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Caleb takes care of his sister.

His skin was so soft and subtle. I let my fingers walk their way down his cheek, under his chin and unto his neck. I traced around his Adams apple that was protruding every so sensually. I rested my fingers on the sweet spot of his neck, where his clavicles met and massaged the slight indentation there in a small circle.

"Oh, that feels wonderful," He whispered as he reached out and ran his fingers up and down my forearm in the same circular motion I was using on him. "James?"


"Would you like to go somewhere with me?"

"Oh God..." I whimpered.

"I'll take that as a yes." He smiled and ran his hand down my arm to my wrist and pulled my hand away from his neck. No! I mouthed as I quickly gasped in air.

"Don't worry James," He said assuredly. His voice causing my manhood to pulsate violently in my jeans. "You can touch a lot more later." He smiled his toothy smile and slid out of the booth, pulling me by my wrist with him.

Caf__ Soul

Chapter Two : First Taste

I followed Tobias out of the Caf__, dropping a twenty on my table as I walked by. I watched him as he walked slowly in front of me. Now that he was standing, I could see his full frame. He was slender. A little shorter than myself. But damn he was slender! He was wearing a pair of short jeans. Not jean shorts, but short jeans, with a cuff rolled up just above the knee. His legs, bared from the knee down, where the sexiest legs I had seen in years. They were covered ever so finely with the same soft black hair that I had seen on his arms. I began to wonder what the rest of his legs looked like. Would I be getting to see them tonight? They were slender and sexy. So slender I bet I could easily wrap my hands around his claves and clamp my fingers together around them. I saw another tattoo on his right calf. It was a tiny star surrounded by a strange shaped single line. I didn't recognize it at first. I wondered how many more tattoos he had?

By the time we had stepped through the doorway my eyes had wandered up his legs, those sexy, slender legs, and to his just as slender backside. My God, he had a perfect ass. His cheeks bounced ever so slightly as he walked. His ass was almost flat, with just the slightest of a roundness to each cheek. I was beginning to worry now, my manhood was throbbing profusely in my jeans. I tried to not look at his ass and legs, to try to stop the pulsating in my jeans, but I couldn't force myself to take my eyes off of him. We stepped out into the parking.

"Wisconsin!" I blurted out in almost a yell.

"What?" He turned and asked laughing.

"The tattoo." I replied, feeling even more embarrassed now, pointing down to his leg. He lifted his right leg and turned it outward and looked down.

"Yeah, that's Wisconsin," He laughed. "So I guess you've been doing a little looking?"

I felt my face get hot. I blushed. I felt faint.

"Hey it's okay," He assured me. "I'm glad you like what you see."

"So can I ask you how many other tats you have?" I replied, surprised I was able to speak coherently.

"Well," He stepped close to me, placing the palm of his hand on my chest.. "Why don't you tell me how many I have later."

"Okay," I murmured as I felt the warmth of his hand through my shirt. My legs began to quiver. "Oh god! No!" I cried out softly.

"What's the matter James?" He asked softly as he rubbed his hand across my chest and down to my stomach. I began to hyperventilate. My entire body tensed up. I couldn't stop myself. I gave in to my bodies desires. I felt myself begin to orgasm. Tobias grabbed me and pulled me close, our crotches pressing into each others. Tobias held me, pulling me in tightly as my climax sent a shudder through out my entire body. "Wow, did I do that?" He asked smiling.

"I'm sorry. Oh God this is so embarrassing." I whispered.

"No it's not," Tobias whispered in my ear as he held me close. "I'll take it as a compliment."

We stood there, in a tight embrace, for what seemed like an hour.

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