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Charming blonde shelters stranded motorist.

Finally, Mistress appears by my side. No words are exchanged as she secures me to her bedposts. My legs lewdly spread, her fingers stroking my aching clit. My whole body tenses at her touch, needing more contact.

"So wet Babygirl. I do believe I'll steal a quick taste."

Her tongue runs the length of my swollen pussy and on her way back, her tongue dips directly in. My moans immediately fill the room.

"Please Mistress, mmm please I need you."

Her lips meet mine, her tongue exploring my mouth, leaving me the sweet taste of myself.

"Happy Anniversary Babygirl. I'll be right here to ensure things don't take too much of a twisted turn."

My mind instantly fills with confusion. What does she mean she will be right here? Of course she will be!

"Come in Aura."

In walks a beautiful woman. She is about my height and has long blond hair that cascades all the way down her back. As she approaches Mistress and I, her deep green eyes lock with my own. Her gaze slowly descends down my body and I can feel myself blushing. I had never been appraised by another woman, only Mistress, and the act was humiliating to me and my Mistress knew this.

Aura stands beside Mistress and it was only at that moment, I realize Aura was wearing a persuasive black suit with a white blouse on underneath. My pussy starts gushing upon realization. It even takes me a minute to grasp the fact that Mistress was speaking.

"Babygirl this is my friend Aura, who is also a Mistress. She's more comfortable in dealing with the darker desires of subs. You will refer to her as Miss. You will obey her in the exact same manner as you do with me, understand?"

I nod my head and then quickly add, "Yes Mistress."

Everything suddenly becomes clear to me. Mistress couldn't come to terms with herself and turn my darker fantasies into reality, but she could set everything up and allow another to do what she was too uncomfortable to do.

Aura's fingers trail down my cleavage, stomach and my bare pussy, causing my hips to buck at her gentle touch.

"Mmm so this is your Babygirl? She is a lovely sub."

I moan loudly at the thought of them discussing me outside of my presence.

"I can't wait to see how far your lovely sub will let herself be pushed."

"I think you will be surprised," Mistress said.

I look at Mistress, needing to see her, wanting her here touching me as well. I receive a hard slap across the face from Miss.

"You need to pay a little less attention to her and focus more on me bitch. She refuses to get rough with you, but I certainly don't. I will get as cruel and demanding with you as needed."

Her hand immediately goes to my throat, choking me.

"Do you understand?"

I didn't dare try to sneak a look at Mistress, I remain solely focused on Miss. I try to say something, anything, but not a sound escapes. Miss releases her grip and asks me again if I understand? This time I manage a feeble, "Yes."

Her hand instantly returns to my throat, but this time she chokes me even harder.

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