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Those that play with killers should expect that fatal blow.

She finally knew why the thing hadn't waited for her -- most of it hadn't moved.

Rosie now stood in a huge cavern which was lit by dozens of large flaming torches embedded in the ground yet the walls and roof were still hidden by darkness. In the middle of the cavern was the tentacles owner, it was a huge white skinned blob of flesh, easily fifty metres in diameter. It was featureless apart from dozens of the tentacles which sprouted from all around it's body. Each looked like the one Rosie had followed though they varied in length, some looked hundreds of metres long, others perhaps only ten. The demons body and all the tentacles were dripping in a clear, slimy gunk which ran off its form and covered much of the cavern.

Rosie took a few steps forward, the heels of her boots splashing into the pool of slime that spread over the floor. For the briefest moment she was unsure what to do, the thing was more alien than she'd ever expected, there was just no way she should find it sexually attractive yet she couldn't deny the lust she was still feeling. It was so strange she was just overwhelmed with lust. She needed something to enter her urgently, she didn't care what it was and it may as well be a demonic blob. In fact she wanted it to be the blob, she didn't know why but she had to let it have her. She needed it to fuck her. Her decision made Rosie walked towards the creature.

"Hi." She said a little nervously as the blob pulsated in front of her. "Um, I don't mind if you want to, um,you know, fuck me."

The demon didn't respond, its tentacles just continued to wave about in the air or slither around the cavern. A couple slid a few metres away from Rosie but her hopes were dashed as the second she took a step toward them, her boots sinking deeper into the slime, they pulled right back, away from her at some speed.

"I know you monster things like fucking girls. I saw the statues." Still there was no response and she began to wonder if the monster could even understand her or perhaps this one wasn't one of the ones that fucked girls. Yet she didn't think so. She was sure it has tempted her here for one reason only, a thought that aroused her even more, but then why wasn't it reacting to her?

"Don't you want to fuck me? Please. I'm really horny, I need you." Rosie said, again with no response, beginning to get desperate now, fearing the aching desire in her pussy wouldn't be answered.

Deciding she had to take action she she unzipped the back of her dress and let it fall to the ground leaving her standing before the monster in just her underwear and ankle boots.

"Please! I need you! I'll do anything." She begged it, beginning to panic a little.

Yet there was still no change in the blob so Rosie pulled off her black bra, putting her small but pert tits on clear display. She then reached down and with both hands tore off her tights, pulling the nylon away from her body until she finally stood naked apart from her black boots. Her tanned skin glistened with the beads of sweat that had formed as she'd chased the tentacle and she gently ran her hands over her curves. Rosie knew she was looking gorgeous and that they were few men who'd not be tempted by her beautiful body on full display and slick with sweat. Yet still the blob didn't stir.

"Look! I'm naked! I'm all yours! I'll be your fuck toy. Do whatever you want with me. Please, just make me cum! I beg you, make my cum!" Rosie screamed at the blob, knowing if it didn't respond this time she'd just have to frig herself off. She has to cum soon.

Despite her pleading there was still no reaction. Rosie lowered herself to the slimy ground with a sigh of disappointment, her knees sinking into the thick bed of white slime on the floor as her hand slipped between her legs. She knew something had to make her cum even if it had to be herself.

Then suddenly, as her fingertip pressed into her hole, her pleading was finally answered.

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