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Megan meets Mindy.

After I had the kids all tucked away in the evenings, I would call Mike (my husband) and we would fantasize about being together. Yes, we would have phone sex. We would undress together, crawl into our respective beds, and masturbate together while talking on the phone.

Through the years of raising the kids, weddings and grand kids and our numerous family get togethers, Mike and I continue to partake in these sexual fantasies when he is on the road.

I guess I never realized that during our 'on the road' love making nights, that the kids may have known of our sexual times.

About three months ago, my daughter in law called and asked me to baby-sit. Well, no problem there at all. She knew Mike was out of town for several days and suggested that I come over Friday afternoon and plan on spending the weekend with them. This was perfect because they live about 60 miles from where we live.

After arriving and setting up in their guest bedroom, we had lunch and checked the 'emergency' phone list twice.

Soon after 6pm, Cindy and Mark left for their dinner party and the airport where she was to send Mark off to a medical conference in San Diego for 3 days leaving me and little Stephen to do our grand kid grand parent thing. What a time we had.

Finally it was bedtime and after getting Stephen in bed, I decided to call Mike. Well, one thing led to another and we decided to make love. Mike told me that he would call me back in about 20 minutes, giving me time to go back upstairs and get into bed. When I pulled back the sheets, there was a note pinned to the pillow. It read, "Mom, the phone in your bedroom is a speaker phone so if you talk to Dad, have fun".

WOW - was this a shock. A note from my daughter in law thinking of what Mike and I may do. What an eye opener it was. Anyway, yes, it was a fantastic night of lovemaking.

The next morning Cindy came to me and asked if all went well. I smiled and said it had. Then to my surprise, she asked if 'Dad' and I had had fun also. Another shocker. This only went on to a more explicit and enjoyable conversation that brought us even closer together. Cindy confessed that she and Mark often do the same thing when he is out of town. The very thought of my daughter in law and I talking about phone sex and masturbation was incredible, much less being reality. My daughter in law and son masturbating while talking on the phone was another strange thought.

That night, after going to bed, I called Mike again. We talked for some time and again had a very romantic evening. After hanging up and nearly asleep, I heard the phone ring. I lay there in bed thinking that it may have been Mark, but tried not to go places my body was reacting to.

Being as the guest bedroom in between the master bed room and Stephen's room, I found I could hear, in the silence of the night, a one sided garbled conversation. Then to my surprise, the moans and love making sounds became more prevalent. I lay there finding myself wanting to listen but also thinking that it wasn't a place I should be.

After about thirty minutes and not being able to fall asleep, I found myself listening even more intensely. I also found that I was becoming aroused with the whole thought of them having sex over the phone and also Cindy's and my earlier conversation. I couldn't control my body any longer. I began thinking of Mike again. I began to rub my breasts and then my thighs. I began to masturbate like never before while alone and Mike not being around. I had one orgasm after another. My towel was soaked through and through and I knew the sheets would need washing. I must have fallen asleep before Cindy and Mark finished 'there thing' because I do not remember just what all happened after that.

The next morning while having breakfast, Cindy and I again began talking about sex again. I spoke up and told her of my night and she confessed as to hearing me earlier before Mark had called and that she had become so turned on that she too was masturbating while Mike and I had sex.


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