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Having to apologize to Molly turns out to be not so bad.

" Gavin limped away quickly.

"Blake!" Alex gasped. "What are you doing here?" She asked him as if she hadn't just kicked a man so hard that he'd probably need testicular retrieval surgery.

"You were gone for awhile. Clara was getting worried so she sent me over." Blake explained as he stepped into the storage room. "What are you looking for? Maybe I can help."

"Sure. Plastic utensils. We're running out so I thought to grab some." Alex turned to see the door shutting. "Oh! Don't let the door close!" She shouted a bit too late for Blake to have reacted. " we're stuck in here together until someone comes to get us. I'm sure Clara will come get us shortly. Do you have your cell phone? I left mine in my office."

Blake shook his head. "I did the same with mine."

"Well this sucks." She breathed. "Not that I'm saying being stuck here with you sucks. Just the whole being trapped in here sucks." Blake nodded as Alex tried to amend her earlier words.

Blake rattled the door, but it didn't budge. "I suppose we'll just wait for Clara then." He took a seat on the ground, not seeming too bothered by the situation.

Taking a seat beside him, Alex let out a sigh. "The party is very enjoyable. Kudos on preparing on such short notice."

With a shrug, Blake went about looking through the boxes of supplies near him. "Why doesn't anyone get the door fixed?"

"I don't really know...we all just kind of used the door stopper and never bothered to make a big deal about it." Alex adjusted her skirt and sat down beside Blake. "Seeing as we'll be stuck here for awhile, we may as well get to know each other." Alex paused. "Shall I start or shall you?"

"I have to warn you that I'm not a very talkative person and I don't like to divulge personal information." Blake said smoothly.

Alex pouted. "Then what would we have talked about at dinner? Alright, I'll go first. But I warn you that I can be pretty persistent." She gave him a playful look before clearing her throat to recite him the memoir of her life thus far.

"My mother, Anna Maria, was half Spanish, half German. My father, Devlin, was three-fourths Italian, one-fourth Brazilian. I was born in Italy, but I grew up between Spain and America mostly. My parents met in America when they were both in college. Being an orphan, my father came to America to start a new life. My mother came from a good family and my father came from nothing. That was something my grandfather never let my father forget. My maternal grandmother died when my mother was a young girl, so grandpa was really protective about my mother since she was an only child. He was a bit overbearing, then again, my mother said most German men are." Alex laughed a little and then continued.

"Well, my parents fell in love and my grandfather wouldn't allow that. Eventually my mother ran off with my father and they got married in Spain, moved to Italy and I was born a little later. At this point my mother didn't know whether or not she was disowned. But grandpa really missed his daughter so they reconciled. My father had become a very rich businessman by this point and he and my mother traveled all around the world. Some places weren't safe to bring a child so I stayed with my grandfather while my parents were on their business trips. See, my grandfather's idea of babysitting is an army of bodyguards and nannies. Eventually, I saw less and less of my parents and then one day they suddenly appeared back in my life while I was in med school and wanted to make up for all the time they missed while I was growing up. I don't know why I said such cruel things to them. I guess I really was upset that they'd left me for so long. I ended up pushing them away. Grandpa told them not to stress me and my parents retired to Maui in Hawaii where they died a little later in a helicopter accident." Inhaling a shaky breath, Alex finished off.
"I dropped out of med and focused on business and technology since that was what my father majored in and I

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