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He comes to her dreams, & she goes to his.

Avoiding eye contact with Shelley, they slowly walked past us. I suggested they go into the kitchen and sit at the table. As they sat in the chairs, it suddenly hit me who they were and why Shelley had reacted so strongly. Now I couldn't hold back my shock. "Sonofabitch..."

The taller woman sighed and nodded. "Yes, you knew us that night as Lissa and Terri and a PI. That's who your 'friend' Rob Wagner paid us to be." She hooked air quotes around friend. "Now that we've learned the truth, it's time you did also. For starters, I'm Alice, she's Grace, and he's Alejandro. He calls himself Alec, but a lot of folks know him as Slick because he can be pretty smooth." She and Grace exchanged little smiles, and he looked embarrassed.

Paid to be? By Rob? I began to think this "truth" might be more than a little interesting.

"We're actors, we live in Houston. Well, someday we hope to be paid as actors. Grace is from Blanco, down by San Antonio, and I'm from Jefferson, in piney woods country. Slick, I mean Alec, isn't Tejano, he's from Conejos, Colorado." I had a feeling this wasn't going to be a short story, so I interrupted and asked if they'd like some coffee. Grace spoke up before the other two.

"Yes, thank you. That would be wonderful. You don't know how we've dreaded facing you." As I rustled up mugs and sugar and half-and-half, I tried to assure her that apparently we'd all been suckered by Rob. I poured the coffee, draining the pot, and nobody spoke while I recharged Mr. Coffee. When I sat back down, the atmosphere seemed a bit less tense.

Alice aka Lissa held her mug with both hands and took a couple of sips, then continued her confession. "We're wannabe actors, but for now we have day jobs and belong to a stand-up comedy troupe, trying to get noticed." Her chuckle wasn't a happy one. "We got noticed all right last year, but not by a talent scout. Your friend Rob noticed us." No air quotes this time.

"He caught our gig at a comedy club in Houston and bought us a round after the first set. He showed up again a couple of weeks later, sat through all three sets and bought rounds in between, then took us to breakfast. After telling us how great we were, he said we'd be perfect for a special Valentine's Day gift he wanted to give a couple of close friends, and asked if we'd be interested in doing a one-time private show in Plano. He said he'd pay us $500 apiece plus round-trip airline tickets. We'd fly out and back the same day."

By this time Shelley and I had both figured out where this was probably going, and we both were getting irritated-at our guests, at Shelley, at me, but mostly at Rob. She took my hand in hers on top of the table. Alice noticed, and her voice dropped in tone and volume.

The "special Valentine's Day gift" turned out to be taking parts in a role-playing game that Shelley and I supposedly set up to spice up our sex life. Rob described their roles to them and said that we-Shelley and I-were delighted to hear that they were going to be part of our sexy game.

"He'd even written up a script and said that y'all were gonna act like it was real. He said this was y'all's idea in the first place, and stressed that it was really important for us to stay in character all the way through, no matter how upset y'all might act." The longer she talked, the more embarrassed she looked-and the more her Texas accent pushed aside the NPR All Things Considered gravitas.


The two women had played their roles in the bar very well, getting me to drink too much and then luring me up to Lissa's-I mean Alice's-room. Meanwhile, Alec, the "PI", called Shelley right after she got home from work and told her that he'd been hired by the husband of a woman traveling on business who was staying at the Hilton. He said he had discovered something that he thought she should know and asked if she would meet him in the lobby of the Hilton.

Shelley turned to me and interrupted the narrative.

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