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He open the bag, wet his index finger, and tapped the white substance. He brought out a small amount on his finger tip, looked at it, and touched it to his tongue. Tommy casually said, "Meth."

I stood their stunned. What was Ellen doing with Meth? And who had given it to her? I must have looked bewildered for Tommy told me to sit down. Tommy saw the look in my face and asked me about Ellen. I told him she was working part-time as a bookkeeper at a local gym. He laughed and said, "Gyms were a haven for drugs - steroids, meth, and cocaine were the usual suspects, and the most trainers wind up banging their housewife clients. It is very common."

But he mentioned this may just be the tip of the iceberg of Ellen's shenanigans. I started to get a sinking feeling in my stomach. I think Tommy saw the blood drain from my face. Tommy looked at me and said, "You need to hire a PI. They will be discrete and are professionals. If you follow her and find her having sex with some guy, what are you going to do? Punch the guy out and get arrested for battery; and you may even lose the fight and give him a "Get Out of Jail Free" card to beat the hell out of you claiming self-defense? Punch her out and get arrested for felony spousal abuse? You're the one who would go to jail, and you're the one who would suffer as Big Bubbas's bitch. All you would do is leave the door wide open for Ellen to continue her affair and she would probably have the guy move in to your home while you were in jail. When you got out you would have nothing. California is a no-fault State so her adultery would be ignored. But it gets worse. If you could not support her and your kids because you were incarcerated, the courts would take your 401K and retirement funds to use for spousal and child support. And remember, there is nothing to stop you wife from using those funds to support her lover. You would have effectively thrown away your life up to this point. When you are finally released from prison, you would carry the stigma of being an ex-con to every potential employer you contact. Unless you can start your own business, which is highly unlikely, you will be forced to take a job, if you can even find one, at a fraction of the pay of your current position.

Tommy went on, "We have been friends for a long time so I want you to hire a PI and I want you to bring me all the information he finds. If she is taking drugs, you need to get her into a rehab facility for the sake of your children and the stability of their home. However, if she has committed adultery and you have done nothing to encourage that particular behavior, then she has lost respect for you, and has disregarded the welfare of her children. If that is the case, you will never gain back her respect and you need to take the kind of action that will allow you to walk away with from this situation with your pride and your balls intact. No woman is ever sorry she cheated on her husband. She is only sorry that she got caught. A woman who is unfaithful fully intended her actions. She knew exactly what she is doing. It is a selfish act that totally disregards the feelings of her husband and family. And remember, the next time for her gets easier and easier. However, if she was drugged, then she was not cheating, but she was involuntarily raped."

Tommy continued, "Women are different than men.

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