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The fight to save earth's women begins and ends quickly.

His wife didn't like when he worked long hours. Reluctantly, he clicked "accept."

At 3:15 he headed to the afternoon presentation. Jessica, as intelligently as ever, went through each slide in detail, cracking a few jokes here and there but really hammering down the important points. Dave looked at her in awe, then down at his shoes. He always froze up when he had to give speeches at Church events. He wished he could speak like she did.

The hours rolled by and Dave was stressed about the new budgeting guidelines that management was insisting on. He had hardly noticed how quiet and dark the office had become when he received an email reminder of his meeting with Jessica on the 7th floor. As he rounded the corner, he suddenly dropped all the files in his hands as he saw her.

Gone was the pencil skirt. Gone, the reports from that afternoon's presentation. Jessica stood stark naked in nothing but a pair of maroon heels at the small conference table, ass cheeks pressed on the glass table as she bit down on a pen, smiling. Was this real? Had he drifted off to sleep late again?

The wetness in his neatly pressed pants suggested otherwise.

"Hello Dave."

"Whoa, oh my gosh, I'm so sorry, I- I didn't realize you would- I -"

"It's ok. I just wanted to be ready for you."

"For--f-what? I- I'm..."

Jessica raced to lock the door of the conference room before he could reach the handle to leave.

"I've seen the way you look at me Dave. When you think I don't notice..."

He stared at her, face red with embarrassment and disbelief. Had he been that obvious? Had this been her plan all along-to corner him and catch him in his lust?

"I-I'm flattered; but, I'm married, and, you're a beautiful woman but I-I-"

Before he could articulate another word, he felt something warm in a rather intimate place. He looked down to see that one dainty hand was now clasped around his penis. He looked down to see those amazingly deep brown eyes return his gaze as she rubbed deeper, massaging him in the most pleasant fashion, warm tingles rippling within him as he snugly fit in her palm.

He remained frozen, pants wet, unsure of what to do or say. All he knew was that this was wrong-he thought of Christ, of his son, of Chelsea-

"My wife- she'll never-forgive-" he stammered as he felt more blood rushing all through his body, thoughts swirling through his head...wanting desperately now to be single, to be alone with Jessica in this moment for all eternity...

"She'll never know. And besides, it was me that sinned, not you. It's clear how much you're fighting me. She'll understand you tried your best to resist my advances. This isn't your sin, it's my crime." That's true, he reasoned-I can't be held accountable if I never asked for it, right? Even if I want it now...right? Want it more than anything in the world...

Before he had time to wrestle any demons or pray to any God, he heard the sharp snap of his zipper and the clanking of his metal belt buckle as he felt his pants get pulled down briskly to his knees. He felt her warm skin graze his thighs as she hungrily tore the sacred white garment from his loins. His throbbing erection was inches from her perfect, glowing face.

"Now, look what we have here," she said with that eyebrow famously raised, as her eyes feasted upon the smooth hard penis in her hands. She used the base of his penis to slightly slap her own bright red lips ever so gently.

"Jessica--Jessica I-"

His time was up, for in one fell swoop she lowered his pulsing member into her lips.

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