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He finds that she can clean more than the office.

She stroked his cock slowly, feeling it slicken with precum, and she licked the tip, tasting. UMMMMM.

Shuddering, he growled, "No more!" as he helped her to her feet and he sat in the chair. He pulled her to him, and feasted on her pussy as she moaned and pulled at his head, wanting him deeper. Within minutes, he spread her legs and had her straddling his hips.

Doc turned to face forward as he coated his cock with her dripping juices and she sank down slowly taking him inside her. She moaned as she felt him hit her cervix, and she trembled. He held onto her boobs, tugging the nipples just enough to make them ache, and it sent sparks straight to her pussy. She turned to face him and he saw the fire of raw passion in her eyes as she took him deep inside her again, moving faster. Pulling her tighter against him, he nursed at her boobs, licking and sucking, then gently biting. She whimpered, and he smiled. She began the age old movements and he held on as she lap danced.

She felt him jerk inside her and swell as he held her tight, pushing as deep as he could get. "I'm gonna cum, baby," he rasped against her neck, and she nodded, barely able to breathe. He exploded time after time as she trembled, cumming almost at the same time.

She leaned against him, breathing hard as she calmed. "You are incredible," she whispered, kissing his neck. "You're pretty incredible yourself, sweet lady," he grinned. "We do pretty damned good in a chair.....wanna see how we do in a bed?"

"Do you think we've forgotten how in a week's time?" she asked.

"Its like riding a bicycle," he laughed, "You never forget how to ride."

Food was completely forgotten until Doc walked in the kitchen the next morning and laughed.

"Honey," she called, "We forgot something last night."

"What?" he asked as he came into the kitchen.

"We forgot to eat," she laughed, putting her arms around him.

He kissed her lightly and teased, "You may have, but I had everything I wanted to eat!!!"

She cleaned the kitchen up while he showered and checked e-mail, then she walked in the bedroom and put her arms around his neck.

"What, babe?" he asked.

"Its nice outside, would you go for a walk in the woods with me?"

He turned to look at her and her eyes were dancing. "You vixen," he laughed. "What'd you have in mind?"

"Seducing you," she whispered, as he pulled her onto his lap, laughing.

"Thats what I figured," he said. "And what else?"

"Nothing," she said innocently.

"Right!!!" he laughed. "I know you better than THAT!"

"Give me a minute," he said, "and I'll be ready to go."

Doc hurriedly grabbed her tote bag and gathered things and was waiting in the kitchen.

When he saw the bag, he chuckled. "Are we moving to the woods?"

"Stop it, " she giggled, "You'll have fun!"

They walked through the woods, holding hands, talking, until they came to the clearing beside the creek. It was their special place. It was on his property, so no one else was there, and it was one of their favorite places.

She pulled the blanket out of the bag and spread it as they sat down. He lay with his head in her lap as she ran her fingers through his hair.

After a while, she said tentatively, "Hon, I have a question."

"Uh oh," he teased, "That always costs me money."

"No, I'm serious," she said.

"Ok," he answered, "I'm listening."

"Would you let me give you an enema out here?" she asked softly.

His eyes flew open and he looked at her. "What???" he exclaimed. "Are you losing it baby?"

She shrugged. "Ok, it was worth asking."

He wriggled, getting comfortable in her lap again and said, "Besides, we'd have to go all the way back to the house and come back. You didn't bring a bag."

She grinned and rummaging in her tote bag, produced a 2 qt closed top. Tapping him on the shoulder, she held it up for him to see.

He roared with laughter, and said, "Ok, you win. But if the water's cold, forget it."

She took the top off and he felt the water.

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