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Amazonian woman is taken anally by a stranger.

That next evening they had come to another encampment. As the company they were with set up camp she could see several fenced pits that she couldn't see into. However, the moaning that could be heard from them meant that something unpleasant was going on in them. After the camp was setup, the women were taken and forced to watch what was happening in them. Over a dozen women lay naked in the mud at the bottom of the pits. They were civilians from their teens to about fifty. Each was bound hand and foot their bodies slick with the fine clay mud. However, the horror of their situation was not that but the hundreds of large worm-like creatures slithering over their bodies.

Around a meter long and up to three centimeters thick the animals slowly explored every centimeter of the women's skin. But the main center of activity was between each victim's legs. A shapely teen lay face down with her head on the side of the pit. She was so exhausted she had fallen asleep even as at least six or seven worms explored the gap between her thighs. As she watched, another forced it way between the girl's legs and the body slowly slid centimeter after centimeter into her. She was briefly roused by the new intruder burrowing into her vagina as she squirmed and moaned but then slipped back into her uneasy slumber. Once one had crawled as deeply into a woman as it could it would loop back and re-emerge so its entire body would pass in and out of her.

Then a new commotion broke out. A woman in her late twenties was jerking and squirming wildly. Her beautiful round butt was bobbing franticly in the air, dislodging the worms from her vagina. A single worm sprouted from her anus. As she had been sleeping one of the worms had found her back door. By luck, since the creatures were generally not strong enough to force their way past the anal sphincter muscles, it had penetrated her anus. Beni watched with fascination and yet horror as the thing slowly worked its way into the woman's rectum. Like a large nightcrawler it stretched and contracted. As it stretched out it would stop sliding into her. Then, as it anchored itself in her bowels, it would pull several more centimeters of its body through her anal bud. She was only a few feet away and Beni could see that her orifice still valiantly tried to prevent further entry. As a new segment was pulled into her rectum, the anus spasmed and constricted on the shaft of the worms body. However, once it had anchored itself inside of her and well lubricated with mud the animal continued to inexorably burrow deep into her intestines.

It didn't take long for the creature to crawl entirely into the woman's body. The posterior end disappeared into the anus. The opening relaxed closed now caked with mud it had stripped from the worm's body. The traumatized woman continued to squirm and cry out. Beni knew that she was till feeling the creature slithering through her intestines. After the evening meal, one of the pretty young marines was bound and thrown in the pit for fresh entertainment. The hotorans watched gurgling with pleasure and verbally abused the young female as the worms began to enjoy her vagina. The screaming seemed endless but finally settled into soft sobbing in the dark.

As Beni slipped into an exhausted sleep, she wondered what would happen to her. Despite the horror of the young private sobbing and moaning only a few meters away Beni slid into a restless slumber. That day her turn came. As they marched along, they stopped wherever there were fallen trees in the marsh. After a brief search at each they moved on until they had found what they were looking for. At the first site that met whatever criteria the hotorans selected one of the nineteen-year-old blondes. She was staked out spreadeagle and face down on the ground by one of the logs. A hotoran gave her an injection. Then, after about five minutes, peeled one of the fruits they had picked up earlier in the day and forced it into her anus.

Finally, they simply left her and moved on.

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