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Young crossdresser's first steps.

Slowly we adjusted our positions so that I could enter her from behind. She was so slick that I slid right in. We moved tentatively at first, experiencing the novel sensations of a new position for us. Gradually we built up our tempo and our excitement increased. Every fourth or fifth stroke a wave of warm water would splash against our asses and private parts, adding to the total sensation. After a few more minutes we were at the point of no return. Michelle screamed loudly, taking advantage of our seclusion. I exploded inside her. Once we calmed down, we stood and faced each other, hugging and kissing in the surf.

It was then that we heard people yelling and clapping. Startled, we looked up and saw a sailboat just 200 feet offshore. It had snuck up on us quietly. It looked like there were about six men and women on board, and they were all naked too. We were totally embarrassed but we returned their waves with sheepish grins on our faces. As quickly as they had appeared, they changed course and sailed off, leaving us quite alone again. We finished exploring the beach and then swam lazily back to the main beach. Picking up our towels, we headed back to camp. Once there, I found a large hammock just off the main trail and we both climbed into it and fell asleep nestled together side by side.

It must have been about an hour later when we woke up. The sun was getting lower in the sky. We had moved into a spoon position in our sleep. As Michelle's body stirred, my dick rubbed her sweet little ass. She felt what was happening down below and moaned her pleasure, then repositioned herself slightly so that I slid right into her. We lay joined together enjoying the view. Every once in a while she would squeeze her vaginal muscles to keep me hard and inside her. We talked quietly about how much fun the trip had been and how sad we were that it was almost over. Probably half an hour passed when we were startled by the sound of footsteps. The next thing we knew, a state park ranger was standing right in front of us. We stayed perfectly still as he talked to us, asking how long we had been here, when we were leaving, etc. He didn't seem to be bothered by our nudity since at least half the people at Kalalau went nude. I don't think he realized what he had interrupted, though. As the conversation continued, Michelle would still periodically squeeze me without him apparently noticing. Finally he said goodbye. Once he was out of hearing, we both started giggling like kids who had got away with something.

It wasn't long before our spouses and their companions for the day returned to camp. We got up out of the hammock and all of us fixed our last dinner, using up all the leftovers except for what we would have for breakfast the next morning and what Michelle, Britte and I would take with us on the hike out. Sleep came quickly to us all once again.

The next morning we had to wake up early and get everything packed before the raft showed up to pick up Ann, Leon and Sven. We missed the morning ritual we had become accustomed to. We dragged our duffles down to the beach and waited for the raft. The raft stopped about a hundred feet off shore because the tide was low and they couldn't risk getting caught on the rocks. So we all grabbed a bag and waded out. We hadn't bothered putting our clothes on because we knew they would just get wet. It wasn't until I loaded the last duffle into the raft that I realized we had forgotten something.

"Wait a minute, guys. We forgot to keep our clothes out for the hike out," I pointed out.

"Oh, that's OK," Ann replied. "You don't really need them anyway. We didn't see very many people on our hike in and all of them were fine with my being topless. Just use plenty of sunscreen," she joked.

"But there are lot of tourists that hike the two miles into the first beach," I objected.

"OK, when we get back to the car we'll go find a motel for tonight, then we'll hike back to the first beach with your clothes," Leon explained.

Michelle and Birte were a little bit reluctant, but the rest of

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