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Jennifer falls deeper into debt.

"Be a good boy, I'll take care of that later."

His head swimming with the warm tingle of arousal, Bailey smiled and then headed off for his first class of the day.

* * *

It was during the lunch period when Bailey began feeling warmer, and found it difficult to concentrate in class. He had a fever now, and was feeling a little dizzy; wearing his long sleeve uniform coat and shirt wasn't helping either.

He stumbled into the nurse's office and looked around; most of the lights were off, and the cool air from the air conditioner made him feel a little less lightheaded almost right away.

"N-Nurse?" Bailey called out, neither seeing nor hearing anyone in the partially lit room. There was an unoccupied nurse's station just in front of him, and three beds that were sectioned off by partition curtains.

There was no answer, but Bailey could hear a rustling sound from behind curtain of the nearest bed, and a moment later the curtain was thrown back to reveal the ditzy Nurse Joy, in her bright pink uniform.

"Bailey!" She exclaimed, her green eyes growing wide and round at the sight of him.

It was only then that Bailey recalled the firm warning Miss Angeli had given him to steer clear of the nurse and her infirmary, but he was sick, it would be okay. Wouldn't it?

"Are you sick? You poor thing, I'll take care of you!" Nurse Joy said as she slid in close to Bailey, leaning forward to touch her forehead against his. "You're so warm! We need to get you into bed young man!"

With that, the nurse grabbed Bailey by the shirt and pulled him to the nearest bed.

He was feeling a bit weak and merely groaned as she pushed him back onto the soft, cool pillows and sauntered away. She returned a moment later with a little paper cup filled with dark red liquid.

"Here, this is for your fever sweetie." She said, handing him the cup.

Bailey nodded and accepted the cup, slowly swallowing the almost bitter tasting red syrup which instantly burned his throat. "Yuck." Bailey winced, handing Nurse Joy the empty cup.

"Oh it tastes yucky sweetie, I know. But it will help you loosen up a bit."

"Loosen up?" Bailey blinked, confused at her comment and then suddenly finding that he was having trouble keeping his eyes open. As he drifted off into the warm darkness, he heard a prolonged giggle that seemed somehow sinister; it was the last thing he heard before slipping off into a deep, deep sleep.

It was shortly after the final bell had rung - some three hours later before, Bailey finally awoke.

His limbs felt heavy and his head groggy and full of mud, everything seemed so slow and blurry.

He wiggled around, meaning to rise up from the bed but quickly finding that his forearms were crossed and bound with tight leather straps behind his back.

"What's going on?" Bailey asked as he managed to roll onto his side, the situation becoming a bit more apparent as he took in the sight of Miss Roberts, who was nude, save for a pair of black pair of black thigh-high stockings with red lace garters, black heels and a simple black choker that hugged her slender neck.

She was seated in the leather office chair from the nurse's desk and sat facing Bailey as Nurse Joy sat on her knees before the woman, fully nude as she bobbed her head enthusiastically up and down, sucking Miss Robert's cock.

"Well, it looks like the little bitch is awake, Nurse Joy." Miss Roberts observed coldly as she glanced up at the clock on the wall. "And right about when you said he would be."
The nurse knew better than to remove her mouth from her Mistress' cock, so she didn't reply and instead continued to suck and slurp rather sloppily on Miss Robert's cock, leaving long, sticky threads of spit glistening on the woman's visibly pulsating shaft.

From the angle Bailey was lying at on the bed, he could see Nurse Joy's plump, round and deliciously pink little asshole winking with excitement as she obediently serviced her Mistress' fat, throbbing prick as if it were the most important thing in the world.

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