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After months of waiting, Jonathan finds love.

Every hit made her breasts move with a ripple. Her clit was rammed against her own body when the bulging cock went in. The knob radiated with red as it swelled bigger. The Goddess's voice was rhythmically echoing every move the goblin king made.

"Aah, ooh, yeees, the cock is splitting mee."

The Goddess's tongue was flapping up and down between her lips, sending saliva that was almost as thick as goblin's seed down Astral's face. Her black mirror-like eyes reflected the massive cock penetrating into her from an angle she should not be able to see it.

"Shoot your filthy goblin seed in me. Make me the mother of goblins. Make me pregnant to my sick lusting fans I don't even know."

Astral's eyes dilated in horror as she realised what she had said. Hot burning mass expanded in her. A blast of seed spurted out of her pussy and distorted even her divine belly for a moment.

"Aaagh," Astral moaned as her body convulsed while milking more of the seed into her. Her walls pressured the blue goblin-rod from all sides.

Grunk slapped the Goddess's swollen clit.

"Aah, Grunk. Too much. I can't."

Astral's moan only made the goblin slap her more.

"Aagh, Grunk, Please." Her hands were limp and no longer clutching the altar's corners.

"Mother of goblins seeded by King Grunk," came a repeating chant from the crowd that had watched the entire spectacle surprisingly silent for goblins.

Grunk lifted the now limp body of the Goddess and stepped onto the altar. The goblin king hugged Astral keeping her on his cock.

"Goddess took King Grunk's cock. King is merciful. Shares the Goddess-Hole with fellow goblins."

Astral was lifted from the cock and flipped around with strong blue hands and Grunk sat on the altar placing the Goddess between his legs. Astral's behind was offered to the crowd of goblins but her upper body was facing the mighty goblin king's cock that had not lost its erection. Astral's hands wrapped around it and she had unresistible temptation to lick the veiny shaft. Her breasts and tongue moved along the shaft.

"Mizak enters the Goddess today," came announcement behind Astral. Her ass clenched on the hard cock coming in. Astral's divinely shaped body could barely tell the difference between the holes and began lubricating the hole in a way only a god could while the walls trapped the goblin cock from all sides.

"Goddess likes King Grunk's body as much as King Grunk does," the Goblin King announced. His hands embraced the Goddess's back and head.

"Goddess likes big fat goblin cocks," Astral softly muttered.

With loving moves, Astral climbed up the cock lifting her body up. There was still some seed dripping down the blue goblin rod, her tongue licked some of it and it tasted sweet. Astral's and Grunk's eyes meet and both try to smile to each other the best they can. One has large tusk-fangs and the other did not know where the cocks started and where they ended.

"Mizak is seeding the Goddess," came a yell. Astral's ass was slapped as another load was shot into her. She pushed her behind up to get the cock deeper before it inevitably parted.

"Your god wants another," Astral whispered while rubbing her face to the blue cock. She traced the veins with her hands while sucking a lump she found. Her breasts were divided by the blue goblin meat.

Everything was becoming a blur of burning cocks to Astral and she closed her eyes. The Goddess did not hear the name of the next goblin piercing her pussy.

** * **

Astral was laying in a pool of cum from hundreds of goblins. Her hands slowly stroked Grunk's cock who was now sitting on the ground leaning on the altar. The Goddess had been using his flaccid cock's tip as a pillow when she came to her senses.

"What am I doing?" Astral softly asks.

A goblin had passed out on top of Astral. A cock being in her pussy felt so natural she barely noticed. The Goddess wanted to push the cock out but the feeling of not having one warming her body scared her too much.

All around Astral were piles of

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