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"Well either that is a very good disguise or I should feel honored." His voice is soft and gentle and very nice.

"I could cut myself if you'd like. I am doing a get to know Detroit run and well finding a place I can stop to get snacks is very high on the list. The food here smells delicious you are a walk up so I don't have to worry about going in and out through a door. So I am left with two questions, what do you make and would you mind billing the city?"

"No cutting of you is needed, quick rundown of our menu is hamburgers, hot dogs with and without chili, we do a very nice fish sandwich, there are an array of salads, fries and onion rings we have sundaes and shakes as well. We close at four AM though we usually have people here until almost five so we can leave you a care basket if you would like. Billing the city is fine we do enough business here to afford feeding you for free, the interstate runs through Detroit half a mile from here. If we had a bigger lot we would get truckers, we do anyway they all come in a couple cars and eat up before they drive their load of cars off."

"Oh this is just perfect, oh while I'm thinking on it. One of my brigade has neighbors a woman and her granddaughter, her son gets out on parole in two weeks, would you perhaps be looking to hire a parolee who is a good cook and good with numbers?"

"I don't see why not, I have a record myself, give me his name and I'll make a note."

"Darryl Brown. Oh and could you tell me the address here I need to let everyone know."

He relates the address that I repeat over the radio then I let him repeat the menu. I have to click it twice to get them to stop doing the cat's love fish joke.

"John could you give me directions to your house in relation to heaven please."

While John is giving me directions the man holds up a finger to me and walks away. I make him repeat it twice before finally asking for a direction, the smell of this place is just to good. I'm getting antsy to go on to John's house and just about ready to just go when he comes back carrying a basket with just a hamburger in it. I collect it from the basket when he holds it out to me and take a bite.

"Oh my god this is so good, I see why you do well interstate nearby or not." I say before taking another bite.

"Thank you, I wish I had a camera, Jaguar saying that would triple our sales I think."

"Mikael if you have a bag handy I'd like to finish this after I see to an empty house that isn't." I say to him after looking closer to read his nametag.

"Of course hang on, it's pronounced Michael, my parents wanted to use a different spelling, though I admit to liking the way you say it." Mikael says as he reaches under the counter and comes up with a paper bag.

"It's an interesting name it's originally Hebrew meaning 'who is like god'. I learned Russian from a wonderful man named Mikael long time ago which is why I say it like that." I say then take the bag from him. "Thank you I might come back later, though chances are better you will see me often starting tomorrow."

I wave to him at the street then turn and really put on the speed. The interstate is interesting it's raised but not very much except at certain major streets. I have to be a little careful crossing, it's a very wide interstate I guess for the semi's and still fairly heavy in traffic. I'm stuck on crossing the second side, a passing semi honks at me then I hear the guy inside speaking over the radio. I have to giggle at the sudden empty road the semi's got across most of the interstate and slowed down, it's only open for a second or two but much longer than I needed, I go across waving to the semi's they all give me the air horn toot and are past.

After that it's pretty easy running except I'm lost, John gets over the radio saying the patrols are there.

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