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You prepare for a heavenly night out.

..having a little party tonight are we," one man said.. Aron smiled and gave a quick 'later' to his friends and led us to his room. As soon as we got there Aron and I stripped real fast. When Lisa tried to Aron stopped her and said that he wanted to watch her strip. Aron gestured me to sit in a chair, he sat in another one. He then nodded to Lisa and told her," Ok Lisa show me the goodies." Lisa seemed to be embarrassed but she tuned a radio in, found the music she liked and started her act. Well it wasn't really her act. She had I had done this before but then she told Aron that he was the first besides me to ever see her act.

Lisa started to move then as she did Aron took a bunch of bills out of his pants and said that we had to get the money up front. He gave it to me and I saw that it was about three thousand. I protested and so did Lisa. "We like you Aron and wanted to do this too with you," Aron said that money was money and said that he knew that we all wanted to have fun together. Lisa Lisa laughed and said, "Have fun hell," Lisa said, "I want to fuck the hell out of that big cock," she looked at me as she stood there in her bra and skirt, "Do you want to do it too Jim?" I waved my rigid cock and asked her if it looked like I did. Lisa asked me what I wanted and I told her and Aron both that I wanted to see him fuck the love of my life.

He did too. Lisa danced and took the rest of her clothes off and gave Aron one helluva lap dance with her thrusting her breast into his open mouth to suck and ravage. She got between his legs and started to lick on his cock. Aron spread his tree trunk like legs apart and looked at me. I knew that he had made room for me there with my wife. I got down and sucked his cock head in while my beautiful wife got down with her lips at his large tennis ball sized balls and licked. She sucked all over them. Then Aron lifted and placed a thigh over each chair arm. He sat was back in the chair. this exposed the underside of his balls to us. Lisa looked at them hungrily and began to lick under his balls and finally up to his ass crack. I had his cock deep all the way in my throat and I reached and spread his meaty butt cheeks apart using both hands.

Lisa looked at his exposed anus and looked at me. I guess the look on my face told her what I wanted to see. She had tongued my anus many times and said that she liked it. We did each other and we both moaned quite like. Now she was wanting to tongue Aron's anus and I wanted to see her. I wanted to see my loving wife act like a whore, a slut. I Had Aron's cock deep in my throat and couldn't talk but my eager nodding told her to do it. She ran her finger tip over his anus and spread her fingers apart. His anus spread open and you could see where it when into his rectum. Lisa's tongue went right in between her fingers and I had a perfect view as her petite stiffened tongue went deeply in him.

I had butt fucked Kyle and Aron looked like he might like that also. I took my mouth back off his saliva slicked cock. I wanted this cock in my ass also. Lisa was sucking hard and I watched her cheeks hollow. I made a motion that asked her if she wanted Aron's cock up her cunt. She withdrew the hand that she had stuffed up herself as she tongued his anus. Her hand was dripping. "God I want to fuck that cock...I want to fuck it all night," she moaned and Got up from his ass. Her mouth actually popped when she pulled off his anus. She rode his belly with her legs around his body and I lined Aron's cock up with her cunt that she held open. She sat down with a sight that turned into an animal like moan.

I helD the thick cock shaft as I saw it slowly spread Lisa's lips apart and entered her.

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