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SuperiorMan gets a nasty surprise when his powers are taken.

I'd stroke my cock, teasing it, but never finished.

Now fall arrived, the weather becoming much cooler and threatening the eventual first light snow, that harbinger of the coming winter. Which made me sad because I doubted she'd be out here then...especially naked.

Feeling wistful and a little blue, I ventured out on a sunny Saturday afternoon, the temperature in the mid 50s. It wasn't supposed to hit beyond the 60s later. I'd brought my trusty Nikon and left my jacket unzipped, relishing the crisp fall air. As was my usual, I took the trail to one of my favorite spots, overlooking a glade surrounded by tall trees and bushes. I'd gotten good pictures from that vantage point, plus on a clear day I could see the lake beyond. My first and only time seeing her was in this area, not counting the time we'd passed each other on the trails.

As I settled in, snapping off a few test shots, I saw her. My breath quickened and heart thudded in my excitement. God, it had been months! Maybe work or family demands kept her away, or our timing had prevented this from happening. she was! Like me, she wore jeans and a jacket over a sweater, and hiking shoes. She also carried a camera of her own. How interesting!

Unlike me at the moment, though, she set down the camera on a nearby tree stump, and after a casual looking around to ensure she was alone, she began to disrobe.

My mouth watered. Eyes widened. My God, she was utterly enchanting and ravishingly arousing. She folded and draped her clothes over a large fallen tree next to the stump. Fiddled with the camera, turned, and posed. I wasn't close enough to see her eyes clearly but knew doing this was a secretly fun thing for her. Maybe she got aroused doing this. Who wouldn't? I was throbbing hard inside my jeans right now.

Raising the camera to my eye, I zoomed in and took a few pics. Lowered it, and absently reached down with one hand to rub my cock through my pants. I needed to get closer, but without her seeing me.

Carefully and as quietly as I could, I made my way down towards the clearing below. I stopped just along the outer perimeter of trees and brush. She'd moved to straddle the log, back arched, head tossed back. Her breasts thrust out, erect nipples protruding slightly up and out, and I moaned under my breath. My cock twinged, pushing almost painfully against the zipper of my jeans. My eyes roved over her smooth tanned body, fixed suddenly on the delicious strip of trimmed dark blonde pubic hair. Fuck, she was beautiful...a true goddess of the forest glade!

Suddenly she leaned back, one hand propped behind her on the log, while her other hand began to drift up her right inner thigh and delicately tease her tender reddish pink labia lips. Fingertips grazed and probed, glistening with her juices. Encircled her engorged clit. She moaned aloud. Eyes squeezed shut.

I hadn't realized I'd already unbuttoned my jeans. I'd lowered the SLR to the ground by my feet, and pulled out my own engorged member. My cockhead was swollen, bulbous, and already damp at the tip, oozing viscous precum. I gripped myself with one hand and gently stroked my thick length, veins protuberantly pronounced, and bit my lip. I smeared the slippery lubricant over and around my blunt tip, stifling another groan of impending ecstasy and sheer erotic pleasure. My eyes riveted to her as her hand worked more deftly now, slipping two fingers inside her hot tight slit, gently pumping, as I stroked myself faster, unconsciously matching her rhythm.

My Forest Nymph raised herself off the log by mere inches, hips undulating, her eyes half-lidded but gleaming with lust, and her chest rose and fell quickly as her orgasm rapidly approached. I wanted to wait, even though I was so close, but desperately needed to cum with her.

Inexplicably, I saw her eyes locked on mine.

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