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I never wanted to have sex with my mother. But I did wanted to with my mother-in-law and with any older woman. The fellow dental patient folded her legs and I could see far up her skirt. She didn't adjust it. I couldn't keep my eyes off the darkness between her legs.

After staring for what probably was too long a time I glanced up and she was looking directly at me. I must have turned the brightest red possible. She looked at me, smiled and said: "Young man, do not blush like that. You have paid me the highest compliment a woman can get. And a woman in her late 70s like me considers it an even greater compliment."

What shocked me the most? That she turned an embarrassing moment into something nice with her kindness? That she was about 10 years older than I had guessed. Or that I realized she had orchestrated the whole thing by giving me a look up her skirt.

We chatted a bit. I was divorced. Her husband had died five years before. We both didn't do much. "So much alike," she noted with a smile. A smile that I was beginning to like more and more.

"This is totally off the wall, but would you go to dinner with me sometime?" I asked.

"Not sometime," she said.

My heart sank. I was being rejected.

"Tonight," she added with a smirk.


Dinner was wonderful. There were no gaps in the conversation. We were like young lovers out on a date. It was a warm evening with a cool breeze blowing as we left the restaurant. Across the street from the parking lot, there was a public park. "Let's walk some of that dinner off," Gloria suggested.

We cross the street and walked up a semi-dark path, lit only by underpowered street lamps. As we walked into the park, Gloria took my hand and we walked along talking, holding hands like love-struck teens. We said under a tree on a park bench and I put my arm around her. She rested her head on my shoulder and I could feel my cock harden immediately. "Thank God for the dark," I thought.

Gloria was not shy.

She put her hand behind my head, pulled her face to mine and kissed me lightly on the lips. I was making out with a woman 26 years older than me. I was stunned but her kiss, but not as stunned as when she slipped a very wet, warm tongue into my mouth. We tongue wrestled in that park, holding each other.

Gloria was not a skinny woman. She wasn't fat or even plump, either. She was solid and with that came a nice-sized set of breasts. Her boldness emboldened me and I slid my hand over her breast and gently rubbed the area of her nipple. Despite her blouse and her bra, she must have felt it because she moaned into my mouth.

"Please, slip it out and suck my nipple," she requested. "It's been so long and my nipple is so hard waiting for your warm mouth around it." We were well under a tree on a bench. The path was lighted but it was dark where we sat. I undid her buttons, unsnapped her bra and freed her right breast. It was enormous and her nipple was even larger. I gently licked it with my tongue, detecting a tangy, salty taste to it. I rolled my tongue around it and then took it into my mouth.

"Oh, baby, suck hard on that nipple. It's making my pussy so wet," she said.

I followed her wishes and sucked and sucked. She told me to stop and she stood, kicking off her shoes and peeling off her pantyhose and underpants. Then she lowered her skirt again. "You should be doing something with your fingers while you use your mouth on my breast," she said.

Of course, she did not need to ask again. As I sucked, I worked my hand under her skirt and she parted her legs. Her pussy was hairy and I worked my way through the nest to her large labia. I gently slid my finger between those lips and she pushed at the same time. Her pussy was slippery, warm and wet. I gently massaged it as I sucked her breasts. Her moaning now did not stop.

I removed my finger and my mouth, looking at her. She had a question on her face -- why did I stop. I moved my soaking fingers to my lips and licked her pussy juices from them. She smiled.

"Why not get that directly without

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