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Emilia Clarke gets stuffed with pillows, for some horny fun!

First I ran a bath and used my lavender bath beads with aloe. I soaked until the water cooled. Next I took a shower, used hair remover on my legs. I wanted to be totally smooth, to his touch. My pussy hair is trimmed short, but full. I left it that way, but shaved my pussy lips and ass crack. If he wanted me bare, I am sure he would tell me.

My hair which is cut short and close, made for an easy do. I clipped my nails and applied several coats of bright red nail polish, toe nails too.

Once I had gone this far, I put on a robe and went downstairs and opened a bottle of wine. I would have a couple glasses until my husband got home. I wanted him to help me get dressed. He loves doing that.

He brought Chinese take out with him, so we would not have to cook or go out. Just get ready and go.

After he showered and got dressed. I came into the bedroom. Other than one glass, that he drank, I finished the whole bottle. I was very mellow and ready for our evening, with my potential Dom and master.

He removed my robe and I dabbed on Allure, my favorite perfume.

The first thing he put on was the wide lacy, garter belt with six silky, elastic straps.

He took the panties, leaned down and held them open for me. I held onto his shoulder as I stepped into them and he pulled them up my legs and settled them on my tight, round ass, smoothing the silky material.

Next the bra, he held it up as I put my arms through it. He reached around and hooked and made sure my little B cup tits were in place with the nipples just covered but the tops of the areolas were exposed.

My stockings were next, I chose to put them on because of the delicateness of them, I didn't want his hands to run them. He had my "whore" heels, ready for me to put on. I was sitting on my dressing table chair and he put them on my feet and buckled the strap. The buckle looked like a little pad lock.

I was now ready for my dress but he told me to wait, as he reached into his pocket and came out with a little box, that contained a very delicate ankle bracelet. He put it around my right ankle.

I stood up and kissed him passionately. He told me if we were going to do this we would do it right.

He opened the dress and I stepped into it. The zipper was zipped and I was about ready to go. I put on my bright red lipstick and looked at myself in the mirror. I hoped Ken would like how I looked.

We met Ken at the prescribed place. He was a nondescript man but I could tell that he was an alpha male. He exuded a force that immediately had my full attention. My husband sitting along side of me, was now a shadow.

"Janet, I'm Ken and this must be Paul, your husband?"


"Yes, what?"

"Oh, yes sir, sorry sir."

"That's alright. First time and all. But the next indiscretion, will be dealt with, with punishment."

"We need to get off on the right foot, right from the beginning. Don't you agree, Janet."

"Yes sir."

"So, you are interested in being dominated by a man that will test and push your limits, for sex and pain. Am I right?"

"Yes, Master, I have been having fantasies of being stripped, bound, gagged, fucked, spanked and whipped. I make myself cum thinking about it, when I masturbate."

"You will not be disappointed if you come to me. Now please get up and stand beside me."

I did as he wanted.

"Now lift your dress so I can see your stockings, garter and panties." I just looked at him.

"Just do it, or this meeting is over."

Looking around I didn't see anyone paying us any attention. I slowly lifted my dress up to my hips.

"Just as I asked for. Now turn around so I can see how spank able that ass of your's is.'

As I turned he ran his hand over my panty clad ass, crooked a finger into the elastic waistband and pulled them down below my cheeks.

"Very nice. You are one lucky guy Paul, to have such a fine and willing woman, all to yourself. But that will change shortly, once she takes a Dom." My husband didn't respond. I could tell he was not happy with where this was going.

"Please Sir, let me drop my dress and sit down.

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