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Tricia convinces her gay brother to help her explore anal.

I wanted the baby to be yours, yet if it was Dan's things might have worked out a lot differently. I cried when Charlie was born and wasn't sure what to do. My parents wanted answers, but I wasn't ready to tell them about us.

"When I told them I was naming the baby Charlie they asked me why and I told them I needed time before telling them. Dan left the hospital mad and I wasn't sure what to do. Mom has watched Charlie for the last three weeks and they have really bonded. After work, I would come home to be with Charlie. I moved out of Dan's house until I could work things out.

"Dan is a good man but I didn't love him. He didn't deserve this to happen to him and it's my fault. Dad got him to agree to an annulment as though our marriage of six months never existed. He got him a better position in his administration. You do know my dad's the State Senator, don't you?"

"Yes, I heard that. So since you get to keep your job I take it you're not coming back with me?" Here I was confused again. I didn't want to lose her again and what about my baby?

"Dad wants to talk to you. He wouldn't even tell me what it's about. Chuck, I trust my dad. The only thing he asked me today was if I really loved you and not just for the sake of the baby."

"What did you tell him?"

"I told him I made a big mistake getting involved with you." I just looked down at the floor not knowing what to think. "I also told him that I let that mistake happen and love you more than anything, as much as I love Charlie and that I want you in my life."

"So, what's next?" I asked.

"Dad wants to talk with you alone tonight."


After dinner, Mr. Dayton and I went into his study to have a discussion. "Chuck, you seem like a nice enough guy. I know Sammy talked to you today and explained everything that went on at her workplace. I love my daughter more than anyone and like most dads, I want the best for her. Besides, I'm in the public eye.

"I want her to be happy and I know she loves you, but she also needs friends and family around her. I can't see her leaving here and running off to Detroit with you."

"Sir, I love her and with all due respect we are both adults. I might be a black man but I'm also a proud black man and have earned everything I have."

"Calm down Chuck, this is just a discussion. I should tell you that I ran a background check on you. You did quite well in high school and not too bad in college. I also found out that you were quite the ladies man."

"Sir, that was before I met Sammy, She changed my life."

Mr. Dayton laughed. "I also know about your website. It wasn't started up till January after Sammy came home."

"Sir, I told Sammy about the site and that I didn't want any more part in it, if she would stay with me."

"Yes, I talked to your partners and they are willing to buy you out. Your share is somewhere between thirty and fifty thousand. I also know that you have a savings account of twenty thousand. That's not too bad for someone who graduated two days ago.

"How did you find out all these things? Is this leading somewhere about me being black or not able to take care of Sammy and my baby?"

"Chuck, I work for the government. First, I don't have any problem with any race. I don't dislike black people but I never thought Sammy would fall in love with a person of color but she did. I have a proposition for you. If you agree than we'll call in my wife and Sammy and get their input."

"Next to our government offices is an exercise gym. It's run by my good friend Ralph, who by the way is a black man. Ralph is in his sixties and is thinking of retiring. He would like to sell his business and I talked to him about you. He is willing to hire you on a month trial basis to see if you get along with his clientele. If so, he is willing to sell you his business on land contract."

"That would be great, how much is he asking for the business?"

"A half million dollars with a down payment of a hundred thousand.

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