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A bi fantasy comes true when couple meets the right man.

The Demon lowers it's smiling face between Heather's out stretched thighs and with one long slow swipe of it's wet thick 7 inch tongue, Heather has no doubt to the creature's intention. The snake like tongue begins by tracing circles around her trembling wet opening.
And before long Heather helpless hips start moving of their

own accord, trying desperately to keeping that elusive pleasure organ caressing her swelling pussy lips.

But when that hot sexual tongue brushes lightly across her erect clit, Heather suddenly arches her back like she had been electrocuted. Loud moans echo in the creature mind, and quickly the superhuman tongue slips effortless into her eager quivering pussy channel, at the same time the Thing rubs it's thick upper lip, up and down on her Swollen clit. More pleas form in her frenzied mind.

After a period of tongue lashing and spearing into her overflowing opening. The creature knows its time, and raising off of it's knees, it now places it's large muscled thighs between Heather's repositioned legs, and moving forwards, it brings it oozing cock head up into the soft folds of her tight cunt.

Stopping to look at the sexually excited and expectant, selfish snob, the creature smirks it contempt for the high society blue blooded heiress. Without any warning, the Thing, thrusts it's hard phallus deep into the surprised woman's rapidly stretched and completely impaled pussy.

Pleas for mercy are ignored and are soon followed by her moans of pain that over the next long minutes gradually turn into...panting cries of pleasure.

The Thing has started slowly pushing relentlessly up into the deep tunnel of her quivering wet flesh, till the thick cock head bumps into the back of Heather's longer than average pussy, throwing her sweaty body back and forth with increasing force.

The sexually turned on being, becomes lost in the heady, arousing sensation of the impaled woman's tight pussy surrounding it's pulsing male sex organ. The creature rams it self harder and faster into the helpless, invaded cunt.

The primal sexual creature is rutting fully into the eagle spread woman, It's mindless sexual desires and It's powerful physical sexual drive are seemingly a almost unstoppable living force that drives the Thing with a irresistible desire to fuck this female with out mercy or pity.

But interestingly, Heather forced to endure the almost brutal assault on her

exposed loins, begins to thrust her hips back at the oncoming pile driver penetration of her stretched open pussy. The creature can hear her moans of yes, more, fuck me stud...and suddenly, he stops.

Heather reacts by wrapping her shuddering legs tightly around the creature's hard trim waist, and begin to lift her ass off the bed, trying to drive her soaking wet pussy on to the motionless iron rod hard phallus.

When the Thing's rugged face hovers over her panting mouth, Heather lewdly smiles and opens her lips to receive the long tongue, rushing to invade her eager mouth. The strong tongue moves first one way then another; touching, caressing and teasing the orgasming female.

Entering a state of sexual bliss that Heather never thought possible, she continues to be racked by multi orgasms over and over, they flow over her desperately responding body; at this point the expertly skilled creature resumes thrusting into her melting molten hot cunt. The creature only slows down to let the out of control woman catch her breath and let her racing throbbing heart slow down.

Finally the Thing allows it large amount of hot semen to burst forth to flood Heather's already swampy wet pussy, his expanding shaft stretches Heather's impaled tunnel open even wider and allows the excess mixture of juices to flow out her pussy, on to the wildly shaking bed.

And that was just one ravished female.

But as good as these sexual conquests have been, there has been a dual purpose and.

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