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He breaks into Kat's house.

I put my tongue in there and tried my best to get as much as I could. After a few minutes though, my mouth got tired, and so did she.

'Stop,' she ordered, and I did, sitting back at the foot of the bed. She rolled onto her back. 'You're not very good at this part, something we'll have to work on.' I got excited at that last part; was she interested in keeping this a regular thing?

She leant over the bed and pulled from under it a drawer which had a couple of sex toys and BDSM items like handcuffs and ties, etc, as well as some other items of lingerie. She retrieved a dildo and put the drawer back in. She put the dildo in her pussy and pulled it in and out, in and out, in and out, on and on, staring through me while she did it.

'Touch yourself, just not your dick. Massage around it, cradle your balls.' I did so, trying as hard as possible not to jerk off as the natural thing to do was. My balls got tight. 'Slap them gently, imagine you're fucking me and they're slapping my ass.'

I raised an eyebrow, as if posing a question.

'Not today, you don't get such a privilege yet. For the near future you'll only get footjobs from me.'

FEET. Another thing I loved.

So I slapped my balls, again and again, using my left hand to massage around my abs and thighs. She began moaning loudly from the dildo.

'Now jack off, faster than you ever have, YOU'RE GOING TO CUM FOR ME RIGHT NOW YOU STUPID LITTLE SLAVE-BOY!'

So I went at it, her loud tone turning me on like nothing before, rubbing ferociously, animal-like, and came almost instantly, spilling a pool of cum on her bed sheets, at the same time she came from the dildo.

She leant over and again, slurped it all up, staring into my eye, her mischievous, evil grin almost making me hard again.

'Get dressed. Leave. You'll come back tomorrow night, let's say, 12:30. Any later and you won't get to cum in the same room as me for two weeks.' she said, using a tissue to wipe her chin and lips.

I nodded and walked out, saying 'Thank you, m'am,' as I did.

I rode home, wondering if that actually happened. The next night, I arrived early and sat out the front for a few minutes, knocking on the door at exactly 12:30. She opened the door to reveal herself in full lingerie, similar to last time but this time with panties, a bra and long silk gloves that went from just under her shoulder to the ends of her fingers.

She brought me into the lounge room, where a younger woman, about thirty, sat. She was naked, completely.

'This is Tanya, she lives next door. She works long days with ungrateful people. As with me, you do what she says, anything she says, when she says it.' said Miss Mendoza.

Then Tanya spoke, she had a Russian accent, with a deep seductive voice. 'You will call me Mother.' I nodded. 'Now, Mother's feet are sore, she's been on them all day, can you make them better.'

I nodded, 'How would you like me to do that?'

'Kiss them, lick them, put them in your filthy mouth,' Miss Mendoza answered. 'But first, you must strip.'

I did so, and Mother admired my hard cock.

I kneeled down and started worshipping her feet, apparently not to her liking as she shook her head, prompting me to stop to inquire, which before I could do I was interrupted by a swift kick to the balls from Miss Mendoza behind.

It winded me for a few moments, but I was still hard as a rock.

'Lick my sole.' she said, and I did.

'Yes, Mother.' I said, before using my tongue for other things, such as long lavish strokes along her wrinkled, textured sole, taking in the salty taste of her unwashed feet, the ones she had been walking with all day at work, but I loved it.

I kept at it for fifteen or so minutes before they brought me to the bedroom, where Miss Mendoza took off her panties and then threw a couple pillows on the floor directly next to the bed.

'Sit on those,' she said to me. 'Lean your head back on the bed.' She then turned to Mother.

'We'll take turns, you can sit on his face first and eat me, then I'll sit on his face and eat you.'

'Is he any good?' Mo

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