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Professor wants sexual favors for better grades.

We had talked in the poorly lit dining room flirted a little bit and I almost got her to let me touch that amazing ass. So as such happens work gets in the way life moves on but we still flirt she has sent me some very nice pictures of this ass. This story however is fiction. Her office is up front and next to the administrator. I have this idea of how she and I could have fun in there one day if conditions were right. The conditions would be if the administrator was off and i was off and it is late say 5 o'clock in the afternoon. Now to start the story.

Walking in to Jackie's office. I look and see she is getting ready to leave for her weekend without kids.

"Hey honey what you doing?" I ask kind of dumb.

"Oh just getting ready to get out of here. I got a lot done with Peggy gone all week." she says all excited.

"Well that's good honey any plans for this weekend?"

"No I was going to go home and mess around on the computer for a bit." she says as she closes the blinds to her office.

"Really." I say shutting the door and swiftly locking it. She walks over to the little table to grab her purse. I cross the room silently and grab her waist from behind. Drawing her into me I thrust into her amazing ass to let her feel my erection.

"Hmm someone is excited now we can't do this here..." she trails off as I kiss her neck. Her hand comes up and grabs my head.

"Billy what if someone comes in we could get in a lot of trouble." she says not moving from me just voicing a concern.

"Honey I locked the door." as I say this I slide my hands around and squeeze her ass hard. She moans in return.

"Well we can't do much here without someone finding out." she says thrusting her ass into me.

"Oh I intend to keep you here for only a little longer. Now be a good girl and take off your shirt." I say as a teasing order. Ever the one to please she lifts her shirt to reveal a nice set of pale white tits that I don't hesitate i spin her around and start kissing the top of them like a man possessed.

"Oh Billy if you keep this up were going to get in trouble."

I don't stop I start kneading her ass some more and lift her up. Her legs wrap around my waist and I pin her back to the wall. The force of which causes my very hard dick to slide along her wetting slit.

"Ok we can go to your house but you can't fuck me here." She pants the stimulation obviously getting to her.

"I have no intention of fucking you today I want to merely get you aroused." I say kissing my way up to her neck. Then her ear. Then to her lips that look so inviting. She doesn't stop me she kisses me hard our tongues entwine in a duel to see which of us will give out first. Her passion trumps me and I break for air only to see the want that is now clearly driving her thoughts towards sex.

"So you just want to get me worked up and leave me that mean." she says running her hand down my chest and pinching my nipple.

"Yes and I seem to be doing well." I say thrusting into her.

"I hate to admit it but yes you are indeed."

I bring a hand around and grab her wrist I direct her hand to in between our bodies. She wraps her hand around my cock and starts rubbing my through my jeans I stop her and direct her hand to her own pussy.

"Mmmmm you want me to play with it huh. It would be easier without these slacks in the way." she moans in between kisses.

"Yes but then I would have a better chance of fucking you and were almost out of time."

"Out of time?"

"Yes you need to be off the clock by six and I have 15 mines with you. So if you want to cum you better start rubbing." with this I dip my head down and pull her bra out. I flick her nipple with my tongue then suck it hard into my mouth.

She lunges forward to bite onto my neck as to not moan to loud. I start swirling my tongue around her nipple sucking it softly then hard watching as it grows and becomes more and more sensitive.

"Uh Billy I can't cum at work we got to stop this It wouldn't be right.

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