several months she had fucked most of them at some time but to have them all together. After lunch was Dad's age group and Dad went first. Another short break and it was our friends fucking her. Then they all had a huge dinner.

It wasn't long after they all ate that mom came to get Hope and Josh. When she returned she had Rev Rosswalld with her leaving Josh alone with his mother Cindy. The valley has been very kind to the men, and I guess to the women as well, giving all the men a nice solid 8" but like I said before Rev Rosswalld had more than that before he came to the valley. Even at his advanced years of 76 he knew just what to do with that big cock of his. Rev Rosswalld was the hit of the loft that night and was still going at it when I fell asleep with Bob and JJ.

Hope's wedding was a repeat of Faith's except there were now 29 men for her. After the big dinner mom came to get Bob and I. Since Bob didn't have his mother to be with him tonight my mom steeped in. Dad's sister Karen let them have their side of the house so she and her husband John went to join Bobbie and JJ. This gave Bob and mom a place to be alone tonight and Bobbie and JJ weren't left alone in the loft.

As we walked to the house all I could think was this was finally my night alone with my dad. I noticed that Bob and Mom were way behind me. It seems they had started already. That was fine with me I know how much Bob loves fucking mom and now he has her all to himself for the whole night. I waited for them to catch up. Mom was stroking his cock and he was playing with her pussy. I kissed them both the ran on ahead to be with Dad.

I got to our house and dad was waiting for me. He held me and kissed me then led me to his bedroom. He said, "So my little girl is getting married tomorrow."

I walked into his bedroom and turned to face him saying, "Yes I am but tonight I'm all yours, just like my sisters before me."

Dad led me to the bed and said, "Your sisters being here has nothing to do with it.

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