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A legal analyst gets an intern and teaches her all she can.

I will meet you in the bathroom and we can finish."

"I did not break any of the other rules you just can't make them up as we go."

"Well actually I can on the ones that say at the discretion of the author. In this case though it is not my discretion it is number four."

"What the hell was number four?"

"It clearly states that if you take longer than 15 minutes per page of manuscript you are to receive an enema and you went over that amount talking on the phone."

"Can't we please just do something else I don't want an enema tonight, you can give me one tomorrow night instead."

"I believe in the spirt of the contract we should follow it and see what happens."

"Fine, I will meet you in the bathroom then."

I watched her cute little red ass all the way to the bathroom and I was looking forward to this. I watched as she took of the remainder of her clothes and then she turned to me and asked me how we were going to do this.

"I think for this first time I want you on the floor with your ass in the air."

"Can't you just put the lid down on the toilet and sit down and have me lay over you lap?"

"We could but I want to see your cute little ass spread so I can admire the view." I said with a laugh.

"You really are going to make this difficult for me aren't you?"

"No I tried to make it easier and you refused."

It wasn't long and she was on the floor with her head down and her ass up in the air. She does not have a large ass so when she spread her legs apart her cheeks parted giving me the view I had been waiting for all night. I filled the bag with water, greased the nozzle and started to push it in very slowly into her ass. I am sure that it was uncomfortable and then when I released the clip allowing the water to enter her bowels she started to twist and turn.

"How much water are you going to put in me?" She asked.

"Well I was only going to do a quart but since everything doubled that means you get two quarts."

"Why the hell did I have to go and make that stupid rule anyway?"

I eased the clip shut for a while letting her get accustomed to it and the fact that she was cramping from the water she had already taken. I reached down and rubbed her stomach to also help ease the cramps that she was feeling. Once she was okay I then released the clip allowing the remainder of the water to enter her. "Let's see how long you can hold this before I release it shall we."

"Are you fucking nuts? I want the water out of me now you moron."

"I take it that you want to release it right now, and that is not going to happen, do you want me to take out the enema tip and put a plug in your ass so that you can hold it in.?"

"Okay, take out the tip and put in a plug so that I can hold it if that is what you want."

"I will be right back since I don't have a plug in here."

"The hell with that just pull the thing out of my ass and shove your cock in that should plug me for a little while."

In all my dreams I would have never expected my wife to tell me to do that. She used to think that ass play was dirty and here she was telling me to plug her ass with my cock to keep her enema in her ass. Well I wasn't going to disappoint the lady so I walked up and straddled my wife, got my cock right at her opening and pulled the tip out and shoved my cock in right as it left her ass. As soon as my cock was seated she started to come. She shook and her hips moved up and down which caused my cock to go in and out of her ass. She was fucking her ass with my cock as I stood perfectly still. Once she had recovered she looked back and asked if she could expel the liquid. I pulled my cock from her ass and she hurried to the toilet to allow all the water to come out.

"Can I please have a little privacy?"

"Certainly sweetheart I will just go and get ready for bed and meet you there. I am kind of tired and I will be ready to crank out another manuscript tomorrow after what we just did tonight."

"Great, fucking great, just what I need.

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