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Father on dangerous mission finds his daughter.

Her tight top rode up even further so it was just about level with her nipples but I pinned her arms to her sides so she couldn't pull it back down. I looked deep into her eyes and for the first time she didn't look away. "Are you a haughty bitch still, Rita?" I asked.

"No Jack," she said softly, her long eyelashes blinking back a tear. "You know things have changed since high school."

I spun her round again so Nick and Paul could look at her but her bare ankle caught Nick's beer glass spilling it. "Careless bitch," spat Nick.

"You're going to have to mop that up," I said shaking my head sadly.

"I'm sorry," she said, standing up. "I'll get a cloth?"

"No," I replied, "use that pretty pink top you're wearing."

She looked at me for a second and then reached up with both slim arms crossed to pull it over her head. Her tits were fantastic. Round and high but natural, they wobbled slightly as the tight cloth slid off them. Naked apart from her panties she leaned over the table and dabbed at the spillage with her top. I made her go all round the table, leaning over in front of both guys so they could appreciate her from every angle, her taut thighs, round ass and exposed tits.

When the beer was mopped up I threw the sodden pink top to one side and then, laughing, I threw some beer into Paul's face. "Hey!" he said angrily.

"Now look what you made me do?" I grinned to Rita. "You'll have to mop that up too." She bent down and reached towards the top, but I grabbed her slender wrist. "You can't use that you dumb slut, it's soaking. You'll have to use your panties."

Reluctantly she slid her panties down her smooth legs and stepped out of them before picking them up and using them to mop Paul's fat face while I laughed and Nick leaned over to slap her naked ass, leaving a red hand print. "Oh no! I've spilt some beer on my crotch," he Nick, pretending to pour his empty glass.

"I'm not touching your crotch you asshole," she said with that perfectly enunciated British disdain that she'd somehow managed to hang on to even after ten years in the States.

"Now, now Rita," I said. "This is what I was afraid of. The door's over there."

"No, I'm sorry, OK," she leant over Nick's sweaty torso and dabbed at his crotch with her pink panties. He put both hands on to her naked ass and pulled her closer to him so her tits were crushed against his chest. She shot me a look that was full of despair.

I poured a little of my beer on to the table. "Another spill. We're kinda careless today." With obvious relief she wriggled out of Nick's arms and slid round to me, pressing her ass against my crotch as she leant over the table with her panties in her hand.

"Hey," I said. "They're wet too." I took the panties out of her hands and threw them against the wall where they slid slowly down. "You must have been really turned on Rita." She turned around and pressed herself more tightly against me, trying to get as far away from Nick and Paul as possible.

"Jack. . ." she whispered urgently.

"You've been a naughtly little bitch and let all your clothes get wet." I continued. "I think you're going to have to mop it up with this," I said reaching between her legs and stroking her neat strip of pussy hair. I put my hands round her soft ass and lifted her on to the table, before spreading her legs so she was doing the splits over the spilled beer.

She looked incredible. An expression of total humilation was on her pretty English face. Her left foot was pointing straight towards me and for the first time I noticed she was wearing pink nail polish. Her back was slightly arched so her breasts were just about six inches away from the shiny table and her pussy was soaked in beer.

I pressed down on her back so her tits touched the polished table and then Paul grabbed one foot and Nick grabbed the other and they tried to spin her around like a top.

"Jack," she whispered, as her beautiful face came close to mine.

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