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A reporter takes on an assignment she thinks she doesn't.

"Our table should be ready in forty-five minutes, or so. What would you like to drink?" Matt asked.

"A pinot noir, maybe"

"A glass of pinot noir for the lady, and I'll have another IPA."

"Right up, Mr. MacLovin"

"I'm sorry, I couldn't meet you for lunch today. By the way, did you follow us to lunch?"

"No worries, and I didn't follow you. When you couldn't go with me, I met up with guys, and it just happened to by O'learys. BTW, my friends think that you're hot, and Aaron wanted to know about your friend. Is she seeing anyone?"

"Oh, you could have come over to say 'Hello!', And sorry to disappoint Aaron, but Julie has a boyfriend."

"I'll tell him that I asked." We bantered back and forth while waiting for our table, maybe flirted a little bit as well.

Dinner was a different story. We went beyond flirting. We were kissing at the table, with my hand rubbing Matt's hardon under the table, when the waiter interrupted with the suggestion, that we sit a little further apart. Maybe on opposite sides of the table. So we separated, and finished eating. We paid the check without any discussion of desert.

In Matt's truck, we started making out again, like two teenagers. I guess one of us, still was, and other never really got to enjoy her teenage years. In the parking lot, we started to attract some attention. Matt suggested that we drive out to the point to get more privacy. We spent a few minutes talking watching the waves roll in. Surprisingly, there weren't many people out. They all seemed to be focused on their own thing.

So we started kissing again. My hands found Matt's belt buckle, then the button to his pants, and then the zipper.

Our tongues were busy exploring each other's throat, when I managed to spring his penis from it's confinement. I looked down. In this light it was magnificent. I pushed Matt over to his door, then bent down and started working on his cock. First kissing the head, and pushing my tongue around the tip. His precum tasted wonderful. Salty, but smooth and a bit sticky. I tried sucking all that would come out, but not much more did. I turned my attention to swallowing that enourmous head. I just loved the way it filled my mouth. Matt started thrusting his hips, and pushed it further in. It was truly amazing to be servicing this monster cock. I loved the way it felt to have it sliding in and out. The head was working its way down my throat when I had a different idea.

"Whats wrong?" Matt asked as I satup, and moved to other side of the truck.

"Have you ever had a foot job?" I replied, as I kicked my heels to floor, then sat with my against the door and nylon covered feet in Matt's lap.

"Never, but I like the view from here" Matt replied while staring up my skirt. I teasingly put my foot to his face, then rubbed his cock with my other foot. He kissed my foot, which sent electricity up my leg to my crotch. My foot started moving up and down his cock faster and faster. The heat and wetness on my foot was heavenly. I moved my other foot so that I had his entire cock wrapped in my nylon covered feet, then started working it. Up and down.

Matt was really getting into it, thrusting back to meet me. In a few minutes, he shot a huge load over my legs and feet. I used my finger to scoop up a glob and tasted it. Delicious!

Matt took my hand, did the same movement to scoop up a glob on my finger, then started to push it towards me, but then quickly took it to his own mouth. He used my finger to feed himself his own cum! Oh my god! That was so hot!

He just kind of laid back, spent for a few minutes before we started talking again. "What would you like to do now? Can we go back to your place?" He asked.

"We can, but I have another idea first. Want to get some ice cream?"

"Ice cream? Are you crazy?"

"There is a great ice cream place just down the road. Off Rt.8."

"Fruetigger's? It's going to be packed."

"I know" I answered wickedly, and looked down at his white seed all over my black pantyhose.

By the time we made it to Fruetigger's, the cum had started to dry

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