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Tia's Palace and the taking of Cindy.

Moving my hand down, I began to stroke it as I moved towards her. Finally standing just inches from her small, glistening body, I moved my dick along the inside of Britney's thigh as I teased her with it. Britney's eyes never looked away from my own as I continued to tease her. Her face was one of pure lust and sexual desire as her she tried in vain to thrust her pussy towards me, trying to snag onto my dick and pull it in. But I would have none of it and just when Britney almost got the tip in, I would move my hips and pull it away.

Britney began whimpering now and I realized that despite her initially being in control, I was now running the show. Hey, it was my dream after all. Deciding to spice things up a bit in this fantasy and make it even more of a turn on for myself, I smiled down at Britney after almost thrusting inside of her one final time. At first Britney looked confused and a little hurt that I wasn't giving her the fucking she so clearly needed, but then she understood what I wanted.

Since I was calling the shots in this dream, all I had to do was think of what I wanted to happen and then it would appear. Closing my eyes (yes, you can close your eyes in a dream), I imagined that I wasn't the only one in the room with Britney but that some of the backup dancers that appeared in the commercial were with us as well. It worked all too well.

Opening my eyes, I saw Britney, now completely naked, on her knees. All around her stood 5 or 6 guys, in very good shape and from what I recall now, looked just like the dancers on the commercial. All of them had stripped down and were holding or stroking their cocks right by Britney's face as she looked around trying to decide who to go after first. A tall black guy was on Britney's far left and when she saw his huge cock (admittedly larger than my 9 inch), she sunk her entire mouth around it. A blond haired guy saw that Britney was distracted and made a move for the sweet teenage pussy while Britney was on her hands and knees giving the black guy the blowjob of a lifetime. I stepped forward to stop him, as I wanted to be the first one to feel her warm cunt on my cock. He obliged and moved his way up to her mouth where two other dancers were feeding the hungry Britney their cocks.

Walking behind her, Britney knew that I was there and I saw her glance back at me through the corner of her eye. As I drew my dick towards her wet opening, Britney wiggled her ass a little, signifying that she was more than ready. Moving the head of my shaft outside her moist and dripping pussy lips, I slowly eased myself into her. My god was she tight. Clearly not a virgin (I didn't think that she was) but obviously not that experienced in intercourse.

I heard Britney moan on the blond haired guys cock as I sank into her dripping snatch. When I had half of my shaft inside of her, I pulled it out quickly. This caused Britney to drop the dick she was cupping in her hand and turn her head around and say "What the fuck?! Get that thing back in meeeeeeeeeeeeeUGGHHHH!!!"

Britney wasn't able to finish what she was saying, as half way through I slammed myself back into her very hard, getting all 9 inches of my cock inside of her at once. The feeling was indescribable. The soft velvet feel of her pussy muscles spasming and contracting all around me as she breathed and moaned and writhed on my cock made this a dream I would never forget.

I was really hammering into her now, but when I had rocked her so hard the first time, it forced her mouth over and down the shaft of a nearby dancer, who was more than happy to have it there. Britney Spears was now taking at least 16' of cock into her body, at least 7 in the mouth and 9 in the her tight teenage cunt. It took her some time to get used to it, but then Britney was really enjoying herself.

The dancer in the front, excited from the sudden feel of having his entire manhood shoved down Britney's throat couldn't hold out for long, and I saw him pull it out of her mouth and start to spray a massiv

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