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His "gifts" pass on again...


"Good now it's time for you to undress me," Abigail instructed.

Tommy unbuttoned Abigail's blouse and removed it from her body. Then he unhooked her bra and slid it down off her arms. Tommy rubbed Abigail's tits and got her nipples hard. Then he leaned over and sucked on each tit and each nipple.

"You have really nice tits," Tommy told her and then covered one with his mouth again.

Abigail moaned and groaned as Tommy worked on her tits. He was gentle as he sucked on her nipples and he soon had her very aroused. Tommy got behind Abigail and then he unfastened her skirt. This was the moment he had looked forward to when he would unveil her hot ass to his eyes. He slowly pulled her skirt down and due to the tightness it seemed to catch on Abigail's buttocks. Tommy tugged a little harder and the slacks cleared Abigail's curvy panty covered bottom. Tommy felt his cock stir in his pants as he uncovered Abigail's beautiful ass.

Tommy pulled her skirt all the way down and Abigail stepped out of it leaving her clad only in her panties, garter and stockings. Tommy stared at her shapely legs and curvy ass briefly before hooking his fingers in the waistband of her panties. Tommy then with painstaking slowness lowered Abigail's panties baring her fantastic ass. Abigail smiled to herself as she knew the effect her ass was having on Tommy. She mused about how many times she had been through this ritual and she loved it each time. Then Tommy at Abigail's request removed the garter belt and nylons leaving Abigail completely naked.

Tommy stroked her firm shapely buns first and then placed light kisses on the cheeks of her ass. He ran his tongue up and down the crack of her ass before stopping at her tailbone. He tickled the top of her ass with his tongue and he soon had Abigail squirming with desire. He then turned Abigail around to face him and he kissed her thighs and pubes. Abigail reached down and pulled Tommy up by his head so that he stood up. Abigail in her naked beauty then dropped to her knees to unfasten Tommy's belt and pants.

Abigail dropped to her knees and played with the student's cock driving him wild with desire. Abigail flicked her tongue over the cock head and tickled Tommy' pee hole with her tongue. Abigail engulfed the entire cock in her mouth and Tommy trembled with desire. Abigail felt his cock hardening in her mouth and she cupped his swollen balls to excite him further. Tommy couldn't control himself any longer and he warned Abigail that he was going to cum. Abigail kept right on sucking his cock and let him cum in her mouth a second time. Tommy grunted, stiffened and then shot his load into Abigail's sensuous mouth.

"Oh God," Tommy screamed as he filled Abigail's mouth with cum.

Abigail swallowed every drop and then she released Tommy' deflating cock. Abigail then moved to the bed and got in it on her back and Tommy joined Abigail in bed. Abigail guided Tommy's head to her pussy and Tommy dove right in. Within minutes Abigail was squirming and groaning as she approached her orgasm. Her body then jerked and she threw her pussy up into Tommy's face. Tommy grabbed her by her buttocks and held tight to Abigail as he sucked every drop of love juice from her pussy. Abigail stopped squirming and lay still on the bed as Tommy kissed her pubes and inner thighs. Then he rolled her over on her stomach and lifted her by her hips until her ass was positioned where he wanted it.

Abigail lowered her head to the bed and turned to one side as Tommy caressed her lovely ass.

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