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The adventure continues...add Pam to the mix.

The neck of her top stretched, exposing her slightly slimed cleavage. Pain began to build up around Jennifer's neck as she realized the top would not hold for much longer.

"Ow, that really hurts, please stop, please stop, please..."

Suddenly her top gave way, ripping completely in half between her breasts. Gasping, Jennifer's breasts sprang loose and were now only concealed by her white lace bra. Jennifer struggled again as the tentacles began to explore her breasts with greater attention and sliming over the front clasp between her breasts. The tentacle found its way in and quickly released the clasp to her bra. The tentacles then worked quickly to wrench the bra completely off of Jennifer's now exhausted body, where it met its fate as it was absorbed along with her torn top, into the floor.

Completely topless Jennifer continued to breathe heavily from all of the exertion before snapping back to reality as she felt the two tentacles around her ankles spread her legs farther apart. The tentacle that had been pinning her thighs now found itself comfortably around the top of her waist. Jennifer renewed her struggle briefly before accepting whatever was in store for her. Two tentacles emerged from the ceiling and slowly made their way up each of Jennifer's legs. Jennifer watched as each struggled to make its way up the legs of her tight jean shorts. Almost reluctantly they returned to the ceiling only to be replaced by two smaller tentacles that quickly pushed their way up each of the shorts legs against her inner thighs. Jennifer bit her lip as she felt the sensation of warm slime from the dark tentacles coat her legs as they made their way up each bend of her crotch. The two tentacles then emerged from the waist of her jean shorts and slowly undid the button and fly to them. Bringing the zipper down slowly.

The two tentacles began to pull down on her shorts again and again but they would not budge. For once Jennifer's short jean shorts seemed to be getting her out of trouble rather than into it, as the tentacles continued to struggle against getting the shorts off over her ass. The two smaller tentacles made their way back into the ceiling and were replaced with the larger set. One of the large thick black tentacles slid directly down the front of Jennifer's tight jean shorts. The tentacle slimed the entire front of her hot pink thong as it passed by, causing Jennifer to let out a surprised moan. She felt the tentacle push forcefully upwards and emerge from the back of her shorts between her ass cheeks. The tentacle curled around the jean material and began to tug at Jennifer's shorts. This time the shorts slid easily down to her thighs exposing her hot pink thong. The tentacles worked together to completely remove the pesky jean shorts from her body.

Laying back on the table she figured it was only a matter of time before the thong was removed as well and before that thought was finished she could feel black tentacles from all sides tugging and moving across her tight thong. A quick shot of pain caused Jennifer to jump slightly against her restraining tentacles as the thong was snapped from her hip. The broken material was slowly peeled from her body and was absorbed into the floor. Now completely naked the sexual exploits on her young body began.

Still completely restrained Jennifer began to feel the table tilt towards her head and come to a stop.

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