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Liz and Harry get to know their neighbors.

It just wasn't something that came up in casual conversations and, definitely, not in the performance of their duties. It wasn't like Montoya was spending every waking hour hanging around the clock tower either. She had turned Oracle down when she had been offered a full-time spot on the team. Still, it had been a long time, and she found her body reacting faster than her brain could keep up! And Renee, as it turned out, was one hell of a kisser. Helena melted against her soft lips and felt as the other woman enveloped her in a hug, her naked body pressing against the material of the Huntress' suit. Inside the suit her nipples were hardening and she felt a sudden and unexpected wetness between her legs. Feeling emboldened, Helena risked a little and reached her still-gloved hand between their two bodies until she was able to cup Renee's warm sex in her gloved hand.

"Ohhhh," gasped Renee. But she did not pull away.

Helena extended her fingers until they slipped between the outer lips of the other woman's vagina and then teased her inner folds by gently stroking and rubbing them. She was rewarded when Renee shuddered against those probing fingers and groaned at their welcome intrusion. She continued on in such ways for several more seconds. Doing to Montoya what she would have normally done to herself if she were alone and needed to bleed off some of the tension. Helena was neither forceful nor quick and was glad to know that she was capable of bringing pleasure to another human being. Normally, she only seemed to excel at hurting criminals when she wasn't hiding behind the prim and proper fa__ade of a Gotham City school teacher. Neither of which was going to end her up in bed with a stiff cock buried between her legs!

"My turn?" Montoya breathed against her neck as Helena continued fingering her pussy.

"But I have never," she began. Renee tripped her up and easily pulled her down on the couch beside her.

"Then it might be time that you did." She said with steel in her voice and as her own fingers reached for the release on her costume.

Helena could not bring herself to fight as Montoya pulled away the layers of her costume in her efforts to get at the flesh beneath. Heat was building inside of her - despite her best efforts in fighting down the urges to respond - and she found herself helping in the effort. It took the two of them the better part of five minutes before Renee was hooking her thumbs in the top of Helena's panties and pulling them down her legs. Her last shred of resistance seemed to vanish the moment she raised her ass up off the sofa in order to make that easier for Montoya to accomplish. The heavy tangle of her brunette bush lay revealed and the aroma of feminine musk was fast filling the small corner of the clock tower in which they were tangled. Her chest, stomach, and thighs were covered in the thinnest sheen of sweat and she was breathing deeply.

"God," she heard herself breath.

Renee was not one to hesitate in her affections and she eased one hand between Helena's closed thighs and spread her legs far enough apart to grant her passage between them. Helena scooted up on the sofa, making room so that the both of them could fit. She then threw one leg over the back of the furniture as a sign of surrender and welcome. The first caress of Montoya's lips over her pubic mound caused Helena to suck in an involuntary breath even as the tip of her tongue found the split between her labia and parted it. . .

Waves of pleasure built up slowly, starting at whichever point between her spread legs that Renee was gently licking, kissing, or fingering, then creeping up into her brain and causing Helena to make the most unusual and guttural sounds.

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