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A neglected executive's wife gets the attention she craves.

I licked my lips in anticipation and meanwhile turned my tongue loose on Tina. She didn't quite expect it again so soon after being dined on by Liam, but she didn't complain, either. On the contrary, Tina was just as loud for me as she was for my former boss, while I lovingly sampled her sweet slit and sucked on her clit. Soon my face was now drenched with her juices just as it had been with Blanca's.

Once Tina came, Becky took a wet wipe and cleaned up a bit before walking up to me and showing me her freshly wiped pussy. I didn't hesitate to give her the same treatment, especially as she seemed cleaner in general than the others that morning. It turned out that she had showered scant hours before she had arrived in anticipation of fucking me at last. The wipe was just for my peace of mind and to encourage me to eat her out, which I did with my typical gusto.

About the time that I got around to sucking Becky's clit, making her cum at last, Des and Tammy emerged from the shower and gave me longing looks as well. They evidently wanted me to have them for breakfast, too.

"Tammy gets it first, as she is the hostess," Des urged me, as I pulled my mouth away from a collapsed Becky.

I certainly didn't mind the taste of brown sugar, in this sense or the other, and I dined hungrily on Tammy, invading her cunt repeatedly with my tongue. It wasn't long before I began sucking on her clit as well and she seemed to get chills as well as breathing much heavier before she finally climaxed.

When I started eating Des out, she was the loudest, of course. She couldn't help but make a lot of noise, as I gave her the same fine treatment that I performed for the others. My jaws were a little sore by then, but at least I had given my dick a break and still kept five horny women happy.

After Des came, the ladies grabbed me, wiped my dick just to be safe, and each took turns servicing my cock and balls with their mouths. I was soon as hard as steel, but I also had one promise left to keep, so I gestured for the men to join me, as my jaws were now back to normal.

Just to be sure that I sucked enough dick to satisfy my Des's fantasies, I alternated between Felix, Bacchus, and Liam. I licked and sucked them while the women continued to do the same for me, a sight that must have really excited everyone present, judging by their facial expressions.

"Stop, please," Des asked me abruptly.

"Okay, sure, but why?" I wondered.

"You've kept your end of the deal with the men, and went above and beyond it, in fact. Still, I have a favor to ask you, if you don't mind," she continued, blushing a little in spite of her recent adventures.

"What is that?" I asked her.

"Can you men please do a train? I want to see one in action. Ian, if you don't mind, I'd like you to be the engine, so to speak, so that your cock remains ready for us ladies. Bacchus, please fuck Ian's ass. Felix, stick it up Bacchus's butt. Liam, ram Felix deep, if you're okay with that," Des suggested, which brought grins to everyone present.

I was a little leery of that much pressure on my ass, but Des winked and mouthed a reminder of her promise that she would never ask anything to harm me or my butt. The next few seconds were almost a blur, as lube was spread generously on my backdoor by my fianc__e (along with repeated kisses and licks as she got the chance). Then I felt a sudden push inside my sphincter, with a very familiar dick returning to my bunghole. Bacchus was in my ass, and he started actively fucking it just as Felix began slamming him and Liam shoved his hard cock inside Tammy's husband to finish the train.

Meanwhile, the women were better than their word, as each lady bent over for me in turn and let me fuck her ass. Des was first, but then Tammy, Blanca, Tina, and Becky each enjoyed a few strokes of my dick inside their bottoms. Then the ladies wiped my cock clean and gave me several strokes in their pussies to add to the surprise. This was followed by more time in their butts, another wipe-down, and even more pussy on my dick.


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