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A relationship starts

As he gazed through the leaves he felt Sasha squat next to him and peer through the leaves as well. He then heard an audible gasp escape her lips.

She was tall, with a wonderfully slender body, a vision of pure lust embodied. Styled beautifully, her midnight black hair hung down to the middle of her back. Her face was dominated by a pair of large, stunning green eyes that shined in the sunlight. Kiba could see each lash perfectly curled up adding such a sultry touch to her already sexy look. Below her perfect nose sat a pair of full, naturally pink lips glistening with moisture. From any angle, you can see her wings, which match the color of her hair, they seemed powerful; almost the height of her body. There was one part of her body that stood out more than the rest; literally. Huge, heavy breasts jutted out from her chest, almost unnaturally firm and round. Though the way she squashed them together as she brought her hands up to wash them displayed her cleavage so well that Kiba knew they weren't enchanted in any way. Her skin was lightly tanned without a single line to suggest she wears anything while sunbathing. Capping each breast was a huge, dark pink nipple at close to two and a half inches across, and to Kiba they looked perfect for sucking on. Each nipple wore a metallic hoop nearly the size of a door knockers, but obviously not as heavy. As her fingers drifted to her nipples, she tweaked them, obviously turning herself on because they began growing to their full length: at least an inch long, and very stiff. Not a single pubic hair tarnished the perfectly smooth mound at the top of her long, sexy legs. Each puffy outer lip pouts wetly, a metal stud through each, slick with arousal already. As Kiba watched her, she spread her legs slightly and with his keen eyes he could see juices already dribbling down her inner thighs. As she spread her legs a bit further her pussy opened wider to reveal a tight velvety entrance which looked to like just the right thing for Kiba to force his now rigid cock into. With a giggle she closed her legs and turned around. It was then that Kiba knew that she knew he was looking. Her ass facing him, she bent forward and wiggled it at him. Him watching her was obviously turning her on. Still bent over, she reached her hands back and grabbed each firm ass cheek, pulling them apart to reveal her puckered asshole that practically begged Kiba to rape it.

Kiba didn't need anymore enticing. Without a word to Sasha he strut forward into the clearing and began stripping as he walked. When he came up behind the angelic woman she was still bent over and he did what he knew she wanted: he thrust his twelve inch cock straight into that tight puckered asshole. She let out a scream as the pucker ripped a bit, but the scream soon turned into a delicious moan as her anus provided some natural lube to Kiba's cock. Twelve inches was probably a lot to her, the winged people weren't as naturally large as Kiba's people. Kiba was actually only an average size among the wolf men. He'd seen many sixteen to seventeen inch cocks in his day; even tasted a few. The wolf men and women were almost completely bisexual. Though they all preferred the opposite sex, it was not unheard of to lend your company to a friend.

As he found a good rhythm, he moved his thick cock slowly in and out of her bloody asshole as it clung to his veined cock. The woman was now going wild, she'd grown used to the stinging pain and the pleasure seemed immeasurable. Moans and groans escaped her lips as she reared back, and managed to grab Kiba's ass cheeks, pulling him farther into her. Kiba grinned and pushed his cock into her farther until his bush of pubic hair was nearly touching her ass.

"You like a little pain don't you baby?" He grunted as he leaned forward a bit. Kiba stroked her wings as he fucked her, "What's your name sweetie?"

The woman cried out in pleasure as Kiba plucked one of her feathers.

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