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Students rendezvous to practice sexual magic.

That doesn't bother you?" He paused, "I'm sure you are aware your wife is a bit of an exhibitionist?"

Ed laughed, "No shit. She is definitely someone comfortable in her own skin. Yeah, she'll make sure they get a good look alright. She's like the Pied Piper."

"As long as you're ok with that. I'd hate for you to feel jealous with those boys fawning all over her." He shrugged his shoulders, "I'm off to get changed, meet you in 20?"


Christie walked out to the pool and saw all three boys watching her eagerly. As she dropped her robe, they didn't hide their obvious ogling, so she intentionally walked with a bit more bounce in her step before diving in.

The boys watched as she swam a few warmup laps and were surprised when she came to the side of the pool. Eyes widened as they saw her untie to top and reach out, holding it.

"Sorry, but this is just going to fall off. Can one of you boys put it on the back of my chair?" She giggled as all three rushed over to grab the top. Pushing off the side, she proceeded to do the back stroke knowing all six eyes were glued to her tits cutting through the water. Finally, she decided she'd better get her laps in and began the crawl, up and down the pool.

"Rick, where did you put the goggles?" Jimmy asked, "I feel the need to get in the pool."

Christie felt like laughing as she rhythmically cut through the water seeing three forms looking up at her. She knew her breasts were freely flopping around with every stroke and it excited her knowing they were watching. She wasn't wearing goggles, but she could still make out the huge tents in their board shorts.

Finally, the boys went over to the diving board and worked on the dives they'd learned. Christie felt a sense of peace being topless and feeling the water caress her breasts as she twisted her torso with every stroke. She remembered Little Beach with her sisters and all the men who moved their towels closer to them. She had a sudden thought that perhaps Doug has a fantasy about being with all three. She made a mental note to ask him. She owed him something like that. Finally, Christie stopped and swam to the edge.

The boys all watched as the perfect blonde pulled herself out of the water and walked over under the heat lamps. She took the towel offered and dried herself off before grabbing the top and putting it back on. Hearing the boys groan, she laughed, "I'm sure you'll have no problem remembering them. Even with the lamps, it is a cold evening." She pinched her nipples through the thin fabric to make her point. As she lay back on the lounge, she closed her eyes thinking how fun it would be to take all three of those virgin cocks. 'Oh, to be alone and touch myself.' She thought, 'or have these boys take care of me.' She shook her head and got up.

"Where are you going?" Jimmy asked, "It's not that late." The other boys echoed what their friend said.

"I should get back. I'm sure Ed is done working out and I need to get some sleep." She grinned at the rods poorly hidden under their shorts, "If I were a single girl, I'd make you boys very happy, and judging by the size of those thing, I'll bet you'd make me very happy, but since..." She played with her wedding ring. "Look, I'm sure you'll find a nice girl who will climb right on those nice looking cocks." She leaned over and kissed each boy on the lips before pulling on her robe and heading inside.

Ed looked up as Christie came into the bedroom and seeing the look on her face, laughed, "You missed it by about 20 minutes. I expected you to open the door when I got out of the shower." He patted the bed, "I saw you gave the boys a show."

Christie looked surprised and blushed, "You saw that? Did Jax?" She paused, seeing him nod, "Oh, wow. Perhaps I shouldn't have done that, but...I don't know. I liked being watched." She blushed.

"Hey, it's your body.

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