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Philandering lawman meets moonshiner.

He explained that I had agreed to choose the man and he agreed to make the proposal and that I had agreed to do everything in the event that the proposal was accepted.

I could hear my heart pounding in my ears as my husband paid the check. When I walked with them through the door to the lobby I felt numb and my legs went a little week. By the time we made it in our room I was out of ideas on how to get out of this. I looked at my husband and told him to order us a bottle of something, hoping a cocktail would delay the inevitable or at least ease my nerves and anguish. As we sat in the room attempted to make some small talk, there was a knock on the door and a bottle of bourbon was handed to my husband. I saw him sign for it and I remember taking a sip and telling them that I wanted to go freshen up.

As I stood, Jim told me that he would like to watch me undress. I glared at my husband and glanced at the bathroom door. My husband told me that if I had to pee to go right ahead. Then he reminded me that I had showered that morning before we left. He told me to please quit stalling and that another shower would only wash all my flavor away and that they might want a taste me and that he intended to make me taste myself. My husband has many faults, but this is the first time he was ever cruel to me.

I went into the bathroom and I tried to pee, but was unable too. I made sure that I wiped real good and while washing my hands, I realizing that our bags were still in the car and I couldn't have showered or even changed into something fresh if I wanted to. I stared in the mirror at the plump 58 year old woman looking back at me. I was too round in some places and started to sag in others. I haven't been comfortable with my body for some time and now given this situation, I felt all the worst about my appearance and I felt a little sick.

I walked back out into the room still fully dressed to find every light in the place on. My husband was sitting in the far corner chair, stripped down to his briefs with his cloths piled on the floor next to him. Jim was standing just outside the bathroom door next to the bed wearing only his boxers and I saw that his slacks and shirt folded neatly over the back of the little desk chair.

I remember wanting to cry as I unbuttoned and removed my blouse and shorts. I turned and placed them on the nightstand behind me. Wearing only my panties and bra, I stayed facing away from the men for a moment to collect my composure so I wouldn't tear up. Then I noticed my husband's shaving kit on the far night stand with his small pump bottle of KY intimate lube and that damn fake dong sitting next to it. Instead of crying I became furious over the fact that my bastard husband snuck to the car while I was in the bathroom.

When my husband instructed me to remove my bra, I reached back, unclasped it and let it slip from my shoulders to the floor and I felt the weight of my large breasts fall free in the cool air. I cupped to cover myself with my trembling hands and I slowly turned to face them. Jim stepped over to me and put his arms around me and held me close for a moment. I felt his left hand move from around back and up my tummy and take my wrist. He slid his right index and middle fingers from behind in that little open space right under my crotch that my chubby thighs make. He stroked in and out moving them in slow elongated circles, pressing my panties up and in me a little. He tried once with his left hand to lower mine to his crotch but I maintained my death grip on my breasts.

My husband came up, slipped behind us, in-between me and the bed and lowered both of my arms down to my sides. He gently guided us back the half a step and sat me on the mattress. My husband pushed my shoulders down as Jim slipper his left arm under my legs lifting them onto the bed and then he removed my panties. I saw him fold and place them with his cloths on the chair.

Both men removed their bottoms and my husband climbed on the bed to the left of me and Jim remained standing b

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