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Sabrina's lessons in lust begin with her aunt.

Her main concern though was to get Master Barak away from trouble, all else she would deal with tomorrow.

She knew a moment of keen embarrassment when they arrived at his door. Having never much contact with men in general, much less one of noble class, she didn't really know what to do.

"If the accommodations are not to you liking Master, please say and I will see what I can do." Without meeting his gaze she turned back toward the tavern. She was calling herself ten times a coward when his voice stopped her.

"If you have no other pressing duties, then stay and we will attempt to entertain each other."

Amara turned back to him amused, he sounded almost as nervous as she did, "Entertain?"

He laughed, "With our clothes on I assure you. It would do me a great honor if you will keep me company over dinner."

Amara dropped a quick courtesy, going down stairs to fetch his dinner. She had set it aside for him earlier in the evening, hoping that, with his travels, he would be more interested in a good meal than a good bedding. Heat stole up her cheeks as she thought that she might not mind the "finishing" as much as she first thought.

She arranged the trencher and the small loaf of bread on the tray trying to make it look pleasing but all she accomplished was making it a lot cooler then it had started out. She filled two tankards with ale placing them gingerly beside the meager meal and swung the tray up on her shoulder.

"Hey duchess."

Amara turned to see Molly standing in the opposite doorway; she noticed that for once the ever present mocking look wasn't on her face.

"If you want, 'ol Molly will take the tray up for ya. Ain't no need in us both being soiled."

Amara was suprised, from the beginning she had gotten nothing but jeers from this woman who was now offering to take her place.

"Why would you do that?"

Molly shrugged coming into the kitchen, "You got it in you to be a real lady duchess, and 'ol Molly don't want to be left behind when you're well-to-do. Besides he looks like a good ride and I ain't had a good ride in a long time"

Amara laughed, "Thank you, but I believe that I can handle him"

"Sure you can luv," Molly winked reaching down into the Innkeepers cupboard and producing a small baked pie. She placed it onto the tray and gave Amara a little slap on the rump. "You make sure that one wants more than his dinner, and then you make sure he don't get it. That's the way to a man's heart."

Amara was still pondering those words as she knocked on Lord Barak's door. How did one go about making another want them? She'd seen Molly and the other girls fawn and rub up against men, but she couldn't imagine trying something like that.


Amara came in quickly, again almost sloshing the ale that she carried. She took a second to shut the door but then thought better of it. How well did she really know this man who was supposed to be a creature from nightmares? Instead, she settled for leaving it open just a crack. She turned around rather pleased with her decision when she noticed the almost hurt look on his face. She blinked and it was gone leading her to believe that she had imagined it.

"I suppose it is wise for one such as you to take precautions." He nodded irritably toward the door, "but I had hoped after my display of protection toward you downstairs that I might have gained a small amount of your trust." He pondered his own statement a moment before gesturing for Amara to put the tray down on a nearby table, "Perhaps it is because of such a display that you are not comfortable."

Amara's chin went up a notch, "As you say Master, my dealings with the world do not lend me to easily put faith in another, and you yourself said you were a monster."

Barak laughed in genuine amusement, "An excellent point girl." He looked at the meal she had brought with a frown. "You are not staying to dine?"

"If you wish me to, I would gladly sit in your company."

"Where is your food girl?" His question was soft as though he already knew the answer.

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