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Man to maid On Halloween.

Now get yourself in gear and give me your license."

I did as she said and while she called the information into the insurance company, I grabbed my guitar, turn tables, and my favorite pair of drumsticks. I grabbed a hoodie from my bedroom and walked downstairs where Molly was waiting.

"You are all set. I brought the car to the front. Be careful," she took my head in her hands making me lean down and kissed my forehead.

"I will, I promise."

I left her standing on the porch watching as I drove down the lane knowing it was going to be a long day.


As normal, I arrived home at 5:30 pm. Upon entering the house Molly appeared out of the dining room with a smile. I leaned down to give her a kiss on the cheek and smiled at her.

"Oh God Molly, is that what I think I smell it is?"

Molly smiled, "Yes. We are having lasagna, salad and garlic bread; all your favorites."

I smiled, "Molly you are a saint. I will go get changed, come down, and set the table. Darius will be in soon."

I raced upstairs like a child getting his favorite treat but stopped as I reached the second floor. I could smell him. That smell had stayed with me all night yesterday and all day today. There was something about him that made me smile at odd times and think erotic thoughts at other times. I just knew somewhere in my heart that he was important, but I didn't know how. I thought it might be romantically, but fate had a way of laughing and he most likely was straight.

I turned away from the east wing and entered the west wing. I changed quickly into jeans, a black sweater, and my biker boots. I knew I would want to ride later after dinner and I had a feeling where I would end up, but for now I was going to eat my favorite food.

After dinner, I stayed to talk to Molly about Darius picking her up for the party the next evening which would begin with dinner right after work at 6 p.m. I then got up from the table and thanked them both allowing them to clean up and go to their own house on the property to have their own time together. I went directly to the large garage which housed my cars and motorcycles.

I spent some time looking over the motorcycle I had built to be raffled off tomorrow and smiled at the rose theme. I always did a suggestion box for the theme and had found out that my Director of Sales was a fan of Beauty and the Beast therefore suggesting roses. Roses happened to be my favorite, too. Looking at the sleek design, I knew she would love what he had come up with, but it was never guaranteed who would receive it.

The chopper was sprawled like a large cat with chrome designed into roses along front and back ends. The body art was on one side was of Beauty with her hair blowing in the wind turning to roses. The other side showed the Beast holding the famed rose with petals slowly falling. I had enjoyed creating the romantic bike instead of putting flames or skulls on it as most men wanted.

I left the Rose bike and went over to the motorcycle I had built for myself two years ago. It was simple and in my favorite colors midnight blue, silver, and sea green. For fun, I had even painted a merman and a mermaid on it. I quickly got on it zipping up the leather jacket I had put on when leaving the house, and started the bike.

I let the engine roar then I was off. I went along the driveway to the road into Boston. I took the long way into town, which took twice the time but the scenery was worth it. When I finally entered Boston, I stopped off at a coffee shack to get my favorite Mexican hot chocolate. Even over the drink, I could smell him.

I got back onto my bike and rode smelling his scent; a mixture of his hair gel and black licorice. I ended up at a house in the middle of suburbia where the house looked more like a commune for a bunch of band members around their twenty to thirties. The garage door was closed but I could hear the band practicing inside. Ever since I had hired them two years ago, because the last band I used for the party broke up, I had found them to be fun.

I quickly noticed a skylight on top of

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